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America's Indigenous Flag...Honor Achieved...Honor Acknowledged...Honor Reciprocated  




My Differing View From Dr. Josh Marshall...

When anyone compares the 'reality' that is today's NAFTA, our unencumbered "history" that is our Indigenous Hemisphere, is yet to be written, albeit, will come to fruition within the next 20 years, as "progressives" take the reins that is today's National Security and Defense systemic. 

Back in the days of the Bush41 administration and into the Clinton administration, NAFTA was viewed as not likely occuring, but if so, would become quite successful for all the three nations engaged in Capitalism.  In contrast, we, the Chicanos come to this subject matter that is National Security and Defense consists a three-part Triangulation that is 1) Authoritarianism, 2) Capitalism,and 3) Religionism.  And from  our standpoint,  this apt view of a 'reckoning' is likely.

Further, as NAFTA was being addressed and with Mexico quite unsure that NAFTA would be achieved, Mexico's "back-up" Plan was consistent with Mexico's "unmet needs" that could and would be achieved via a Mexico-Ukraine Trade Agreement. To wit, Ukraine was the breadbasket of the former Soviet Union, and in today's context, an unredeeming lost cause due to the Crimea being incorporated into Russia and with not one peep from the European Union or NATO. 
And of course, no mention has ever been made of this Mexican Effort even though one of the 'originating' documents can be found in one of the half dozen computers located in the basement of the CIA.    And needless to say, but I will, a set of the originating documents were 'leaked' from inside Mexico and to our nation's intelligence gathering agencies.  
Consequently, did the President's Daily Brief inculcate this Mexico-Ukraine Trade Agreement in to any further decision-making (Bush and Clinton) and further, the question has never been asked in a public setting which demonstrates that the journalism biz was practicing its lack of any due diligence, and which isn't surprising to us here in our  wonderful Sonoran Desert.

And when measuring with our political yardstick, an Indigenous Free Trade Agreement comprised of all the nation-states in this Hemisphere will occur within the next 20 years.  Once accomplished via congressional approval, this 'new' Trade Agreement will become "married and integrated" into the European Union.  And today's supplemental politics when viewed through the prism of the 'Brexit Moment' this political self-skewering by the voters in Great Britain will become Prime  Minister May's legacy for the Era of the Brexit Failure and of an inconsequential status leading to an economic orphan, is just another false reality of this political perspective of the Triangulation that continues to animate our National Security and Defense systemic.

As to here in the United States and after two years of daily drivel of an iconic experience, the Trump  legacy will become known as the Era of El Trumpudo.  And as such, "all mouth and no brain" that represents and animates today's leadership skill set.

Now, to Dr. Marshall of TalkingPointsMemo fame, he is addressing our nation's "old history".at least from the political standpoint of the Chicano's future and as crafted by the current or presumptive roster of the 2020 presidential candidates in the Senate and in particular, the 'camouflaged' non progressives that are incapable of announcing their proclivites for establishing a Progressive Caucus on the Democratic side of the aisle in the Senate.  Thus, today's ongoing Great Pander!

And here is the internet link to what Dr. Marshall has written and titled, "It's really a thing" and dated, December 14, 2018  

In closing, it's easy to forget that the 'numbers' of Progressives are Latinos and which outnumber the European Americans, and thusly, the 'normal' is to ignore that the strength of the Latino voters are where the majority of votes can be found, and therefore, the ongoing 'pander' is understandable and yet, not acceptable to us by the candidates representing the Democratic Party, writ large, hence the Status Quo Democrats. 

Jaango--posted on December 15, 2018





Is Senator Rubio Drafting His "daft"?
In his essay for the Atlantic, Senator Rubio is delivering more of his 'daft' thinking, and in particular, the ability of employees to negotiate with employers, and premised on the systemic that is currently in use in Germany.  And if you know much about Germany, Germans have gained very little over the past thirty years or starting when the Berlin Wall came down.
And he starts with the following:
Unions: The backbone of labor law remains the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, and many of the law’s major provisions have remained unchanged since 1947. It enshrines a model of labor relations that pits worker against manager….Federal labor law should be reformed to make possible a more productive relationship between workers and employers.
Obviously, Senator Rubio is more interested in 'downgrading' economic activity while continuing to ignore raising the education level via the Academic-Military Draft for all of our fellow citizens, and in particular, the next generation that being the millennials.  Consequently, he's still catering to his voters, the  older generation of retired workers. Thus , Senator Rubio continues to embarrass him, as per his usual behavior.
And more so, when Senator  Rubio takes his Ideology much further, and where Millennials must be damned when recognization become his reality for Older Folks voting in larger numbers than do Millennials. As such, Milliennials are the next generation and much to his political detriment.
 Jaango--posted on December 14, 2018





More Good News...


The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is holding a Wednesday hearing on the "silent crisis" of missing and murdered people in Indian Country: Among the witnesses will be federal law enforcement officials and Native woman. The hearing comes after the Senate passed S.1942, known as Savanna's Act. The bill is named for Savanna Marie Greywind, a 22-year-old woman from the Spirit Lake Nation who was murdered after she went missing in North Dakota last year. If the House approves the bill and it’s signed at the White House, the Department of Justice would be required to provide annual reports on how many Native women go missing and/or murdered each year. It also mandates improved access to national databases to make sure the cases of missing women don’t also go missing. The original sponsor of the act, Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, said, "As we remember the life of Savanna and the unimaginable pain of those eight days of friends and family searching for her, this legislation will help law enforcement agencies better collect and maintain data on those missing and help our criminal justice system take stronger action against those who traffic in exploitation, abuse, and murder." 


Jaango--posted on December 11, 2018






The Absolute of an "authoritarian" Life Science 

The science fiction that informs public indecency is the storyline of where a political grifter practices a 'brand' of political engagement and where the federal govenment's financial largesse is there for the taking.  And that's today's presumptive behavior. Therefore, having a difference of opinion and the behavior that supports such an opinion, is clearly visible and viable.  And President Trumps speaks of this loudly relative his Border Wall.

Take, for example, earlier today, the 'conference' between President Trump and the two Democrats, Pelosi and Schumer, advanced this 'griftiness' and to the point where the diference between $1.3 billion for 'border security' and $5.0 billion for a border wall that supposedly Mexico  would pay for, tells much of this iconic political story, one more time.  And more so, when Trump is advancing his storyline that the military should be responsible for 'building' and maintaining such a border wall and where Homeland Security has no obvious role, and which, in its totality--this Fear is aptly addressed.  As such, the general public would be expected to acknowledge that "government can do good things" when it comes to challenging the over-the-border terrorism.
Unfortunately, President Trump's special pleading to Pelosi that she has the responsibility to enlist the minimalist of 10 democratic votes in the Senate to support his border wall.   And from accepting the reality that Senate's Democratic Senators, failing to support his border wall, just means that Pelosi must accept her responsibility and duty for having failed President Trump and his "trump-base."
Consequently, this next two-year argumentation will be played loudly and eventually the success or failure will be determined and consummated in the next presidential election cycle of 2020. is completed. 

In closing the 'fireworks' of a deepening politics will become inherent in our short term future.
Jaango--posted on December 11, 2018




The Institutional Bullshit That Was Personified Differently By the Diversity Officer...And Her Self-RetirementThat Followed
It's just too damn depressing that the political rafters at the VA took their politics and which hovered around the Five Percenters for their desire to privatize the VA and yet, their politics could not be uplifted to the  level of 50% or 60%, given that the younger-reprobates in management and administration for their politics felt required to challenge the nation's common sense, and which was accomplished out of a fear of President Trump failing to achieve his proscribed self-adulation.
To wit, Laura Clawson, an excellent DailyKos writer,  had this to say and her article is titled,
"After Charlotteville, Trump appointee blocked VA diversity officer from condemning Nazis" and dated December 8, 2018. 
 As such, the following:
After neo-Nazis rioted in Charlottesville in 2017, the head of diversity at the Department of Veterans Affairs wanted to strongly condemn it. She was blocked by a top Trump appointee in the department, as Trump himself was both-sidesing white supremacist violence.
Georgia Coffey, the deputy assistant secretary for diversity and inclusion at the time, drafted remarks saying that Charlottesville was “a tragic reminder that our work in civil rights and inclusion is not finished,” and highlighting federal anti-discrimination policies. She was told that John Ullyot, the assistant secretary for public and intergovernmental affairs, “does not want to post the message.” Coffey pressed the issue, and Ullyot tried to get her to water down her message. She pushed back again. In the end:
 === "Coffey’s staff worried that she would get in trouble if she disregarded Ullyot’s guidance, according to other emails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by the Project on Government Oversight, a watchdog group that first publicized the episode last year. The staff suggested that she should tone down her remarks, but Coffey declined. She posted the full remarks under her name in the monthly newsletter posted online by VA’s diversity office. Agency officials removed it and reprimanded her. She retired soon after."===
They reprimanded the diversity and inclusion officer for pressing for diversity and inclusion in the wake of white supremacist violence. That doesn’t say anything we didn’t know about the Trump administration, but it’s a good one-sentence summary of where they stand. 
And we offer our Kudos to Laura Clawson for her comprehensive 'due diligence' and to include the Good Judgement by the Diversity Officer.
Jaango--posted on December 8, 2018




Another Commendable Tributary of a River Flow for Our Nation's Ship of Fools

Now that the Democrats will have 'control' of the House of Representatives come this January, the primal issue that is Compehensive Immigration Reform and which thoroughly defines our nation's Character, the Democratic Leadership Team will revert to what transpired many years ago.  Take for example, while seeking out a vein of humor, I aggravated, agitated and advocated that "dumping"  all the used refrigerators should be placed or seen for being at the bottom of our Deep Hole, and for our lesser citizens consumed with their addressing their victimization and for the pending attack on priviilege, should be focused appropriately, starting with our Grand Canyon, otherwise, China will asking for the repayability of their portion of our national debt, thusly, the political comprise is that China will be rewarded with  the  ownership of Grand Canyon, and utimately, China will craft their embedded Nuclear Arsenal, accordingly.

Therefore, the historical migration patterns in this Indigenous Hemisphere continues to lack any 'credability' when our latest Icon, The Tariff Man, a man of self-adulation, confronts his brief history and where Mexico will pay for the Wall between Mexico and the United States.

And to wit, I argue that filling the Grand Canyon  with our used refrigerations would seem to be quite appropriate.  And once the Grand Canyon is in receipt of the used refrgierators and where, once filled to the brim, this  'dumping ground' should be extended within the Colorado River and when completed, to the Sea of Cortez. Trump's "Wall" will have been achieved and virtually at no cost to the paypayer and thereby, requiring no 'action' to be taken in either the House or Senate chambers.  Consequently, funding 'security' at the border at a minimalist level of $1.5 billion as per the pending appropriation bill and the "demand" from the Tariff Man at $5.0 billion, becomes inconsequential, at a minimum. 

