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An Incomparable Assessment Tool For This Election Cycle

Martin Longman, writing for the Washington Monthly Magazine, has written a terrific Assessment Tool for this election cycle, given that the New Hampshire primary of tomorrow kicks off the national primary season.  And in this regard, we have scoured a large number of political sites that espouse the conservative view of politics and have yet to find an appropriate Assessment Tool. None-to-date.   If found, we will post according.

It All Comes Down to Electability

1. Is one more electable than the other?

 a. because of their identity (region/age/gender/religion/race/ethnicity/sexual preference)

 b. because of their record

 c. because of their proposals

 d. because of their ability/inability to unite the party

 e. because of their ability/willingness to raise money

 f. because of their potential to bring in new voters/get crossover votes

 g. because of their willingness to play hardball and do whatever it takes

 h. because their opponent will do more to energize the opposition?


2. Does one’s proposals and policies align more with your values than the other?


3. Does one have more relevant experiences than the other?

 a. because they’ve had executive, cabinet level, or other managerial responsibilities, or more of them

 b. because one has been at the center of power within the party for a long time and the other hasn’t

 c. because one has a broader and more pertinent base of knowledge?


4. Does one seem to have better judgment than the other?

 a. if they’ve differed on any big, contentious issues, who turned out to be right, or more nearly so?

 b. has one ever made a really big error or offered advice that could have been catastrophic?

 c. does either show a stronger tendency to learn from their mistakes?


5. How do you evaluate their moral character?

 a. do they have a religious belief system that troubles you?

 b. have they committed any serious ethical lapses?

 c. are they consistent over time, when appropriate, or do they shift with the winds?

 d. do you trust them to do what they say?

 e. how honest do you think they are? What’s your estimate of their core integrity?


6. Can they govern?

 a. have they governed effectively in the past, on any level?

 b. do they understand how Congress works, and also how to get big, difficult bills through Congress?

 c. how are their relationships with the media and on Capitol Hill?

 d. what kind of powerful enemies and friends do they have?


7. Are their proposals and policies sound?

 a. Irrespective of whether they can be implemented, do their policies make sense?

 b. Are their policies aspirational or pragmatic and designed with a mind to a difficult Congress

 c. How do you feel about their foreign policies, or the things they can do using executive power alone?


8. Finally, does either have a theory of the case for how the Democrats can break the deadlock in Congress and win back majorities on the local, state and federal level?

Jaango--posted on February 8, 2016

Self-Empowerment for Assimilation and Acculturation…

Of course, this assimilation and acculturations is “anchored” on a well-funded public educational system, and therefore, charter schools without the management of a “public board” does not qualify, or so I believe. However, the Washington State Supreme Court rendered its latest decision and which denies charter schools any access to taxpayer dollars. Of course, the charter school owners will appeal this legal decision to the federal courts.

Consequently, some background is in order. Steven Rosenfeld of Alternet, comes to our educational assistance for this contentious subject matter, and with the following:

“This case goes back to a 2012 statewide ballot initiative, I-1240, that allowed 40 charter schools to be created across the state. It narrowly passed, 50.7 percent to 49.3 percent, in an election with 3 million votes cast. The outcome prompted a coalition of public school supporters to sue, saying the first charters should not get public school construction funds. A lower court ruled partly in their favor, prompting both sides to appeal to the state Supreme Court. The public school advocates argued that charters operated like private schools and therefore were not entitled to taxpayer funds under the state constitution and related legal precedents. The charter proponents argued the opposite; that they were a new form of public school entitled to public funding."

Further, Rosenfeld say the following on the Court’s decision relative to the “common” school definition and thusly, stipulates:

“In concluding, the court slammed the charter movement’s tactic of using the ballot initiative tactic to create a parallel charter school system that ignores constitutional precedent. The ‘Charter School Act violates Article 2, Section 2, because charter schools are not common schools despite th Act’s attempt to so designate them.’”

And this is good news for the aficionados of Self-Empowerment.

To wit, here in my home state of Arizona, Governor Ducey and the Republican-oriented State Legislature is facing it’ legal precedent and as determined by the State Supreme Court and where the Legislature refused to appropriately fund our public education systemic and to the tune of a $250 million annually. Ducey’s argument is that he can, with permission of the Legislature, take monies from the Land Investment Fund, and still the Legislature will have to convene a “hearing” and won’t and therefore, a Special Session won’t be addressed until early next year.

Will California show Arizona today’s reality?

Governor Jerry Brown now has legislation on his desk and ready for his approval and which has to do with Ethnic Studies. And from Roque Planas, a national reporter for the Huffington Post:

"The California state assembly passed a bill Wednesday that would create a model ethnic studies curriculum for optional use statewide, handing a major victory to educators and activists who say the courses will help boost achievement among students of color.

