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More  on Senator Duckworth...
From Laura Clawson at DailyKos:
Desperate Republicans are going back to an old favorite: charging their political opponents with “hating America.” It’s always been an outrageous claim that having a different vision for the nation, a vision of more equality and justice, equals hate. But in the age of Donald Trump, it’s outrageous and absurd. Trump is setting the tone, though—with Republicans like Fox News’ Tucker Carlson jumping on gleefully to level the charge against Sen. Tammy Duckworth, of all people.
Carlson admitted it was a difficult move, saying “You’re not supposed to criticize Tammy Duckworth in any way because she once served in the military.” Except that Republicans have never ever observed their own rule about not criticizing people who served in the military if those people happen to be Democrats, as John Kerry and Max Cleland could tell you. Duckworth, of course, lost her legs when the helicopter she was piloting in Iraq was shot down. And Carlson was dishing up a warning that Duckworth’s history will not shield her from even the cheapest attacks if Joe Biden picks her for vice president. 
Carlson attacked Duckworth as a “deeply silly and unimpressive person” and then went on, “But in the face of all of this, the conclusion can’t be avoided. These people actually hate America.” 

The “all this” was Duckworth suggesting that, when it comes to taking down statues of George Washington because he was a slave owner, “I think we should listen to everybody. I think we should listen to the argument there.” Oh noes, not listening to people! Such hatred! 

In her discussion of Washington, Duckworth was much more interested in that answer in pointing out that, at Mount Rushmore, Trump “spent more time worried about honoring dead Confederates than he did talking about the lives of our 130,000 Americans who lost their lives to COVID-19, or by warning Russia off of the bounties they're putting on Americans' heads.” She expanded on her point about the Russia bounties in a USA Today op-ed, writing “I first ran for Congress so that when the drums of war started beating, I’d be in a position to ensure that our elected officials fully considered the true costs of war: not just in dollars and cents, but also in human lives. I never imagined I’d have to use my position to point out that the American president should care when another nation puts a bounty on the heads of our troops.”

As for Carlson, Duckworth dispatched with him in a brief tweet:

Does @TuckerCarlson want to walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America?

Trump’s own speech at Mount Rushmore insisted on himself as the defender of American heritage against “Angry mobs” who are “trying to tear down statues of our Founders, deface our most sacred memorials, and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities.” As dogs sat up and began howling, Trump continued, “Many of these people have no idea why they are doing this, but some know exactly what they are doing. They think the American people are weak and soft and submissive.  But no, the American people are strong and proud, and they will not allow our country, and all of its values, history, and culture, to be taken from them.” Where he places the Confederacy firmly within the nation’s values, history, and culture, and opposition to racism outside the nation’s values. While he’s had virtually nothing to say about bounties being placed on the troops he has stationed overseas. Statues over human lives.

The Republican “they hate America” train is apparently just getting revved up. 

Hating monuments to the Confederate States of America, which are monuments both to slavery and to an actual rebellion against the United States of America, is not hating the United States of America. Being willing to question the legacy of slavery, even as it involves figures like George Washington, is not hating the United States of America. It’s striving to improve the country and to reckon with its full history.

But that’s not a Republican interest. They’re facing a tough—potentially devastating—election year, and claiming their opponents “hate America” is a time-honored tactic for Republicans. So expect to see a lot of it. 

Jaango--posted on July 7,  2020






The Gross Incompetence of Tucker Carlson...
The following is from Ed Mezza over at HuffPost:
Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) is calling out Tucker Carlson, who escalated his rhetoric yet again on Monday when he claimed that Democrats hate America. The Fox News host also reserved some extra vitriol for Duckworth, a decorated combat veteran who lost both her legs in Iraq when the helicopter she was piloting was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in 2004. 
“You’re not supposed to criticize Tammy Duckworth in any way because she once served in the military,” Carlson said. “Most people just ignore her.”
Carlson described Duckworth as “deeply silly and unimpressive,” then questioned her patriotism and the patriotism of other Democrats.
“These people actually hate America,” Carlson said. “There’s no longer a question about that. And yet, paradoxically, at the same time, they desperately want to control America more than anything. And that leads to the most basic of all questions: Can you really lead a country that you hate?” 
Although Carlson’s ratings have jumped to record levels in recent weeks, his increasingly racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric has caused major advertisers to flee. Disney, T-Mobile, Papa John’s and others have all pulled their spots from the show. 
Carlson has one consistent supporter: MyPillow. CNN’s Brian Stelter said the pillow company is spending far more on Carlson’s show than any other advertiser.
Jaango--posted on July 7, 2020





An Excellent Editorial From Dr. Josh Marshall, a Well-Recognized Historian...
Earlier this week Dr. Marshall wrote and published his editorial at his internet web site. "talking points" and this was said and thusly, we are publishing this item in it's entirety.

Biden Should Commit to it And Trump Should Be Warned: The Cover Ups End in January

It now seems likely that President Trump will lose his bid for reelection in November and perhaps by a margin large enough to head off any effort to contest the results and unconstitutionally hold on to power. But even if this doesn’t happen in November it will happen one day. Now is the time to plan for accountability for and recovery from the catastrophe of Trumpism.
One of the most abiding criticisms of the Obama administration is that no one was held accountable for the actions that led to the 2008 financial crisis. Relatedly, but addressing a different set of equities, others criticized Obama for ‘turning the page’ on the manipulated intelligence scandals that led to the Iraq War. These are complicated questions that are beyond the scope of this discussion. But there are at least potent reasons to avoid the cycle which has plagued so many countries in which losing power means vulnerability to political prosecutions and the necessity of exile.
But we often get this part of the civic accountability calculus wrong. Prosecution and criminal punishment play an important role in combating public wrongdoing. But they are not the most important tool. Indeed it often operates at cross purposes to the far more important goal of public exposure. 
We have seen this pattern play out repeatedly in recent years and as recently as the Mueller investigation. The investigation resulted in numerous secondary prosecutions but on the main points ended inconclusively. Investigators found that the Trump campaign sought and welcomed assistance from Russia but uncovered insufficient evidence of a conspiracy to merit prosecution. 
Indeed because the main investigation was focused on crimes under statute law the public wasn’t and probably will never be allowed to see much of the evidence. This turns the whole matter on its head. Not only are prosecutions not the most important form of accountability, some of the gravest wrongdoing is not captured in the criminal law. As Warren Hastings wrote a quarter millennium ago: “The only redress for a fraud for which the law had made no provisions is the exposure of it.” 
Part of the lack of any true and robust congressional inquiry was due to Republicans’ effort to defend the President. But it was also tied to Congress not wanting to cross-wires with a criminal probe. We’ve increasingly missed the mark on this since the Iran-Contra Scandal when Oliver North famously had his conviction overturned because of immunity concerns tied to his congressional testimony. Since then Congress has been extremely wary of overlapping with criminal probes. But again, this gets the calculus all wrong. 
The truth is that in the most important respects it doesn’t matter that much whether Roger Stone or Paul Manafort or even Donald Trump spend time in prison. But for public accountability it matters a great deal that we the people know what they did. Seeing public bad actors do time is at best a sugar high of public accountability. It metes out, often against a random array of individuals, what it properly addressed at large by exposure and elections. Exposure lights the road to a better future and gives voters the information they need to ensure accountability at the ballot box. 
President Trump has not only consistently abused his powers and conflated his personal interest with the national interest. He has used his vast powers of secrecy to conceal his crimes and betrayals. That should stop the day he leaves office and it can be easily done. It doesn’t rely on the courts or the Congress. The new President will inherit all those powers for his own tenure and all past Presidents. As Trump himself has so failed to understand none of these are his powers. They are the powers of the sitting President.
The process should be an orderly and considered one. There is no national interest in revealing every embarrassing moment. And all must be done to protect actual national security interests. But the cover ups need to end and they can. Those who are willing to come forward with pertinent evidence should be given the opportunity to petition for a more formal immunity for coming forward. The true goal is getting the complete story.
My point here is not to rule out prosecutions. That is simply a more complex question with more complicated equities. The winners prosecuting the losers is a dangerous if sometimes necessary tool. We also don’t know what we will find. But review and exposure is something we can and must insist on now. There is no tyranny or injustice in simply having your bad acts revealed. If Trump is driven from office, Trumpism won’t end in January 2021. We’ll still have a whole political party devoted to him and his politics. We will still have the machinery of government which it uses to govern through minority rule. But none of these obstacles to and targets of reform will be surmountable without accountability and exposure for the public catastrophe of the last four years. No standards of public service or resistance to public corruption and abuse can be restored without it.
Airing what happened is critical on the domestic front. It is even more critical on the international front. How many elements of our bilateral ties with other countries are based on corrupt acts or transactions? How many actions of state are based on corrupt bargains or betrayals. These relationships or the integrity of American foreign policy cannot be restored without such bad acts being revealed and expunged. We will not otherwise know if corrupt sources of personal or familial enrichment have been engineered to survive his presidency. 
If Joe Biden wins the election in November he will immediately be confronted with a broken country and a host of public crises – a pandemic, a wrecked economy, a longterm need to restabilize a sputtering global order. There will be great pressure to turn on the page on the story and simply move on, if only for lack of time. So Biden’s supporters should begin insisting now on a commitment to an orderly process of clearing the executive stables of the dung of Trumpism. 
This should include, starting now, a warning to all those in power not to destroy any documents or records – in the broadest sense of the term – and that any officials will be held liable for destroying records and evidence which are all the property of the United States government and not any transient officeholder. It’s the one act that should ensure prosecution. 
Trumpism has been an historic assault on our civic and democratic order. We cannot simply have it become a normal part of our history. A chief part of the President’s corruption has been abusing his powers to hide his wrongdoing. We can’t move forward without undoing those crimes and unwinding the lies. 
Jaango--posted on July 2, 2020





The Intrepid Joan McCarter "brings it on!"

In her  latest article and published today, she writes, "Kavanaugh makes Collins his fool, breaking his supposed promises on abortion case."   As such, she writes, 

"Sen. Susan Collins is 0-3 with her guy Brett Kavanaugh's votes on the Supreme Court so far this session. Kavanaugh, who is on the Supreme Court because of Collins, has voted to kick Dreamers out of the country, let employers fire LGBTQ people solely on the basis of their sexual orientation, and now to take abortion rights away from Louisiana women. It's that last one that must really sting for Collins, since she premised her entire support for the guy on the fact that he would respect precedent, especially when it came to abortion. Kavanaugh told her, she said that he believed "decisions become part of our legal framework with the passage of time, and that honoring precedent is essential to maintaining public confidence." She also said he was the first nominee she had spoken with "to express the view that precedent is not merely a practice and tradition, but rooted in Article III of our Constitution itself." Boy, does she look stupid now.

"Because respecting precedent is precisely what he did not do in the minority in the Louisiana abortion case decided Monday. Just four years ago, the Supreme Court struck down an identical abortion law from Texas. The law required abortion providers to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, against all medical necessity, and the Supreme Court struck it down. The court shouldn't have even heard the Louisiana case, since this issue had already been decided, but there was a difference this time around: the absence of Justice Anthony Kennedy, replaced by Kavanaugh."

Jaango--posted on June 30, 2020




In Search of Humor...
The Always Consistent Writer, Joan McCarter, Grabs Our Attention, Again

The brief filed by Donald Trump's Justice Department in support of striking down the Affordable Care Act is truly remarkable, at every level. The timing: he is telling the Supreme Court to essentially dismantle the nation's healthcare financing system and take coverage away from at least 23 million people while a pandemic is surging. Also the timing: there is an election in 129 days. The argument: even hardcore, anti-ACA wonks are calling it specious and ridiculous. The very core at that argument: every Republican who voted for the Trump tax cut scam three years ago was really voting to overturn the entirety of Obamacare.

That bill zeroed out the penalty for not purchasing insurance under the individual mandate. Note that it did not repeal the mandate, or anything else in the law, but made it moot. But that's not what Trump's Solicitor General Noel Francisco says. "Nothing the 2017 Congress did demonstrates it would have intended the rest of the ACA to continue to operate in the absence of these […] integral provisions," Francisco writes in his brief. "The entire ACA thus must fall with the individual mandate." Well, have fun with that, Senate Republicans!

2.  The Tireless and  Ever Present Writer, Gabe Ortiz, Does It Again

Throughout the novel coronavirus pandemic, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have refused to release all children and parents from inhumane and dangerous detention facilities, having even “argued in court that children are safer from COVID-19 in custody,” the Los Angeles Times reported in May. But just weeks later, the inevitable—and obvious—has happened: BuzzFeed News reports that 11 people detained at a privately run migrant family jail in Texas have now tested positive for COVID-19, becoming the first confirmed cases at such facilities.

ICE said the confirmed cases at GEO Group’s Karnes County Residential Center were new arrivals and claimed they didn’t come into contact with any other detained families, but what that then tells us is that ICE is introducing the virus there. “In court documents, lawyers said immigrant families inside the facilities face an increased danger of contracting the virus because people are detained in very small environments,” the report said. “They warned COVID-19 would spread like wildfire if it ever made it inside.” 

3.  President Trump's Small-Minded Future:

Well, one of the things that will be really great, you know, the word experience is still good. I always say talent is more important than experience. I’ve always said that. But the word experience is a very important word. It’s a very important meaning. I never did this before -- I never slept over in Washington. I was in Washington I think 17 times, all of the sudden, I’m the president of the United States. You know the story, I’m riding down Pennsylvania Avenue with our first lady and I say, ‘This is great.’ But I didn’t know very many people in Washington, it wasn’t my thing. I was from Manhattan, from New York. Now I know everybody. And I have great people in the administration. You make some mistakes, like you know an idiot like Bolton, all he wanted to do was drop bombs on everybody. You don’t have to kill people.

4. More Cheers for Joan McCarter:

Late on Thursday, the Trump administration filed its brief with the Supreme Court to challenge the Affordable Care Act (ACA) when the court hears the case this fall. Just before the election. In a pandemic. And they took the protections provided in the law head-on, explicitly arguing that the provision that prevents insurance companies from discriminating against people with preexisting conditions must be tossed, along with the entirety of the law.

The brief argues that because Congress essentially repealed the individual mandate requiring people to purchase insurance or pay a fine by zeroing out the amount of that fine, then the whole law is invalid. "The entire ACA thus must fall with the individual mandate," Solicitor General Noel Francisco wrote in the Justice Department’s brief. "The individual mandate is no longer a valid exercise of Congress's legislative authority in light of Congress's elimination of the penalty for noncompliance." Just to make sure it’s clear that the Trump administration wants the entirety of the law gone, they reiterate that: "Once the individual mandate and the guaranteed- issue and community-rating provisions are invalidated, the remainder of the ACA should not be allowed to remain in effect." The guaranteed issue and community rating mentioned there are the things that make sure you can get health insurance regardless of preexisting conditions, and that insurance companies can't price coverage out of reach.

5.  My Cheers for Joan McCarter Is Taking My Breath Away(a third time)

Months after direct coronavirus stimulus checks were sent and spent, Donald Trump is getting around to thinking another set of checks would be a good thing for his reelection prospects (because you know he's not thinking about the well-being of individual Americans). First he's going to have to convince Republicans in Congress and members of his own administration. Three people "aware of internal administration deliberations" tell The Washington Post that Trump thinks it will boost the economy and thus his reelection prospects.

For once, Trump agrees with the smart people. More than 140 of the nation's top economists—and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell—have argued for massive spending, including directly to the people, of as much as $16 trillion, the amount that the Congressional Budget Office projects the economy to lose over the next decade. The House re-upped the $1,200 payments people received from the CARES Act that passed in March in their follow-up bill, the HEROES Act, which the House passed more than a month ago. While another one-time $1,200 payment isn't nearly enough to save families, much less the economy, it would be something. But it’s too much for Senate Republicans and some of Trump's advisers. 

6.  Kudos to Steve Benen

Last week was an unpleasant one for the White House. Donald Trump and his team continued to watch the coronavirus crisis intensify; the administration suffered another round of legal defeats; the president’s re-election campaign faced pushback over a needlessly dangerous vanity exercise in Tulsa; and John Bolton exposed Trump as, among other things, a leader who always prioritizes politics over policy. 

In isolation, each of these tragedies and setbacks represent fresh trouble for an inept White House, but there’s a common thread that helps tie these debacles together: Republican officials are failing to govern, unwilling and unable to use the levers of power responsibly.
7.  From "Trucha" Carlson at FoxNews:
Black Lives Matter protestors would be called "terrorists" if they were from Saudi Arabia.

8.  More from Fox News:

Trump  stumbles through softball question from Sean Hannity, fails to name a second term priority.

Jaango--posted on June 26, 2020







From our good friend, Joan Carter, writing for the DailyKos web site, and where her  article published and titled, "The Supreme Court rules that Trump administration acted unlawfully in ending DACA" and dated today, June 18, 2020 and where she stipulates the following:
In a 5-4 decision written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump administration cannot move forward with shutting down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the Obama program under which hundreds of thousands of immigrant young people have been allowed to stay in the U.S. legally. The court ruled that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) acted arbitrarily and capriciously in trying to rescind the program. 
The ruling says that DHS failed to give adequate justification for ending DACA and could try again to shut it down by offering a more coherent and detailed explanation for this action. That doesn’t seem to be a likely outcome this close to the election, but Stephen Miller is really committed to his white supremacy, so you never know.
The decision is causing bitter extremist tears. From Justice Clarence Thomas’ blistering dissent: "Today’s decision must be recognized for what it is: an effort to avoid a politically controversial but legally correct decision."  
Jaango--posted on June18, 2020





Degradation of the Worst Sort...from conservatives...

At Federalist web site, writer, Joy Pullman does not like the legal rendering at the SCOTUS on sexual protections as per Equality when addressing the historical value inherent in its decision-making at its best. equality,   Thus, she's quite vociferous in her opposition to this legal decision that, from her perspective, creates another form of a totalitarian weapon. And conservativism has suffered another defeat.

"The U.S. Supreme Court called a man a woman, possibly leading to eventually forcing everyone else to do so also. The ruling will lead to a tsunami of polarizing court cases and further degradation of Americans’ natural rights to free speech, to free association, and to worshipping God as their consciences require…

"That two-thirds of our nation’s highest court clearly despise the Constitution and  the way of life it protects, and which it is their sole job to defend, may be yet another indication that the United States we know and love is heading into a dark night of oblivion, like all empires before it."

And of course, two of the three SCOTUS members in the minority called the 6-3 majority opinion as the SCOTUS developed "Legislation" that should've remained the responsibility of Congress.
Jaango--posted on June 17, 2020







Nuclear Testing...
With the ever-expanding Internet, it's become quite apparent that a political writer, or perhaps, the pundits, sages and gurus can't be every where, and thusly, being reliant on other writers, comes in handy.  As such, our good friend, Meteor Blades at DailyKos, is providing a highly important subject matter, in which Andreas Germanos at Common Dreams, addresses our, perhaps, pending political future, given that the Trump administration is enamored with nuclear testing.

And she writes of the following:

A group of 80 Democratic federal lawmakers on Monday called on President Donald Trump to drop his reported consideration of atomic bomb nuclear testing, calling it an "awful" and "dangerously provocative" proposal that could give rise to "a new nuclear arms race."
The demand came in a letter to the president—also sent to Pentagon chief Mark Esper and Energy Secretary Dan Broulliette—led by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Rep. Bill Foster (D-Ill.).
The letter comes after The Washington Post reported last month that the administration had floated in May the idea of a carrying out the first nuclear test explosion since 1992 as a show of force to Moscow and Beijing, with one senior administration official calling the idea "very much an ongoing conversation."
"A return to nuclear testing is not only scientifically and technically unnecessary but also dangerously provocative," wrote the lawmakers. 
"It would signal to the world that the U.S. no longer has confidence in the safety, security, and effectiveness of our nuclear weapons. It would needlessly antagonize important allies, cause other countries to develop or acquire nuclear weapons, and prompt adversaries to respond in kind—risking a new nuclear arms race and further undermining the global nonproliferation regime. None of these developments would improve America's national security or strengthen its position in the world."
The possible of the resumption in testing was also the subject of a separate letter sent Monday to Esper and Broulliette from a group of House Democrats.