However, I am not remiss in discounting the History of the Chicano Movement from years ago.  And back in 1985, when the Chicano Movement issued its Agenda of Unmet Needs, one of the  10 elements included the establishment and implementation of the TransNational Technology Centers (TNCs).  Thus, these TNC's would be added to our embassies and consulates and made readily available to foreign nationals.  And the appropriate Three Doors would consist of 1) Applying  for Citizenship, 2)  Applying for Asylum, and 3) Seeking Employment in the USA.  

And to  this date, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can effectively demonstrate their 'concern' for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and therefore, the continuation of the historical migration patterns will continue for time memorialized, given the level for vote-pandering when their attention is focused on how best to recruit and utilize non-European American voters on Election Day.

Consequently, our Sense of Humor by describing today's Ship of Fools and the apt description being self-applied to and by the Tariff Man, demonstrates that Mexico will pay for his Wall when Mexico's water-rights to the Colorado River is no longer available to Mexico and are no  longer available to the Great States of  Nevada, Utah, California and Arizona.  

And with his latest rewind on the National Debt, President Trump personifies the European American Stereotype, and that being "I don't care...I'll be dead...So, what's your point?"

Jaango--posted on December 7, 2018





Will Pelosi's Tenure as House Speaker Become Fruitful  for Today's Public Policy Incrementalism?

As staunch Democrats we wish her Good Luck and when measured by the political Yard Stick of these past 40 years, commencing with the Reagan administration, we are reminded by Kate Aronoff, a contributing  writer for the Intercept and where she covers both climate change and politics.  And her latest article, titled, "A Mandate for Left Leadership" has been published at the website of the Nation Dot Com and dated  December 5, 2018, delivers cogently her Political Philosophy and Thought. 
As such, she reminds us of our nation's history and with the following three paragraphs:

"The small pack of advocates who pioneered the neoliberal revolution after the oil crisis and the inflation of the 1970s weren’t selling lower corporate tax rates or rollbacks of labor protections on their own merits; they were selling freedom and small, responsible government, realized through markets and the sage guidance of American business leaders. Their ideology placed profits before people and markets before democracy, though in the United States at least, they never put it that way to the public. So to get the word out, they built institutions like the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI); cultivated promising talent for higher office, including Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan; wrote and published books; and founded magazines and radio shows, like National Review and The Manion Forum, aimed at spreading the doctrine of the free market. 

"In addition to a small army of wealthy backers (something that today’s left still lacks—largely by design), what allowed the right to become dominant in the second half of the 20th century was its ability to tell a compelling story about how the economy should work and who it should work for—and then repeat and tweak that story ad nauseam for anyone who would listen over the better part of half a century. As William Baroody Sr., the conservative activist who built AEI into a force to be reckoned with, noted: “This is no overnight miracle-passing operation… It will take time, financial resources, and the exercise of good brain power.” 

"It also took decades—but the hard work paid off. As Reagan settled into the Oval Office in 1980, he handed every member of his prospective cabinet a copy of a 1,100-page Heritage Foundation document that detailed some 2,000 conservative policy priorities. The document, which would later be published as the Mandate for Leadership series, served as the cornerstone of right-wing leadership; in his first year alone, Reagan would take up nearly two-thirds of its proposals."

And from therein, has been our "challenge" and where our future has been delivered for these past 40 years.  However, being infernal Optimists, Reagan's conservative mantra or meme is being trashed by today's conservatives and where their neglect of Latino voters are becoming a risible majority of votes in their carefully crafted schematic, is front and center via today's 'caravans,'  Subsequently, this neglect adds much to the quicker demise of the GOP, as evidenced in this past election cycle and attendant to the results in both Florida and Texas while moving into our future and the contemplated results despite today's toxic politics, As such, Latino millennials are voting  for Democrats writ large.  More so when one takes a gander at the demographics, and where these Latino millennials are voting with their feet.  And when appropriately measured, these 800,000 Latino millennial voters are undercutting the Republican candidates, that were supported by the older generation of Latinos, i.e., the older generation of Cuban Americans in Florida, for example.  The same can be said of the older generation of Latinos in Texas. 
Consequently, with the death of former President George H.W. Bush, he served for 8 years as the Vice President and with four years in the Oval Office.  As to his presumptive second term, he lost to Clinton because the Third Candidate, Ross Perot, captured 19 percent of the vote, Bush's achieved less than stellar numbers and of course,  while Clinton received 43% and which was tantamount to Clinton's victory.  Of course, Perot was probably far more 'conservative' than was Bush. And had he been successful, Perot would have easily"adapted" to the Heritage Memo.

Thus, Kate Aronoff uses her wide-ranging skill set for addressing our pending future, but from a somewhat and differing view from we, the Chicanos and Native Americans here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert.  

Therefore, grab a Cold One and Enjoy since her article is both lengthy and quite informative.  

And here's the internet link:  

Jaango--posted on December 6, 2018





Progressives & The Old "Fly-on-the wall" Intelligence-Gathering Service That Will Animate the Pending Blue Tide 

For these past many years, Congress has defined our 'intelligence-gathering" vehicle as a cadre of 17 agencies and to include their dearth of sub-contractors  and where collectively, they are mandated to gather information about our fellow citizens as well as of the foreign nations that may or not have a disparaging impact on our national security and defense.

First and foremost is the the failure among the 9 current senators on the "most wanted" list for the presumptive presidential candidates at the next presidential cycle, continues unabated.  Thus, these relevant candiates cannot bring themselves to establish a Progressive Caucus and followed by a Progressive Caucus Foundation with the responsiblity to accomplish the requisite fundraising as well as the crafting of a nationwide Progressive Agenda. 
And for those of us here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert, the 'names' under consideration, is the prime examplar that identifies the self-applied camouflage paint that 'panders' to Latinos and Native Americans since the majority of Democrats--that being the Status Quo mechanism that dearly loves to insert itself into our progressive-oriented politics for both national security and national defense and to include the much wider pander that is easily attributed by and from our Elected and Appointed Officials, writ large, continues to co-exist.

Now, utilizing the Patriot Act as well as the designation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation into a primary mandate for 'intelligence-gathering' is indicative that our national spending which is now for over $1.5 trillion annually, is indicative of where we have gone wrong when it comes to 'informing' the general public and where our Elected and Appointed Officials have 'sequestered' themselves from us and as to the much larger spectrum of the angst and anger of the voters among progressively-oriented voters.
Consequently, when I read or hear of today's pundits, sages and gurus advising me that the politics of the Progressive Movement is commencing, I quietly shake my head in response to this unkempt Belief and Behavior that continues to conveniently ignore the Chicano and Native American communities . 

And this European American behavior is comparable to one of the Three Stereotypes of these many years past, and as it pertains to  to the this self-limiting European American Stereotype and which is appropriately practiced as "I don't care...I'll be dead... So, what's your point?"  And from therein, is our high hurdle that must be constantly overcome, and even through the use of this vehicle, the internet or the imflammability that resides with the 'free' and published material.

And of course, I use the word sequester somewhat advisedly and for two reasons and how this applies directly to this Indigenous Hemisphere  
Take for example the  following absence of the applicable knowledge as this pertains to the readily availble information at our local and taxpayer subsidized libraries, is quite obvious too.  As such, the appropriate, or seems to be appropriate to me, the absence or lack of the following books being readily available:

1.  Canada and the United States:  National Security and Defense

2.  Mexico and the United States:  National Security and Defense

And therefore, the Nation-States of Guatamala, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Equador, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Uruguay, Belize, Panama,  and Guyana, must be effectively addressed and in an identical manner.

And as per the usual, none of the educational institutes and think tanks, will spend the appropriate monies to hire the cadre of investigative journalists necessary and leading to the compilation of both the data and underlying premises that move the respective decision-making within these nation states when it comes to the particularized self-interest of these affected Elected and Appointed Officials.  Subsequently, the "insiders" operate within this acknowledged "vacuum" that adds and expands the rigorous interaction for today's "denial, diversion and deflection" while keeping the likes of the general public from having their national 'common sense' being effectively addressed via the general population, and in particular, the consequential decision-making that takes place at the ballot box.

And why is this important?

Back in the day when the NAFTA was created and pending before Congress and for its formalized decision-making approval, Mexico had reached a tentative 'back-up' agreement on their quietly and pending Free Trade Agreement with Ukraine, the then and former bread basket of the imploded Soviet Union.  And that's yesterday's history, and tomorrow's history will be crafted over the next twenty years, and which will become known as the Indigenous Free Trade Agreement for this hemisphere. 

And one of the side notes, will be Great Britain's Brexit effort--successful or otherwise, since this Indigenous Trade Agreement will become married to the European Union, and when accomplished, this economic behavior will prove beneficial to all these sovereign nations in this hemisphere with the sole exception to this is that of the inconsequential Brexit having taken place, and where the investment wealth of the Persion Gulf and China, will take precedence in this Indigenous Hemisphere, as well.

Of course, I am not attempting to "pile-on" on to today's "status-quo" Democrats, thusly, I am not speaking of the pending demographics that is in the future of the Latinos, but I am cognizant of the obvious exemplar of what occurred in this past mid term cycle, especially in Florida, a perceived blue state that is awaiting just around th corner in both date and time.  Thus, a look-back at the voting patterns of Latinos, is both indicative and educational.  Thus, Senator Nelson was never in the forefront for addressing immigration reform, and Gilliam got a flawed and late start in courting Latinos given his lack to any substantive access to the deep pockets of Democratic donors. As such, Mayor Gillum considered himself a progressive and yet, there was no Senate Caucus Foundation that could have stepped-up and effectively provided a much greater response from progressive-oriented Latinos that would carried him successfully across the finish line even with a somewhat depressed voting pattern in this election cycle.

And needless to say but I will, both a success in Florida and Texas, among Democrats, albeit the Status Quo or Progressives, demonstrates that not a blue wave will occurr but what will occur, is 'that' of a Blue Tide.  And of course, the current and nascent Military Vets Movement will prove fortuitous, as well.

Jaango--posted on December 5,2018




Migration Patterns:  Where My "community" Challenges My "DNA"

When I see the dearth of television ads seeking my potential invested pocket monies to determine  my history as allocated by the DNA 'experts,' I come away seldom impressed since this 'history' is predicated on electrical-oriented algorithms of somewhat disrepute, And more so, when a sense of humor has to incur in my opinion-making, otherwise, daily life becomes boring as hell.