"If it were to become law, the bill would help spur the growing movement to include ethnic studies as part of the public school education in a state where people of color make up 75 percent of the student body.

And here’s the internet link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/game-changing-ethnic-studies-bill-heads-to-california-governor_55f202bee4b002d5c078d38f

And lest we forget, Arizona’s State Legislature, in 2010, as the companion piece to SB 1070, approved their opposition to Ethnic Studies and anyone from Arizona voicing their opposition would be subject to indictment, prosecution and conviction on the premise for attempting to up-end the Constitution.

Public Policy Board--September 11,2015

The GOP's Blasphemy of Its Buffoonery?

As young persons and who are willing to put their lives in the hands of military and in order “to protect and defend” the Constitution, the anti-immigrant-oriented members of Congress, were adamantly opposed to Congressman Gallego’s (D-AZ) amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act in which DREAMERs would be permitted to enlist should the Secretary of Defense recognize the nation’s need for an expanded National Security and Defense schema.

However, the Republican members in the House and who argued in opposition to the Gallego amendment, proved themselves to be well versed for reaching into the bottom of the political barrel and could not bring themselves to discard their Amnesty Argumentation and which encapsulates outright racism.

And at the end of the political day, Republicans voted 221 to 201 to reject the Gallego amendment. Gallego, a veteran himself and like all military veterans “knows that on the battlefield what matters isn’t whether you have the right papers, it’s whether you have the right skills and character.”

In the meantime, the Pentagon, over these past few years, has shelled out millions of dollars to the NFL for their “signage” of eligible recruits. And this homage from a National Guard spokesman explains well today’s behavior concretized:

“This isn’t as some might think, payment for unfurling a flag or to welcome a soldier home on the field. This is more about spending for marketing and advertising, for signage, for website takeovers. We have hundreds of [sponsorship agreements] with teams, including minor league baseball and at high school. We have found that spending in sports to help us recruit in our 18-24 demographic works out for us.”

And yet, one Congressman went so far as to argue that a European American would be denied the opportunity to enlist should a DREAMER or DACA eligible person be given a similar opportunity.

Need more be said?

Posted on May 16, 2015


E’nuff Said?

Miss Travel, a web site for Americans that like to travel, have compiled their results, and they’ve announced that Armenian women and Irish men are the “sexiest.”

And since it’s been a few years that I have traveled extensively, I have to disagree with the results listed above.

Take, for example, when Americans cannot bring themselves to “visit’ the Sonoran Desert, other than the uranium-enriched Grand Canyon or recognized the Iconic political observation that “Boycott Arizona” served a useful purpose, I am compelled to announce that the Women and Men of our wonderful Sonoran Desert are indeed, the “sexiest” persons on this planet, and given that today is Cinco de Mayo, only a Cold One can take Second Place when it comes to quenching my life-long thirst.

Jaango—posted on Cinco de Mayo

An "ethical breach" is a lack of 'full disclosure' 

With last week’s announcement from the Ranking Member of the House National Resources Committee, Democratic House member, Raul Grijalva from Arizona’s 3rd District, is causing conservative columnists and pundits to tarnish Grijalva’s reputation wherever possible, and in particular by Doug MacEachern, writing for the conservative-oriented newspaper, the Arizona Republic. To wit, MacEachern is stipulating that Grijalva is resurrecting the Days of Joe McCarthy of the 1950s.

As such, Grijalva is calling forth a congressional probe of climate change skeptics and where these scientists have failed to provide “full disclosure” on their research and in particular, for their ‘communications’ and for the persons and companies picking up the financial tab for the climate skeptics and for the many who have testified before multiple congressional committees.

Of course, when climate skeptics publish the results of their research, inevitably, the “peer review” process that is constantly ongoing requires a component on “full disclosure” and thusly, the financial cost and the sources of the monies utilized, are disclosed, as part and parcel to the research conducted. However, Grijalva is now challenging the climate skeptics since the skeptics do not like or want their “full disclosure” to be assessed and analyzed, it’s this reporting of the process, that is creating the outage among the conservative commentators and pundits, sharpening their pens and clipping their nails in order to insure that their computers are fully operational.

Therefore, MacEachern, the Editorial Writer, and in his column, titled, “Grijalva a striking example of McCarthyism” and located in the Viewpoints Sunday Section, pages F5 and F8, is incensed since the Grijalva staffers sent a memo to the President of the Colorado University System in which the Committee requests that the University submit all the data for this climate change research and to include all ‘communications’ pertaining the research authored by Professor Roger Pielke. As such, this ‘demand’ letter is the modern day equivalent of McCarthyism. And it only gets worse from the standpoint of MacEachern.