In that letter, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith (D-Wash.) along with Reps. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.), Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), and Pete Visclosky (D-IN) express concern that Congress was not informed of the content of the meeting in which the idea was floated. The lawmakers also called it "unfathomable that the administration is considering something so short-sighted and dangerous, and that directly contradicts its own 2018 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR)." [...]

Jaango--posted on June 9, 2020




More Non-Sensical Nonsense...

1.  From Stephen Wolf at DailyKos Elections on Gerrymandering in Wisconsin...
"Wisconsin Republicans have launched an assault on Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' power to block new gerrymanders after the 2020 census by asking the state Supreme Court to change the state's procedural rules in an attempt to guarantee that the high court's conservative majority will adjudicate the lawsuits over redistricting that are all but certain to arrive next year.

"In the likely event that Evers winds up vetoing GOP gerrymanders and lawmakers fail to pass compromise maps, Wisconsin voters could file litigation asking a court to adopt new districts. Republicans want the state Supreme Court to establish rules that any redistricting lawsuit would go straight to the state Supreme Court instead of starting in a lower court as a typical lawsuit would. Litigation could also commence once census data is available in 2021, before legislators even have a chance to redraw the lines."

2.  From Drew Desidero at HuffPost on Another Conspiracy Theory... 

The Homeland Security panel’s investigation centers on the presidential transition period, during which Obama administration officials “unmasked” the name of incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn from intelligence intercepts.

Unmasking refers to the common practice by national security officials to reveal the identity of individuals involved in conversations subject to surveillance by the government.
“It is our job to investigate and provide the American people a complete accounting of what happened during the last transition,” said Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), the chairman of the Homeland Security panel. “The subpoena authority I am requesting today will help us gather the necessary information.

3.  From the Texas  Tribune...Another Indefensible Conspiracy Theory

"Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, a statewide elected Republican official, has posted multiple memes and comments on his Facebook page in recent days falsely claiming that billionaire George Soros orchestrated nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd.

"The posts are similar in nature and tone to some of the racist posts by local GOP officials in recent days that suggested the killing of Floyd in Minneapolis police custody was done with the intent of starting a race war or to erode black support for President Donald Trump. The posts from those local officials have prompted calls for resignation from the state's top GOP officials."
4.  From Jessica Sutherland:  The impeached, popular vote-losing U.S. president stomped around one of just two manufacturers of the nasal swabs required to test patients for the novel coronavirus on Friday, predictably refusing to wear a mask. Shortly after he left, all of the swabs produced during Donald Trump’s factory photo op were destroyed, according to a company spokesperson. 

In the latest of his minutes-long tours of American factories for the cameras, this time at Puritan Medical Products in Guilford, Maine, the likely single-term president, clad in one of his signature ill-fitting suits, lumbered around the normally sterile facility, accosting “(w)orkers in white lab coats, hair nets and plastic booties” with bellows of “Made in the USA!” 

5.  Naveena Sadasivam at Grist writes—US states have spent the past 5 years trying to criminalize protest: 

Over the past half-decade, a wave of bills that criminalize civil disobedience has swept state legislatures across the country — particularly those controlled by Republican lawmakers. According to a new report by PEN America, a nonprofit advocating for First Amendment rights, 116 such bills were proposed in state legislatures between 2015 and 2020. Of those, 23 bills in 15 states became law. While there is no comprehensive count of the number of people arrested and prosecuted under these new laws, activists protesting oil and gas activity have been charged with felonies in Houston and Louisiana.


Jaango--posted on June 7, 2020





Senate Republicans To Subpoena Obama Operatives

 When it comes to "reaching back," the Senate is on "overkill."

Senate Republicans on Thursday authorized a key committee chairman to issue a wide range of subpoenas as part of an investigation into the origins of the Russia probe and allegations of wrongdoing by top Obama administration officials.

The party-line vote in the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee represented a significant escalation of the GOP-led investigation, which has come at the urging of President Donald Trump and his allies. 

 The Judiciary Committee’s inquiry focuses on the genesis of the counterintelligence investigation into potential ties between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, in addition to alleged abuses of the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act and the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.
Trump has alleged that top Obama White House officials — and even the former president himself — tried to undermine him and his incoming administration by improperly targeting his associates and advisers. Senate Republicans have mostly echoed those claims, heeding Trump’s calls to launch wide-ranging investigations, including into Hunter Biden, the son of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Democrats, meanwhile, have said the probes are a misuse of the Senate’s oversight authority and simply intended to boost the president’s re-election bid, given the backdrop of the 2020 presidential election and the likelihood that the probes will ensare Biden.

Jaango--posted on June 4,  2020





Former General James Mattis Denounces President Trump...
In an op-ed, written and submitted to the Atlantic, General Mattis was visibily angry.  And Jeffery Goldberg, adds his interpretation, and dated June 3, 2020.
James Mattis, the esteemed Marine general who resigned as secretary of defense in December 2018 to protest Donald Trump’s Syria policy, has, ever since, kept studiously silent about Trump’s performance as president. But he has now broken his silence, writing an extraordinary broadside in which he denounces the president for dividing the nation, and accuses him of ordering the U.S. military to violate the constitutional rights of American citizens.
I have watched this week’s unfolding events, angry and appalled,” Mattis writes. “The words ‘Equal Justice Under Law’ are carved in the pediment of the United States Supreme Court. This is precisely what protesters are rightly demanding. It is a wholesome and unifying demand—one that all of us should be able to get behind. We must not be distracted by a small number of lawbreakers. The protests are defined by tens of thousands of people of conscience who are insisting that we live up to our values—our values as people and our values as a nation.” He goes on, “We must reject and hold accountable those in office who would make a mockery of our Constitution.
Jaango--posted on June 4, 2020





Ramping Up the Brute Force in Minneapolis...

When compiling the news media story, is now taking an enlarged step and where the National Guard has been put on a "standby notice"  by the local Mayor.

As such, journalistic staffer has accomplished the sizable importance to us all, and as such, Walter Einenkel over at the web site for DailyKos, and he writes of the  following:


For the second night in a row, sizable protest crowds in Minnesota were met with police action. The protests are in response to the arrest and subsequent brutal death of George Floyd while in police custody. Gov. Tim Walz told CNN that the protests started peacefully enough, but turned “extremely dangerous” after several large fires and looting were reported. The friction between protesters and law enforcement came to a head as police deployed tear gas and “non-lethal” projectiles.

Mayor Jacob Frey confirmed that he has asked for the Minnesota National Guard to be on hand after Wednesday night’s clashes.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo told KARE11 that the “vast majority” of protesters have been peaceful but that it only takes a handful of folks to get tear gas thrown into crowds of people. "I did direct our officers to deploy gas once a secure fence was breached, and those individuals, again not all, but some of those individuals were in our secure parking facility which had access to our Minneapolis squad cars and weapons. I was concerned about the personal safety of not only our officers, but of course those who were in attendance and the general public who was still out there observing."
While images and video of the civil unrest in Minnesota dominate nightly news, the police reaction stands in stark contrast to the recent “reopen” protests in Minnesota, Michigan, and elsewhere where angry white supremacists and gun extremists taunted and even shoved police, who offered little more than blank stares in return. No tear gas, no “non-lethal” bullets. 
It may be 2020, but the escalation of tension between protesters and police seems eerily familiar to those of the past. 

One might argue that part of it is that there are a lot more people protesting the racial injustice and homicide of George Floyd than there were Second Amendment whoohaas protesting social distancing requirements, so law enforcement has a lot more to handle. The other side of it is protesting the state’s law enforcement apparatus is dangerous.


Jaango--posted on May 28, 2020





Trump's "executive" Media Order?

From our good friend, Laura Clawson at the DailyKos site,  she writes of Trump's presupposed "executive order" that relishes the many instances where his "free speech" overrides Common Sense.

"Enraged by Twitter daring to fact-check some of his lies, Donald Trump is planning an executive order limiting legal protections for social media companies. While the order is still being drafted—because the White House is scrambling to respond to yet another Trump rage-whim—it likely “would make it easier for federal regulators to argue that companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter are suppressing free speech when they move to suspend users or delete posts, among other examples,” The New York Times reports.

“When they move to suspend users or delete posts, among other examples” … like fact-checking Trump’s lies, we can suspect. This is a clear example of both retaliation for what Trump sees as a personal attack and of the longstanding Republican practice of screaming that they’re being discriminated against by the media or social media in order to pressure companies into giving them favorable treatment. It’s not a substantive piece of policy."

Jaango--posted on May 28, 2020



Boycotting Twitter...
Starting today, we are asking our large Membership Roster to join us in our "Boycott of Twitter." 
Further, we are asking our fellow Chicanos to join us in this overall and overt effort since Twitter has had ample time and opportunity to clean up their shit storm and continues to refuse to do so
Jaango--posted on May 26, 2020






El Trumpudo Diminishes His Political Game...For Conservatives 

With the conservatives advocating that the super wealthy are still in need of a much larger tax cut and while making the middle class and the poor continue to 'demand' a far better approach to the potential fifth installment of the Care Act or the now effervessing Heroes Act  is now pending in the Senate chamber.  And Senator McConnell will only address such legislation in June and which provides President Trump's vote and with his applicable agenda of more and larger tax cuts, is being weened through our nation's unforgivable national debt. Thus, 'unity" in either the Republican or the Democratic Senate chamber, remains unaccounted for, yet, emblazons our horizon.

And which brings me to the "unity" that signifies this latest corona virus legislation within the Heroes Act, and consequently, "empathy" is the current driving force  in the House chamber.  And  from this "unity" both  the Democratic "centrists" and the Democratic "progressives" have set aside their seminal partisanship in this futile attempt to address this "decency personified" behavior.

And in this vein of thought, the higher level of Sanders' campaign officials are continuing to "influence" the Biden campaign and without being challenged by our "racial and ethnic" minorities.  Lest we forget, over half of the Chicano voters cast their ballots favoring Biden, and which left Sanders having the inability to achieve any viable  level, well and beyond the 50 percent required to bring the National Convention to any form of conflict and agreement.  As such, Biden has a free road to define himself and his agenda into a much more of a fortuitous 'vision' that and which minimizes the standardized "progressive" agenda. 

However, with Chicano voters being the largest cohort of "progressives," we well understand that where the anglo-oriented Democrats take the Democratic Party, and we are well-accustomed to the viability that we continue to support the "centrist" agenda among Democrats, and  our experience for doing so, has been of an historical signficance,and thusly, we will continue to advocate this behavior-- all accomplished without any announced threat due to our historicial rejection of political violence. 

Therefore, where Biden takes the Democratic Party forward, we will all be there. voting for him as well as voting for the vast array of down ballot candidates.  More so, when the "progressives" sell themselves as "the left" and which turns off the older voters. Further, in Sanders' latest two presidential campaigns, he and his staff accomplished little if anything.  Take, for example, the following:

From Claire Sandberg, the Director of  National Organizing for the Sanders campaign came to overt conclusion that is "A majority of primary voters agree with us on the issues but see the main conflict in American politics between the 'red team' and the  'blue team'.  AND "I think that leading with an anti-establishment message can be counterproductive because it allows the establishment to paint us as divisive and disloyal, which hurts us with high propensity older voters we need to do better with to win democratic primaries."

And needless to say, but I will, 'centrists' continue to paint any collection of persons with whom they disagree with, are 'leftists' and yet, continue to remain mum about  Chicanos being "progressive" and which just means that the pablum of "leftist" is among Anglos while espousing their European-oriented gusto and accomplished without having to define the Chicano as a 'progressive' and where no harm is seemingly being inflicted or as seen by Chicanos, writ large. Consequently, "unity" in Biden's campaign is understood as the latest fashion in stylish rhetoric.

However, in the next few years, the Chicano's Advocacy Agenda will become readily focused on the folllowing:  

1.  The  National Debt Surtax

2.  The Municipal-Owned Internet News Network

3.  The President's Saturday Morning Bloggers' Conference

4.  The Academic-Military Draft

5.  The National Monument and Museum for Criminal Stupidity

And now, let the political fun begin and which will encompass the next several years and well beyond the Biden administration and the "centrists"?
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Opinion-Making From the Turgid and Which Empathy Out-Weighs Economics...To the Detriment of  Trump

1.  What's New.  Josh Marshall over at his website, has this to say, in his article titled, "Trump's Plan to Keep Stealing All the Money," and where he 'nails it" with  the following:  "I’ve seen, you’ve seen the flurry of articles over recent days about President Trump firing Inspectors General across the administration, with more firings to come. The story has provided another illustration of how supporters of good government and the rule of law struggle to explain the gravity of this corruption because they get tangled up in the verbiage of bureaucracy and process."

2.  "Downsizing" the Pending Investigation:  The career prosecutor Bill Barr brought in from St. Louis to review the Mike Flynn prosecution is an expert on felons brandishing guns, not on counterintelligence investigations. Thus, another distinction for more a practiced 'distraction.'

3.  The "middle son" that is Eric Trump, plays on the 'low ground.'  Take, for example, his latest tout to Fox New is that the Corona Virus will "magically" disappear after November's presidential election.  Much can be said, but reality is not his strongest suit or suite for his obnoxiousness.

4.  After touting "Obamagate", President Trump  refuses to  explain his latest exhortation.  Consequently, his political desperation is setting in if one takes the latest half dozen results from the latest public opinion polling data that's been compiled to date of this past weekend.

5.  Eliminating Social Security?  Much been forgotten that President Bush, in his re-election campaign, challenged voters to eliminate Social Security, but conservatives still harbor the idea of  "justice" and which is being now touted as the  Eagle Plan.  After two Congressional Democrats challenged the Trump administration, this is the lastest effort  and comes us by the various media outlets, and in particular Common Dreams: "House Democrats are demanding that the Trump administration turn over to Congress all documents related to an internal State Department plan that reportedly proposes giving Americans direct cash payments in exchange for cuts to their Social Security benefits, an idea advocacy groups denounced as "monstrous."


"In a letter (pdf) sent late last week to Keith Krach—Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment at the State Department—Reps. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) and John Larson (D-Conn.) called on the administration to release in full the so-called "Eagle Plan," the existence of which was first reported last week by the Washington Post."

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Another of Trump's Seminal Distractions...

Obviously, the Washington Post is doing its dogged effort to report the latest message and is as follows:

Since writing “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” at 8:10 a.m. on Sunday, Trump has used his Twitter account to make or elevate allegations of criminal conduct against no less than 20 individuals and organizations….The list of purported culprits Trump has charged include two television news hosts, a comedian, at least five former officials from the FBI and Justice Department, the state of California, a broadcast television station and at least five top national security officials from President Barack Obama’s administration.

….Since taking office, Trump has casually accused multiple people of treason, ranging from former FBI director James B. Comey to the American media. He has regularly accused people of perjury or mishandling classified information, usually without evidence. He has said former secretary of state John F. Kerry “should be prosecuted” for an alleged violation of the Logan Act, a rarely invoked law preventing private citizens from conducting diplomacy on behalf of the U.S. government, due to his interactions with Iranian officials. Kerry has called Trump’s allegation “another presidential lie.”

….Trump has tweeted that top officials in the Obama administration perpetuated the “the biggest political crime in American history, by far!” He has retweeted posts calling for a wide range of people to be “handcuffed and prosecuted,” “indited,” put “in prison” and left “sitting in a cell.”

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Odds and Ends...
Albeit, this week's proverbial nonsense has been small in the number of instances, and the "crazy" continues unabated.
1.  The GOP's Republican Governor, Brian Kemp explains that a new covid outbreak in heavily-oriented Latino communities will erupt after he has "opened" the statewide economy for the business community.
2.  The California Supreme Court has denied a Republican-led effort trying to block a new, $125 million fund in the state that will assist undocumented residents who’ve been excluded from novel coronavirus pandemic relief. This is the second court defeat that opponents of the public and privately funded Disaster Relief Fund have faced in as many days in their effort to deprive immigrant families of basic dignity.
3.  A Georgia district attorney who refused to bring charges in the killing of Ahamud Arbery is up for reelection this year. Jackie Johnson is running unopposed for the Republican nomination in the June 9, 2020, primary, but she may have a challenger in the November general election if an independent candidate can gather enough signatures to make the ballot.
4.  Here's a harbinger for what's to come should the Trump administration prevail in its efforts to get the Supreme Court to throw out the entirety of the Affordable Care Act: The Pentagon has decided that coronavirus is a preexisting condition and will reject recruits who've recovered from it.  "During the medical history interview or examination, a history of COVID-19, confirmed by either a laboratory test or a clinician diagnosis, is permanently disqualifying," a memo from the U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command (MEPCOM) that was leaked on social media on Thursday states. 
5.   woman who had accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of sexual assault now claims she was paid to lie about the public health expert by a pair of President Donald Trump's supporters. The woman says right-wing provocateur Jacob Wohl and his frequent accomplice Jack Burkman persuaded her to cast Fauci as the assailant using details from an actual sexual assault she survived just after high school, and they paid her to do it, reported Reason.
6.  The Department of Justice, under the leadership of Attorney General William Barr, has dropped criminal charges against former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, who became a cooperating witness in the Russia probe after former special counsel Robert Mueller flipped him.  The decision reverses a conviction brought into motion by Flynn himself, who in 2017 confessed in a sworn statement filed in the U.S. District Court in Washington that he had lied to the FBI about his contacts with a former Russian ambassador during the presidential transition. 
7.  From David Kurtz of TPM fame.  "The Barr Justice Department’s corrupt abandonment of the prosecution of Michael Flynn after his guilty plea is a graver threat to the rule of law than the presidential pardon we long expected."
8.  From researchers, the true number of COVID-19 cases is much higher than reports show worldwide. With limited tests available, the accurate count of positive cases and deaths associated with the novel coronavirus may never be known. A new report shows that while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the United States’ first case of the virus on Jan. 21, health officials have found the virus began to spread in Florida in December. This means that although the U.S. confirmed its first infection—a man who returned from China—in late January, the pandemic had spread to thousands in the U.S. weeks before that.
9.  From Laura Clawson at DailyKos: 
 "Republicans were really not happy about passing a $600 per week increase in unemployment benefits, and Republican governors are moving to make it impossible for many people to collect it. As Republican governors reopen their states quickly—more quickly than is safe—they force people back to unsafe jobs, and money is the weapon making it stick. If you can theoretically go back to your job, even if it’s unsafe, then you aren’t eligible for unemployment insurance.
"After Ohio encouraged employers to turn in workers who don’t want to go back to unsafe jobs, 600 employers turned in 1,200 workers. (Ohio Democrats countered with a website for workers to report unsafe workplaces.) Iowa similarly has a tip line for employers to call to report reluctant workers, and Alabama’s government has warned people that collecting unemployment rather than going back to an unsafe job is fraud."
10.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has support in the Senate for her push to include recurring monthly payments of $2,000 to individual Americans for the duration of the coronavirus crisis. Three Senate Democrats have jumped on board that plan with their own bill. 
Sens. Kamala Harris, Ed Markey, and Bernie Sanders are releasing the Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act on Friday. Their bill would send $2,000 to every American making less than $120,000, and $4,000 to married couples filing jointly, with $2,000 for each of the first three children in a family. Significantly, it would be retroactive to March, helping to mitigate at least some of the damage done thus far by a botched federal response to the crisis. Harris pointed to that failure, saying that their bill recognizes that they have done not "nearly enough to meet the needs of this historic crisis." Sanders said that "Congress has a responsibility to make sure that every working-class household in America receives a $2,000 emergency payment a month for each family member," and Markey added that the plan is "the most direct and efficient mechanism for delivering economic relief to those most vulnerable." 
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As an afterthought, consider this editorial from Alternet.Org
Most of the left’s analyses of Bernie Sanders second primary loss do not attempt to answer why his campaign failed to gain traction. They are premised on the notion that Sanders represented a generic candidate of the left, assume that the Democratic base was with him and his greatest challenge was overcoming a hostile Democratic establishment and take it as a given that any other leftist would have faced the exact same challenges.

