America's Indigenous Flag ...Honor Achieved ...Honor Acknowledged ...Honor Reciprocated
America's Indigenous Flag...Honor Achieved...Honor Acknowledged...Honor Reciprocated  

The Chicano Veterans Organization went onto the Internet in early 2000 and thusly, we continue to remain a membership entity with a roster of 40,000 military vets--all Chicanos and Native Americans.


And our Public Policy Board consists of the following Members:


* Antonio DelaCruz of Peoria, Arizona...Army


* Joe Gonzales of Denver, Colorado...Navy



* Mark Peralta of Tolleson, Arizona...Army


* Jim Gonzales of Phoenix, Arizona...Air Force  


 Needless to say, but we do, we were the Privates, Corporals and Sergeants when we wore our nation's uniform, and upon our discharge, we attended our colleges and universities of choice, and thusly, our formal credentials range from medicine and engineering and to business and the social sciences.



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