And from Grijalva: “My colleagues and I cannot perform our duties if research or testimony provided to us is influenced by undisclosed financial relationships.

And Professor Pielke responds accordingly, and via his web site:

“Congressman Grijalva doesn’t have any evidence of any wrongdoing on my part, either ethical or legal, because there is none. He simply disagrees with the substance of my testimony—which is based on peer research funded by the U.S. taxpayers, which also happens to be the consensus of the IPCC (despite Holdren’s incorrect views).”

In closing, where each of us stand or think about climate change being manmade, the minimalist information should be provided, given that Elected Officials do have a duty to determine the ‘validity’ of what’s being presented as testimony to the multiplicity of Committees and Sub-Committees. In short, having to contend with the process for the Freedom Information Act is burdensome, yet not necessary, should testimony be subjected to “full disclosure.” Furthermore, when a retired or former admiral or general goes before a Committee with testimony that is not available to be fully vetted, we, in the general public, are not permitted to see into this generic “insider’s game.” Thus, Standards and Character should apply to us all.

Of course, MacEachern’s complaint of “McCarthyism” is also equivalent to the Far Left’s complaint that “military vets are the fascist gangsters of the American Empire.” As such, our public discourse is indeed secure.

Public Policy Board, dated March 2, 2015

Merry Christmas! 

When I was stationed overseas, me and my Arizona buddies would sleuth out the USO for their favor in where our videos could shown on local television stations and for our wishing a Merry Christmas to our Arizona family members.

And yesterday, Corporal Pemizio, his wife and two small sons were wishing a Merry Christmas to their Arizona family members. Needless to say, the Pemizio Family video brought a smile to my face and a warm tickle to my heart.

Jaango--posted on December 23, 2014

Challenging Paul Ryan's Political Myopia

This past week end, the GOP’s House-Led Chamber, the Chairman of the Budget Committee, Paul Ryan was on the one of the Sunday Morning Talking Head shows (July 27th), and in particular, Meet the Press, and where he was advocating his Second Budget Plan and where Poverty would be effectively addressed, and where 95 federal programs beneficial to the Middle Class and Poor would be revamped. Revamped into Block Grants and subsequently the funding would be reduced by any of the future Congresses and where such a Congress would be Republican-led Of course, LBJ’s Great Society would no longer exist, if Ryan has his druthers.

Furthermore, today’s Great Scribblers have chastised Ryan and have even went so far as to denigrate Ryan’s over all efforts, and yet, without having made any semblance of an effort to offer a more enhancing “alternative” to the extremism that is today’s politics on the Right.
Therefore, read on, and I will offer a more cogent and consequential “alternative.”
First, here is what Ryan had to say:

"We don't want to have a poverty management system that simply perpetuates poverty.” .

"The federal government's approach has ended up maintaining poverty, managing poverty, in many ways it has disincentivized people from going to work… Able-bodied people should go to work, and we should have a system that helps them do that so that they can realize their potential."

Now, not many would disagree that able-bodied persons should be fully-employed and with wages well above the minimum wage, and yet, Ryan conveniently ignores, as does the television host, on these two aspects that relegates the Middle Class and the Poor into a longer term at the poverty level. Therefore, “challenging” this elite view, is a requisite “unmet need” by both of America’s Great Scribblers and as such, I am the drab pundit that must do so.

And by way of background, we here at the Chicano Veterans Organization, have, for these past ten years, been advocating for the implementation of an Academic-Military Draft. And if you’re unfamiliar with the our Idea of a Academic-Military Draft, it’s understandable given that today’s white Democracy doesn’t “listen” even when courting our votes.

In keeping with our advocacy, three assailable facts must be adequately recognized, and they are:

1. Today’s 95 federal programs (LBJ’s Great Society) carry a presumptive price tag of well over $800 billion annually.

2. Today’s National Security and Defense programs carry a presumptive price tag of well over $1.25 trillion annually.

3. Today, there are over fifty million students in K-8, and in ten years, and each one of these students will be eligible and register to vote, and when accomplished, four million of these five million students will be registering as Democrats, and thusly, the larger portion will perfect an ideology that is equivalent to being a “progressive.” Consequently, conservative and non-conservative Democrats have yet to begin to constructively address our future despite our seminal transition from a white America and into a brown America, in keeping within the next 30 years.

And now to the particulars of this Academic-Military-Draft and which is the center piece of our advocacy, and where we, today, have completed our college educations, after having served as the Privates, the Corporals and the Sergeants while wearing our national uniform and separated with our honorable discharge papers in hand. In short, we are far from being second class citizens despite the daily reminders from the Right.