But a presidential campaign is an amalgamation of thousands of decisions, great and small, which ultimately determine its success or failure. How a campaign is rolled out, whom a candidate chooses to act as surrogates, what overarching themes and specific messages they push, their policy agenda, their media strategy and their scheduling–all are choices specific to a campaign and there is no reason to assume that another candidate with a similar ideological perspective would replicate them. In fact, it’s more likely that another leftist would learn from Sanders’ two failed presidential campaigns and do some things different.

Hindsight is 20/20, and without attempting to offer a comprehensive post-mortem, there are a few decisions the Sanders made that, say, a member of The Squad might not make in a future election stand out.

Last April, Edward-Isaac Dovere reported for The Atlantic that Sanders’ strategy rested on holding onto his loyal base in a large and fractured Democratic field. At the time, Sanders’ aides believed that he “would easily win enough delegates to put him into contention at the convention,” reported Dovere. “They say they don’t need him to get more than 30 percent to make that happen.” This struck me as a pretty poor strategy at the time. Why assume that the field would remain divided deep into the primaries? In the end, taking it as a given that he would hold his entire 2016 base proved to be a serious error as a quarter of those voters went for Warren this time around, according to a poll conducted in January. 

Two major, perhaps fatal, strategic errors may be related to that theory of the campaign.

First, Sanders explicitly ran another campaign as an outsider battling both the Democratic and Republican establishments in a cycle in which poll after poll–and three years of interim elections–made it clear that most of the Democratic base was intensely focused on defeating Trump and the GOP. The campaign also emphasized its unabashedly progressive agenda when surveys showed that most Democratic voters prioritized choosing a candidate who was most likely to defeat Trump over one whose policies they liked. These choices might not have been bad if the field had remained crowded and they only needed to win over enough votes to secure 30 percent of the delegates.

Relatedly, they engaged in a debate about whether a candidate who secured a plurality of delegates should become the nominee when they should have aggressively tamped that whole conversation down. (They just had to say, ‘we’re focused on winning a majority of delegates and won’t engage in hypotheticals like this in February.’) Studies have found that drawn-out, bitterly contested primaries hurt a party’s chances in the general elections that follow.

The prospect of an ugly contested convention freaked out a lot of Democrats and probably played a significant role in Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg deciding to drop out before Super Tuesday and endorse Biden. (Many progressives are convinced that the establishment coerced or incentivized them to get out, but the evidence for that is thin. It’s mostly based on a New York Times report (with a sensational headline) that Obama had had conversations with the candidates and told Pete Buttigieg that he would never have more leverage over Biden’s potential presidency than he would if he got out at that point. The report noted that Obama had consulted with Sanders himself repeatedly.)

When a rather stupid media controversy broke out over Sanders’ past praise for a Cuban literacy program, the campaign again chose to accept their terms for that debate. They stressed that Sanders had condemned Fidel Castro’s treatment of political prisoners and that other prominent figures had also lauded Cuba’s educational system. I believed at the time that they should have used the opportunity to hammer home the fact that Sanders is a European-style social democrat and all of that blather about socialist governments in Latin America and the Caribbean were nothing more than a red herring.

For that matter, there is no law requiring candidates from the left flank of the Democratic coalition to identify as democratic socialists. No rule forces them to identify as independents. The late Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone always said he was from “the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.” Many progressives identify as “FDR Democrats.” We can’t know how a candidate who better balanced his or her criticism of the party’s moderate leadership with support for the party as a whole, like AOC and others do, would have fared.

Bernie Sanders ran a campaign from the left but he didn’t run the campaign from the left and there’s no reason to assume that another candidate who shared his ideology but made different strategic, personnel and policy choices along the way would have had the same result.
Jaango--posted on May 7, 2020




General Flynn is a "criminal" Lest We Forget

The Trump administration, along with AG Barr are challenging the Flynn statements and where he plead guility before two federal judges for having lied to the FBI, among other tangible statements. 
As such, consider the following:
December 1, 2017: Mike Flynn pled guilty before Judge Rudolph Contreras to lying in a January 24, 2017 FBI interview. In his plea allocution, Flynn admitted: 

***He lied about several conversations with Sergey Kislyak about sanctions

***He lied about several conversations with Kislyak about an attempt to undermine an Obama effort at the UN

***He lied about whether his company knew that it was working for the government of Turkey and about whether senior officials from Turkey were overseeing that contract

***He was satisfied with the services his attorneys had provided

No other threats or promises were made to him except what was in the plea agreement.

On December 18, 2018: Mike Flynn reallocuted his guilty plea before Judge Emmet Sullivan to lying in a January 24, 2017 FBI interview. In his plea allocution, Flynn admitted: 

***He lied about several conversations with Sergey Kislyak about sanctions

***He lied about several conversations with Kislyak about an attempt to undermine an Obama effort at the UN

***He lied about whether his company knew that it was working for the government of Turkey and about whether senior officials from Turkey were overseeing that contract

***He was satisfied with the services his attorneys had provided

***He did not want a Curcio counsel appointed to give him a second opinion on pleading guilty

***He did not want to challenge the circumstances of his January 24, 2017 interview and understood by pleading guilty he was giving up his right to do so permanently

***He did not want to withdraw his plea having learned that Peter Strzok and others were investigated for misconduct

***During his interview with the FBI, he was aware that lying to the FBI was a federal crime.

And yet, in one of  his latest statements, President Trump would rehire him for the position as the his Director of the National Security Council.
Note:  Our thanks to our Good Friend, Marcy Wheeler at her website, "".

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Detention Workers Sue To Protect Their Health...
When adding a new wrinkle to the Corona Virus subset, correction officers at the various immigrantion detention centers, are now suing their employers for the failure to have and utilize protective clothing. As such, the new storyline is as follows:
"A privately operated detention facility that is currently seeing the worst novel coronavirus outbreak among immigrant detainees is at the center of yet another lawsuit related to the ongoing pandemic—only this time, it’s from workers. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports two guards at CoreCivic’s Otay Mesa Detention Center in California have sued the company, saying their lives were put in danger after CoreCivic failed to take proper safety measures to protect workers against the virus. 
"The lawsuit includes allegations that the company failed “to provide officers face coverings or allowing officers to wear their own masks in crowded housing units … even as colleagues and detainees fell ill with symptoms consistent with the disease,” said The Union-Tribune. That Otay Mesa would see yet another awful allegation regarding face masks isn’t surprising: Last month, detained women said they were told they’d have to sign a contract letting the facility off the hook if they wanted a mask."
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Odds and Ends...

Since we are being inundated with myriad opinions regarding the Corona Virus, one 'story' that is MIA is that Tribes were notified that they would be receiving an approximate $8 billion in financial assistance, and yet to date, the Tribes have received NO financial assistance.

1.  Dr. Kelli Ward, the far-right conspiracy theory-embracing chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, encouraged her Twitter followers to don scrubs and personal protective equipment while attending “reopen” rallies to bamboozle the media.

2.  From the ever-reliable Gabe Ortiz:  "Impeached president Donald Trump, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin have been sued by an Illinois man over a decision to exclude nearly two million U.S. citizens and green card holders from federal pandemic relief because they filed joint taxes with immigrant spouses who lack Social Security numbers. Under the CARES Act, only taxpayers who have a Social Security number are eligible for funds, shutting out immigrants who filed returns using an IRS-issued Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN)."

3.   Self-Satisfaction:  "Jared Kushner, a White House senior adviser and son-in-law to President Donald Trump, praised himself and the rest of the administration on Wednesday morning for its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kushner’s comments came after the nation’s death toll from coronavirus surpassed the Vietnam War."

4.  Marilynn Marchione takes the Trump 'challenge test' one step further:  "Trump-boosted malaria drug showed no benefit in study at the Veterans Administration."

5.  Tammy Baldwin speaks loudy:  The Medical Supply Transparency and Delivery Act, which has the support of 46 Senate Democrats, would require the Department of Defense to name a civilian officer to oversee the nation's supply of medical gear needed to combat the novel coronavirus. It also calls for the development of a national testing plan, including both viral testing to determine one's current status and antibody testing to determine if someone may have already had the novel coronavirus in the past. Finally, the person in charge of the new post would devise a plan for ramping up production and distribution of an eventual vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

6.  The "Obamacare Slayer"?  Florida's Senator Marco Rubio set out to become the Obama Slayer, starting several years ago in his political onslaught against President Obama, while searching for his premise of becoming a presidential nominee and which was eventually  achieved by President Trump.  Thus, his total of 60 votes against the Patient Affordability Act, came to in the form of a "pandering" subset for political nonsense.  And of course, McCain poked Rubio in the eyesocket, and Rubio still took no notice.That's historical story.  And on this past Monday, the SCOTUS voted 8 to 1, and which destroyed Rubio's historically=enriched nonsense.  Of course, Florida deserves better representation in the Senate.  

7.  McConnell's effort to "immunize corporations for their negligence.  "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is demanding that Congress use the next Covid-19 stimulus bill to shield corporations from legal responsibility for workers who contract the novel coronavirus on the job, throwing his support behind a proposal pushed in recent weeks by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other right-wing organizations.  The Kentucky Republican said in a statement Monday that companies could be hit with "years of endless lawsuits" if Congress doesn't provide employers with liability protections as states begin reopening their economies." The above statement has been made available at the  website of Common Dreams.

8.  New documents from the FBI made public Tuesday showed that Roger Stone, a longtime GOP operative and associate of President Trump, was in contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.The new trove of documents highlights the extent to which Stone and Assange communicated during the 2016 campaign, in part regarding damaging information Assange’s anti-secrecy site published about then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.In exchanges released by the FBI, Stone and Assange discussed the origin of the information on Clinton, which U.S. officials believe was hacked by Russians and handed to WikiLeaks.

9.  Another quiet laugh.  When engrossed in politics on a daily basis, and in particular, the "research" that goes into mobilized "surveillance" as performed by both 'private' and 'governmental' operatives, it's maddeningly frustration since what's been uncovered, may or not be accurate, and thusly, propaganda raises it ugly face.  And in this instance, Christopher Steele's related investigative effort has come to nothing, and yet, he's being sued in a British Court for what he uncovered regarding Russians citizens with deep pockets.  And consequently, Steele's overt and overall investigative effort, fell on deaf ears and no "reach" achieved.  And as such, the latest stipulation by the Fourth ICA investigation produced and addressed Steele's non-consequence.  To with, the following: 

"The Committee found that the information provided by Christopher Steele to FBI was not used in the body of the ICA or to support any of its analytic judgments. However, a summary of this material was included in Annex A as a compromise to FBI’s insistence that the information was responsive to the presidential tasking."

10.  New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo won't let go. He challenges the Republicans advocating that states should bankrupt.  As such, he touts, "We bail them out every year!" Good for him and his solid Truth-Telling.

Jaango--posted on April 30, 2020




"...Talking 'movement' Politics While Ignoring Chicano Politics..."
With the recent tirade of commentary from the Pundits, Sages, and Gurus that are challenging the failure of the Bernie Sanders' political dictat that has been the "movement" as the premise for his presidential campaign, is now being touted, despite the realm of former Vice President Joe Biden and obviously the prudent, and yet  unannounced support and allegiance from President Barack Obama during Biden's presidential campaign. 
And into this political arena, between the 'centrists' and the Sander's "movement", the premise of Chicano politics was neither addressed nor given the level  of attention deserved, since our approach to "progressive nationalism" is far and away, today's 'centrist' approach for advocacy, writ large.  And today, the focus on national politics is premised on "progressive nationalism" versus "christian nationalism"  and where the Pundits, Sages, and Gurus, have yet to come to the realization, that any brutal attack on "christian nationalism" is an anathema of self-employment since the traditional media news outlets, are keeping the notional of "christian nationalism" off and away from the table of contents, is highly disruptive to the revenue accumulation for the furtherance of today's politics.  And from another perspective, the emphasis on "demographics" is not an appropriate revenue vehicle, as well since Chicano politics does not incorporate "high dollar" campaign donations.
Consequently, the pundits, sages and gurus, are taking to task, the "movement" politics of the Sanders' arena and making the necessary adjustment to "campaign niceties" that is part and parcel to what has been Biden's national campaign, despite the insertion of Clyburn in South Carolina, Obama behind the curtain, and the ongoing attack on the European-oriented Marxism or for the more enhanced "marxist reductionism" and which currently equates to 30% among democratic voters.  In constrast, we, the Chicanos are oriented, not on "marxism" but on "demographics" that will change America and this Indigenous Hemisphere, and starting with a Hemispheric Trade Agreement. 
Further,  today's pundits, sages and gurus, have yet to enhance their 'understanding' of what our future will consist of.  And here in my home town of Phoenix, Arizona, the majority of the population, will. in five years, consist of Chicanos or the Spanish language speakers.  Thus, this political shortsightedness, is now pandemics among the 'influencers", nationally, and writ large.
And of a much more favorable political construct, is that Chicanos are the largest cohort among progressives, followed by Anglos, African Americans, Native Americans and Asian Americans, and taken together, these progressives represent 46% of the Democratic-oriented voters, even when including Independents.  And as such, the Independents of today, were crafted by one of the latest SCOTUS  members, the late Sandra Day O'Connon of Arizona. And to wit, Arizona's largest voter base are "independents" and outpacing the voter registrations of Democrats and Republicans--are moving to support Democratic candidates seeking national office. And the significance of this "down ballot voting" behavior has come into play and of much consequence.
However, Joe  Biden-as the presidential nominee, has announced that his vice-presidential nominee will  be a woman, and the current consideration is focused on Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Kamala Harris, and yet, having ruled out more exclusive candidates, puts Biden in another "movement vehicle." 
 As such, Biden should be considering Arizona's 7th District Congressman, Ruben Gallego, a current member of the House Progressive Caucus.  And as a Marine, he has the capacity to bring into the Democratic fold, 18 million military vets and their respective spouses, and subsequently, adding an approximate 36 million additional voters into the Democratic Party column.  Futher, by adding Gallego to the Biden ticket, the much-higher level of enthusiam among Chicano voters, writ large, adds considerable significance to his presidential campaign.
Need more be said, given that Biden's current 'roster' consists of Senators, while serving in the  Senate, failed to establish a "progressive caucus" as well as to craft an Agenda of Unmet Needs  pertaining to progressive nationalism, writ large"?
Jaango--posted on April 27, 2020





ICA's latest version (fourth) addresses the following items of note:
* The Committee found the ICA presents a coherent and well-constructed intelligence basis for the case of unprecedented Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

* In all the interviews of those who drafted and prepared the ICA, the Committee heard consistently that analysts were under no politically motivated pressure to reach specific conclusions.

* The Committee found that the ICA provides a proper representation of the intelligence collected by CIA, NSA, and FBI on Russian interference in 2016, and this body of evidence supports the substance and judgments of the ICA.

* The Committee found that the information provided by Christopher Steele to FBI was not used in the body of the ICA or to support any of its analytic judgments. However, a summary of this material was included in Annex A as a compromise to FBI’s insistence that the information was responsive to the presidential tasking.

Should We Say More?
Jaango--posted on April 27, 2020





Creating the Bleach Injection Caucus...

With President Trump's latest brain constipation by advocating that an injection of Clorox, or a sun tan of massive proportions, can cure the Corona Virus. 
And now he's inflicted this 'constitutional constipation' on to the Republican candidates up for re-election in the Senate Chamber.  Take for the example, the following:

*Martha McSally, Arizona

*Cory Gardner, Colorado

*Kelly Loeffler, Georgia

*David Perdue, Georgia

*Joni Ernst, Iowa

*Susan Collins, Maine

*Steve Daines, Montana

*Thom Tillis, North Carolina

*John Cornyn, Texas

And the "loyalty" burden among the Republicans' onerous effort to do the heavy-lifting for Trump's re-election effort, is now starting to smell.  
Consequently, the above mentioned Senators, can't 'distance' themeselves from the Republican Party, given that the RNC, has a considerable amount of wealth to apply to the future control of today's Republican-oriented Senate Chamber.  To wit, President Trump, with his ghastly nonsense, is not being helpful to Republican candidates,  writ large. Clorox, indeed!

Jaango--posted on April 24, 2020






And Finally...
Our good friend, Nancy LeTourneau, a Contributing Writer at the Washington Monthly, has much to share and thusly, her latest article titled, "The Senate Intelligence Committee Drops a Bombshell On the Durham Investigation" has been published today, and dated today, April 22, 2020.
And given her sharp understanding of Republican-oriented politics, the Republican-oriented Senate Intelligence Committee, does a critical take-down of the Right's obvious and malicious propaganda.  
And as such, we are posting her entire article as a substantive clarification of the ease in which propaganda enters into the public arena of our public discourse.
If you don’t follow rightwing news, you might be unaware of the fact that its purveyors are absolutely salivating at the prospect of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s imminent indictment of former CIA Director John Brennan for his role in launching the Trump-Russia investigation. Here is just a sampling:
“All The Russia Collusion Clues Are Beginning To Point Back To John Brennan” by Margot Cleveland at the Federalist,
“The Brennan Dossier: All About a Prime Mover of Russiagate” by Aaron Maté at RealClearPolitics,
“Durham’s On the Way” by R. Emmett Tyrrell at the American Spectator, and
“John Durham investigation intensifies focus on John Brennan” by Jerry Dunleavy at the Washington Examiner.
All of those authors focus on Brennan’s role in the January 2017 U.S. intelligence community assessment (ICA) describing Russian interference in the 2016 election, which was commissioned by then-President Obama. This is the statement in that assessment that they find most objectionable (emphasis mine).
"We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump. We have high confidence in these judgments."
In all of Attorney General Barr’s statements—both written and verbal—during his release of the Mueller report, he studiously avoided mentioning the fact that Russian interference was designed to support Trump. In addition, both Barr and Trump’s enablers in the media have suggested that the assessment was the result of bias against the president and that the Steele dossier was incorporated into its findings. The goal has been to lay all of those failures at the feet of Brennan and claim that his intentions were to take down Donald Trump.
On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee released the fourth volume of their bipartisan investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. This one focused on the intelligence community assessment, dropping a bombshell on every one of those accusations. Here are some of the key findings:
* The Committee found the ICA presents a coherent and well-constructed intelligence basis for the case of unprecedented Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
* In all the interviews of those who drafted and prepared the ICA, the Committee heard consistently that analysts were under no politically motivated pressure to reach specific conclusions.
* The Committee found that the ICA provides a proper representation of the intelligence collected by CIA, NSA, and FBI on Russian interference in 2016, and this body of evidence supports the substance and judgments of the ICA.
* The Committee found that the information provided by Christopher Steele to FBI was not used in the body of the ICA or to support any of its analytic judgments. However, a summary of this material was included in Annex A as a compromise to FBI’s insistence that the information was responsive to the presidential tasking.
It is hard to imagine a more thorough debunking of the insinuations we’ve heard from Barr and Trump’s media enablers. The Republican Senators who signed on to this report include Richard Burr, James Risch, Marco Rubio, Susan Collins, Roy Blunt, Tom Cotton, John Cornyn, and Ben Sasse, making claims that it was a partisan smear job completely untenable.
But that won’t stop some folks from trying. For example, Fred Fleitz, House Intelligence Committee staffer, has already tweeted that it read like a whitewash.
Given that Attorney General Barr has now dismissed the Mueller report, as well as investigations by Mike Pompeo (while he served as CIA director) and Inspector General Michael Horowitz, it is doubtful that he will back down as a result of this one from the Senate Intelligence Committee. But the facts are beginning to form an impenetrable wall that makes things difficult for an attorney general who has already been rebuked by a federal judge for being untrustworthy.
Jaango--posted on April 22, 2020





Should We 'investigate' the Kevlar Vests and Belt Buckles At ICE?
In Arizona, the intrepid investigative reporter, Daniel Gonzalez had his stellar article published this past Sunday, dated 4/19/20 at the state's largest newspaper, the Arizona Republic, and located on pages A1, A6 and A7, and titled, "ICE agents in Arizona paid for sex act."  
Need more be said?
Jaango--posted on April 21, 2020






Odds and Ends...