Take for example, my history is inclusive of Yaqui, Apache and Chicano from here in my wonderful Sonoran Desert and thusly, these electrical algorithms will coalesce into the vantage point that is stereotypical 'confusion' and that's just from the obvious scientific standpoint.  Consequently, another 'long haul' that resides in the re-interpretation of my history and where various archeologists and anthro-apologists have designated my "community" for being either 19,000 years-old or 9,000 years-old.  And needless to say but I will, and being somewhat contrary on my part, I much prefer that my "natural" democracy commenced with the relevation that is "La Cueva de Manos" and which further, signifies that the Community of Life defined this wealth of "left hands" of palm prints, solely from women and which crafted our "history" and that being the history that is our Big Mama, and IS the Universal Matriach of Truth-Telling. And today's "nana-ship" moves my history forward onto our succeeding generations that elevates these migration patterns. Thus "caravans" are another "historical" iota predicated on fear.

Of course, I am not alone in my opinion-making and as defined into today's latest effort being provided to us by Aliva Chomsky, and whom is a Professor of History and Coordinator of Latin American Studies and where she resides at Salem State University of Massachussets.

Here is her latest article is titled, "How DNA Tests Make Native Americans Strangers In Their Own Land” and originally published at TomDispatch, and dated November 30, 2018.

And for your reading enjoyment, here is the internet link:
Jaango--posted on December 1, 2018




Odds & Ends

With his latest news conference of Thursday, President Trump addressed the White House press corps and prior to his expected trip to Argentina to attend the G-20 Summit, and not much was addressed when it comes to news media 'value.'

However, the 'stories' that are adding value, via advertising, continues to make a headway toward profit-taking.  And therefore, consider the following as attention grabbers.
1.  The Blue Tide did arrive.  The Democrats picked-up 40 seats in the House chamber.  
2.  Trump attorney Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying to congress, and President Trump labels Cohen a 'weak  person.'
3.  Ouch!  Deuctsche Bank is now being investigated for millions of Euros via money laundering, and yet, this investigation has been ongoing many years. What's new now is that the revelation of the Panama Papers is speaking to hundreds of millions in Euros were transferred to 'safe havens' and complicit with hundreds of investors.
4.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell became embarrassed for having  to pull the nomination of a soon-to-approved judge after the Judiciary Committee could not reach a majority for a final vote on the Senate floor.  Enter Arizona's Senator Jeff Flake with his opposition now concretized, or until the Senate votes to approve his co-sponsored legislation that protects the Muellar Investigation from political cronyism.
5.  In Texas, the Tarrant County GOP's Executive Committe members are expected to take a vote on dismissing its Vice Chair due to his being a Muslim.  Further, a GOP precinct member, married to a Muslim, is being considered for having his title stripped from, as well. As such, four cases are being considered for action from these Executive Committee Members.  As such, this decision-making is expected to place on January 10th of next year.
6.  Former Attorney General Sessions jokes that his "pink slip was more public than most."  And that about says it all.
7.  Muslim, Christian, Jewish and secular groups announced their demand that Acting Attorney General Matthew Whttaker resign and due to his preference for Christian judges.
8.  Editorial Opinion. The New York Times is touting their 'latest' and for describing the voting caucus among the Democrats was not a pleasant experience for Nancy Pelosi, but it was a pleasant experience for the former Speaker Paul Ryan when he sought his votes amongst  the Republican caucus. Thus, the NYT's sheer propaganda can be mind-boggling, and at the appropriate time.
9.  The Sinclair news media outlets are defending the use of tea gas against migrants and their small children attempting their transit into the United States.  Of course, each outlet must show this corporate-generated propaganda to their viewers. 
10.  South Carolina's Republican Senator Tim Scott voted to reject the nomination of Thomas Farr and consequently, denied Farr his appointment to the federal judiciary.  Scott joined his fellow Republican colleague Senator Flake, in denying Farr and the Democrats voted unanimously in their opposition to Farr.
Jaango--posted on November 30, 2018



The Death of a Good Friend...

Early yesterday morning, the family announced that former Arizona Congressman Ed Pastor had died early morning of a heart attack after being transferred to a local hospital for further medical care.  And his death is representative of a long political career that spanned over thirty-five years, from his start as "rabble rouser",  a County Supervisor and to his election to the United States House of Representatives, and where he served for 25 years on the House Appropriations Committee. 
 As such, he retired four years ago in 2014 and due primarily for having to commute from Arizona to our nation's capitol, and which we recognized and attributed to his "long haul."

In the coming days, much will be acknowledged and written about his consummate 'history' for this civic engagement.  His behavior will be directed at the expansion of the airport and the civic railway, but these two items will be discounted since his 'engagement' with the local voters was indeed consequential, as well as his large impact on our community, writ large.  
And not lost in all this 'history', his grandkids, will come to recognize that he 'changed' politics relative to Si Se Puede and for the much better, given that the large number of his Mentorship students will define our future for the many years to come.

And we extend our condolences to the Pastor family.

Jaango--posted on November 29, 2018






More Good News...

Here in Maricopa County located in Phoenix, Arizona, is now facing a Republican challenge and being espoused by the Republican-led majority  of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.  Long story short, in this past mid term cycle, the Democrats won largely and which led to the elevation of Democrats to statewide office, including the Senate, the State's Public's Chief Instructor for Public Schools and the Secretary of State.  And it's from this result that the Republican operatives are angry and expressing themselves and loudly.  Consequently, these Republicans are seeking to utilize their myriad avenues for greater political consolidate in their attempt to "revoke" the legal authority of the director of County Recorder's Office, or in this instance, Adrian Fontes, and whom was elected two years ago.

And with the political dynamic shifting among Chicano and Native American voters in Arizona's largest county,  the new Elections Director, a Democrat got himself elected to this office and thereby  having replaced the 25 year plus established Republican.  As such, the new director, is now on record for having said the following:

"I am a veteran of the Marine Corps;  I wont' shy away from a fight. But it's got to be an appropriate fight and it's got to be a worthwhile fight.  My fight is against disinformation, it's against voter suppression."

And our Kudos to Adrian Fontes for his well-defined hard work.
Jaango--posted on November 29, 2018




One of the Joys for Being a Political Writer Here at Our CVO...

For all these many years, I have yet to express myself, and I do so now,  despite my somewhat related meme of "forgetfullness" Moments.  And in this vein of thought, there have been times that the Cactus Juice Commentaries, is a simplified reminder to me that that there have been times where a "shot of tequila" before hitting the computer keyboard would have been quite helpful.  However, I much prefer the obvious and readily available Cold One.

And with this in mind, the toxicity of today's politics can be somewhat confusing, especially when Common Sense and Ambition can coalesce under the same roof and where the results can be inexplicable.  And by definition, this 'roof' pertains mostly to the Democrats and their interactions for advocating  the 'better' public policies, that at times, are indeed lacking and due to the consensus building that is required for success.  Hence, my focus on the "progressive-oriented" Elected and Appointed Officials.  More so, if I were to focus exclusively on  or more on just our over 7,000 Latino Elected Officials, I would be remiss.  And yet, our voting behavior has led us forward from our voting behavior, to the concretized  successes of these Officials, is neither distracting nor ignored since we too follow their political careers on a regular basis and regardless of the geographical locations.

Further, the "progressive" vote, a la "minorities" and the welcomed demographics had a distinct impact on this, the Democratic Alliance and where, long time strategist and voting analyst, Mark Gersh of the National Committee for an Effective Congress, had described his vision and where 38 Democrats would be elected to the House of Representatives. 
As such, he is indeed perceptive, and he speaks  of the following results.  Even if his targeted number of "38" achieves "39" or "40" for this past election cycle.

"In districts where the voting-age population that is more than one quarter non-white, Democrats won 15 Republican held seats, or almost 40 percent of their 39-seat gain, nationally.  Of the 100 largest non-white districts, Republicans now hold only seven.  Of the top 200, Democrats hold 154."


Gersh says, "As the United States turns more diverse, the current version of the Trump-Republican Party coalition is headed for extinction, or at the very least an unsuperable disadvantage."

And need I say more about the 'competition' between the "status quo" Democrats and the "progressive-oriented" Democrats?

Jaango--posted  on November 27, 2018




Robert Kuttner & With the Obviously Failed Descriptor...

The obviously gifted political writer of these past many years and one of my 'favorites' when it comes to today's political lexicon, but in this instance, he has encountered his "failure."  

And by way of background, Professor Kuttner is the co-editor of The American Prospect and a professor at Brandeis University’s Heller School. His new book is "Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism?"

In his latest article and titled, "With Glut Of 2020 Candidates, Progressive Democrats Need To Get Their Act Together," and dated, November 26, and publlished at the web site of Huffinton Post Dot Com.

And here's the internet link:

Of course, Professor Kuttner touts the presumptive presidential candidates as he sees them,  that being "progressive."  Of course, Kuttner ignores the Chicano view and where a "progressive" must stand tall for being a self-avowed progressive amongst his acolytes.  As such, none of these candidates being given his 'view' are not, even quaintly, progressive, in the slightest since his tout of his rhetorical flourish, does neither justify nor factually addresses this behavior.

However, our Chicano history amply demonstrates that the long streak of Democratic candidacies, from Bill Clinton and John Edwards, were thoroughly indoctrinated by the Wall Street Crowd, and which is today's recognition for the obvious and unrepentant behavior of the Status Quo.  
To wit, no Latinos would invite to a Chicano Conference the likes of former  President Bill Clinton.  For in doing so,  the quiet chuckle for having to keep the door open and the windows raised at half mast, just means the 'stink' would have to be permitted to waft out and into the daylight.

As such, the pending political onslaught of Democratic presidential candidacies, will be further addressed and in greater detail during these oncoming weeks and months.  And no, there are no Progressives seeking this self-perceived 'open nomination.'

Jaango--posted on November 27, 2018





Who Is Today's Presumptive Democratic "powerhouse"?

With the political cognoscenti firmly convinced that progressive-oriented Democrats don't have much, if any, sway or leverage amongst the Status Quo Democracts, and which brings to attention, the latest tout by the national columnist, Juan Williams, via his effort and titled, "My picks as 2018's top politicians" and published at the conservative-oriented web site, and of the highly regarded, The Hill.

Of course, his two choices are Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for the Republicans, and as for the Democrats, his choice is Democratic Senator Kamala Harris of California.  

As per my usual, I disagree, and with my obvious exception, not to Senator McConnell but when Williams describes Senator Harris as his favorite.  Thusly, my 'favorite' is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.  

Now, and  for those of us and who diligently follow our discourse on national politics, there is much to be addressed and less on what's not adddressed given the level of the news media's effort to deny, destract and divert the subject matters that enable the voter's decision-making process on any Election Day.

Of course, the Internet-enabling web sites that pointificate the reams of opinion-making, holds considerable sway or leverage that is the daily target of our Elected Officials in Congress.