To wit, an enlistment of three years and where both high school graduates and high school dropouts can participate, as their initial introduction to encountering their fellow enlistees from throughout all the geographical areas in our United States. Thus, after three years and with honorable discharges in hand, America’s colleges and universities will be standing in line to recruit these newly-formed military vets. As such, a history for hard work, self-discipline and for an unrequited ambition while achieved successfully, will be the readily available “driver” for these schools of higher learning. And during these three years, the enlistee will spend fifty percent of required time on the “military mission” and the remaining fifty percent will be spent in the academic classroom and where the final result, is the acquisition of a two-year degree in General Studies and equivalent to a reputable Associate of Arts Degree.

Consequently, these approximate five million students will participate on an annual basis, and if so, ten years into this implemented Academic-Military Draft, these enlistees will have moved America into a substantive voting population and where conservatives will no longer be permitted to see themselves as engaged in addressing the angst, anger and anxieties of the Middle Class and the Poor, i.e, Paul Ryan and the like-minded.

And therefore, the opportunities will become quite abundant. The Enlistee will be the first in line to attend one of our military academies, and leading to an esteemed military career that many will easily achieve. Secondly, for attending a college or university of one’s choice and for completing the third and fourth year of academics as required.

In closing, Peace will become the America’s Test for Ambition, since none exists today, while neither the Republican conservative nor the conservative Democrat wants to terminate the ever-extolled AUMF. Moreover, a collective amount of $150 billion in funding from both the Great Society and the National Security and Defense spending habits, and with 25 revamped military installations from across our nation, and with a “mainlined” Adjunct Professorship Systemic, the Academic-Military Draft, will achieve a greater success than is currently contemplated by us. 

Posted on July 29, 20914

 What's Your "better" New Year's Resolution?

Casting aside "traditionalism" for What's Best, I have downsized my Hope and Aspiration to one of what's "better" for me and my Extended Family, and thusly, the politics that I will encounter and address, when it comes to the Big Transition, or the inevitable move from a white Democracy and into a brown Democracy, suggests to me that a "pool" of talent for the Oval Office, requires that I consider, not Populism, but Prudence.

Therefore, I will commence advocating "for the Presidency," of both Labor Secretary's Robert Reich and Hilda Solis for the Democratic Party's nominee to become the President of this good old-fashioned United States.  And in doing so, moving our national politics to the Center-Left, and where Jobs become the defining moment for this Transition, is an absolute necessity.  In doing so, I will be 30 years ahead of America's Power Curve.  And should you join me in this Endeavor, our crafting the American Dream in the form of a national Test of Ambition, will prove beneficial to the next generation of smart voters.

Now, what's your "better" New Year's Resolution.

The Public Policy Board--posted on December 29, 2013

The Intentional and Under-Appreciated Deficit Con

For the insightful amongst us all “Common Sense” purveyors, we have forgotten that Dick Cheney once told us that “deficits don’t matter” and yet, he was quite insightful since this gimmick continues to inflict considerable economic pain onto all of us. Take, for example, a much larger employment regimen would increase governmental revenues by over $450 billion annually, and reduce our Safety Net spending by $150 billion when the reduction in spending for unemployment insurance, food stamps and Medicaid is factored into any stringent economic analysis.

And yet, when it comes to our public discourse, this increase in governmental revenue and the attendant spending cuts in the safety net, is not even considered by the “deficit scolds” since the ‘target’ for all this political animosity is focused on the national debt and for increasing the debt limit is scheduled for sometime next year. Moreover, government “borrowing costs” will remain at the lowered expectation of a 1.5% APR though fiscal year 2015 according to the latest pronouncement from the grizzled Chairman Bernanke at the Federal Reserve, as part an parcel to their Second-Half Charter responsibility for Full Employment. In short, this statement represents that the Fed will step up to the plate but the political leadership in Congress and at the White House have to do their part too.

And historically, context and content matters when viewed as a ‘feature’ and not as a ‘bug’ according to us, the “racial and ethnics” in our neck of the woods that is the Sonoran Desert. Consequently, we are the presumptive “experts” when it comes to the ‘white Pander’ when we consider that this Pander is an explicit character behavior of white Conservatives amongst the Democrats and the Republicans. To wit, the Conservatives “just don’t care” regarding the Middle Class and the Poor.

And now to our “demand”!