Now that President Trump has had his telephone conference call with all 50 state governors, and who respectively told Trump that each governor will determine when these respective states will "open" their economies, seems to satisfy this ever-increasing anxiousness for Trump's re-election opportunity. As such, America's newest "king" and where he's the sole decider, has reduced his Republican "reach".  

1. Michigan's Governor, Gretchen Witmer, has touted that "it's better to be six feet apart than being six feet under" when it comes to social distancing.  Good for her!

2.   According to the Times of Israel, Israel’s Channel 12 reported today that the US Intelligence Community became aware of an “emerging disease” in the second week of November. The Trump administration “did not deem it of interest” but intelligence officials shared a classified report with NATO and Israel.

3.  Texas' Absentee Voting by Mail. Shortly after the Attorney General threatened voters with 'criminal prosecution' should they avail themeselves of absentee voting.  And subsequently, a state judge opined that the would issue an order that all Texas voters could vote by absentee ballot.

4.  Trump's White House economic adviser Stephen Moore faces backlash for recently comparing protesters defying stay-at-home orders in Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia to civil rights icon Rosa Parks. Need more be said?  As such, dumb asses galore, are demonstrating their traditional nonsense.

5.  In Florida, a federal judge issued a restraining order to a "church" from using one of its 'sacraments' to stop selling bleach as a COVID-19 cure. Nothing more but an interesting approach to in-depth gallows humor.

6.  Prison Release. One of Trump's slash and burn meisters,  Michael Cohen will be released shortly from prison and will be home incarcerated to avoid any potential corona virus victimology.  On the other hand, consideration for Paul Manafort, will be pending.  "As a slash and burn meister for Trump, he got fabulously wealthy for fronting for dictaors and sleazebags, and stiffed the American taxpayers on the blood money he got in exchange." 

7.  Small businesses are in considerable despair since the Care Act provided monies to be readily available for small business  loans.  And yet, in a matter of a few days, the monies were depleted.  And the seminal question remains, "Where did the monies go?"

8.  On Fox News, Republican Jim Jordan  calls for Congress to investigate the Governors and who called for a shut-down.  He continues the Clown-Show on the right.

9.  Still Wating?  It should only be a matter of days and where Trump's "testing mechanism" does not arrive, and I will be expecting him to tweet that "kevlar suiting" may become more appropriate than his latest "stay-at-home" rant.

Jaango--posted on April 19, 2020





A Press Release From the Governor's Office..
Governor Northam Signs Sweeping New Laws to Expand Access to Voting

Legislation expands early voting, makes Election Day a state holiday

RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam has signed landmark new laws to repeal Virginia’s voter ID law, make Election Day a state holiday in Virginia, and expand access to early voting.

“Voting is a fundamental right, and these new laws strengthen our democracy by making it easier to cast a ballot, not harder,” said Governor Northam. “No matter who you are or where you live in Virginia, your voice deserves to be heard. I’m proud to sign these bills into law.”

Governor Northam signed these bills:

House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 111, sponsored by House Majority Leader Charniele Herring and Senator Janet Howell, respectively, allow early voting 45 days prior to an election without a stated excuse. Virginia currently requires voters who wish to vote absentee to provide the state with a reason, from an approved list, why they are unable to vote on Election Day.

House Bill 19 and Senate Bill 65, sponsored by Delegate Joe Lindsey and Senator Mamie Locke, respectively, remove the requirement that voters show a photo ID prior to casting a ballot. Voter ID laws disenfranchise individuals who may not have access to photo identification, and disproportionately impact low-income individuals, racial and ethnic minorities, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.  

House Bill 108 and Senate Bill 601, sponsored by Delegate Joe Lindsey and Senator Louise Lucas, respectively, make Election Day a state holiday, which will help ensure every Virginian has the time and opportunity to cast their ballot. In order to maintain the same number of state holidays, this measure repeals the current Lee-Jackson Day holiday, established over 100 years ago to honor Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

House Bill 235 and Senate Bill 219, sponsored by Delegate Joshua Cole and Senator David Marsden, respectively, implement automatic voter registration for individuals accessing service at a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office or the DMV website.

House Bill 238 and House Bill 239, sponsored by Delegate Mark Sickles, and Senate Bill 455, sponsored by Senator Bryce Reeves, expand absentee voting timelines to ensure access to the polls.

House Bill 1678, sponsored by Delegate Joe Lindsey, extends in-person polling hours from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
“We need more access to the ballot box, not less,” said Senator Louise Lucas. “I am so proud to be a part of new laws that expand access to voting and make our Commonwealth more representative of the people we serve. Today is an historic day.”
“Our democracy relies on equal access to the ballot box,” said House Majority Leader Charniele Herring. “I’m grateful to the Governor for his partnership in breaking down barriers to voting, and ensuring all Virginians have the opportunity to exercise this fundamental right.”

“Virginia’s photo ID law was designed to make it more difficult to vote,” said Delegate Joe Lindsey. “It is past time we repealed this law, and I’m grateful to the Governor for helping us get it done.”

Jaango--posted on April 18, 2020




From the Economic Policy Institute...
Since March 15, 15.1 million workers in the United States have filed for unemployment insurance. Tomorrow, the latest initial unemployment insurance claims will be released by the Department of Labor for the week ending April 11 and estimates suggest that there could be another 4.5 million initial claims reported. These top-line numbers are vital for understanding what is going on in the economy and the extent of the economic insecurity millions of workers and their families are experiencing. But what is less clear is who these workers are and where they work.
While national statistics that directly report the demographic characteristics of UI claimants will not be available for months, we use national employment data from March and preliminary state UI reports through April to begin to answer those questions. We find that job losses and furloughs have disproportionately affected women. This is the result of two factors—women are more concentrated in sectors that experienced more job loss, and women also tended to see more job loss than men within these sectors. [...]
Jaango--posted on April 16, 2020





Another Political Perspective That Will Mobilize the Progressive Nationalism Mission...
At his website of DailyKos, Marcos Moulitas, has published his latest article for optimism, and which is titled, "California declares (rhetorical) independence from the undemocratic Trumpian States of America" and dated April 10, 2020.
And as such, we publishing this article in its entirety, since taking a gander at our future that will arrive within the next twenty years and due to demographics.
If California was a country, it would be the fifth largest economy in the world. It is the global hub for both entertainment and technology, while also providing a majority of the nation’s people food (as opposed to corn for cattle)—a third of all vegetables, and two-thirds of all fruits and nuts. Oh, and the wine is pretty good too. 
It’s also at the forefront of our nation’s demographic transformation, and is aggressively enacting progressive legislation. Naturally, that pits it directly against impeached president Donald Trump and everything his party stands for. Indeed, California has effectively cancelled the state’s GOP, and registered Republicans are almost half that of registered Democrats—around 23%. The state’s U.S. House delegation is 45-6 (with no gerrymandering goosing the numbers). The California Assembly is 61-18 Democratic. The state Senate is 29-10 Democratic. Now, fed up with Trump’s national incompetence, California Gov. Gavin Newsom basically declared independence, announcing it would go its own way on responding to COVID-19.
Yet that Democratic dominance in-state projects poorly on the national scale. Both chambers of Congress are heavily weighed to favor rural, white, and conservative interests. California has two senators. So does Wyoming. You know what has more people than Wyoming? Well, 116 counties. Sixteen of them in California. 
States representing just 17% of the population can elect 50 senators and the majority—all because of random borders on a map. (This is also why the filibuster makes it impossible to enact any progressive agenda and must be eliminated.) 
Those are all rural, white, unrepresentative states, yet the system props up this (justifiably) dying slice of America. 
Despite the Democratic majority in the House, the chamber is heavily gerrymandered by Republicans, giving them far more power than they would be entitled to in a fully representative body. And, thanks to the Electoral College, a vote for president in Wyoming is worth more than a vote for president in California. So much for “one person, one vote.” 
The nation has eroded California and its citizens of its rightful political power, yet California is a key driver of the nation’s economy. And it is California’s commitment to diversity, entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship, education, and other key progressive priorities that have catapulted the state among the global economic elite. 
California has a larger economy than that of India, the United Kingdom, and France. It’s not too far behind Germany for that number four spot. 
So it was probably long overdue when California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on MSNBC that California was a “nation state” that would bypass the nonfunctional federal response to procure protective equipment for itself, and then “export” what it could to other states that needed it. 
In a way, Newsom put California in charge of the federal response. Sure, it would look out for itself first, but with an eye to helping out the state’s neighbors in need. And given the success California has had in combatting COVID-19 (knocking furiously on wood), that might happen sooner, rather than later. 
Indeed, while California has 20,000 cases and has suffered nearly 600 dead during the pandemic, those numbers are shockingly good given that California is 12% of the nation’s population.
Second-place Texas is half its size. On a per capita basis, California is 29th in cases, and more objectively, since it doesn’t depend on the uneven scale of testing amongst the states, it ranks 31st in deaths—despite being an early hotspot, hosting the second most-dense city in the country (San Francisco), as well as being home to three of the 10 largest cities in the country (none of which are San Francisco). 
It’s way too early to declare victory, even though California was the first to shut down. (The SF Bay Area shut down even before that!) But it has proven that leaning on science, medical experts, and trusting non-conservative media can literally save lives. Competent progressive governance matters. 
Trump has been chaffing at California’s independence for years, trying to undermine everything from its ability to set its own fuel efficiency standards for cars, to its sanctuary state status for immigrants, to its robust marijuana economy, to its law requiring all presidential candidates to release their tax returns. For its part, California has returned the favor, suing the federal government at least 62 times. 
Yet despite those efforts, expect California to carve out more exceptions for itself, like with the fuel efficiency standards. Its economic might and reach is just too strong. For example, laws protecting gig workers (and needlessly and recklessly harming freelancers) have become a national model. The state’s new internet privacy law is a de facto national law, given the concentration of internet behemoths based in California. 
My personal dream? Stop waiting on Washington to deliver single-payer healthcare. California can lead the way. It is the fifth largest economy, after all! We could call it Blue Care, and once established in-state, it could open its doors to other states. Washington, Oregon, Hawaii would be the second wave. Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, New Jersey, and New England wouldn’t be far behind. 
Combined, that would approach 130 million Americans, or about 40% of the entire population of the United States. Instead of letting Wyoming block better health care for all Americans, let California use its market heft to create an alternative, and show the rest of the country how it is done. 
If people want to keep voting for their junk insurance plans in Nebraska, so be it. But nothing will move the needle in a Senate heavily tilted in favor of hostile, old, rural conservatives, like having California lead its own healthcare revolution. 
Yes, it’s a fantasy. No, I don’t know of any efforts to make it a reality. But why not? 
Newsom is right. California is a city state, with the economic heft, all on its own, of a global super power. The state is taking control of its own pandemic supplies. Kissing up to Trump gets you nowhere. He is an incompetent buffoon, and has broken the federal government. Even if it wanted to help, it cannot. 
And even deeper than that, the national Republican Party is so hell-bent on subverting democracy for its ends, that heightened resistance might suddenly be in the cards. “One conflict, however, encompasses all others, and could galvanize Californians into new ways of thinking about their state and its relationship to Washington,” wrote Francis Wilkinson in this must-read Bloomberg piece. “The GOP war on democracy is inspired by a drive for racial and cultural supremacy that jeopardizes the democratic aspirations and human rights of California’s multiracial citizenry.”
Call this an opening salvo, or maybe a warning shot. Trump and the GOP won’t heed it, of course. But it’ll be fair warning, before California (and other blue-state allies) go on the offensive. 
Jaango--posted on April 10, 2020






Another Conservative "voice" on the 2020 Census That Attempts to Diminish the Chicano Voter...
The opinion contributor for the web site, TheHill.Com" is Mike Gonzalez, a conservative favorite, and has his article published and titled, "Mexico's suspicious interest in the U.S. Census" of April 9, 2020.
And such, we are publishing this article in its entirety:
Mexico’s ambassador to the United States has been tweeting in Spanish, urging people to make sure they fill out their census forms. Government officials often take a hand in important national projects with electoral and budgetary implications.
Except that, in this case, Amb. Martha Barcena has been tweeting about the U.S. Census, not a Mexican survey. “Even in difficult times, it is very important to respond to the #2020Census,” she wrote in a retweet of an English-language Census Bureau tweet urging people to fill out the Census.
Filling out the Census is a responsibility of all residents of the United States, and counting every last person is of utmost importance. (Though categorizing people into identity groups, something else the Census does, is not important and ought to stop.) But by commenting on a U.S. domestic matter, the ambassador has become but the latest Mexican official to leave the impression that Mexico City believes that the 36.6 million people of Mexican descent in the United States are a “shared” population.
The vast majority of them, or around 30 million, are not. They are American citizens. Some 3.5 million of those were born in Mexico and the other 26.5 million were born Americans, some of them with ancestors on American soil back in the 1600s. 
Another 2.8 million Mexican nationals are residing legally in the United States, but close to five million are here illegally. All these figures come from Pew Research’s analysis of data from the American Community Survey and a separate Pew report.

By commenting on the Census, Amb. Barcena, unwittingly perhaps, reminds us that the Census is used to give federal money to illegal residents, as well as give additional political power to elected officials from districts with heavy illegal populations. That is the way federal money is legally spent and congressional seats are legally apportioned. But including illegal residents in these counts does not sit well with everybody.

Data from the Census is used to guide distribution of nearly $1 trillion a year in federal funding, so precincts have an interest in maximizing the numbers of their respondents. Congress also uses data from the decennial Census to apportion congressional seats for the U.S. House of Representatives. Similarly, states use the information to redraw congressional boundaries in the redistricting process. 
Because both illegal aliens and lawful permanent residents are barred from voting by both state and federal law, voters in districts with large illegal populations have extra electoral power, diluting the votes of citizens in congressional districts with small non-citizen populations.
There is also the related problem that states with high illegal populations get congressional seats that should go elsewhere, encouraging states to obstruct enforcement of federal immigration law and providing incentives – paid for by citizen taxpayers – to attract illegal aliens to their states.
 As my colleague Hans von Spakovsky has written, Alabama is suing the Census Bureau on the basis that “four House seats and four electoral college votes were distributed by the inclusion of illegal aliens in the apportionment base in the 2000 census.”
Amb. Barcena’s tweets are also a reminder that, in the eyes of many of Mexico’s leaders, all 36.6 million here with Mexican roots should have some loyalty to Mexico. Their attitude was best epitomized in 2000, when a senior advisor to the newly elected President Vicente Fox said that he “had a strong and clear message from the president to Mexicans abroad – Mexico is one nation of 123 million citizens – 100 million who live in Mexico and 23 million who live in the United States” (the numbers then).
The same Fox official then went on ABC News and said, “I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think ‘Mexico First’.” 
This attitude did not begin with the Fox administration. For his own domestic reasons, President Luis Echevarria in the 1970s helped create and nurture the Chicano Movement north of the Rio Grande. And many of his successors, from Presidents Lopez Portillo and de la Madrid to Zedillo, Calderon and the current president, Manuel Andres Lopez Obrador, have viewed Mexican-Americans as a “shared” population, one that can be leveraged politically, not one over whom they have lost control.
A fiercely independent country, Mexico bristles every time it perceives its own sovereignty as being violated. It has the right to feel that way. And so does the U.S.
Since 1790, the U.S. has managed to complete its Census without assistance from the Mexican embassy. It should be able to do so again in 2020.
NOTE:  Mike Gonzalez is The Heritage Foundation’s Angeles T. Arredondo E Pluribus Unum Senior Fellow.
Jaango--posted on April 9, 2020





"The Scope  of DOJ IG's FISA Review..."

One of the many readily available internet web sites that is focused on National Security and Civil Rights, and of course, one of my favorites and a friend of our CVO, is Marcy Wheeler and her "" 
And when it comes to the surveillance context, across the board, what the Department of Justice does and doesn't do, needs to be examined with some exactitude, and she does a wonderful job in this particular arena.  And her 'in- depth' knowledge and experience does her justice to her ongoing reputation and from, alas, the hard work.
As such, her latest effort, informs us all that we should be paying attention to her effort.

In this regard, I suggest that you grab a cold one and take the time to inform yourself, of the roles and the results from the latest "Management Advisory Memo."

Consequently, visit her "" site and become better acquainted with what the DOJ has accomplished and failed to accomplish.

Jaango--Posted on April 8, 2020





Senator Bernie Sanders Drops Out!
Bernie Sanders (I-VT) dropped out of the 2020 Democratic primary race on Wednesday, leaving former Vice President Joe Biden as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.
And shortly after his announcement, Senator Sanders effusively thanked his loyal supporters. 
Jaango--posted on April 8, 2020



The Public's "blast" on the Corona Virus...

Since not much is going to take place,both the House and Senate chambers,will accomplish little if anything during the next thirty days.  However, much is being said and written, and therefore, I have taken one news media website, and as such, the Corona Virus' current "tout" among the  pundits, sages and gurus, is now the big media frenzy.

Take, for example, for this posting, I am using "" as my exemplar for just today. 
 And here are their stories:
1.  Trump's COVID-19 Response a Failure by His Own Standards by William Saletan, Slate 

2.  Don't Be Deceived by Media's Coronavirus Blame Game by Robert Stacy McCain, TAS 

3.  Unpacking China's Viral Propaganda War  by Richard Bernstein, RealClearInvestigations 

 4.  How China's Lies Brought the World to Its
 Knees by Barbara Boland, American Conservative 
5.  The Fate of the News in the Age of the Coronavirus by Michael Luo, The New Yorker
 6.  Trump's Neglect Forced a Catastrophic Surprise on America by Micah Zenko, Guardian 

7.  Decades Worth of Warnings About Pandemics Went Unheeded by Christine Dolan, JTN 

 8.  The Trump Economy Is Not Worth More Coronavirus Deaths by Robert Reich, Guardian 

9.  Trump's Right: We Must Get U.S. Economy Back Up & Running by Feulner & Moore, TAS 

10.  Ventilator Manufacturer Grapples w/'Mission Impossible' by Lukas Eberle, Der Spiegel 

11. The Coronavirus Pandemic vs. Climate Change Emergency by Rupert Darwall, The Hill
12.  Pandemic Will Reshape Our Social Landscape. But How? by John Ibbitson, Globe & Mail 

13.  Woke Stupidity Is Spreading as Fast as the Pandemic by Kyle Smith, New York Post 

 Jaango--posted on March 31, 2020





Today's Editors and Journalists Are Sitting-On-Their-Ass
In his expressed pique of journalistic ethics, President Trump has correctly identified this journalistic "insubordination" for their non-expressed behavior in which he is punishing the Blue State Governors when these governors are not receiving federal aid for their attention to the Corona Virus.  Long story short, these Blue State Governors are not demonstrating their loyalty to the White House, and in particular to President Trump.
Thus, the governors of Washington State, New York and Michigan are now on the receiving end and where Trump has instructed FEMA, among other federal agencies, that  the directors of the federal agencies, should not be overly responsive to these governors that are facing shortages in the form of available equipment  and where viable testing has demonstrated that the lack of equipment such as ventilators are in short supply.
Further, Florida's Republican governor has been at the top of the list for equipment suppliers, and in which is sharp contrast to the States of Washington, New York and Michigan.
Moreover, Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmore, went on PBS on Friday and clearly stated her claim that medical supply vendors are “being told” to avoid sending badly needed gear to her state in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.  
Thus, the "blue-state versus the red state" level of politics is being played out in front of our eyes, and led by Vice President Pence with FEMA being orchestral fodder and principal player and yet, the Journalistic Industry of Editors and Journalists, can't or won't round up their attention to voice their public excoriation at the White House.
Obviously, moral courage is in short supply.  
And yet from our large supply of Common Sense, the media outlets will not jeopardize their pending income from political advertisements during this presidential election season since individual subscriptions don't pay the bills or even comes close.
Jaango--posted on March 28, 2020



Odds and Ends..
1.  Alaska's member of the House of  Representatives, Republican Don King has apologized for his intemperate remarks for mocking the Corona Virus as a "beer virus."  He was 'trashed' on Twitter among other news outlets.

