America's Indigenous Flag ...Honor Achieved ...Honor Acknowledged ...Honor Reciprocated
America's Indigenous Flag...Honor Achieved...Honor Acknowledged...Honor Reciprocated  

The Chicano Veterans Organization has been quite active for these past 20 years, and as such, our membership is comprised of men and women and when in the military, were the Privates, the Corporals and the Sergeants As such, we, Native Americans and Chicanos, and upon our discharge, attended our easily selected choices of colleges and universities. Today, we have completed our “formal” or educational credentials, ranging from medicine to engineering and all endeavors in-between. And more so, we are not America’s designated “second class” citizens.
And yet, the civic engagement of Chicano military vets can be easily evidenced when one looks at our nation’s history and from this civic onset shortly after World War Two. Of course, an historian of a simple-minded note can’t be found anywhere, and yet, no mention has ever been made consisting of a political confrontation between the Communist-oriented Chicanos versus and the Nationalist-oriented Chicanos and which took place in Los Angeles in early1970. Yet, a few days later, a Chicano Journalist—working for both a major newspaper and Spanish-language television station while eating lunch in a restaurant and where no civil disturbance had or was taking place. To wit, a law enforcement official utilizing a tear gas instrument and which struck the journalist in the head and killed instantly. Thusly, to this day, no law enforcement agency and no official has accepted institutional culpability and responsibility for this outright killing. And that too, is part and parcel to our history.
At present, our Public Policy Board is comprised of the following individuals:
• Antonio De La Cruz, Peoria, Arizona, Army.
• Joe Gonzales, Denver, Colorado, Navy
• Jim Gonzales/Jaango, Phoenix, Arizona, Air Force
• Marcos Peralta, Glendale, Arizona, Army
And in the months ahead, will be expanding our Policy Board Membership to include an additional five members. Needless to say, we went on the internet in calendar year 2000.

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