Therefore, addressing the 'needs' of the Progressive Coalition, the usual "by the numbers" tells an interesting story when addressing public policy.  For example, Latinos and Native Americans are the largest cohort and followed by European Americans, African Americans and Asian Americans. Consequently, the Latino/Native American cohort is the presumptive "leadership cabal" and yet, in today's environment, Latinos/Native Americans are not recognized for their leadership skill set.  And this lack of acknowledgement is evidenced in two forms: 

On the internet media outlets, the top 50 websites, are neither "managed or operated" by this, our Latino Leadership Cohort.

And the second element of a lack of leadership, can easily be found within the Democratic leaderhip in the Senate.  Today, there is no Progressive Caucus, even though the likes of Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Kamala Harris of California, Elizabeth Warren of Massachussets, Kristen Gillibrand of New York, Bernie Sanders and whom is not a Democrat, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota,  and Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, and taken together, these Senators have evidenced their respective distaste for establishing a Progressive Caucus in the Senate.  Obviously, their 'gusto' is predicated on our unwillingness to recognize their overt and covert effort at our "leveraged" votes.

To wit, these nine Senators are in their obvious or midst of an intent to "pander" to the Latino and Native American communities writ large.
Moreover, these Senators announce their 'progressive' inclination at an approximate ratio of one out of forty issues that they face with respect to the viable issues that confront them, and thusly, and approximately, their well-recognized 'pander' and as to our being on their receiving end, is today's reality and for which we have to continue to contend with. 

In closing, the Democratic 'powerhouse' from any individual currently serving in the Senate, does not exist.  Therefore, the support for the Bernie Sanders candidacy in 2016, was borne out of a sizable effort and easily measured in the anxiety of our frustration.    And needless to say, the alternative was in voting for Hillary Clinton, and when she served in the Senate, she too could not bring herself to establish a Progressive Caucus in the Senate.  And which leaves us at our Commencement Status, relative to  the End of World War Two, at our "long game" and for being played out during the next twenty years and with our ever-increasing demographics. and where over 7,000 Latino Elected and Appointed Officials will continue to expand and to be accomplished exponentially.

Jaango--posted on November 26, 2018





When Low-Riding Grifters Wallow in the Political Gutter...

When it comes to such acolytes as myself and in my advocacy for Mandatory Voting, the news media outlets, and in this instance, NBC's lack of thoroughness in addressing the national political norm, I become somewhat disappointed that the Journalistic Biz, continues to embarrass itself.

Thus, over at the websit of the Talking Points Memo, Dr. Josh Marshall posts his obvious frustration, as well, but the majority of this frustration is located behind his pay wall, that being the Prime integration.  However, here is first page of his editorial with his dissatisfaction with NBC News.

"Any discussion of voting rights, voter ID laws, voter suppression efforts and related matters requires journalists who have some understanding of the issue. So it was disappointing to see NBC News publish this piece by a reporter who seems to have not even the most passing familiarity with the issues involved. This isn’t just journalism criticism. These pieces, uninformed and tendentious, have real consequences in building political support to take away people’s ability to vote. The NBC story is tied to a scam in which a group of people allegedly went to Los Angeles’ ‘skid row’ district and paid homeless people either money or cigarettes to sign bogus voter registration forms and petitions to place referendums on the California ballot. This part of the story is real, as we can see from this report from a real news organization, The Los Angeles Times."

In a parallel track of national politics and how this convenient aberration, is further defined, is accomplished by our our Good Friend and Indigenous Brother for Truth-Telling, Meteor Blades, an iconic writier, does recognize that today's Journalism Fest can be and is conveniently ignored.  As such, he writes of the following:

"Day after day after day after day, Donald Trump fabricates, falsifies, deceives, invents, concocts, manufactures, misrepresents, equivocates, and prevaricates. In short, along with all the other destructiveness he’s brought to the office of the presidency, he has normalized lying. Not that other presidents haven’t also told lies, sometimes very big ones. But Trump is clearly shooting for a record, to be a tremendous liar, the best liar ever to lead the nation. At the rate he is going, by the time he leaves office, even if that should occur next year, No. 45 will have lied more times since taking the oath of office than all 44 previous presidents combined. "

Obviously, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can bring themselves to take the "higher road" to citizenship and yet, much prefer to ignore Mandatory Voting and where the negative attributes to voting and which can be easily addressed and quite effectively.  And with the Democratic-control of the House chamber over the next two years, will House Speaker Nancy Pelosi deign to address the political machinations that deminish our "property rights" and which starts with "voting rights" first and foremost?

Jaango--posted on November 24, 2018





Muellar's "open book" Test for Trump...
Our good friend for these past many years,  Emptywheel and over at her web site, refutes Trump's attorney and which is Rudy Guiliani, and where Guiliani 'cooperated' with Muellar's Russian Investigation.  And not so,when history is invoked and from the standpoint that President George W. Bush 'cooperated' with a formal investigation that went to the heart of his presidency.
As such, the following:
If a President makes an expansive new claim to Executive Privilege and the press reports the opposite, did it really happen?
That’s a question presented by the coverage of yesterday’s news that after a year of resistance, President Trump finally provided the answers to his open book test to Mueller. That’s because a slew of journalists repeated Rudy Giuliani’s claim, made in his official statement, that Trump has provided “unprecedented cooperation” with Mueller’s team, without noting that the claim is objectively false.
I showed back in February — when the press first started parroting this claim credulously, which was first made by John Dowd — that it was not true.
A simple comparison of the Bush White House’s cooperation the CIA leak case, which investigated events that occurred in a more narrow period two month period of time, showed Dowd’s claim about cooperation on discovery and witnesses was overblown.
More importantly, a key detail distinguished George W Bush’s cooperation from Trump’s: Bush sat for an interview with Patrick Fitzgerald and answered questions about the orders he gave, while President, to at least one of his Assistants and the Vice President about an exclusive executive authority, declassification.
Bush sat for an interview in June 2004, and Cheney — who himself made some grossly false statements in his tenure — sat for one in May 2004 and a little-known follow-up that August. According to Cheney’s autobiography, “[T]he second session was conducted under oath so that [his] testimony could be submitted to the grand jury.”
[Randall] Samborn, the Fitzgerald spokesperson who was famously reticent during the whole CIA leak investigation, offered an expansive rebuttal to Dowd’s claim that this White House has offered unprecedented cooperation. “Trump’s team can claim all the cooperation it wants, and whether justifiably so or not, it seems to me that it all gets negated, if at the end, he personally refuses to be questioned when so much substance depends on what he knew and did, as well as his state of mind.”

Any refusal to sit for an interview, Samborn said, was central evaluating the level of cooperation.
“That’s sort of the ultimate in noncooperation,” he explained, “especially after saying he looks forward to being interviewed and under oath.”

By limiting his cooperation to an open book test, Trump has stopped far short of the cooperation Bush offered.
And yet, because Rudy included the claim in the statement he released to the press, many news outlets are repeating that false claim, uncontested. The outlets that subscribe to the AP feed are propagating false claim today, because Eric Tucker repeated that line from Rudy’s statement with no correction to it.  Unsurprisingly, Fox News parroted Rudy. But so did some more credible outlets, like NBC, ABC, CNN, and Reuters. Even the WaPo’s otherwise superb report from Carol Leonnig and Robert Costa repeated the claim in the last line of their story.

NYT’s Maggie and Mike, incidentally, avoided repeating Rudy’s claim, choosing to include the part of his statement that provided quasi-factual numbers, but leaving out the superlative claim.

It’s bad enough that most of the press has repeated Rudy and Dowd’s claim uncritically since January. But for yesterday’s stories, it is all the more important to get it right. That’s because Trump is not just refusing to answer questions on Mueller’s obstruction investigation, he’s also refusing to answer questions about the transition period, before any claim of Executive Privilege should kick in. While that’s consistent with what Trump did with Hope Hicks’ and Corey Lewandowski’s testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, it nevertheless represents an expansion of accepted claims to executive power.
The emphasis, here, should be on Trump’s claim to be above the law even before he took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.
Instead, a bunch of copy and paste journalism has made it the opposite.
Jaango--November 24, 2018




Can Sentient Beings Maintain Their Reasonableness?  Or is this the Table Manners Expected for the Thanksgiving Day Dinner...

When the Republican-oriented Commentariat reviews the aftermath of the results from this mid term  election, the 'voices' introduce their 'history' and that will surely conflict with the 'history' that will be codified into public law.  And forthwith, will this Commentariet align itself the the anticipated failures in House governance when defending itself for the many failures that was intentional, given that the Republican s had tight control of both the House and the Senate chambers.
So, when I read of what I call the Great Tout, I am not surprised at this latest review of what the Democrats "are" today.  Take, for example, and from the American Spectator and as represented by Steven Baldwin and in his article titled, "The GOP Agenda for the Next Two Years," and dated November 20, 2018.  As such, consider the the following:

"Indeed, there are no more moderate Democrats in any key party positions whatsoever and those who today set the party’s agenda have a socialist orientation, despise capitalism, and support identity and group politics over merit and individual accountability. They have rejected the traditional norms that undergird the Christian-based value system America was founded upon. They defer to globalist institutions over U.S. constitutional law and don’t even support basic governing principles such as sovereignty and the concept of citizenship."

And further, 

"The best thing the GOP can do for the next two years is to embrace gridlock and ignore the “compromise” rhetoric being spouted by both the Democrats and establishment Republicans. The real agenda of the Democrats is to use the next two years to create phony narratives that will feed right into their 2020 presidential campaign themes. The Democrats have made it quite clear that they care far more about accumulating political power than pursuing good policy, so everything they will do in the next two years will be about setting the stage to recapture the White House. Every act by the Democrats will be about creating and promoting a narrative that Trump is evil, corrupt, controlled by the Russians, etc., etc. The incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Congressman Adam Schiff, will grossly exaggerate the Russian collusion narrative and is already spreading the conspiracy theory that “the Russians may have laundered money through the Trump organization, and if that’s the case, then we need to be able to look into it.”"

Thus, our national "character" should be a characterization  personified appropriately when the House leadership tossed the Gang of Eight legislation into the political dumpster, and this "nothing" continues to remain as "nothing."

However, more unstantiated 'reasonableness" is on the horizon, and as defined as now permissible:

"On the immigration issue, the Senate should send to the house a border security bill that authorizes the construction of a few hundred miles of border wall in heavily populated areas and funds more border patrol officers and immigration judges. With thousands of people heading toward the border in what now appears to be an endless number of “caravans,” border security will be a hot issue for the next few years. It would be very short-sighted not to force the House Democrats to vote on such border security issues. Ditto for bills addressing our broken asylum system, our visa process, chain migration, and anchor babies."