2.  Washington state petitioned the Trump administration on Tuesday for a nearly unprecedented change to its Medicaid program, tailored to respond to the state’s climbing number of COVID-19 patients. The ask would see the state create a COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund, allowing private philanthropists and local governments to finance much-needed emergency services targeted at getting control of the pandemic. That includes quarantine isolation tents, disease screening centers, and shelters for the COVID-positive homeless, among other things.

3.  The Conquest of Personal Grievances.  President Trump has now become irate when questioned about his "personal grievances" policy when the  State Govenors do not genuflect as his Trumpian Altar, and all over the unassailable fact that the Trump administration is failing to address the necessity for having ample equipment available or 'in the pipeline' to address the  Corona Virus.

4.  Mississippi's Governor halts abortions over the Corona Virus and yet, bans cities from closing gun stores.

5.  In Arizona, the  disgraced and legally chastised former Sheriff Joe Araipo has filed  the requisite paper work to run for the Maricopa County's sheriff position.

6.  Former Secretary of State John Kerry said Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) “tested positive for being an asshole” after he opposed the Senate-passed coronavirus stimulus bill and threatened to call for a roll call vote on it in the House.
7.  The European Specialists are espousing the combination of the Corona Virus 'with' Intelligence Gathering.  Thus, the establishment of the Chinese app that requires citizens to adapt to 'where you are going and whom are you going to meet with" will be collected and delivered to the local governmental  authorities.  And dont' be surprised when such a 'view' will arise and will be required to 'rinse' within our public discourse, in the coming weeks. As such, the erosion of personal rights are on the political horizon, will, in all probably occur here in the United States, and as such, the Corona Virus has morphed into a terrorist thingy.

8.  A federal judge on Thursday ordered the immediate release of nearly a dozen detained immigrants who are at heightened risk amid the coronavirus pandemic due to ongoing health issues. Brooklyn Defender Services, which sued on behalf of the 10 people, said in a statement that the judge found Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) “has been and continues to be deliberately indifferent to serious medical needs and ignores the threat caused by COVID-19 ‘that will likely cause imminent, life-threatening illness.’”  AND

“This is the first federal court in the nation to find that ICE is showing deliberate indifference to the safety of detained people who have medical conditions putting them at high risk if they contract COVID-19—so much that their detention is likely unconstitutional and they must be immediately released,” Andrea Saenz of New York Immigrant Family Unity Project at Brooklyn Defender Services said. “We felt like we had no time to lose, with ICE ignoring our requests for release, and brought as many clients as we could to the attention of the federal court as fast as we could, asking them to hold ICE accountable. This was a huge victory, but we’re going to keep fighting to free them all.” 

And the Trump administration has recognized that 3 migrant kids in fedeal custody have come down with the Corona Virus.

Jaango--posted on March 27, 2020






The Absurdity of Today's Politics...

When a perceived Pundit, Sage, or Guru that addresses today's politics, much is left to be desired, and represented in his or her  opposition to "open borders" and where the linch pin that immigrants are bringing forth even more of the corona virus into our nation.  
And that's the argumentation being touted by Adriana Cohen over at the website of "realclearpolitics" and in her published article, titled, "Open Border Dems Threaten U.S. Health Care System" and dated March 24, 2020.

And she starts with the  following:

"Coronavirus will be the coup de grace of the Democratic Party, as sensible Americans of all backgrounds understand amidst a highly contagious global pandemic that the United States needs more border enforcement, not less.

"It simply makes no sense to permit millions of people from all over the world to pour into our country illegally, many of whom could be carrying the infectious virus and spreading it to Americans. So, contrary to the left's talking points, border security and enforcement aren't "xenophobic," as Democratic presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden claim they are -- far from it.

"Building the wall along the porous southern border and enforcing sensible immigration laws is a matter of national security.

"After all, the No. 1 responsibility of the president of the United States is to protect our citizens from any threat, foreign or domestic. This includes safeguarding our nation from the spread of highly contagious and infectious diseases that can cause severe illness or death. To date, at least 242,000 people have contracted coronavirus globally and over 9,800 have died from it. These numbers will continue to rise, especially in the U.S., where most have not yet been tested for the virus."

 And to take Cohen seriously, is a tad too much--can be dealt with and accordingly, and done in the familiarity of today's humor.  Take for example, the following...

"Have you seen this on Facebook?"
Theres a plane w/ 5 passengers on board: trump, Boris, Pope, Merkel, and a 10 year old school boy. The plane is about to crash and there are only 4 parachutes. trump says: “I need one, I’m the smartest man in the world and am needed to make America great again”. He takes one and jumps. Boris says, “I’m needed to sort out Britain”. He takes one and jumps. Pope says, I need one as the world needs the Catholic Church”. He takes one and jumps. Merkel says to the 10 year old boy, “You can have the last parachute. I’ve lived my life, yours is only just starting”. the ten year old replies: “Don’t worry, there are two parachutes left. The smartest man in the world took my book bag”.

Jaango--posted on March 27, 2020






Odds and Ends...
1.  Senator Biden, when asked if he would support Medicare For All, he dodged the question.

2.  The Acting DNI ditches the Congressional Briefing on Foreign Election Interference.  And in the meantime, a federal judge rules that his decision upholds the 'right' to Congress having access to the Mueller Grand Jury evidence and which may contradict the AG Barr's "roll out" of the Mueller Report.

3.  Russians are at it again.  After being briefed, the New York Times is reporting that "Russian intelligence services have attempted to sow division in the United States ahead of the 2020 election by fueling racial division, including by influencing extremist groups."  And "The Russian government’s methods to divide Americans are broader than what the country used 2016, the Times reported, citing multiple unnamed American officials briefed on recent intelligence."

4.  Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, and whom wants to be president, wants to be "trumpism" without Trump, is now threatening to punish China for the coronavirus.  And of course, stretching the truth is not new for Cotton, thusly, the question of the coronavirus as a bioweapon, must be answered to his satifaction.

5.  Another conspiracy theory begets another conspiracy theory.  As such, Jerry Falwell Jr.,the president of Liberty University, went on to Fox News and espoused that the coronaviras, is the "Christmas Gift" that North Korea promised the United States. Of course, Falwell was 'sucking-up' to Trump.

6.  Tulsi Gabbard ends presidential campaign and shortly after endorses Biden.

7.  More incompetence.  A House of Representative from Alaska, has called the coronavirus a "beer virus" has been caused by mass hysteria.

8.  New "story"?  The major airline companies utilized, over a ten-year period, to use their profits and where these the profits went into the company's "buyback plan". And now, they are asking Trump and the Republicans for a multi-billion dollars for it's pending financial loss and being sold as a a 'bail-out." And American Airlines is the latest exemplar:  They spent $12.5 billion in their 'buybacks' and with little thought to the future of their employees. 

9.  The Insider's 'gamesmanship.'  Chairman Richard Burr of the Senate Intelligence Committee told his 'insiders' or the Tar Heel Circle via a secret meeting that the coronavirus would be far more severe than the experts were anticipating. 

Jaango--posted on March 20, 2020





Today's Primaries...
One the major public opinion polling outfits, is projecting the former VP Joe Biden will win each of these states:  Florida, Illinois, Ohio and my home state, Arizona.  But as of late yesterday, Ohio has moved their primary election to June 2nd.  
Further, Biden is expected to achieve an approximate 60% of the vote from these three of these four states.  And unfortunately, Senator Sanders, will have to relent and effectively "endorse" Biden. Thusly, Sander didn't get his "revolution" but he will be able to look back at his presidential bid with the idea that he moved  Biden much farther Left, and well beyond Biden and Clinton's 'centrist' positions.
And from the Wall Street Journal, consider the following:
On taxes, health care, climate change and labor rights, Mr. Biden proposes a significantly bigger government role than Hillary Clinton did during her 2016 presidential bid and what the Obama-Biden ticket advocated during their two White House campaigns.
….Mr. Biden proposes tax and spending increases equivalent to 1.5% of U.S. gross domestic product, more than double the level Mrs. Clinton advocated four years ago, and higher than the budget blueprints from the end of President Obama’s term, according to a recent study by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. “What’s being called moderate now would have been the far left eight years ago,” says Matthew Chingos, an education expert at the Urban Institute, a Washington-based think tank.
….The Biden proposal is more ambitious than Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 health plan. His would cost the government as much as $1.3 trillion, net, over 10 years, compared with $250 billion for hers, according to analyses by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. And the Biden plan goes beyond what Barack Obama envisioned in what ultimately became the Affordable Care Act. 
Among other differences, Mr. Biden would allow workers with employer coverage to buy into a government health-care plan—a concept neither Mr. Obama nor Mrs. Clinton raised.
Jaango--posted on March 17,  2020




A Truth-Telling Behavior At Its Best...

Earlier today, David Atkins, writing for the Blog titled, Political Animal and which is part and parcel to the Washington Monthly Magazine and its Foundation, presents an opinion, that the Pundits, Sages and Gurus, are now having to grapple with.  Thus, his article and titled, "Trump Is Running a Pandemic Response Like a Business, With Disastrous Results" and located on the internet at:
And this is my rationale for posting this Atkins commentary in its full glory.


One of the most tired cliches in conservative politics is that we should run government like a business. Donald Trump’s disastrous response to the coronavirus pandemic is a perfect demonstration of how pernicious that philosophy can be when applied to governance.

Much has already been said about how Donald Trump’s personality flaws and questionable policy obsessions have hampered America’s response to the growing pandemic. His narcissism leaves him unable to consider anything but his own political fortunes; his racism makes him treat an international medical problem like a clash-of-civilizations and border control problem; his incuriosity makes him unable to digest new information and respond with flexibility, must less act foresight to head off problems. Whole books could be—and likely will be—written about how the convergent moral failings of the president and his favorite conservative infotainment networks have contributed to a ruinously incompetent response to the burgeoning pandemic crisis.
Even in more competent and empathetic hands, the Trump (and more broadly, the conservative) approach to governing philosophy would still run counter to the demands of the moment, at a time of crisis requiring foresight and intervention by public sector.

At every step of the way, Trump and the conservative media have treated the coronavirus as a PR problem, a political problem, and a business problem. They have tried to downplay the severity of the disease, tell people to continue life like everything is normal, continue flying and going on cruise lines, and boost the markets however possible. Friday’s bizarre press conference was little more than an infomercial for some of the top health-related businesses in the Dow Jones average, with a parade of CEOs talking about their commitment to doing vague somethings about the pandemic right before the closing bell. It worked, at least for now: the Dow surged as a result of the upbeat corporate presentation. For weeks now the administration has slow-played testing under the theory that lower reported numbers would somehow look better and magically change the actual reality on the ground until the problem went away.

Like so much of modern American business culture, the ethic here is short-sighted and self-serving at best, and cruel, callous, and malevolent at worst. Today’s fast-moving capital markets are explicitly designed to be reactive rather than proactive, and every incentive built into them is to push for growth at all costs. Problems are meant to be pushed to the side and out of sight so the good times can keep rolling at the top; inconvenient costs are externalized and socialized on the backs of workers, the impoverished, and the environment. In the best of times, this dynamic creates massive inequalities and injustices that the market doesn’t notice, because the victims most affected are insignificant to—and go unnoticed by—the invisible hand. In the worst of times, however, it utterly hobbles a society’s ability to respond to crises that require active management before they can be directly felt in the marketplace.

The coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis are similar here: by the time the capital markets notice there is enough of a problem here to affect their bottom lines, it will be far too late to actually solve the problem. It’s true of any problem with an exponential curve whose solution requires acting well before the curve turns irrevocably steep, but where the action to prevent it would impact corporate profits.

Conservative ideology generally is incapable of handling problems like this. The philosophy of minimal government and just-in-time responses through privatized action is doomed to fail when the challenge requires redundancy, massive public investments, and temporary inconvenience to private sector profiteering. Paying for a pandemic response office, universal healthcare, a larger number of available hospital beds, and such would be inconvenient for some executives and their tax burdens, but it’s invaluable for social justice—and to keep people alive when systems are stressed. The same analogy can be made, but on a much bigger and more consequential scale, for climate change: adopting a Green New Deal may be expensive and inconvenient for some yacht owners today, but it will save millions of lives and trillions of dollars in disaster costs tomorrow.

Republicans and their conservative media allies have become so used to the “sweep-it-under-rug-and-say-whatever-you-have-to” approach to problems that they’ve forgotten how to do anything else. It’s not just a cruel dismissal of the needs of the young, the stranger, and the unfortunate: it’s also an entire culture of refusing to see problems that run contrary to their ideological framework. Every political problem can be solved by providing their base a comfortable alternative reality.

Donald Trump’s own personal brand of narcissism, pathological lying, and blunt ignorance is just an extra dollop of dangerously cruel incompetence. Outside of Trump, the conservative movement’s reaction to coronavirus reveals an ideology that has not been fit to deal with inconvenient problems for decades—whether it be climate change, the costs of education, healthcare and housing, or even other epidemics like the AIDS outbreak in the Reagan era.

Of course, a virus doesn’t care what presidents say, what University of Chicago economists write, or Fox News talking heads broadcast. A virus does what it does. Exponential curves are what they are. Sometimes, reality intrudes no matter what alternative realities are created, and no matter what actions are taken to try to sweep it under the rug so the champagne can still flow at Wall Street after-parties. A pandemic like this can kill the rich and the poor alike.

Even for the well-heeled, running a government like a business only works until it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t, the consequences are beyond disastrous not just for the economy, but for life itself.


Jaango--posted on March 14,  2020





Surveillance, Writ Large...
The House on Wednesday passed a long-term extension of surveillance powers that are due to expire in just four days, capping off weeks of chaotic maneuvering by various camps on Capitol Hill over the controversial provisions.  The bill, negotiated by the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees and which received the backing of Republicans such as Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, passed 278-136.
And today, being Thursday, this 'extension' with 'inclusionary reforms' or it seems that the Senate chamber now has the challenge to more to be 'hard-charging' when changing existing policy in a more 'targeted' direction.  
Take, for example, the NSA conducted its 'surveillance' on monitoring everyday citizens and the results in four years, lead to little if any possible FBI/FISA, results.  Consequently, millions of dollars and upon millions of more dollars, was a 'non-momentuous moment' for abject failure.
IN closing, both Chambers of Congress should have started on the precept that the Patriot Act, as well as seven of the seventeen surveillance agencies, should be either eliminated or reconceptualized for greater success.  And yet, when all this 'security' dynamic is predicated on terrorism, little, if any terrorism, is identified and acted on, even unsuccessfully.  Alas, just more food for thought amongst us and whom that "have been therre and done that."
Jaango--posted on March 12,  2020





Today's Conventional Wisdom?
With the overwhelming majority of the pundits, sages and gurus have convinced themselves that Senator Biden will be defeating Senator Sanders.  And with this in mind, 'conventional wisdom" may not prove to be true since the ongoing primary campaigns and the results have not been determined.  And since Sanders' achieved volume of delegates have been measured at less than 100 than are Biden's, today, the primary cycle has six states casting their ballots.
As such, these six states are voting:

1.  Michigan with 125 delegates
2.  Washington with 89 delegates
3.  Missouri with 68 delegates
4.  Mississippi with 36
5.  Idaho with 20 delegates, and

6.  North Dakota with 14 delegates
Further, most public opinion polling is showing that the majority of voters over the age of 50, are Biden supporters, and in contrast, voters under the age of 40 are the supporters of Sanders.
Furthermore, the current breakdown of a lesser size or those under that age of 30, demonstrates the following:

1.  Climate change (30 percent)
2.  Civil rights/racial discrimination (25 percent)
3.  Immigration (21 percent)
4.  Health care reform (20 percent)

5.  Mental health/social services (16 percent)
And yet, public polling indicated that Gun Violence was ranked as Number Two on the list above--from two years ago.
Therefore, after today's vote among the six states listed above, these ballot box votes, will provide a further evidence that a generational 'change' is taking place and where those over the age of 50, are viewing today's politics through their historical lens that America need not change to any consequential degree.  To wit, this 'conventional wisdom' of the older voters, now see that this pending "change" is sitting on their doorstep, awaiting their invitation to enter Halls of Wider Discourse and with an emphasis less on the proverbial rhetorical flourishes.
Jaango--posted on March 10, 2020





Progressives Will Vote for Biden Should He Beat Sanders

With 18 million military vets readily  available to vote, and add into today's political mix, the spouse, the totality of these votes  would overrun the Electoral College.  And yet, no candidate in this presidential cycle has 'reached out' to this wonderful opportunity to achieve a greater height for both unity and individualized self-empowerment and where Decency Personified  becomes quite apparent, tells us as Democrats, that only self-avowed Progressives are falling flat on our faces.  To wit, the Centrist-oriented inattention to military vets, is emblematic of today's influence posited by the  highly orchestrated regime of Grifters and Grafters.

And understanding that this cycle's roster on non-Progressive candidates demonstrates that 'propaganda and pooper-ganda" is awash in today's political flourish. To wit, none of the former Senators and current Senators, can bring themselves to 'identify' themselves as Progressives, and consequently, there is neither a Progressive Caucus in the Senate nor is there a Progressive Agenda readily available that can mobilize 'would be" Progressives to be more aggressive in our overall and overt advocacy that challenges the Centrists, and nonetheless, the Conservatives positing their Christian Nationalism.

And from Marcos Moulitas at DailyKos:

It doesn’t seem to matter who primary voters like most anymore. As I previously wrote, there seems to be a palpable desire to end the long-running, exhausting primary campaign and get on with the business of attacking Donald Trump instead. So even though Elizabeth Warren was consistently the most-liked candidate in the race, voters chose Joe Biden (and others) as the more “electable” candidate. And so I’m willing to bet that even voters who actually prefer Bernie Sanders will be pulling the lever for Biden tomorrow. 

It’s an easy hypothesis to test: Take a look at two keys states voting tomorrow—Michigan and Washington. Sanders won Michigan 50-48 in 2016, with just shy of 600,000 votes cast. Voting by mail in Michigan promises massive turnout, so the two measures to watch are his overall percentage and the raw vote count. But even more telling will be Washington.
In 2016, the Washington caucuses gave Sanders one of his biggest victories of the campaign, a 73-27 shellacking of Hillary Clinton. The net 47 delegates Sanders won in the state were his largest spread of the race (by far). Now remember: Caucuses are inherently undemocratic affairs that drastically limit participation and help the candidates with the most engaged supporters. A nonbinding primary later in the season actually went to Hillary Clinton 54-46, but it wasn’t directly contested by either campaign because it allocated no delegates, despite having significantly higher voter participation. 

Regardless, Washington is exactly the kind of state that should be fertile ground for Sanders’ “revolution.” It is the 14th-youngest state in the country, with large college populations to draw on, and it has the 15th-lowest black population. (Black voters have overwhelmingly voted for Biden this cycle.) The state’s politics are among the leftmost in the country, with an extremely progressive governor, Jay Inslee, and an actual sitting socialist on the Seattle City Council.
Bottom line: If Sanders can’t pull off a win in this young, nonblack, and ultraliberal state, there really isn’t a viable path for him to the nomination. But there’s one more number to watch. 

I’ve been harping on Sanders’ 30% ceiling—literally a product of the campaign’s strategy to stick with its core base and eschew any effort to grow beyond it. So watch and see if Sanders gets any votes beyond that core base.