First, and foremost, the Oval Office “needs” to create a “Certificate of Ownership Obligation of Debt” in the amount of $16 trillion and send it over to the Federal Reserve and place this Certificate in a non-interesting bearing account. And shortly thereafter, the Fed creates the requisite amount of “digital dollars” and done in order to pay-off the existing debt owners of our Federal Obligation. Consequently, when these debt owners are removed from our political lexicon, Congress will allocate $500 billion annually to “pay-down” our Certificate held at the Fed. And in doing so, over the next 32 years, this debt will be wiped out, and thusly, when America’s “racial and ethnics” become the “majority,” our national debt will be either “manageable” or eliminated in its entirety. Otherwise, America’s “racial and ethnics” will be facing a minimal national debt in excess of $28 trillion, and which makes “maintaining and managing” America virtually impossible. And if so, the Mayan Prophecy missed it’s “mark” by 32 years.

Secondly, we need to “borrow” up to $1 trillion and activate the Regimen Construct for “nation building” here in the United States and where these monies are segmented into the “deficit” column. For in doing so, we can forge the Super Highway to Sizable Growth. Furthermore, if we have to borrow an additional $1 trillion and thusly encapsulated into the Deficit Column in order to craft the Pathway for “escaping poverty,” I won’t have to continue “listening” to the two Michaels. As such, my politics is personal.

To wit, Michael Gerson for suggesting that President Obama has to “pander” to the African American Male and Michael Barone’s suggesting that any disagreement with white Conservatives is equivalent to Barone’s quoting Alexis de Tocqueville, for “finally reducing each nation to be nothing more than a herd of timid and industrious animals to which government is the shepherd.” And now entering into our political picture is Doug MacEachern, a former White House speech writer, and who is adamantly opposed to bringing Native American/Chicano history into the 21st Century. And why is this important to all of us? White Conservatives refuse to recognize and acknowledge that Native American/Chicano military vets provided the “security detail” that enabled Cesar Chavez the opportunity to die of old age, despite the rigors and responsibilities that go with leadership. And when seen from the totality of the conservative mindset, our history is both invidious and insidious and must be rejected “at all costs” otherwise their “control” becomes diminished and which is inconsistent for their long term viability. Of course, this political wrangling at the margin continues to occur out of sight of the mainstream. And needless to say but I will, this behavior for denial, deflection and diversion is the main course for today’s political meal, or so, and to wit, conservatives have victimized themselves, albeit, inadvertent or unintentional.

In closing, how we, as Native American and Chicano military vets, engage ourselves into today’s political arena, our “majority” for the future that is our grandkids, is being placed in jeopardy, if we continue to “listen” to the intellectually lazy in our political arena and where the “unassailable” fact is deem irrelevant, given that “tax cuts” have no apparent linkage to “jobs.” Since our electioneering and votes were predicated on Jobs and More Jobs, we cannot lose sight of “You’re not wanted here!” instruments yesterday’s conservative Common Sense. And tomorrow’s conservative Common Sense will be instrumented with “Yes, we’re not wanted here!”

Jaango--posted on December 17, 2012

Where Are The "Civilian Review Boards"?

For many years now, here in the Sonoran Desert, Chicanos have been “demanding” Civilian Review Boards to oversee the local law enforcement agencies, but these agencies and their chain of command have been resisting this oversight, given the wealth of political deals “being cut.” But these political deals “can be uncut.” And as per the usual, Phoenix, Arizona, has been at the forefront in this political opposition to the establishment of these effective Civilian Review Boards, despite the Mayor’s Office being held by the traditional Democrats.

Just as the former Mayor challenged the Obama administration and Congress on his opposition to Arizona’s SB 1070, the current Mayor could not have been elected without our overwhelming number of votes, and as such, we too know how to make our political “demands” made public, and this instance, this too may require that our ‘demands’ being made public.

Obviously, politicians are covering for the expected behavior demonstrated by the law enforcement chain of command. And this is being reported, and on a national basis, by Eric Lichtblau, writing for the New York Times on March 31, 2012, and with his article titled, “Police Are Using Cell Phone Tracking as a Routine Tool.”

“Law enforcement tracking of cell phones, once the province mainly of federal agents, has become a powerful and widely used surveillance tool for local police officials, with hundreds of departments, large and small, often using it aggressively with little or no court oversight, documents show.

“The practice has become big business for cell phone companies, too, with a handful of carriers marketing a catalog of “surveillance fees” to police departments to determine a suspect’s location, trace phone calls and texts or provide other services. Some departments log dozens of traces a month for both emergencies and routine investigations.

“With cell phones ubiquitous, the police call phone tracing a valuable weapon in emergencies like child abductions and suicide calls and investigations in drug cases and murders. One police training manual describes cell phones as “the virtual biographer of our daily activities,” providing a hunting ground for learning contacts and travels.”

Of course, this cell phone tracking has become a more than just tradition, it’s become unconstitutional, and I kid you not. More so, if one takes a look at the prevalent laziness among the law enforcement agencies.