And to further your reading pleasure, here's the internet link:
And don't forget the Cold One for tomorrow's enjoyment.

Jaango--posted on November 21, 2018




Are Progressives Challenging the Status Quo Democrats?

As the House Democrats are utilizing any perceived "leverage" to achieve their overall ambition, the Progressives are vying for more acceptability despite having to circumvent the Gate Keepers and the Compartmentalization Analysts, into one of  four most ostensible Committee assignments, and that being Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, Financial Services and Education and the Work Force.  However, the Progressives are waging an uphill battle.  Thus, accessing Donor Dollars is the 'starting gate' and which is viewed as the 'connect' to Wall Street's deep pockets or the readily acknowledged purveyors of the Status Quo.  

Despite the gusto that is being attributed to today's House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, she's garnering an approximate 84% of the Caucus vote and yet, at the end of the political day, she will achieve the gavel for the Majority Leader title, given that she raised well over $130 million via her Democratic Conference fundraising vehicle.  And that type of funding and further distribution to Democratic candidates accrues a considerable amount of gusto in support for her well-intended success.  As such, she will 'earn' her leadership  gavel.

At the end of the political day, a sizable portion of Progressives will achieve their seats on either of the four major committee assignments.  Complementary to this membership assignments, none are permitted to serve on a second committee.  Therefore, the anticipated and wide-ranging public agenda of the salient issues, are somewhat self-restricting.

Jaango--posted on November 20, 2018




 Nancy Pelosi — a proven leader for America’s veterans

NOTE:  By Joe Violante, Steve Robertson and Dennis Cullinan, Opinion Contributors — 11/20/18 11:45 AM EST ,The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of The Hill.


As veterans, we have each spent over two decades of our lives advocating for America’s Veterans on a bipartisan basis. In all those years, no Speaker of the House fought harder or accomplished more for Veterans than Nancy Pelosi. That is a fact. While other members of Congress supported veterans with their words, Pelosi supported veterans with her deeds, with her strong leadership. We know because we saw it first-hand.

When veterans’ health care and mental health care were shamefully underfunded over a decade ago, it was Nancy Pelosi who successfully passed a VA budget that for the first time ever matched the request of the Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) coalition, the Independent Budget, co-authored by Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Paralyzed Veterans of America and AMVETS. It was a new day for veterans after years of broken promises from Congress.
When Veterans were facing reduced college education benefits, Pelosi, as Speaker, championed the passage of the Post 9/11 GI Bill in 2008, an historic achievement that was the largest investment ever in higher education. Since its passage, over 2 million Veterans have been able to pursue their dream of a college education. American Legion National Commander Marty Conatser said in 2010, “We applaud Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi…Thanks in large part to her committed leadership, this momentous piece of legislation will resonate as a landmark in American history.”

When the VA faced budget uncertainties and potential government shutdowns, Speaker Pelosi passed the first-ever two-year advanced appropriations bill for the Department of Veterans Affairs, unlike any other federal department. Deserving Veterans, their dependents, survivors and caregivers have since benefited greatly from this innovative budget reform. Speaker Pelosi was also responsible for securing the largest increase in Veterans funding in history—including historic increases to mental health, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. In addition, she led legislative efforts to improve access to gender-specific health care for women veterans, create new tax credits for businesses that hire veterans, and quadruple the travel reimbursement for veterans traveling to receive care.

When American servicemen and women gave their lives in duty to country in Iraq and Afghanistan, Speaker Pelosi personally pushed the Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Act into law in 2009. This law provides a full college scholarship and GI education benefits for every child who has lost a mother or father in service to country since Sept. 11, 2001. Pelosi understood that our nation could never repay our debt of gratitude to families who have sacrificed so much, but thanks to her leadership, these families of the fallen can know that all their children will have an opportunity to attend college. And, the Fry Act now extends college benefits to surviving spouses.
 In passing the Fry Act, Speaker Pelosi didn’t just prove her effectiveness, she showed us her heart for those who have served and sacrificed for our nation.

Unlike any Speaker before or since, Speaker Pelosi met multiple times a year with dozens of VSOs. For hours at a time, she would listen to our concerns and priorities, and discuss solutions. She didn’t just listen, she then took historic action. Even in the minority, she has continued those roundtables and her work across the aisle to pass bipartisan legislation, including expanding caregiver benefits to all war eras, better aligning VA health care with care in the community, modernizing the appeals process for disability claims, updating the Post 9/11 GI bill, and holding VA accountable.

It is not our place to tell newly elected or current members of Congress who they should support to be the new Speaker of the House—this is their right and responsibility. But, with so many newly elected members of Congress, including veterans, we felt it was our responsibility to share the incredible legacy of Nancy Pelosi’s leadership in behalf of our nation’s veterans and their families. If she becomes the next Speaker, we are confident as veterans, community leaders, and Americans that Nancy Pelosi will ensure that Congress honors our Veterans not just with words and speeches, but with actions and deeds.

Joe Violante was the National Legislative Director for the Disabled American Veterans from 1997 to 2015. Steve Robertson was the National Legislative Director for the American Legion from 1993 to 2010. Dennis Cullinan was the National Legislative Director for the Veterans of Foreign Wars from 1997 to 2009. 


Jaango--posted on November 20, 2018




Lacking in the "best of both worlds"...

Is Armstrong Williams another of the widely discredited members of the Commentariat residing on the political right and located at the news outlets easily viewed on the internet?  
As such, you should be your own judge, and not 'listen' to what I have to say.

However, Williams has espoused the following on Immigration:

"While Europe is reckoning with the impact of mass migration, in the United States the Trump administration has taken another, arguably much wiser, approach. A strong insistence on immigration enforcement and reform was a pillar of President Trump’s 2016 campaign and continues to be a central component of his vision to enact sensible policies that protect our citizens and our right to sovereignty.

"His is a practical, commonsense approach — a prime example of how the president is unwilling to simply go along with the status quo in Washington. However, based on exit polls and the results of the 2018 midterm elections, some might argue that had the president focused more on his messages about health care reform and the booming economy, Republicans might not have lost control of the House to Democrats."

Of course, Williams is overly concerned that the "caravan" will jeopardize our nation's 'weak' immigration policies, and yet, he expresses very little in our understanding of a historical significance toward the Latino's advocacy for TransNational Technology Centers and which if implemented, would reduce the in-flow of migration into the United States. 
Consequently, this double-edged sword by Williams in the form of Fear and National Security and Defense, should be seen as furthering a political and culminating stunt, and as in sending over 5,000 soldiers to our southern border with Mexico. And now advocated by the White House as a "training metric."

As such, having access to a computer application located at any geographic region in any sequestered (for privacy purposes) office at our consulate or embassy, would permit a potential Undocumented Immigrant and to include the children to apply for Asylum due to domestic violence or potential loss of life from organized crime salivators, should be made readily available.

And from therein, taking any view toward migration flows into the United States, requires that we readily discount the commentariat from the likes of the pundits, sages and gurus, especially with those having little if any familiarity or thoughtful response to the likes of TransNational Technology Centers. 
Of course, a Dumb-Ass does not need to be a Dumb-Ass.
Need more be said?

Jaango--posted on November 19, 2018



Mandatory Voting:  Part One Is For Historical Relevance

Our good buddy, Joshua Alvarez, writing for the Washington Monthly Magazine provides us with a gentle reminder of where the today's politics, did not commence with Donald Trump but did with the late President Nixon's Southern Strategy.

And by way of a normalized skill set, his background consists of the following:

Joshua Alvarez is a contributor to the Washington Monthly's Political Animal. He edits syndicated opinion columns at the Washington Post, and can be reached at

And his article is titled, "How Trump Adopted Nixon's Southern Strategy" and dated November 17, 2018

And here's the Internet Link:


It’s been a recurring motif lately among conservative columnists. Both Never Trumpers and Trump apologists have argued that the country will survive Trump because it survived Nixon. It isn’t obvious to me that the country has yet emerged from the 37th president’s shadow.

For right-wing pundits, Nixon’s presidency is a mere relic, safely dead and buried. So, too, is his Southern Strategy. Most fair-minded conservatives admit that one of Donald Trump’s regular gambits is to demagogue about racial and cultural issues. But, they tell themselves, Trump’s ploys are nothing compared to Nixon, who created a whole campaign in 1968 based on rallying Southern whites who were reliable Democratic voters until the Democratic Party supported Civil Rights legislation for African Americans.

These whites had voted for politicians like Strom Thurmond, a Democrat who vociferously opposed the Civil Rights Act and desegregation policies. As the Democrats made these initiatives a priority, Thurmond became a Republican, and his supporters followed. The good people of South Carolina elected him to the Senate from 1954 to 1996. They probably would’ve continued voting for him had he not retired in 2002. He died in 2003.

Nixon recognized that a huge chunk of Americans was incurably infected with racism. They were overflowing with gnawing resentment toward the coalition of college students, urban liberals, intellectuals, and black activists who dared to fight white supremacy. Understanding this reality, Nixon saw a clear path to the White House. He coined slogans that the Republican Party has routinely used since: law and order; the silent majority; states’ rights.

Here’s the uncomfortable truth: Nixon was absolutely right. His two successful elections are evidence of that. Appealing to the prejudices and resentments of the Confederacy’s grandchildren works as an electoral strategy. And no Republican presidential candidate has ever forgotten that.

That’s why Ronald Reagan spoke of a mythological “welfare queen” in 1976 and kicked off his 1980 campaign just outside the site of the Mississippi Burning murders–not to honor the three civil rights workers who were murdered by the Ku Klux Klan, with the cooperation of local police, but to declare his belief in “states’ rights.” That’s why George H.W. Bush, in the final weeks of the 1988 campaign, found one last turnout boost by airing the Willie Horton campaign ad. 
That’s why Bill Clinton, as the governor of Arkansas, ordered the execution of a lobotomized black man during the 1992 election. And that’s why, as George W. Bush was trailing John McCain in the 2004 primary, he tapped right-wing Christian fundamentalists to start a rumor that the Arizona lawmaker had fathered a black child.

Is it really any surprise that another Republican presidential candidate won in part because of his explicit attacks against today’s African American civil rights activists? Or that his trotting out Nixon’s exact slogans was greeted with unreserved enthusiasm from the GOP base?

Perhaps you noticed how pundits—including liberal ones—often talk about “Trump’s base” as if it were something wholly new and distinct from the traditional Republican base. Either historical illiteracy has broken out across editorial rooms or, more likely, the concern for a “return to civility” has superseded looking at where Donald Trump’s rise really came from.  