Jaango-posted on March 9, 2020





Shifting the "propaganda" on the Mueller Report...

Now that the Department  of Justice has come under considerable dispute by the Federal Court Judge Reggie Dalton, and his public rebuke of Attorney General Bill Barr's pre-determined statements and prior to the release of the Mueller Report, this Federal Judge wants to the 'report' and prior to any 'redactions, by either the Mueller's investigative team or the senior members of the DOJ, as well as Barr's possible interference in which redactions were either proposed or required, given the level of political causation was incurred.

DOJ statement on yesterday’s district court order in a FOIA case related to the Special Counsel’s confidential report is quite obvious, since no attention was given to  Walton's comprehensive rebuke, but the spokesperson  attempted to shift the DOJ's propaganda in a far different direction.  Unfortunately, the Spokesperson was not in Court, when she offered her public nonsense, otherwise the federal judge could have tossed her into a jail for a justifiable overnight visit and for abusing the Court's discretion.  So, she tossed her 'trash' far afield.

Jaango--posted on March 7, 2020
Section Five of the Voting Rights Act...

When the Supreme Court overturned the Shelby-Holder case, Section Five was scrubbed clean in that political jurisdictions no longer had to contend with insuring that jurisdictions did not demonstrate their racism by continuing their history for making is far more difficult to register to vote as well the actualization of voting. And yes, this geograhical 'frame' did not change.

Of course, Mandatory voting would easily eliminate these political blandishments, and yet, understanding that both the Republicans and the Democrats are continuing to resist this poliltical success since both major parties, are dismissive of such a political pursuit.  

Moreover, the Trump administration is not using the Civil Rights Division to pursue these civil violations, is an expressed attempt to insure that no additional "racial and ethnic"  voters can or will have a negatively-oriented substantial impact on the Republicans' continuing effor for "winning at any cost."  
Thusly, the Democrats are cavalierly dismissing this behavior as just another context for the contest that is the presidential election and the severity of the impact on  the down-ballot races.

Jaango--posted on March 7, 2020





Odds and Ends...

With Super Tuesday, now behind us, there are a few nuggets that diminish our Democracy.

1.  Sarah Sanders has now been 'fact checked' for her touting that the Democratic turn out vote was far less than expected.  

2.  Another Mass Media "voice" espouses that the Corona Virus was due to the Chinese people "eating raw bats and snakes."  And this conservative-oriented Shame demonstrates that today's politics that Shame is now included.

3.  A Lack of Gender Astuteness.  Was Warren a 'victim' of gender discrimination?

4.  Federal immigration officials used to release nearly half of the immigrants they detained in the New York City area, allowing them to return to their homes and communities as their cases proceeded in U.S. immigration court—but not anymore. A lawsuit launched by the New York Civil Liberties Union and The Bronx Defenders this week alleges Immigration and Customs Enforcement has obliterated this process, keeping just about everyone it sweeps up in the area in detention. “From 2013 to June 2017, approximately 47 percent of those deemed to be low risk by the government were granted release,” the lawsuit said. “From June 2017 to September 2019, that figure plummeted to four percent.” 

5,  Chris Mathews over at MSNBC has announced his retirement.  

6.  At the Black History Month Conference held at the White House, President Trump was "called the first black president." Geebus!

7.  Another conservative-oriented mouth piece is speculating that a border wall between the US and Mexico, would help 'contain' the corona virus.

8.  Another version of voting behavior:  Dr.Bella DePaulo, Ph.D. commented on the phenomenon calling it “pluralistic ignorance”.

"The pluralistic ignorance process goes like this: You feel a certain way. So do most other people. But you don’t realize other people feel the same way you do. You think it’s just the opposite. You behave based on your false beliefs about other people, rather than behaving in a way that is true to yourself. 

"It’s “pluralistic” because you are holding onto two sets of beliefs at once — your true beliefs and what you think other people believe. It is “ignorance,” because you are wrong about other people’s beliefs. 

"It is also a shared ignorance. You think your favorite candidate can’t get elected because you assume most people would not vote for that candidate. Lots of other people are doing the exact same thing – they have the same favorite candidate that you do, but they also assume that other people won’t vote for the candidate. That candidate can end up dropping out of the race or getting defeated, not because people didn’t believe in that candidate, but because of the pluralistic ignorance of thinking their own belief in the candidate was not shared, when it was. Too many people end up voting based on their mistaken beliefs about other people’s preferences, rather than their own preferences, which really are popular." 

9.  The Sander's "Ceiling"?  It's a readily acknowledged or Unassailable Fact that there is an approximate 46% of Progessive Adherents, and Biden's latest charge is equivalent to the 54% of the Centrists voting their self-interest. 
Jaango--posted on March 5, 2020




The Super Tuesday Vote...

Today's version of the Pundits, Sages and Gurus are all over the map when they articulate that the Democratic "establishment" is countering  Sander's "revolution."

Therefore, Sander's revolution is "gaining ground" over the Centrists since the current view is that Biden is attempting to 'transfer' the Obama Agenda is seen as far more appropriate today, since Biden is the only candidate that can beat Trump in November.

And unfortunately, the afficionados of the Revolution, understand accurately that Obama had two years while in control of both chambers of Congress.  And as such, the next six years of Obama's presidency didn't accomplish much with regard to public policy. Of course, the litany of complaints against Obama and subsequently, Biden, has been and is quite visible.

Take, for example, Obama and Biden could have accomplished legislation that concretized that each citizen had a contract with Medicare, as their 'vision' for Medicare for All. And into this empty hole of politics, both Sanders and Warren are filling this 'demand" and much to Biden's shame.
 Thus, the Second Part for Biden's Medicare For All, should have been the "negotiated" results of how the remaining 20% of the incremental cost, would be addressed and how would this consensus would be paid for. 

 To wit, Biden didn't want to wrangle with Obama as his salient approach to his Ambition, thusly, his future or the anticipated opportunity to run his presidential campaign.  Further, this failure on his part, should have been acknowledged, and if so, Biden could have 'corrected'  his intentional and applicable dismissiveness of the overwhelming 'need' as was being expressed in real time, and consequently, the health care insurance industry, defined Obama Care and subsequently, later this Fall the  Supreme Court will finalize it's decision to terminate Obama Care, once and for all.  Of course, should this occur, Arizona's late Senator will be rolling over in his grave.

Jaango--posted on March 3, 2020





Is Texas a "non-voting" State?
Slowly, we, the Chicanos in Texas, are facing a tough reality.  To wit, consider the following, and to which I have been unable to "credit" this writer forthwith.
"The analysis finds that the 50 counties that gained the most Black and Latinx residents between 2012 and 2018 closed  542 polling sites, compared to  just 34 closures in the 50 counties that have gained the fewest Black and Latinx residents.  This is despite the fact  that the population in the former group of counties has risen by 2.5 million people, whereas in the latter category the total population has fallen by over 13,000."
Jaango--posted on March 2, 2020





Odds and Ends...
1.  An MSNBC colleague does a 'take-down' of Chris Mathews for Matthews' comparing the Sanders presidential nominee to the Nazi invasion, and yet, corporate leaders have not said or done anything to chastise Matthews.

2.  Multiple studies show Medicare For All, would be cheaper that the public option being pushed by Centrists.

3.  The attendance 'factor' for Tuesday Democratic debate in South Carolina, required that each attendee was required to 'sponsor' the Debate, and the cost started at $1,750 and moved up to $3,200 per attendee.  And I fondly remember the days that the non-partisan League of Women Voters were once the sponsor of the Democratic Party's presidential debates.  And obviously, I am showing my 'age'.

4.  Arizona's Sheriff Arpaio has been rebuffed.  An appeals court declined a request by former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio that the criminal contempt finding made against him be wiped off the books now that has been pardon by President Trump.The decision, issued by a panel of judges on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, is a rebuff not just of Arpaio, but the Trump Justice Department, which refused to defend the contempt finding from Arpaio’s attempts to have it vacated. Earlier in the proceedings, a special prosecutor was appointed by the court to oppose Arpaio in the effort.

 5.  Giuliani has touted that he now has "five friends" remaining.   Need more be said?

6.  California's 19th District Congresswoman, Zoe Lofgren, does have a "problem" for addressing the avid concerns of military veterans, and particularly from those who represent military vets here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert. Take, for example, she is offering five amendments to legislation that's being negotiated by the respective staffs of the Judiciary and Intelligence Committess in the House.  And her staff is not much for 'explaining' what's going on.   Of course, her staff  behavior could be described and in a joking manner, "part and parcel to the deep state" but I won't go there as any risible 'critique.'  And  needless to say, Congresswoman Lofgren is one of the higher ranking Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee due to he congressional longevity.

Jaango--posted on February 27, 2020





Addressing Common Sense...

When it comes to 'gun violence by police officers, a new study is out that the usage of guns by white officers versus black officers is somewhat significant.

Now and as I am an afficionado of the Academic-military draft and over these many years, I have recognized that with a millennial generation that is under 36 years of age, military vets would not be safely ensconced in criminality-other than domestic violence. Therefore, gun usage by law enforcement officers would be reduced substantially, and nonetheless.

However, today, the new study that I have referenced above, Kevin Drum at Mother Jones Magazine, has had the time and energy to view the study in greater detail, and he writes as following:

"As you can see, white cops are always more likely to use force than black cops. But here’s what’s even more interesting: as the black percentage of a neighborhood goes up, white officers increase their use of force far more than black officers. The blacker the neighborhood, the bigger the difference in use of force.

"The difference is even more dramatic when it comes to guns. In white and mixed-race neighborhoods, white and black cops use their guns at about equal rates. But as neighborhoods become blacker, the use of guns by white officers skyrockets while the use of guns by black officers increases only slightly.

"This is only one study in a single city of modest size. Still, the study design is solid and the sample size of 911 calls is large. If you’ve been skeptical of claims that white cops treat black suspects worse than white suspects, you should be less skeptical now."

In closing and when I think of the future that we are obligated to deliver and as a self-empowerment vehicle, gun violence by the advocates for criminality, and the obvious lessening of law enforcement usage of gun violence, can be readily reduced and quite easily. 
Therefore, Change, has yet to addressed by the first four of several pending debates among the democrats seeking their party's presidential nomination, will have be adequately addressed, otherwise, their respective 'pandering' efforts will continue, and unabated. 

Jaango--posted on February 26, 2020





Christian Nationalists versus Progressive Nationalists?
With today's political cognoscentis' determination to divide the democratic voters for and against Senator Sanders, his "democratic socialism" is driving the 'centrists' with their allegiance to Wall Street, into a faux arena and where the absence of the overt effort by Christian Nationalists are 'pushing' the willing Trump to advance their effort that is relevant to 'racism, sexism and homophobia.'  And now a few of the overly enlightened political writers are "getting it."

In her soon to be released book, titled with "The Power Worshippers:  Inside the Rise of the Religious Nationalism" by Katherine Stewart, has now caught up with us--the Chicano military vets, in terms of our knowledge when it comes to creating a new or perceived 'democracy' that changes our nation, but these Christian nationalists, simply ignore our pending demographics and where today's Anglo-oriented "majority" will become, within the next 20 years, the Anglo-oriented "minority."

However, understanding this far right mindset is as follows:

"It is not a social or cultural movement. It is a political movement, and its ultimate goal is power. It does not seek to add another voice to America’s pluralistic democracy but to replace our foundational democratic principles and institutions with a state grounded on a particular version of Christianity answering to what some adherents call a “biblical worldview” that also happens to serve the interests of its plutocratic funders and allied political leaders…This is not a “culture war.” It is a political war over the future of democracy."

And as to the "future of democracy," there a number of 'moments' that has brought us to this political prism in that the Republican Party has been captured by this Christian Nationalist movement.  To wit, this view is easily evidenced when the 'leaders' that are practicing this behavior is and has been quite visible.  

Take, for example, the following:

1)  Robert Lewis Dabney 
2)  Rousas Rushdoony

3)  Paul Weyrich

4)  David Barton

5)  Ronald Reagan

And in the latest latest pre-modern salvo, President Reagan went before an assembled grouping of 15,000 Christian pastors in Dallas, Texas, and posited his statement that the Bible contained our nation’s “future” in the manner of “the Bible is very clear about the right answers to the political issues American voters face in the twenty-first century.”  Further, this political mindset, starts with the following and of which we are all well aware of. 
 As such, the following:

1)  opposes public assistance to the poor as a matter of principle—unless the money passes through church coffers;

2)  opposes environmentalism and, as a matter of theology, denies the science that human contributions to greenhouse gases causes global warning;

3)  supports strong national borders;

4)  favors the privatization of schools;

5)  favors a gender hierarchy in both the home and church, with women being submissive to men;

6)  favors the use of corporal punishment when discipling children;

7)  favors government deregulation of business and minimal workers rights; 

8)  favors capitalism and property rights;

9)  opposes gun regulation.

Thus, today’s concept and  context is MIA among the half dozen leading candidates seeking the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party.
 And as a distraction, we, as the voters, are enmeshed in the age-old Argumentation that Democratic Socialism is an anathema to Capitalism as personified by Wall Street and the Super Wealthy, and from an even further distraction that is espoused by the unenviable mindset of the Centrists.

Furthermore, this pending Clash of Civilizations, will take place within the next twenty years and which will be the “test” between the Democratic Party and the demise of the Republican Party that is today’s resonance for “racism, sexism and homophobia” and reinforced by tax cuts beneficial to the super wealthy.  And as to our readily dismissed political agenda and which coalesced with the announcement in 1985, was our Chicano Agenda of Unmet Needs.  And given today’s background where there are over 18 million military vets, writ large, the “versus” in my Argumentation, continues within a political arena that is premised on neither the toleration for nor for any political violence that emerged and represented as the Civil Rights Era or the Anti-Vietnam War Movement.  

"Back in 1985, the Chicano Movement issued its  Agenda of Unmet Needs, and of the 10 elements addressed was the formulation and implemention of the Academic-Military Draft.  To wit, a high school graduate or a high school dropout could enlist for a 3-year term, and while engaged,  50% of time would be spent on 'soldiering' and the remaining amount of time spent in a classroom and where college-level general studies were to be conducted.

"After three years and at separation, each person would hold in one hand, the Honorable Discharge and in the other hand, each person would hold a two-year college degree and equivalent to an Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies.  Consequently, Self-Discipline, Hard Work, and Ambition would become the starting point for our nation's "equality at the finish line."

"And if one harkens back  to the Bush/Cheney administration, the implementation of this Academic-Military Draft, today, we would have a young population of over 30 million millennials under the age of 36, each being a military veteran and  for having accrued a four-year college degree.  As such, Common Sense would dictate that taxpayer supported colleges and universities would be standing in line to recruit these former enlistees and where Affirmative Action would not be on today's Roster of Characteristics for Enrollment. In short, decision-makers would adjust the requisite use of scholarships and other related tangibles/intangibles for insuring that these military veterans/students would become outstanding successes.

"Now, white America knows about the Academic-Military Draft and has since 1985, and which begs the question  of white America knowing about the Academic-Military Draft of and as an 'unmet need'--still borne--of a systemic continuation  for more criminal stupidity, albeit, a quiet segregation."

Today, Democrats, when self-polled on the internet, the two subject matters, of Criminal Justice achieves the support of 12.20% and of Reparations achieves the support of 0.5% of the topically 17 issues addressed.  And as such, Criminal Justice and Reparations has a 'fine art' within this, our history and when the failure of 20,000 credentialed Journalists continue to discard or to dismiss the results of any perceived study suggests that military vets are not included in the crime stats incorporated in such law enforcement tabulations, other than for domestic violence. 
Furthermore, the criminality by military vets, is virtually non-existent.  And if one intakes and subsequently vomits on top of the "stop and frisk" mentality--was easily shattered many years ago, but it still pops-up in political campaigns, both  locally and nationally.
As to the part and parcel that is the Progressive Movement, the largest co-hort are the Chicanos, followed by the Anglo-oriented, the African Americans and Native Americans, as well as the Asian Americans, and collectively account and represent 46% of the Democratic  Party supporters.  And we need to remind ourselves, on occasion, that the 7,200 Elected and Appointed Officials aligned with the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) while less that 300 of its members adhere to the Conservative Movement, remains virtually silent when being addressed futilely within the national news media outlets.

And with the pending 'demographics' waiting just around the corner and whom will be preparing to come forward within the next twenty years, 16 million Chicanos registered to vote and voting will 'shift' the national voting behavior to include Mandatory Voting and accomplished in order to equitably address our national debt and completed in the form of a National Debt Surtax, since this national debt shall not be transferred onto the new Democracy, despite the best efforts by the ongoing advocacy efforts of the Christian Nationalists, nonetheless.

In closing, political driving, while remaining staunchly in the Progressive lane of the freeway, demonstrates that Argumentations that fail to include the notion of Christian Nationalism, is a systemmatic sales network of propaganda and pooper-ganda that our nation has become so fixated on.  And furthermore, acceptable Change can only be accomplished at the ballot box, and a voting security mechanism practiced, albeit, must be accomplished and reinforced with paper ballots.  And yes, the ever-present grifters and grafters need not apply since Decency Personified will be wholly upfront and highly  risible.

Jaango--posted on February 22, 2020






Odds and Ends...

Trump's 'turn downs' are now becoming common place when possible appointees have no particular interest in serving within the Trump administration.

1.  Republican Congressman from Georgia was not interested in becoming  the next appointment to become head of the Director of National Intelligence within the White House,even when Trump 'floated' such an opportunity.  Thus, 'ambition' is not all that great since Collins has an easy re-election effort in November.  Consequently, appointing a current "acting" DNI, means that the Senate does not have to take into consideration a vote for a permanent replacement.

2.  Ex-Nunes aide and whom smeared the Mueller Report of Russia's interence in our 2016 presidential election cycle, is now serving as a aide to the "acting" DNI chief.

3.  And Trump soured on his DNI chief MaGuire after Maguire's staff delivered and defended their 'study' that in this election cycle, Russia is still interfering our next election in September.  Thus, McGuire has been 'fired' and due to Trump's temper tantrum when he found that the 'report' had been delivered to Congress, with the end result that Putin has established another effort to get Trump re-elected.  Another possible cover-up?

4.  Now that the federal judge has rendered her decision and in which Roger Stone must serve a minimum of 40 months in prison, he is now the owner of the title for all time and that of "a criminal" and which means that any presidential pardon or commutaion of sentence changes nothing for Stone and Trump. Thus, historians will have another 'tentacle' to attach to the Trumpian Era history and subsequently, Trump is doing the work for the historians.

5.  Assange--Wikileaks and Trump.  Former California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher 'dangled' a Trump pardon to Julian Assage if Assange would testify that the possible connection between Trump and the Trump campaign had no direct or indirect contact with either Assange or Wikileaks.  According to Assange’s lawyer Edward Fitzgerald, Rohrabacher said that “on instructions from the President, he was offering a pardon or some other way out, if Mr. Assange … said Russia had nothing to do with the DNC leaks.”

Jaango--posted on February 22, 2020





Today's Roster of Issues...

After the incessant roster of public opinion polling delivered to the general public, as well as the issues defined and advocated by the presidential candidates, and knowing that no one has ever polled the over 7,200 Chicano appointed and elected officials, one has to question this lack of attention to why?