Now, here is what one of two persons, and with the second person emphasizing ‘global surveillance’ in Great Britain, and which is not being addressed here, are emphasizing on the internet, and who better to be informed than are bloggers, since traditional reporters can’t be everywhere and can’t be expected to challenge the subject areas their employers don’t want to address on a public basis. And this is occurring at Arizona’s sizable array of media outlets.

From David Dayen of the political blog, Firedoglake.com:, and titled, "Pervasive Cell Phone Tracking Performed Even By Local Law Enforcement" and dated, April 2, 2012, explains further:

“If you haven’t seen a movie where the cops track their target through a cell phone, you haven’t seen enough movies. And yet it’s deeply invasive, especially when it’s done without probable cause. Like many law enforcement tools, it becomes a crutch, a lazy way to advance an investigation without any attention paid to legality. It’s the Taser of surveillance.

“One alibi given here is that the technology has zoomed past the law, and police departments simply don’t know where to draw the line. But the Supreme Court recently ruled that police could not attach a GPS device to a suspect’s car and use it to track them without obtaining a warrant. There’s functionally no difference between that and warrantless tracking through a cell phone. So this is unconstitutional behavior being described.

“And the telecoms have no problem giving up this information. After all, what did they learn from the FISA scandal? All they had to do was apply the right pressure to Congress, and they obtained retroactive immunity for collaborating with the government on wiretaps and information dumps. So why would they care about the civil liberties issues around cell phone tracking? In fact, this is lucrative business for them.

“Cell carriers, staffed with special law enforcement liaison teams, charge police departments from a few hundred dollars for locating a phone to more than $2,200 for a full-scale wiretap of a suspect, records show.

“Law enforcement officials maintain that this type of tracking saves lives. And in our law and order society, that may be enough for people to acquiesce. But just the fact that this ongoing behavior has to be exposed by a newspaper, that police departments feel the desire to keep it secret, shows you that they know they are engaging in less-than-legitimate behavior here.”

Now, I have several friends residing in Gilbert, Arizona, and these friends would be extremely upset, if they “knew” but don’t, what Eric Lichtblau was reporting, and here is a small snippet.

“And in Arizona, even small police departments found cell surveillance so valuable that they acquired their own tracking equipment to avoid the time and expense of having phone companies carry out the operations for them. The police in the town of Gilbert, for one, spent $244,000 on such equipment.”

In closing, the Chicano Veterans Organization is going to take a “close look” at this existing behavior among the law enforcement agencies, and if necessary, take the decision to politically activate a ‘program’ that will consist of “demanding” of our Elected and Appointed Officials, to establish Civilian Review Boards comprised of attorneys acceptable to our Spanish-speaking communities, to sit on these Boards to insure ourselves that America’s “wrecking crew” does not further diminish or denigrate our citizenship rights into ‘standardizing’ the notion that if you can’t “legislate bigotry or racism, then, you buy it.”

End of story?

Or rather the commencement of a ‘quiet’ story that is yet to be told? 

Jaango--posted on April 2, 2012

The Military Vet's Public Call for the SCOTUS Resignations

Earlier today, the United States Supreme Court rendered its decision on Arizona’s version of the Clean Elections Campaign law, and thusly overturned a federal appeals court, and done via an ideological/ political decision in which the richer candidates for elective office trumps the lesser-funded candidates, as well as the desires and wants of the general public in Arizona relative to including a panorama of worthwhile "Ideas" into our public discourse and eventually into our Rule of Law.

Consequently, Arizona’s public referendum and taken affirmatively at the ballot box, amply demonstrates that the SCOTUS decision is far more than just a mere reactionary's ‘overreach’ and it’s for this reason that we are calling for the public resignations of Chief Justice Roberts and his colleagues, Associate Justices Alito, Scalia, Thomas, and Kennedy. Thus, the decision’s focus on the cavalier dismissal toward Arizona's majority voters is deemed “contemptible” and which is an understatement when viewed from our perspective and from that of our peers.

To use an apt sports metaphor, the first strike occurred with Citizens United, followed by the second strike and that being their decision on Wal-Mart. And reversing the Clean Elections Campaign law of Arizonans is their third strike. To wit, “You’re out of here!”

Chicano Veterans Organization
Phoenix, Arizona
June 27, 2011

The Census Bureau and the Attendant Analytics

With the latest release of data from the Census Bureau, and as it pertains to Arizona, the majority of everyone under the age of 17, are Chicanos.  This is the good news.

And even better good news is that the parents have not raised the sons and daughters, as well as their grandkids, to be either bigots or racists, or both.  

Of course, our Tip of the Hat goes out to these Arizona parents for having the tenacity and fortitude for having demonstrated their good parenting skills over all these years..