Jaango--posted on November 19, 2018





Our New Series:  Mandatory Voting
Over the next 30 to 60 days, we are going to exercise our fetish for Mandatory Voting, and thusly, there are well over 100 differing tangents and relative to public policy where Mandatory Voting would detail the decision-making of our fellow citizens and where this insightful decision-making would add to our anticipated Better Future during the next twenty years.  And of course, "anything" that addresses public policy beyond this time frame of 20 years, borders on nonsense, and yet, our attention to the pending demographics, challenges us too via the lack of "new" Ideas.
And given that the 1985 issuance of the Chicano Movement's Agenda of Unmet Needs remains in our constant attention, and further, the historical 'vision' as per the Voting Rights Act, is our starting point for addressing this belief  in Mandatory Voting.  Consequently, our  Series has a starting point, and the ending point remains to be crafted, therefore, the constant question posed for us, "Is Mandatory Voting the political assist necessary or are we left with the "statnus quo" continuing to define and dismiss our Unmet Needs?"
As such, we will be addressing Mandatory Voting in a seriers of articles and where our advocacy for such, will be given the appropriate attention.
Jaango--posted on November 19, 2018





Is It 'over-weaning' Ambition?

From the Democratic side of the political aisle, the 'big' names are quietly talking to political donors, and subsequently, the perceived Presidential Candidats willing to challenge President Trump in 2020, is getting much larger.  And here are a few 'names' that are attempting to raise a pile of cash in order to advance their Ambition.

1.  Vice President Biden
2.  Senator Bernie Sanders
3.  Senator Kamala Harris
4.  Senator Sherrod Brown
5.  Congressman Julian Castro
6.  Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard
7.  Congressman Joe  Kennedy
8.  Congressman Beto O'Rourke
9.  Governor Andrew Cuomo
10. Former Governor Deval Patrick
11  Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg
12, Cory Booker
13. Former Attorney General Eric Holder
14. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
15.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
16.  Senator Tim Kaine
17.  Senator Amy  Klobuchar
18.  Senator Jeff Merkley
19.  Senator Mark Warner
20.  Senator Elizabeth Warren
21.  Congressman John Delaney
22.  Congressman Seth Moulton
23.  Congressman Tim Ryan
24.  Congressman Eric Swalwell
25.  Governor Steve Bullock
26.  Fomer Mayor John Hickenlooper
27.  Governor Jay Inslee
28.  Former Governor Terry MacAuliffe
29.  Former Governor Terry O'Malley
30.  Former Mayor Eric Garcetti
31.  Former Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu

Of course, the above list of names is just the first tranche of much larger list that is expected to arrive into our public discourse and relative to our civic engagement.

Jaango--posted on November 17, 2018





Odds and Ends

With the Democrats achieving their Congressional victory and where 37 seats are now in the 'blue' column, Democrats have an abundant opportunity to demonstrate their leadership in moving our nation forward and in the direction that is much preferred by voters and where the displeasure of voters revolved around an anti-Trump Movement, means that we don't have to hold our breath for a pending better future.

In the mean time here are a few tidbits of the 'crazy.'

1.  Lou Dobbs continues to maintain that Undocument Immigrants voted in large measure.  And taking Dobbs serious, is indeed a waste of time.

2.  President Trump suggests that 'buying cereal' can be accomplished with Voter I.D..

3.  Another 'bad' Joke.  Senator Hyde-Smith of Mississippi espoused that suppressing the 'liberal' vote is a good thing.  And an upheaval of anger from the general public, she's now stipulating it was a joke.  And her other joke is that she would be sitting in a front row seat at a public hanging.  Unfortunately, her 'jokes' aren't anywhere humorous but she likes to espouse her 'crazy'.

4.  In a speech before the Federalist Society, Senator Lee of Utah, espoused his belief that the "left" will bring forth a second civil war unless our nation eliminates the taxpayer-supported freeways, as well as 'workforce regulation' and the 'glut of federally-owned lands.'  Of course, he's one of the extremists in the Senate and whom panders to the 'property rights' cabal.  As such, he masks himself as a 'libertarian' while being a conservative-oriented Republican. 

5.  The television show, "The View" mocks "President Grumpy Man-Baby" after a federal judge--appointed by President Trump--rules in favor of CNN and where the White House must lift the ban on CNN's White House Reporter, Jim Acosta.
And the above is a shorter version of this "odds and ends" and due to our attention to on "Mandatory Voting" and which challenges "voter suppression" as is being practiced, particularly in the Lesser State of Georgia.

Jaango--posted on November 17, 2018





The Stark Contrast of a Political Challenge:  A Top Down Versus a Bottoms-Up Approach and As Applied to the Voters' Decision-Making Schematic 
When the annualized budget spending occurs, members of Congress 'hear' only the latest version of what's been deemed important by the cadres of lobbyists, and with very little attention focused on military veterans.  And to date, military vets (18 million multiplied by 4), their spouses, friends and neighbors, 'valued' at a collective 72 million votes, have no justifiable rationale for expressing themselves, given that the acknowledged Third Stereotype is conveniently adddressed.  This Stereotype, as applied by the majority of our fellow citizens, the European Americans, is equivalent to "I don't care...I'll be dead...So, what's your point?:  And it's at this point in our continued toxic politics, we cannot equivocate in our 'demand' that Common Sense must be achieved. otherwise, intransigence wins over inclusiveness and cultural assimilation and further, leading to a continued advocacy of an ever-expansive Identity Politics Movement, i.e., the Military Vet Movement following in the footsteps of today's Women's Movement and where reduced federal funding for the likes of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid must be significantly reduced, otherwise, our National Security and Defense is seriously eroded and our lives are placed at risk.  Not so, of course, but today's Crappola or Propaganda is unabated and is neither challenged via Common Sense by the 'insiders' nor by the more enlightened pundits, sages and gurus.
And today's latest iteration is being defined and as stipulated per the National Defense Strategy Commission.  To wit, consider the following:
"The United States and its NATO allies must rebuild military force capacity and capability in Europe…. U.S. military posture in the Middle East should not become dramatically smaller…. The Army will need more armor, long-range fires, engineering and air-defensive units, as well as additional air-defense and logistical forces…. The Navy must expand its submarine fleet and dramatically recapitalize and expand its military sealift forces…. The Air Force will need more stealthy long-range fighters and bombers, tankers, lift capacity, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance platforms…. The United States must maintain the Marine Corps at no less than its current size…. It is urgently necessary to modernize the U.S. nuclear triad and much of the supporting infrastructure…. DOD should invest in a robust R&D program to anticipate future threats, operate effectively from space, and enhance resiliency…. DOD must ensure a substantial, sustainable, and rapidly scalable supply of preferred weapons such as Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile-Extended Range (JASSM-ER), Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM), and a longer-range High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM)…. DOD must invest in a more resilient and secure logistics and transportation infrastructure…. Congress should eliminate the final two years of caps under the BCA."
And my 'translation' from Yaqui to Apache and further, from Spanish to English, just means that a reduced spending of ourSocial Security, Medicare and Medicaid and moreso, the social safety net as understood and where the continued application of new tax increases must be replete, will alleviate our Ideology of Fear.
And today, consider the following elements as well:
1.  11 carrier strike groups compared to 1 each for China and Russia
2.  12,000 aircraft compared to about 4,000 each for China and Russia.
3.  14 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines compared to 13 for Russia and 4 for China.
4.  51 nuclear-powered attack submarines compared to 22 for Russia and 5 for China
5.  Several hundred fifth-generation stealth fighters compared to approximately none for Russia and China
6.  84 Aegis guided missile destroyers and cruisers compared to about a dozen for Russia and 30 for China
7.  About 6,000 nuclear missiles compared to 6,000 for Russia and 300 for China.
Now, Welcome to our World, the World of Rant-by-Rote, and consequently, consider the following and from our differing perspective.
Oh Hell!  And Where Do I Start?
Back in 1985, the Chicano Movement issued its Agenda of Unmet Needs, and one of the 10 elements addressed was the  formulation and implementation of the Academic-Military Draft.  To  wit,  a high school graduate or a high school dropout could enlist for a 3-year term, and while engaged, 50% of time would be spent on "soldiering" and the remaining amount of time would be spent in a classroom where college-level general studies were conducted.
After three years and at separation, each person would hold in one hand, the Honorable Discharge and in the other hand, each person would hold a two-year college degree and equivalent to an Associate Arts Degree in General Studies. 
Consequently, Self-Discipline, Hard Work, and Ambition, would become the starting point for our nation's "equality at the finish line."
And if one harkens back to the Bush/Cheney administration, the implementation of this Academic-Military Draft, today, we would have a young population of over 30 million millennials under the age of 35 years of age, with each being a military veteran and for having accrued a four-year college degree.  As such, Common Sense would dictate that colleges and universities would be standing in line to recruit these former enlistees and where Affirmative Action would not be today's Roster of Characteristics for Enrollment.  
In short, the decision-makers would adjust the requisite use of scholarships and other related tangibles/ intangibles for insuring that these military vets-students, would become outstanding successes.
Now, white America knows about the Academic-Military Draft and has since 1985, and which begs the question of "unmet need"--still borne--of an unacknowledged Systemic Continuation for more Criminal Stupidity, albeit, a Quiet Segregation.
Jaango--posted on November 16, 2018





Pelosi For President...
Despite the widespread displeasure organized by the FiveGrouping that is the announced opposition to Nancy Pelosi becoming the House Majority Leader among the Democrats, to date, no one has announced his or her opposition to any public-recognized  opposition to Pelos.  And this non-existent and un-announced opposition, is just another game of political "leverage" and which won't go very far within the Democratic Caucus.
Thus, the news of this "fizzle" shall arrive as an embarrassment, especially to new and incoming members for this mid term cycle as just another 'pander' vehicle.
And for my being an infernal Optimist, it would be quite nice to "hear" that Nancy Pelosi will announce her presidential candidate status some where in May of June of next year.  And if she should, the leadership team could easily pick up and further the  poltical agenda for the Democrats.  Thus, transfering her Majority Speakership Status onto the Democratic Caucus, would solve today's dilemma among the perturbed members of her formally constituted Caucus, and therefore, she would bring forth another national perspective into the consolidated politics of 'reform' for the ever-expanding Center-Left.
Moreover, given the perceived level of wealth of information on the numerous candidates, Pelosi would quickly see that virtually all candidates would quickly go silent in their challenge of a Pelosi candidacy.  Thus, today's Big Names would quietly withdraw their somewhat subtle behavior, given the Pelosi history for having delivered Obamacare, and that's just for starters.  And the Biggest Name, that being former Vice President Biden would no longer seek to challenge Pelosi.
In closing, a Pelosi candidacy for challenging President Trump, would solve two issues of concern, first, transitioning the House Majority Leadership title, and second, bringing together the Progressive Coalition, as well furthering the "influence" among white women in particular, and for crafting the subtle and nuanced Military Vet Movement, that is  yet to be fully addressed effectively on a national basis given that Arizona's Senator-Elect Krysten Sinema, did quite successfully, albeit, somehat quietly and which led to her success.  To wit, military vets disowned Sineima's Republican competition.
Jaango--posted on November 15, 2018