However, here's a roster of issues that we recognize for the reasonableness that incoporates the attitudes and concerns that is before us.  Take, for example, the following:

1)  15.8% on Social Security
2)  11.20% on Criminal Justice
3)  10.80% on Wealth Tax
4)  9.9% on $15 Minimum Wage
5)  6.2% on Free College
6)  5.4% on Mass Incarceration
7)  4.1% on Child Care
8) 4.0% on Iran
9) 3.5% on Family Leave
11)  3.2% on Gay Rights
12)  2.6% on Nuclear Energy
13)  1.8% on Iraq
14)  1.6% Trans Acceptance
15) 1.6% on Pre-K
16)  0.7% on Charter Schools
17)  0.5% on Reparations

In contrast, the Chicanos current Agenda of Unmet Needs, consist of a readily dismissed wealth of Subject Matters:

1)  The Academic-Military Draft
2)  The President's Saturday Morning Bloggers Conference
3)  The Municipal-Owned Internet News Service
4)  The Dumb-Ass White Guys' Overt Effort to "transfer" the National Debt Onto the Demographic Onslaught
5) The UN's General Assembly's Effort to Establish the "agreement" Between Israel and Palestine
6)  The Indigenous Free Trade Agreement
Alas, and with the primaries in both Nevada and South Carolina and followed by Super Tuesday, our 'concerns' are yet to be addressed.

Jaango--posted on February 17, 2020





Odds and Ends...

The post-Impeachment Trial rhetoric is consuming the national media networks and for a number of reasons, from witnesses to the conservative-oriented pundits, sages and gurus.

1.  House Speaker Pelosi and her Democrats passes the latest version of the Equal Rights Amendment and without containing an 'end date.'  Consequently, this ERA legislation will meet the same results of this past two years.  To wit, the House Democrats have passed 300 pieces of legislation and only 25 of these efforts have been voted on the floor of the  Senate.  Subsequently, the Senate Leader McConnell have tossed this wealth of legislation into the trash can.  However, Nancy Pelosi knows that she can use this ERA as a hammer to inflict on the affected Republicans in this November's election cycle.

2.  President Trump has delivered his Annual Budget to both chambers of Congress and has also made it readily available to the news media outlets.  Of course, Trump knows that his 'budget' gimmick has no resonance, writ large, since  virtually all the political cognoscenti, readily understands that the Annual Budget, starts in the House chamber.  And yes, he's into raiding the expected Pentagon portion of the budget to build his US/Mexico border wall.

3.  The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are demanding that Senator Graham to investigate AG Barr's behavior in the ongoing legal trial of Roger Stone and of attempting to 'intimidate' the federal judge that makes her decision on the sentencing portion of this well-worn political effort to protect President Trump.

4.  Yesterday, the Senate chamber took a vote to limit our nation's potential war with Iran.  The vote was 55 votes in favor and 45 votes were cast in disfavor.  Since the filibuster was in use, 67 votes would have been required, evening score where President Trump would be viable signature for his "veto."

5.  A California-based immigrant rights group, announced that the United States District Court for the Central District of California has granted its application for a preliminary injunction and ordered ICE to restore its hotline Tuesday. Created in 2013, the hotline allowed immigrants in custody to not only connect with their families, but find legal resources and report physical and verbal abuse. It was shut down by ICE Aug. 7; FFI filed a federal lawsuit in December to have the free and confidential hotline reinstated.

6.  The ever-vigilant political writer, Joan McCarter writes of the following:  "There are dozens of critical bills from the House Democrats in Mitch McConnell's trash can, never to see the Senate floor. Gun safety, environmental protection, election security, voting rights, healthcare bills—dozens and dozens of things that matter to the American public. What will he do, besides churn out dozens of unqualified judges for Trump? Bring up extreme anti-abortion bills that are unconstitutional and cannot pass in the Senate because they won't reach 60 votes. But it gives his vulnerable Republicans, including Susan Collins, "gimme" votes they can take back home and tout."

7.  After a long legal battle, the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) will enact reforms allowing Puerto Ricans to obtain driver licenses without facing discrimination. The reforms settle a federal lawsuit filed by Kenneth Cabán Gonzalez, who sued the department in July 2019 after experiencing discrimination and being falsely accused of fraud. The changes went into effect Monday, Feb, 10.  In the lawsuit, Cabán Gonzalez alleged that the DDS discriminated against Puerto Ricans by requiring them to answer questions about the island that were unrelated to driving. While other U.S. citizens were not required to take such tests, those transferring their Puerto Rican licenses into Georgia were. His victory results in Georgia no longer administering what they called the "Puerto Rico Interview Guide” or requiring applicants from other U.S. territories to fulfill requirements that mainland-born citizens do not face.

8.  In challenging Iranian-oriented citizens entering the country, the acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection says the agents who detained and questioned as many as 200 U.S. citizens and permanent residents of Iranian descent for as long as 12 hours just got a little carried away. “In that one instance,” CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan said during a press conference on Tuesday, “leadership just got a little overzealous, and we corrected that right away.” Morgan did not acknowledge that interrogating these citizens of their political allegiances, was the sole purpose for this CPB effort. 

Jaango--posted  on February 14, 2020 
The Fun Derived for the 'easy mark' of an ongoing critique, has arrived!

And one of my Fun Moments is when the conservatives like Rich Lowry is on evidence with his latest article and published at, and titled, "Sanders Would Bring the Center-Left's Collapse to U.S." and dated February 12, 2020. 
As such, he follows with the statement of "Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic nomination would be a freakish occurrence outside the experiene of other advanced democracies, but instead entirely consistent with the travails of traditional center-left parties from France to Sweden.
And from his mindset, Lowry goes even further. 
As such, the following:

"The Democratic Party could soon be about to be taken over by a leftist who has never formally been a member. If it's any consolation to Democrats, it’s a version of the same wrenching dislocation that has beset the center-left throughout the Western world. Across the European landscape, whether in Germany, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Italy or Scandinavia, center-left parties have foundered in recent years, often torn apart by cross-currents over immigration and by tensions between socially progressive urbanites and traditionalist working-class voters."

And of course, Lowry, adds into this conservative rationale and which is ascribed by Yousha Mounk from his article titled "Democracy: A Journal of Ideas" and this rationalization is premised on the following:

“As social democratic parties declined due to the weight of structural changes,” Mounk continued, “a new crop of left-wing politicians argued that their troubles were owed to the embrace of a more moderate (or ‘neoliberal’) set of policies. What was truly needed to recover these parties’ former standing, they claimed, was a return to the slogans and policies of an earlier period of left-wing politics: an unabashed emphasis on the economic interests of the working class, coupled with the full-throated promise of social revolution.” 

And from therein, the the Nordic nations of Europe must continue the attendant behavior for remaining at the end result of that being a regime for 'high-tax capitalism' politics and not necessarily Progressive-oriented politics, or so we are being told by another person on the lengthy list of the 'conservative' and  soon to be added to the 'authoritarian ' mindset.

NOTE:  And lest we forget, Rich Lowry is the National Editor for the National Review and a Contributing Editor to Politico.

Now, need more be said?

Jaango--posted on February 14, 2020



From Our Good Friend Gabe Ortiz @ DailyKos
A federal judge in Maryland has issued a preliminary injunction blocking Immigration and Customs Enforcement from sweeping up immigrants who are in the process of obtaining legal status through a U.S. citizen spouse, and has ordered the release of anyone currently detained under that process, the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland said. While the ruling applies only within Maryland, it’s nevertheless a win for families and advocates who have condemned ICE’s “bait and switch” tactic of arresting people who are following the rules by showing up for their immigration appointments.
Jaango--posted on February 11, 2020




Congrats to Senator Warren on Gun Violence!

And when challenged, she came forth  on Common Sense.  And as such, her commentary in the New Hampshire debate:

"Look, we have a gun violence problem in America. It is about the mass shootings that we hear about in our schools and that frighten us, in theaters and churches. It’'s also, though, about shootings that occur on sidewalks and in playgrounds, often in community of color that are hit hardest. but there are no headlines over those. It's also about suicide and the increased lethality in suicide because of the availability of guns. it's also about the increased chances that, it's usually a woman, will die of domestic violence if she's with a violent man and a gun is in the home. We need to not think of this problem as one be done or three things and done. We need to think of it just as we did on auto safety. We just keep coming back, treat it like the public health emergency it it is. 

"But the question we should be asking ourselves is ,in America, across the country, including gun gun owners agree in certain things. Universal background checks. Get assault weapons off the streets. Why can we not even get a vote in the United States Senate? And the answer is neither -- think about this -- 90% of the Americans agree on this. We can't get a vote in the United States Senate because it is the gun industry that continues to call the shots. until we attack the corruption in Washington, the influence of money on campaigns and lobbying, we're not going to be able to meet your promises. And one more—until we agree that we're willing to roll back the filibuster, the gun industry is going to continue to have a veto and we'll never make the changes. We have to be willing to build a future that works not for a gun industry but works for the rest of America and protects our children."

Need more be said?

Jaango--posted on February 8, 2020





More Stories, Best Ignored?
1.   Former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats resigned over Trump’s ongoing efforts to make him say that there had been no connection between Trump and Russia, and to minimize Russia's stoking of conspiracy theories and exploiting polarization on social media. 
2.  President Trump appears to be in the midst of firing some or all of the government appointees and career officials who appeared before Congress under subpoena. Lt. Col. Vindman and his brother Eugene, who works as a lawyer at the White House, were both escorted out of the White House without notice. And yesterday, or just a short time ago EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland announced that he has been notified that he has been fired effective immediately. 
And from the Corporate Media Outlets, consider the following:
A.  From Kyle Smith at National Review:  "Trump broke Pelosi.  Or maybe she broke herself"
B.  From David Harsanyi:  "WP's Fact Check: Trump Uses Correct Numbers, But"  
C.  From Miranda Devine of the New York Post:  "Dems Impeachment Farce Was a Miscalculation"
D.  From Freddy Gray at The Spectator:  "Is This Trump's Best Week in Office?
E.  From Mollie Hemingway at Fox News:  "Why Mitt Romney Fell for the Impeachment Scam"
F.  From Jonathan Turley at The Hill:  "Nancy Pelosi Should Resign"
Jaango--posted on February  8, 2020






Voter Fraud in Iowa?

When the final voter count is tabulated and announced, an approximate 15% of the eligible voters participated in the Caucus Election. Consequently, the 'new' story is being promulgated by the Far Right.  Thus, voting fraud must have taken place,  given that the  voter tabulation for some of the 99 counties exceeded the number of adults in the affected counties.  
Therefore, the 'conspiracy' tout among the Far Right's pendejados, is  their view of what's "par for the course" and my apologies to my golfing buddies for this inappropriate analogy.

Jaango--posted on February 5, 2020
Giuliani's 'chasing dirt' on the Biden Family Has No Value? 

As Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani's off-road venture to acquire Ukrainian 'dirt' is appropriate, since Trump didn't call off Giuliani's overt and covert effort and done in an effort to demonstrate that election interference, is not illegal, in either shape or form. 
Consquently, the Republican senators that will be voting to acquit in the Impeachment Trial, are practicing their old-age behavior for 'winning is everything".  As such, Unassailable Facts have no  'value' relative to Trump's Agenda that is consistent for an Agenda that perpetuates and personifies 'racism, sexism and homophobia.' 
Moreover, the Senators are being appropriately described as the manservants for this Trump Agenda.

Jaango--posted on February 5, 2020





Adding a tad of chagrin to today's politics
When it comes to Science and Technology, the DNC in Iowa is an exemplar, given that their vote counting behemoth failed and failed in a spectular fashion.  Consequently, maintaining a sense of humor is a daily necessity, and for a number of reasons. 
Today, the pundits, sages and gurus, observe that the historical notion for "subject, quasi-object and object" is still replete with the 'candles, matches and the anticipation or expectation for flames' are not necessarily or explicitly organized properly, in many instances.
Therefore, imagine that the cadre of Amercan scientists have determined that there over 125 billion galaxies in this universe, and to include the vast majority that still remain unseen, should I believe the scientists and mathematicians of today's human arc of knowledge? Thus, modernity and post modernity, hasn't caught up to our always pending future. 
Consequently, a tad of a sense of humor, is required, and in the 'moreso' that is our emphasis  and application towards today's politics.
Jaango--posted on February 4,  2020




Another Monday Morning Prognostication...
And here's a couple items for your consideration.
*  Marie Follayttar, co-director of Mainers for Accountable Leadership, told Common Dreams. "We see Collins for who she is—Sidekick Sue to Moscow Mitch and a corrupt and despotic Trump."
*  From Senator Marco Rubio of Florida:  "For purposes of answering my threshold question I assumed what is alleged is true," he wrote. "And then I sought to answer the question of whether under these assumptions it would be in the interest of the nation to remove the president."  As such, he voted in favor of deny any new witnesses.
*  Rudy Guiliani on Ambassador Bolton:   "I think he's making some of it up. He's sure making up—I wouldn't call it making it up, but he's acting like a real scumbag by never telling me that he objected once, & then saying I was a time bomb, or a firecracker or something."
*  From Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska:  The House, she said, “chose to send articles of impeachment that are rushed and flawed. I carefully considered the need for additional witnesses and documents, to cure the shortcomings of its process, but ultimately decided that I will vote against considering motions to subpoena.” And “I have come to the conclusion that there will be no fair trial in the Senate. I don’t believe the continuation of this process will change anything.” Further, “It is sad for me to admit that, as an institution, the Congress has failed.”
*  Another espousal by Senator Marco Rubio of Florida:   “Just because actions meet a standard of impeachment does not mean it is in the best interest of the country to remove a President from office.”
Jaango--posted on February 3, 2020





Is the Dump Truck of Demographics Approaching the White House and Congress?
Today, being Friday, the Senate chamber will be addressing the 'unmet need' for more witnesses such as John Bolton and, be simply rejected and by the furtherance of a vote to acquit President Trump.  
And the Party of Pinocchios can be easily viewed  "where winning is everything" and where "reason and unassailable fact" has no political rationale for Argumentation. Therefore, the Trump Construct for Cruelty, that which exmplifies our nation's overt effort to perpetuate Decency Personified, has been in three short years replaced with racism, sexism, and homophobia. Consequently, this Trumpian behavior for resentment and grievance is readily obvious to  each of us.
Jaango--posted on January 31,  2020







The Ghosty Privilege of the Historical Past

Among the 'traditionalists' of Christianity, the ideas that manifest themselves in the "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" continues unabated, given that the simplistic approach in behavior is that "lying, stealing and cheating" can be pardoned by either the priest or pastor.  In contrast, if you're Indigenous-Oriented, the Indigenous Creator is surrounded by the behavior that espouses, "health, happiness and decency personified."  And with this in mind consider the following in today's context, and personally identified and affected via the 'priviliged' Attorney-Client Agreement and when individually applied. 

And thusly, the federal government's various agents and in particular the DOJ's New York office, and in the public discourse that is the Impeachment Trial, Trumps's personal attorney, Jay Sekulow was arguing in the Senate that this 'traditional' privilege could be found in our national constitution and was well-accorded in keeping with today's politics.  Of course, the Constitution  does not verbally specify the "privilege" and in any appropriate content or context.  Thus, "high crimes and misdemeanors" does not specify one iota of this notable privilege.

And now enter Lev Parnas.  However, our good friend, Marcy Wheeler at her website of "emptywheeldotnet" gets her dander up and provides a far greater vision on this Christian 'privilege.'  

As such, her attention is her latest article and titled, "SDNY Prosecutors Protect Trump's Privacy to Enter Into a Joint Defense Agreement With the Russian Mob," and dated January 28, 2020.  And in doing so, she takes out her anger on Jay Sekulow.

Consequently and with time permitting, take a gander and come to understand that 'PRIVILEGE' is always at the forefront in confronting virtually all Argumentations, legal or otherwise.  
Jaango--posted on January 30, 2020





Adjusting Today's Chicano's "eye on the wall" for the Intelligence Gathering Mechanism...

Andrew Napolitano:  The Storyline Starts Again...

The Fox News legal analyst torched GOP senators for turning on Bolton after his bombshell allegations about Trump.  Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano 'blasted' Republicans on Tuesday for turning on John Bolton, who he said to be a "conservative icon" until two days ago. And on Fox Business, 
Bolton and who was a regular contributor for network for the past 11 years or until he joined the Trump administration at the White House.  And Trump allies at Fox News, are also attacking Bolton and from the likes of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Lou Dobbs. 

The "latest from the Trump Impeachment Trial Attorneys...
Since we never fail to recognize the obvious, the Attorneys are suggesting the following:

*Philbin talked about how abuse of power and obstruction were not impeachable offenses.

*Sekulow complained about the Mueller investigation and hatred for Trump.

*Cipollone noted that Democrats had previously objected to the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

And now or today, comes the "written questions" as the Chief Judge considers his opportunity, as well.

And from tomorrow's standpoint or with further precision, the News Media Outlets "get it" as well.  From David Rothkop of USA Today:
"The judgment of the court of public opinion will matter more to history and the 2020 elections than the verdict in the Senate impeachment trial.

"I would most emphatically suggest that undertaking the impeachment investigation was far from a mistake. Even with the deck stacked against a just outcome by a GOP leadership that has lost sight of the most basic ideals associated with public service, much good has come out of this process and might come out of it even in the event of an acquittal.

"First, the mere pursuit of the facts by the House has both underscored the importance of accountability, and it has, in a very systematic and public way, revealed the facts of this case. Trump, McConnell and the army of parrots spouting White House talking points may repeatedly say otherwise, but the president’s wrongdoing has been made crystal clear, and many of those detailing or corroborating it have been witnesses who are above reproach, objective and distinguished. Many of them are Trump appointees or apolitical career public servants. 
"Today, poll after poll reveals that a substantial majority of Americans believe that the president is guilty of wrongdoing, and about half believe he should be removed from office."

Now that the RNC or the Republican Party has raised approximately $500 million for the Trump's re-election campaign, the RNC is 'paying' for President Trump's ongoing legal defense in his Impeachment trial.  Thusly, this "cost" is not coming out Trump's private coffers.  And that's today's politics for "shifting" costs!

Jaango--posted on January 29, 2020





The "new" Storyline Among Republicans...

Writing her commentary line at the internet web site of "," Liz Harrington, is attempting to 'move' the subject matter away from today's Trump's Impeachment and onto a consequential diversion, and as such, "Dems Can't Take Chance of Voters Deciding 2020 Election" and not lost on any of us, Harrington is the national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, and dated January 24, 2020.

And long story short, her column commences with this statement:

"The funny part is, it's not so much a punch line.  In their opening impeachment argument before the Senate, Democrats claim they believe in a "fundamental principle that Americans should decide American elections." 

"The 63 million American votes they are trying to invalidate don't believe them.

"Democrats lost an election in 2016. Rather than gracefully accept defeat, they decided to become the worst sore losers in history. Three years after President Donald Trump was sworn in, they still are incapable of calling his election legitimate.
"The Democrats accuse him of soliciting Ukraine to “bolster the perceived legitimacy of his presidency.”  

“Perceived”? Democrats need a long overdue lesson in reality: Donald Trump is your duly elected president. No amount of clamoring about “Russia” can ever change that."

First, the Muellar Report  was legally prohibited from "indicting" Trump  and solely on the premise that the Office of Legal Council letter denied the  Mueller investigation for practicing the seminal approach to Common Sense.

To wit, today's pressing advocacy in opposition to the Trump Impeachment Trial is causing the Republicans to seek an alternative vehicle, of which one salient and thoughtful Democratic member of the Senate has described as the  "outrage offramp" so that the local voters do not punish the Republicans that are up for  re-election.  And of course, the Republican Party is now the Trump Party and dissing Trump will be costly, in both access to financial resourses, and for having to contend with the local media outlets that have labeled the Elected Official as anti-Trump. 

Thus, Harrington is attempting to 'shift' the politics into a far lesser direction in today's politics.
Jaango--posted on January 27, 2020





Is the "setting sun" dimishing the Anglo vote due to Demographics?

The lager beer-guzzling Democrats are convincing themeselves that "they" have the answers to all things or important issues for their 'agenda' and yet, their icons, the list of democratic candidates for this presidential cycle, is on their continuous fault line or rote for propaganda.  Consequently, the over 24,000 'credentialed' Journalists have taken to this meme of criminal stupidity.  
And need I say more?  Of course I do!