And starting next year, these young adults will be voting for the first time in a presidential election.  Now, comes the easier part and that's to mount an effective voter registration campaign.

And in equally good news is that in four years, Senator John McCain's senate seat will become vacant.  Consequently, an African American, a Native American, or a Chicano, will be able to commence a serious and viable campaign for this presumptive vacant seat in the United States Senate.

Posted on March 11, 2011 

Two "Unassailable" Facts and a Security Tax

When a military vet understands that Social Security taxes represent 42% of the budget receipts and that 39% of budget expenditures are for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the obvious assesstment calls for a "security tax".  Thusly, a Security Tax levied to pay for all those Pentagon corporate welfare programs, would point the citizenry to the real sources for waste and corruption.

And for these past twenty years, a latest and privately-funded educational assessment found that of all youngsters entering a public high school, only an approximate 50% ever graduate.  In contrast, of students attending a 'private' high school, these students do gratuate at over 90 percent.  And since this disparity has been ongoing for these past twenty years, add on another twenty years, and any adult--for not having attended a private high school--will be scrambling for a job that pays, at best, a minimum wage.

Given the demographic trends and the attendant 'hard' science, at some indeterimant point in time, the majority of our fellow citizens will be non-high school graduates.  So, what will become the ultimate in the public policy response for addressing this future?

As best as I can determine, the major political parties will not likely respond appropriately until the rank and file within both political parties adopts the mantra for "toss the bums out" will anything change.   Consequently, it's for this reason that the Chicano Veterans Organization continues to advocate for "empowering the Individual" and in keeping with our mantra for an "Academic-Military Draft".

From our Policy Board

An Academic-Military Draft

Over at the Atlantic Monthly Magazine, Stephen Burd is the author of “The Subprime Student Loan Racket” and he has an excellent recap of private educational institutions and their impact on the economically disadvantaged students and whom are attempting the achieve their respective American Dream. This Dream, obviously, no longer exists. Regardless, I encourage you to read Burd’s article since it is an eye-opener. This article is in the latest issue of the Atlantic Monthly and is easily found on the Internet.

However, we, here at the Chicano Veterans Organization, have a much better approach to achieving the American Dream, given our historical and successful experiences and ongoing efforts. Thus, we offer this solution in the form of an Academic-Military Draft.

And by way of background, in a discussion on academic standards and the potentiality of a serious devolution or a lessening of these ‘standards’, the economically disadvantaged comprise only 2.5% of the overall student population in our colleges and universities, and thusly, if this devolution were to in fact occur, others in the majority would be doing this “devolution”. Therefore, having to defend institutions of higher learning can become a bitch, if the opponents and whom favor less use of governmental taxpayer monies for education, can be beaten back, then, the notional for the “fiscal scold” is just that, a propagandistic delusion, since a lessening of educational spending improves the viability of even more tax cuts as perpetuated and personified by the political operatives residing on our national political spectrum, and known as the Right.

Consequently, lost in all the political bluster and blather relative to “empowering the individual” and for looking at education as an investment for the economic development imperative, is easily dismissed, but not by us in the Spanish-speaking community. And we, whom have demonstrated our experience for political sophistication for all these many years, our vision of the American Dream, will eventually make it into public policy, given our rapidly expanding demographics in the years to come. Equally important, is that reality informs and teaches that the respective Community of Chicanos, Native Americans, and African Americans, and taken together, we are from communities that are inherently progressive in Philosophy as well as in Thought and Action. Long story short, being “regressive” is for dummies.

And how will this “individualized empowerment” take place?

In any event, a high school drop out or a high school graduate can enlist for a three-year period. During this time frame, the enlistee will spend 50% of the time on the military mission and the remaining 50% of time will be spent on the academic mission. Thus, at the completion of this time frame, the enlistee will have completed the GED, if necessary, and go on to complete a two-year course of study and leading to an Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies.

Upon separation and with an honorable discharge in hand, the now former enlistee can walk down to any financial institution and borrow the requisite monies to complete his or her third and fourth year of academics at any college or university in America.

Now, what are the tangible and intangible benefits that will accrue to our national community? Consider the following:

1. At the completion of this military enlistment, there is no financial burden that has to be carried forward from having completed the enlistment as well as the Associate of Arts Degree.

2. Parents do not have to contend with the added pressure that comes from having to scrimp and save over many years in order to send a son or daughter to college.

3. The institutional dilemma for matriculation into a qualitative college or university is easily mitigated or overcome by the respective former enlistee due his or her having created a three-year history for the actualization of self-discipline and leading to many successes. And more so, since there is no “test” that exists in America and which can effectively measure “ambition.”