Did the Blue Tide Overcome the Blue Wave?
Where the politico Cognoscenti goes, should we follow and it's from answering this question, we shall and will arrive quickly in recognizing that this past mid term election, did not elevate a "blue wave"  but did elevate a "blue tide." 
As such, a blue tide is incorrigible in that it remains constant and a blue wave enters and leaves at it own discretion.  And like climate change, the blue tide will remain with us for many years to come.  And no, I will not bring the pending demographics into this analogy.
And in closing, will the Blue Tide incorporate the Military Vets Movement that will soon be arriving and which will become comfortable in challenging the Trumpistas for their refusal to acknowledge that the Arts and Sciences of People Trending, will be become relevant to our daily decision-making?  And now that I have left you somewhat confused, I too am attempting to respond to this Blue Tide that is taking over our America or even here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert, as well.  And further, we are not scrambling the eggs and bacon, as it's not necessary to disguise the Progressive Coalition with its now deemed abundance of success at the ballot box.
Jaango--posted on November 14, 2018



The "out to lunch" Historians...
When it comes to the "potency" of the Pundits, Sages and Gurus, my poking fun of these political junkies can be quite fun, but, then too, I am poking fun of myself as well.
Therefore, when I can't find any 'commentary' regarding Amazon and where Amazon announced that it was opening two offices, Virginia and New York, I did have a 'quiet' chuckle.  A chuckle that continues to be a reminder that to this date, and for these past fifty years or so, no Fortune 500 company has considered opening either an "office" or an "operations center" on any one of the over 500 federally designated Native American Rez.  
And finally, our National Academy of Historians have failed to address this repellent behavior and which signifies that economics far out weighes voter choices, and Amazon continues to stand in the 'short line' and in the obvious forefront for receiving taxpayer subsidies from our Elected Officials and with considerable support from our Appoiinted Officials, as well.
Jaango--posted on November 13,  2018



For An Easy Win in the House...

For the Democrats in the House, the first piece of legislation should be Comprehensive Immigration Reform as passed by the Gang of Eight in the Senate.  Thus, taking the legislation out of the House's Republican trash can, the Democrats would come forth in the form of solving several elements for a comprehensive and inclusive agenda.  

However, the Democratic leadership is now in a position that "ethics and election reform" will encourage the Democrats, writ large, and thus, a larger approach to 'reform' will animate the Democrats for the oncoming presidential election of 2020.

And here's the latest on "ethics and election reform" and well-described by Fred Wertheimer of Democracy 21:
"We have a system of campaign finance that takes us back to the Gilded Age and the robber baron era, a voting system that takes us back to the poll tax and voter suppression era and a redistricting system that allows representatives to choose their voters rather than voters choosing their representatives…The very health of our democracy is at stake in this fight to repair our political system for all Americans."

And here are the particulars:

"The proposed voting rights reforms include reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act, with constitutional language to restore federal preclearance (stripped by the Supreme Court’s Shelby v. Holder decision) for changes to voting laws in some jurisdictions. The bill would also institute automatic voter registration across the country and provide funding and expanded oversight power to the Election Assistance Commission. And the measure would require that nonpartisan commissions redraw congressional district maps.

"Ethics reforms in the proposed bill would cover the executive and legislative branches. The measure would include extending the cooling-off period before a government official may become a lobbyist, expanding conflict-of-interest laws to cover the president and vice president, give more compliance and oversight power to the executive branch’s Office of Government Ethics and bar lawmakers from sitting on corporate boards.

"The planned legislation would create a public financing system for congressional elections and provide matching funds for small-dollar donations raised by participating candidates…Additional reforms would include increasing disclosure for dark money and digital advertising, strengthening laws prohibiting coordination between candidates and super PACs and barring lobbyists from bundling campaign contributions."

And yet, today's political reality is that the Republican-controlled Senate would not pass such legislation, and even if passed by the Senate, President Trump would not sign and possibly even veto such legislation.  To wit, until the Democrats regain control of the Senate, there would be no "leverage" that could challenge the Oval Office.for a 'sign-off' in the affirmative.

And since all politics is "personal," I cannot envision that the House leadership  would pander to my elemental inclination, and if so, I already have to contend with Republicans doing so and  for my having experienced this behavior for these past several years.  

Therefore, I revert to Comprehensive Immigration Refom legislation as being the"first" for an Agenda of Impending Successes.  

Jaango--posted on November 13, 2018




Chicanos Are Doing "The Crazy" In Texas

When it comes to Latino voting in Texas, 10 years ago, the winners always had safe Port in the Storm of over 1.2 million Republican-oriented votes squirreled away.  This past election cycle Congressman Beto O'Rourke's loss was attributed to Senator Ted Cruz's victory that was compiled with a much diminished 200,000 surplus of Republican votes.  And "times are a-changing."

And when history is included, and looking to the future of this election cycle in Texas, Latino votes went a long way toward changing Texas from a conservative-oriented state to today's evolution and well into a 'purple' political environment. 
 And further, with the 2020 election cycle, Texas voters may turn their state into a "blue" state, if today's prognosticators are to be proven correct.  Consequently, both voter registration and GOTV efforts will  mean that these sizable efforts for this past election cycle, will repeat itself in the 2020 presidential cycle.  
However, with California and New York in the Democratic column, adding Florida and Texas into this 'new' Democratic column, the Electoral College will provide a differing result in which a Republican candidate seeking to change the "republican-death-spiral" will require a mindset that "must" take into consideration of the votes of college-educated white women as well as the ever-increasing 'racial and ethnic' voters.  And will Republicans toss into their trash can of Hate, the Nixonian Southern Strategy?  And if not, this 'death-spiral' will continue unabated.
However, the journalists--Obed Manuel and Dianne Solis, writing for Dallas News Dot Com, and titled, "Latinos could turn Texas blue in 2020 if enthusiasm holds, some say."
So, grab a cold one and enjoy this article, despite its lengthiness.  And our Kudos to these two journalists for their concentrated effort and hard work.
And here's the internet link:  
Jaango--posted on November 13, 2018



Her Arizona Concession Speech
Here in Arizona, the Republican candidate for the Senate, Congresswoman Martha McSally delivered her concession speech to the Democratic candidate for the Senate, Congresswoman Sinema and accomplished via a telephone call.  As such, the 150,000 ballots still uncounted would have required that McSally achieve 100,000 votes to make up the difference in total numbers since Sinema was leading by over 30,000 votes as announced yesterday evening.  As such, the majority of votes being tallied were from Maricopa and Pima counties, considered a 'newer' bastion for Democratic votes.
Jaango--posted on November 12, 2018






Shifting the "conversation..."

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, has espoused that any "oversight" conducted by the Democrats or the House majority, is now "presidential harassment, and further, he goes on to admit that during the Clinton era,  his version of executive branch oversight was practiced as "presidential harassment."  Long story short, the Republican-led House oversight was their lack of responsibility  and duty since executive oversight is the constitutional duty of Congress and a critical behavior for our nation's checks and balances.

Jettisoning "old" history while creating a new future...

The milestone story of this election cycle is now fortuitous for Native communities throughout our nation.  And this has come about with the election of two Native Americans to Congress.  As such, civil rights attorney Sharice Davids of Kansas has been elected in the Third Congressional District of Kansas.  And simutaneously, Debra Haaland won her Conressional seat in New Mexico's 1st Congressional District.

Further, Davids is correct when she opines "It's just disbelief, like, really?  We have a lot of educated Native women who are active in politics...It feels like it's about time."

Furthermore, Shira Tarlo from Salon Dot Com, reminds us that 'more' has arrived. 
"In a night of historic firsts, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar won their races in Detroit and Minneapolis to become the first Muslim-American women in the House of Representatives — a stunning response to the wave of anti-Muslim rhetoric that helped thrust President Donald Trump into the Oval Office in 2016 and has only festered since then."

Today's ongoing 'feudal' systemic...

In the House, Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California will be taking over the gavel of the House Financial Services Committee, and her and Trump's feud will be further expanded, in particular, and within her capacity to exercise her subpoena power.  

"Waters said she’s prioritizing efforts to expand affordable housing, undo the Trump administration’s weakening of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, snuff out predatory financial products and bolster federal shelter support for struggling Americans.

"But she is also expected to launch probes into Trump’s personal finances to look for possible connections with Russian nationals. As chairman, she’d be legally authorized to subpoena documents from the Treasury Department and Deutsche Bank that could illuminate those ties."

And more to come, time permitting.

Jaango--posted on November 8, 2018





The Election "wrap-up" and which is ongoing...

Now that this election is being completed, less the vote counting in a variety of geographical locations, the "results" of this election cycle will  be written from a variety of perspectives, and of course, having a perspective that is much more insightful and as provided by Mark Summer, speaks well for itself.  Thus Dailykos has an excellent wrap up from Summer's and titled, "Winning the House is not a consolation prize.  It's the prize."  As such, grab a cold one and enjoy Summer's somewhat lengthy article.


There was a lot about Tuesday night worth smiling over. A lot. Kris Kobach lost big in Kansas as Democrats took over not just the governor mansion, but a House seat. Scott Walker went down in Wisconsin to a school teacher who ran on a platform of improving education and expanding health care. Bruce Rauner’s reign in Illinois ended so definitely that networks made the call the moment the polls officially closed. These guys were Republican stars, ambitious guys who definitely felt that Donald Trump is just keeping that chair warm for them. And they’re out.

And it wasn’t just Kobach and Walker, Kansas and Wisconsin have been the go-to examples for Republicans, the test beds of their efforts to destroy labor, trash environmental rules, reward the wealthy, and surrender government services in the name of jobs, jobs, jobs. Both of those efforts are now in abject retreat. If America’s states are the laboratories of democracy, Kansas and Wisconsin have demonstrated that all the conservative mix produces is an explosion. Boom. In fact, Republicans blew up Kansas so well that the blowback from that effort is likely to still be echoing for several elections to come.  

There were big state legislative wins in Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Minnesota, Colorado and elsewhere that, together with the gubernatorial flips, mean that Democrats will likely have a chance to address some of the structural issues that have meant that a 5 percent vote advantage from Democrats wasn’t even enough to draw even.

But … there’s no getting around it, the Midterm elections brought record turnout that was—not enough. Or rather, it brought numbers from Democrats that in red states were met by an equal enthusiasm from Republicans. If enthusiasm is the word. It’s impossible to have a real “wave” election unless the other side is caught napping, and Fox News, Donald Trump, and a host of right-wing radio hosts have been screaming in red ears every minute since November 2016, making sure that didn’t happen.

Still, Democrats took the House. They took the House. That’s not a consolation prize. That’s an enormous brake on Republican plans to race America down the failed Kansas path. That’s an end to Republican schemes to destroy Social Security for profit, or the nine hundred and ninety-ninth effort to repeal the besieged ACA. No one has to be a hero in the Senate to stop the next vote. Because Democrats have the House.

And that’s just the start.
Democratic control of the House means that Devin Nunes moves to an impotent tooth-gnashing position while Adam Schiff gains the power to subpoena the documents that Democrats wanted to see during the first aborted “investigation” that Republicans terminated so they could hand Donald Trump a free “no collusion” report. It means they can call the over thirty witnesses who were on their list who Republicans refused to call. It means that the era of writing heartfelt, but essentially useless letters demanding access information are over. They’ll just … demand access.

Sure, Trump is already threatening to use the Senate to investigate the House. But, though the even more Trump dependent Republican Senate may be ready to engage in a little Capitol Hill Civil War reenactment, that effort is unlikely to be effective. Instead, Republicans in the Senate are likely to find that they have to devote their time to another less-than-glamorous battlefront: Investigating Hillary Clinton.

Republicans in the House started no less than three investigations into Clinton-related incidents last year. It’s safe to say that those waste of times are over. No matter how the survivors of the House fire for Republicans fume, the Uranium One club and the Hillary’s Emails Are the Worst consortium have had their last meeting. 
Hopefully, forever. If Trump wants to continue the pointless support for his Lock ‘er Up chant—which, really, don’t require any anchor in reality—Republicans in the Senate will have to take up that charge. It’s likely the Senate will do just that, stepping in to play back up to failed Nunes/Gowdy/Meadows efforts in the House.
 That’s a service that up and coming Reeks like Josh Hawley will be happy to provide for Trump. But Republican senators who are facing elections in blue or purple states in 2020 are going to be much less happy about how they spent the last two years asking people “now, about that server...”
On the House side, it’s not just that Adam Schiff can execute a stack of subpoenas that have surely been drafted for weeks. It’s that Oversight can now return to the job of Oversight, rather than greasing the rails for corruption. It’s not just Don Jr. who can expect to spend more time appearing before Congress, Ryan Zinke and Kirstjen Nielsen and Andrew Wheeler can all expect to appear behind name tags to regularly explain WTF they’ve been up to to people who won’t take “doing thy master’s bidding” as an answer.

Would it be better to have it all? Of course it would. Does the failure to capture the big offices in Florida and the loss of Senate seats represent a harsh reminder that the structure of our government means that even a demonstrable madman is a threat to our democracy, so long as that madman can keep his lever-pulling hoard enraged. Republicans are going to turn the Senate into a processing system for conservative judicial appointees so efficient they may need to hire some robots from Jeff Bezos just to move nominees among bins. That is not good. But ...
Everything else on Tuesday night was icing. The House was the cake. Take a slice. It’s still good.

Also, Kris Kobach lost. Sorry, I just wanted to write that again.

Jaango--posted on November7, 2018



Odds and Ends

If you've already voted, feel free to pat yourself on the back for 'taking back Democracy."

Nonetheless, the 'crazy' continues apace.

1.  President Trump challenges his Reporting Contingent by suggesting that the questions being asked of him, perpetuates "violence" in the public realm..Thus, both a distraction and a distortion as per the daily usual from President Trump.

2.  An avowed Theocrat and an Elected Official in the Great State of Washington, published an outline on how to kill non-belivers, and subsequently, establishing a seminal Theocracy.  And the FBI is investigating.

3. The sufferance of grifters.  In Georgia, a federal judge rendered her decision that Brian Kemp, overseeing the voting process, has to include voters who have been precluded from voting due to the state's continuing effort at voter suppression.  In the meantime, over 53,000 voters are awaiting notice of their voting viability.

4.  "Running out the clock."  With a population of 12,000 residents in Dodge City, Kansas, and where the overwhelming number of citizens are Latino, a federal judge refused to 'instruct' the City to re-establish the original location for voting, and yet, the City established the only voting location at one mile outside the city limits.  And our thanks goes out to the ACLU of Kansas for this legal challenge to another manifestation of voter suppression.

5.   Is Green, Green?  Arizona's GOP has went all-in, and are thereby encouraging Democrats to vote for the candidates representing the Green Party.  And yet, the Green  Party candidate for the U.S. Senate, announced last week that she was supporting Congresswoman Krysten Sinema, the candidate representing the Democratic Party.  And not to be out  done, the Democratic Party in Indiana, is spending its monies on Facebook ads encouraging Republican voters to vote for the Libertarian Party's candidate.

6.  From Bill Maher:  "A guy sent pipe bombs in an attempt to decimate the upper ranks of one of America's major political parties, and it turned out he is exactly what you thought: an angry asshole in a red hat. … He's a typical Trump loser: blames everybody else because his life sucks. That's who he is. That's the profile. Trump's biggest supporters are always some middle-age guy whose package doesn’t work."

7.  Our Kudos to DailyKos contributors, Monique Teal, Jen Hayden, and Neeta Lind, who traveled to North Dakota to report on the actions of Four Directions and North Dakota Native Votes in fighting GOP voter suppression against Native Americans.

8.  In four years, the Democrats have increased their level of women voters and which is now measured at 58 percent while Republican women is now measured at 32 percent.   And this trend will continue apace and well into the next presidential cycle of 2020.

Jaango--posted on November 3, 2018



Can The Democrats' Non-Financial Advice To The GOP, Be "actualized" Via Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

Now that the Republican Party has converted itself to the Trump-Oriented Republican Party, this political outfit has taken to utilizing the worst of any political orientation and has moved Hate, and thusly, Racism to the top of their agenda for this mid-term election.

Despite their lack of Common Sense, the mainstream news media has been on rampage that the Latino segment of voters, will not out number the European American segment, and consequently, the Trump Party will retain control of the Senate Chamber.  However, given the careful scrutiny of this institutional news media's "opinion" much has been determined well in advance of next week's election cycle, and where the Democrats should regain control of the House chamber.

If so, the 'new' House Speaker will be Nancy Pelosi, and if she's determined to become quite insightful, she will bring onto the House floor and for a vote on the now discarded legislation passed by the Senate from a couple of years ago.  And again, and if so, the Democrats would pass this now stale Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation, and she will have, and waiting in the wings, is a stellar number of votes in affirmation. 

In closing, and as an inveterate Optimist,  I can envision that a large number of Trump-oriented Republicans would join the Democrats in passing such legislation, much to their well-recognized political credit.  And perhaps, this "meeting of the minds" would go a long way toward reducing today's existing toxic partisanship, sans the Freedom Caucus.  As such, a first "large" step to recharging our national Character.

Jaango--posted on November 2, 2018



Is There a Circular Firing Squad on the Left?

In raising this question as per Kathy Pollitt has at the Nation Magazine, I find that Senator Elizabeth Warren's DNA is not a circumstantial element in her or today's perceived presidential campaign for 2020, is 'over the top' among the Democrats and well "under the top" from my perspective here in my wonderful Sonoran Desert.

Therefore, the  label of "pocohontas" is uniformly mild when I consider my political yardstick and relative to her long career in politics and now that she has acquired considerable national fame and particularly among Democrats.

As and  aligned Democrats, I continue to revert to  my progressive view of politics and  where the presumptive Senators and whom, on perfected instances, will call themselves "progressive" at the best of their opportune times.

Therefore, my attention is focused on the failure of all these Democratic Senators and who still refuse to acknowledge that they are "formal" progressives in their poltical lives.  And this behavior is "measured" in each one's failure to establish a Senate Progressive Caucus, despite their respective ample opportunity to do so.  Add in to the mindset and in such furtherance, a Senate Progressive Caucus Foundation and which would set the table for  a much more robust Agenda, and leading to a collectived or infantile "the Left."

And of these past two years and which led up to Donald Trump's successful effort at presidential politics, our understanding that a  registered "independent" in the name of Bernie Sanders did not establish a Senate Progessive Caucus, either.  
And as such, our good friend at the Mother Jones Magazine and as an inveterate and artful pundit, sage and guru of our national politics, Kevin Drum, he defines today's politics, in his latest effort and titled, "Make Democrats Again--Without  Pandering to Trump's Angry Base" and which can be found in Mojo's November/December issue.

As such, here are his three salient paragraphs:

"(With) Spock ears in place, then, there are three main lessons. First, although the 2016 outcome was unquestionably a dismal and depressing affair, especially for women and people of color, the data suggests the election was always likely to be close based on the fundamentals. Second, there was a pair of black-swan events: Russian interference during the final three months of the campaign, and then-FBI Director James Comey’s letter 11 days before Election Day. Third, Hillary Clinton was an unusually unpopular candidate, and the contentious primary with Bernie Sanders made her flaws even more conspicuous. But this perfect storm—certainly this specific perfect storm—won’t happen again. So forget it. At this point, the only thing that matters is figuring out what kinds of big-picture trends are dominant and what that means for the crucial elections to come in 2018 and 2020.

"By far the trendiest of the trend explanations for the 2016 outcome—like the soccer moms of 1996 or the NASCAR dads of 2004—is that economic anxiety among the white working class was responsible for Donald Trump winning Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, thus handing him the presidency. According to this hypothesis, Democrats need to win back these whites to stand a chance in 2018 and 2020. Trump has kept the white working class loudly in the center of the political conversation ever since his election, but a closer look at what really happened in 2016 suggests this conventional wisdom is critically wrong.

"First things first: The white working class didn’t lose its identification with the Democratic Party in 2016. From 1992 to 2008, as the party nominated candidates as different as Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama, party identification bumped up and down but essentially held fairly steady. It was only a few years after Obama was first elected that white working-class identification with the party plummeted by 12 points. By 2016 all the damage had been done, and none of it had anything to do with Trump or Hillary Clinton. It happened before either one ever participated in a primary debate."

Furthermore, as the Democrats commence and express the aspirations for  a presidential run that will culminate in November of 2020, thusly, the Democratic-oriented candidates will never establish a Senate Progressive Caucus in the Senate chamber, and for those of us that are likeminded in our progressive politics, we first, must acknowledge that none of candidates are "progessive" even in the least iota, and second, reaching out to Latinos, will come to naught when their respective 'status  quo" politics of a centrist and current alignment with Wall Street, is either touted or espoused  and with the best of our intentions for their self-fulling success should not be denied, even when pandering is included. Of course, being a Team Player, less said on this score, is prudent in our politics.

Now, need more be said?

Jaango--posted on October 30, 2018




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