4. And for those enlistees desiring to make a career in the armed forces, each will be on the receiving end of an opportunity to attend our military academies. Consequently, our Elected and Appointed Officials will not have the need to intrude with their Letters of Support. As such, there is no continuing institutional legacy perpetuate as is now found in the current status quo, of the political sort.

5. Traditional programs for loans, grants, and scholarships, will be directed to the students attempting to acquire their third and fourth year of academics. And with the availability of more monies, graduation rates will increase, unsurprisingly.

6. Student services will become better focused on “unmet needs” than on perceived needs.

7. Of course, State Legislatures will face a two-pronged dilemma. A reduction in spending patterns for first and second year students will have to be addressed. And the follow-on choice will be to ‘target’ the expansion of public spending on the graduate schools of our public colleges and universities.

8. Given that our ongoing Schematic for Community Colleges has been a boon to the business community, this low-level technical training is not going to disappear, notwithstanding or despite the many and loud voices to the contrary.

In closing, we can easily envision that the two-fold objectives of the Schema for Community Colleges—matriculation to a four-year institution, and providing for the requisite low-level technical training, requires that the Community College and the attendant decision-makers, consider expanding this low-level training component where necessary to meet the needs found in our respective communities. However, a greater effort is going to be required to solve the drop out rate--ongoing efforts will not solve this dilemma or even come close to any achievable succes from the macro-perspective--  and the overall successes when it comes to increased graduation rates. To date, the usual and assorted decision-makers are neither addressing nor achieving our “unmet needs” in the Spanish-speaking communities all across America relative to our public policies. And this Academic-Military Draft does address our needs, effectively and efficiently when it comes to 'empowering the individual'.

From Our Policy Board

Universal Health Care:  Four "options" Available To You

Whe it comes to separating the 'wheat from the chaff' I am sure that you have reached the following conclusions that I have, and if not, I will be unpleasantly surprised.  To wit, the following:

1.  Status Quo:  This is the existing schematic for Corporate America's medical insurance policy.  Currently, the 40 Republicans in the Senate are unwavering in their support for this existing paradigm and will NOT support anything else.

2.  "Public Option":  This  is the "reform" schematic that a few 'centrist' Democrats are seeking in their misguided quest for a non-existing bipartisanship in the Senate.  Again, the 40 Republican Senators have voiced their opposition to any 'public option' under the political cover for "bipartisanship" and which is being made available by these Democrats.  Thus, instituting 'reform' will destroy competition.

3.  "single-payer":  This 'option' has been taken off the political table for obvious reasons, but in the House, a leading Democrat, John Conyers of Michigan, and the large swath of members residing in the Progressive Caucus, are undeterred while moving forward to round-up the requisite number of votes, and now have legislation available that the full House will be required to consider and decide, and which puts the Democratic Sentors in a tough spot relative to their constituency and voters, or for siding with Corporate America.  Despite the traditional opposition expected by the Republican members, the House's Blue Dogs, will have to decide, either their fealty to all the Democratic Members in the House or instead, to Corporate America and with the implicit campaign contributions that can be expected or may have already arrived.

4.  "expanding the VA's medical and hospital schematic":  Here at the CVO and a few dogmatic Democrats and who continue to see "value" in Equality and Egalitarianism, hold strongly to our perspective and advocacy.  However, no one, either in the Senate or the House, will advocate for our position.  Thus, the Moral Mountain is too high too climb for the members of Congress.

And thusly, we are left with the notional that we are NOT victims of their disinterest or their abject neglect, but we are fortified in our belief that white America achieved its Era of Insanity and which has lasted now for over seven years or since 9-11.  And we compare this "7 years" of time to a similar manner in which it will take white America to realize that achieving Equality and Egalitarianism via Universal Health Care, can only be done by expanding the VA's medical and hospital systemic and where the sole purpose of this overall effort  of our's is premised on "medical care delivered."

At the end of the political day, and after counting your voice at the ballot box in 2010, you will be the decision-maker, provided your Elected Representative(s) is not participating in the notional that is our current and existing reality for "The best money in America can buy our Congress."  In short, should you determine that your "needs" and "wants" must be contrasted with your self-interest, then, do do.  If so, the large industries of insurance, big pharma and the medical doctors, will be incapable of convincing you to reject your unassailable self-interest.


 Lobbying Effort

The Chicano Veterans Organization will be establishing a "lobbying" effort in our nation's capitol.  And should you have the desire to participate as well as contribute financially to this overall effort, please contact us.  And keep in mind, all financial contrbutions will not be tax-exempt.    Upon receipt of your email and the level of the financial contribution, we will contact you on a private basis, explain what is contemplated, and thusly, your opportunity to discuss in detail your area(s) of concern to be addressed.  We look forward to hearing from you.