And of this criminal stupidity... or take for example, it's tiring that this "intentional ignorance" has injected itself into the Democratic Party.  Now, we know that Anglos have bought the "hook, line and sinker" of America's Greatest Con Artist, or as I prefer to call him by his rightful name, La Pluma de Pendejadas, or perhaps the more historically modest name of El Trumpudo, is more fitting.

Therefore, "listening" to the Democrats and their presidential candidates, clearly  note that their propaganda does not address the issues that are facing our Spanish-speaking  communities, knowing that for  all their stellar and successful fundraising efforts, being quite considerable, have yet to spend any of this largesse on the 10-point agenda that's being espoused on a daily basis by the over 7, 000 Elected and Appointed Officials.
 Consequently, the democratic candidates have little if any knowledge of what drives the Chicano to the ballot box on eletion day.

Thusly, the pundits, sages and gurus, continue touting their valiant efforts for being wrong again.  To wit, a 'divided nation' into three elements, 1) Centrists and Conservatives, 2) Liberals, and the 3) the Leftists/Socialists.  Of course, the alternative is for "a coalition of color, unmarried women and young people" or perhaps, another view of politics that is "very liberal, somewhat liberal, and moderate to conservative."

And if we listen to these experts, we, the Chicanos, gain no varied foothold in tomorrow's politics. And as such, "change" will have to come at our hands and where our future can be better achieved.  Take, for example, changing the Primary Selection Cycle, from today's functional and which starts with Iowa and followed by New Hampshire.  However, our advocacy has to consist as starting with the First Round, consistent with California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida and New York.  The Second Round would consist of the Southern States and the Third Round  would be consistent with  Middle America and the Fourth Round would expand to include the Western/Pacific states.\
Now, need more be said?

Jaango--posted on January 21, 2020







Military Vets Congratulate DailyKos' Gabe Ortiz…

As an avid reader of DailyKos on a regular basis, there are many writers here that express their skill set for political writing, and thusly, Gabe Ortiz is one of the among the many astute and insightful professionals.  Consequently, these pundits, sages and gurus, taken together, are highly beneficial to us, the Chicano and Native American residents here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert.  And needless to say, Gabe Ortiz's efforts in his robust effort for his span of attention on immigration and all that follows, is a significant credit to DailyKos
And in my home state of Arizona, this April, the Anglo community of Haters will be celebrating this 10-year  discernible behavior that surrounds the now defunct Arizona's SB 1070 legislation.
Moreover, this 10-year political grafter/grifter agenda was waylaid by the federal courts, and of the 5 issues addressed, the only result that remains today, is that any law enforcement officer is permitted to tout the incomprehensible  demand for "Show me your papers?"  And in doing so, we, the military vets, were established and incorporated into the arena of a "second class" citizenship schema.

Nonetheless, the City of Phoenix police department was at the forefront for crafting this public law and where the political right, in control of the Republican-led state legislature, justified its outright Hate and in concert with this local and risible support.

Today, or come this April, we will not be doing any 'celebration' via  the federal district court's final outcome, and given our high level behavior in support for "decency personified," and as such, we will not demonstrate 'the flag" that signifies Hate.  Subsequently, we will not be cheering on this inconsolable  criminal stupidity by the political right but we will be casting our vote in November for two significant reasons.  To wit, Arizona's Senate chamber is currently led by a 17 to 13 majority and within the House chamber, the ratio is at 31 to 29, both favoring the Republicans.  As such, our critical challenge comes forth in November's election.
Jaango--posted on January 15, 2020







Odds and Ends...

Of these past two  weeks, I have not been posting a  regular basis as I have in the past.  And my rationale is premised on the hard work that is brought out in the form that I am writing a book, currently titled, "America's Failures Absent Decency Personified."  And yes, I will be 'shopping' this book among America's publishing industry.  When finally completed, I expect to have over 7,000 books presold and as an added benefit of the publishing company for undertaking this overall effort.

1.   A politically-driven DOJ “review” of the Clinton Foundation and other warmed-over Clinton-related stories, which President Donald Trump demanded in 2017 as the Mueller probe heated up, has essentially concluded with nothing to show for its work.

2.  In a 'deep dive' at the Wall Street Journal, the story is the following: "Mr. Trump, after the strike, told associates he was under pressure to deal with Gen. Soleimani from GOP senators he views as important supporters in his coming impeachment trial in the Senate, associates said."

3.  The Role of Congress and the War Powers 
Act.  From the USA Today:

Americans say Soleimani's killing made US less safe, Trump 'reckless' on Iran
Americans by more than 2-1 say the killing of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani has made the United States less safe, a nationwide USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll finds, amid broad concerns about the potential consequences ahead.
A majority of those surveyed, by 52%-34%, called Trump's behavior with Iran "reckless."
Americans were divided on the wisdom of the drone strike at the Baghdad airport last week that killed Soleimani and others: 42% supported it, 33% opposed it; 25% said they didn't know what to think. Republicans were much more supportive than Democrats; independents were almost evenly split.
But there was overwhelming agreement – in each case by more than 6-1 – that the attack made it more likely Iran would strike American interests in the Middle East (69%), that there would be terrorist attacks on the American homeland (63%), and that the United States and Iran would go to war with each other (62%).

4.  "Thousand Years of Darkness."  In the poltical arena within the State of  Mississippi, the Republican Governor is espousing that a "black Senator, after being elected, would bring the curtain down for establishing a "thousand years of darkness." Obviously, the Republicans are running amok with their 'gentility' for racism and where 'demographics' is a fearful contagion, a contagion far greater than the traditional flu.

5.  About that "secret intelligence"?  Vice President Pence  is espousing to the Members of Congress as well as the general public that Congress should not have access to the "secret intelligence" by gathered by the Pentagon.  

6.  More on 'unfounded claims.  House Republican member, Doug Collins of Georgia, had this to say against Democrats: 
 "One, they're in love with terrorists. We see that," he said during an interview Wednesday with Fox News host Lou Dobbs. "They mourn Soleimani more than they mourn our gold star families who are the ones who suffered under Soleimani. That's a problem."

7. When will the federal government "get it done correctly"?   A study by a seven-member team at the University of Michigan has concluded that a new voting machine that will be used for the first time this year doesn’t have enough protection against hackers. These machines—known as ballot marking devices (BMDs)—will be used by at least 18% of the nation’s districts. This is the first major independent review of such machines.

Jaango--posted on January 10, 2020






The Latest on the Equal Rights Amendment...

Since it requires a two-thirds majority of the states to complete the ratification as an Amendment, 37 states have done so, and therefore, the Amendment  requires the approval of 1 state for formal inclusion.

However, three states, Alabama, Louisiana and South Dakota, have filed, collectively, their lawsuit to deny the validity of the Equal Rights Amendment. And in doing so, their first argumentation is the validity of the 1982 date as being now invalid, in this day and time, and the second argumentation is premised on the notional that the "ERA would not promote true 'equality' but would promote a 'far left agenda.'

Jaango--posted on December 20, 2019





From Our Good Friend, Meteor Blades...

He posts and touts the following 7 anticipated and  to be published articles via the New York Times:   And here's the first.
The New York Times' on Thursday sparked calls for congressional action by publishing the first article in its "One Nation, Tracked" series, an investigation into smartphone tracking based on a data set with over 50 billion location pings from the devices of more than 12 million people in the United States.

The data, from 2016 and 2017, "was provided to Times Opinion by sources who asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to share it and could face severe penalties for doing so," explained reporters Stuart A. Thompson and Charlie Warzel. "The sources of the information said they had grown alarmed about how it might be abused and urgently wanted to inform the public and lawmakers."

Readers and fellow journalists quickly turned to social media to draw attention to the reporting. Laura Rosenberger, director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, tweeted: "This is the most important article you should read today. Period."
Aaron Zitner of the Wall Street Journal concurred, writing on Twitter: "This is surely the most consequential piece of journalism published today, and its presentation is the highest form of storytelling. Think of what an authoritarian state is already doing with this technology."

The new report—the first of seven pieces set to be published this week by the Times Opinion Section's "Privacy Project"—features visualizations of the data from Central Park, Grand Central Terminal, and the New York Stock Exchange in New York City; Beverly Hills; downtown San Francisco; Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump's resort in Florida; the White House; and the Pentagon. [...]

 Jaango--posted on December 20, 2019




Odds and Ends...
Posting between now and after Christmas, will a slow process, at best.
1.  Good News.  Congress will appropriate the necessary monies to institute a Gun Violence Research.
2.  The  cafeteria workers ended their labor strike at Marymount University, and thusly, Thursday's Democratic debate took place yesterday evening.
3.  The New Jersey State Legislature approved making driver's licenses available to undocumented immigrants.
4.  More than 750 historians espouse that President Trump should be  impeached.
5.  Lest we forget, the Special Counsel on the Russia election interference investigation in 2016, led to the indictment of 34 people.
6.  Apparently, half of the active military is as tired of President Donald Trump as the rest of us, according to a Military Times poll showing a drop in his approval rating since his 2016 election. The commander in chief’s approval rating of 42% marked his lowest point since being elected president, and about 50% of troops reported “an unfavorable view” of Trump, the military news source reported Tuesday.
7.  Wisconsin plans to purge 234,000 voters and the Democratic Governor won by 30,000 affirming votes among Democrats.
8.   Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine announced the start of her re-election campaign, and of course, she's now 'selling and marketing' herself as a 'centrist.'
9.    Stocking up on the popcorn!  Senator Lindsey Graham 'originally' invited Rudy Giuliani to testify before the Senate's Impeachment Trial. And as of late this past week, Graham has weaseled himself into a 'deep cave of political nonsense for now discouraging Giuliani from testifying. Of course, Graham knew from several months ago, that Giuliani would have to disconnect himself from the status  of "attorney-client" as well as fromthe "executive priviledge" mantra.  In doing so, the Senate Republicans as 'impartial jurors' would destroy themselves, and the nation's historians would have a field day while laughing all the way to the bank to collect their writing accruals.
Jaango--posted on December 20, 2019





The Senate's Impeachment Trial...

At present, the Senate Chamber is comprised of 53 aligned Republicans and from across this political are 47 aligned Democrats.  Therefore, the Democrats have to encourage 4 Republicans to change their potential vote for Trump's impeachment, and of course I am speaking directly to changing the procedures, and with a non-perceived conviction to follow, is possible.  However, conviction, is not conceivable by any stretch of the imagination.

Of course, with three or four Republicans to institigate a 'real' Trial and where witnesses are permitted to testify, the possibility for doing such could be rated as possible.  Thusly, a changing "process" that puts Mitch McConnell in a difficult spot to this changing process, would bode well for Schumer and his Democratic Caucus.  

And being on this "bubble" is consistent with Senator Collins of Maine, Senator Martha McSally of Arizona and Senator Corey Garner of Colorado, and together all three are up for re-election.  Therefore, changing the "process" may not harm their respective re-election opportunities.  And of course, voting for their opposition to impeachment may not have any substantive impact in their election in November. 
And voters have been forgiving, in the past. 
And further down the line, Alaska's Senator Lisa Murkowski voted with the Democrats on the Affordable Care Act.  In contrast, Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, is retiring, while Senators Pat Roberts of Kansas and Mike Enzi of Wyoming are stepping down from their respective chairmanships. 

Consequently, and after having read this commentary of ours, our Readers  would conclude that this speculation on the these Senators' respective behaviors, is just speculation, and so says too, the cognoscenti among today's pundits, sages and gurus.  And which means that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has 'control' over his caucus, knowing that any Republican Senator and who breaks with the Republican caucus, will assure themselves of McConnell's subtle form of an apparent 'retribution' starting in the 2021 Congress.

Jaango--posted on December 17, 2019




Odds and Ends...

Parallel to the pending full House Chamber vote on the announced Articles of Impeachment, the USMC trade agreement has risen to the level that a handful of Democrats up for re-election have shifted their focus onto the economic impact that this trade agreement can be marketed and sold to their respective constituents.

And here a few items that the media outlets are not overly addressing for the general public's benefit.  

1.  A federal judge blocks the use of billions of dollars and where the Trump administration is attempting to shift into the large financial column for building the Border Wall.

2.  Bloomberg has announced that he is to donate $10 million in campaign assistance to Democrats who are up for re-election and who are having to address the congressional districts that voted for Trump in 2016.

3.   President Trump has signed his executive order in which he designates that Judaism is a "nationality" as this applies to Israel.

4.  The absurity of it all.  The House Republicans are now 'arguing' that President Trump did not order the monies for Ukraine to defend itself from the Russian invasion, to be held, but the Office of Management of Budget did on the basis that this Congressional funding had to be vetted appropriately.  Thus, blame-shifting has now been 'outed' and it's buffoonery, at its best. Or the legal memo is now arguing that this denial was just a "programmatic delay."

5.  Democratic House Representative Pramila Jayapal's 'challenge' that presidents are self-prohibited from soliticing foreign governments to interfere in our election processes.  Unfortunately, Republican House Representative John Ratcliff ineffectively took up this 'challenge' and ineffectively demonstrated in his 'opinion' that President Trump did not violate his oath of office, and thusly, all presidents can do so, and all presidents have done so in the past. And given this unsubstantiated claim, and went a step further for his perception that foreign interference in our elections, has and continues to occur.

6.  Hardworking political advocates celebrated as the House of Representatives on Wednesday passed the Farm Workforce Modernization Act—historic legislation that would put hundreds of thousands of farm workers who meet certain requirements onto a path to legalization—by an overwhelming bipartisan vote, 260 to 165. 

7. Teenager Greta Thunberg was identified as Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" and of course, President Trump called this "ridiculous" since Thunberg has instrumentalized Climate Change, and for having done so on an international basis.

8.  In a speech at the Newseum in Washington D.C., Fox News Anchor, Cris Wallace, must have had a bad day, especially when he touted that President Trump has “engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history..." his--Trump's attacks--  “have done some damage.”

Jaango--posted on December 13, 2019






Gangsters in Fancy Suits and Uniforms Affixed With Stars...
Back in the "sombrero" history of 2002, the public's discourse was on the subject matter of the AUMF Resolution in the lead up to  the invasion of Afghanstan and Iraq, and therefore, we opposed the  AUMF, and consequently, we argued in favor of "lending our Constitution to these respective nations for a minimum of 20 years and not to exceed 30 years."  
And not be achieved, since the typical Anglo stereotype was predicated on "I don't care...I'll be dead...So, what's your point?"  And from this point forward, the results are now being quietly addressed and done accordingly.
To wit, Ben Armbruster, writing for the Guardian, has this to say:
"The Afghanistan war is more than a $1 trillion mistake. It's a travesty: 
The American people have known that the war in Afghanistan was a lost cause for quite some time. According to the Pew Research Center, Americans’ views of the war started to go south right around the end of 2011, until eventually a majority started seeing the writing on the wall about two years later.
That’s why the Washington Post report this week on the so-called “Afghanistan Papers”, detailing how US officials “deliberately mislead the public” on the war’s progress, is almost sort of unremarkable. If the piece took away any shred of innocence left from this ghastly enterprise, it’s that perhaps some of us thought our leaders, while failing miserably at building a nation thousands of miles away, were at least acting in good faith.
At the same time, the Post report is rage inducing, not just because of the sheer stupidity of American leaders continuing to fight a war they knew they could not win, but also how their unwillingness to take responsibility for a failed policy caused so much death, destruction and heartbreak, particularly among those American families who have admirably dedicated their lives to serving their country, and the countless number of Afghan civilians trapped in a cycle of endless war they have nothing to do with.
Of course, the “Afghanistan Papers” immediately recalled memories of the Pentagon variety leaked to the New York Times nearly a half century ago because they too were government documents outlining how numerous American administrations had lied to the public about Vietnam – another long, costly and unnecessary war with no military solution."
And further, the White House dicateted to us,  "...just go shopping!"  And furthermore, Congress made no effort to consider a Censure Vote or to cast such a vote accordingly.  
Jaango--posted on December 12, 2019




Mandatory Voting...Not So Fast!

Republican Congressman, Ted Yoho, representing Florida's congressional district-03, has announced his retirement, and after his self-imposed 4 terms or eight years.  And yes, he was a proud member of the far right's Freedom Caucus. 

And what brings him to my attention is that he was 'righteously' opposed to Mandatory Voting.  Thus, this subject was supremely important to him since "I've had some radical ideas about voting and it's probably not a good time to tell them. But you used to have to be a property owner to vote," and furthermore, he called voting a "privilege" for those who deserved it even though federal law defines it as a fundamental right.  
And if you were an urban dweller or a 'renter' this lack of property ownership, and embedded into his view of 'privilege' could not be attributed to your forte and where economics, financial, and political 'values' was, as he deemed, not to be made readily available to you when it came to governmental funding that targeted state and local governments.
 To wit, you--as a renter--was a intolerable ass to him, for interfering with his 'privilege' as an Elected Official.

Need more be said?
Jaango--posted on December11, 2019





Articles of Impeachment...have been rendered
Earlier today, Tuesday, the House Chamber's Judiciary Committee has announced the conclusion of the Articles of Impeachment and which includes to 'measures' for consideration.  To wit, the following:
1.  Abuse of Power
2.  Obstruction of Congress
And if you, our valuable reader, has not been diligently following the role of the Judiciary Committee's overall process, the next few days will elevate your knowledge base, given that this affective Committee will submit its decision-making onto the House floor, and for the voting consideration of all members of the House chamber.
Jaango-December 10, 2019




Can the Democratic Party's "coalition-building" success be achieved with the support of military vets?

During the latest Democratic-debate among the presidential candidates, only Senator Kamala Harris of California, stressed the necessity for 'coalition-building' that will challenge President Trump's re-election bid.  And yet, the political-oriented media continued to play-up her shallowness for her voter  support. However, the pundits, sages and gurus 'have it' wrong or for an assessment that does not incorporate the decision-makers as they cast their votes in the first four primary selection states.

And as yet, Biden and Buttigieg are considered to be "centrist" while Sanders and Warren are considered as "leftist". And which is not relevant to any substantive "coalition-building."  Further, none of these candidates speak to or for this requisite and seminal coalition-building.  And effectively demonstrates that this absence of coalition-building in favor of "pandering" is obvious.  However, and in another contrast, donor donations are in full force on the subjected issues that will drive the Democratic politics in the primary  elections. Therefore, the source and levels of donations, will outweigh the 'enlightenment' that these candidates bring forth as they continue into their next debate.

And regardless of the primary election schedules and the anticipated results, these results will be fully addressed at the Democratic Convention and where these candidates 'negotiate' among themselves that leads to the success of the Democratic Party "nomination" writ large, And since I am of the opinion that no presidential candidate will achieve of the majority that must be represented before the Demoratic convention, and thusly, the state-oriented voting results are submitted to the Electoral College will become the ultimate result that, in the past,featured both Kerry and Clinton. Moreover, the role, as a former President, provides Barack Obama a 'channel' for his influence regarding his political support and where his currently and perceived "loyalty" to Biden may be at risk.

In closing, Mayor Buttigieg, being a military vet, will continue to be quite timid unless he becomes more ambitious and thusly, enamored for "coalition-building" that is inclusive of the 18 million military vets and their spouses. and whom are strongly-oriented voters. Otherwise, these military vets will gravitate into Trump's voter column for assuring that President Trump is easily re-elected.

Jaango--posted on December 3, 2019






The GOP's Newly Established "Moron-Contra Stabilization Board"?

For today's Republican's, their 'reality' on the Trump Defense Council has now morphed into this stabilization board and where both the Inquiry and Trial, is no longer in doubt.  And Kavanugh says the five votes are not available. Of course, much has been written regarding the White House's public-push back as well as the now inclusive Moron-Contra Stabilization Board within the Senate chamber, is becoming increasingly apparent.

Nonetheless, a tad of a sense of humor on my part is called for, given that the Republicans in the Senate chamber will  have to justify their opposition to President Trump's impeachment and regardless of any existing Unassailable Facts, and as these Facts are easily recognized and understood.

Consequently,the National Academy of Historians, hence twenty years for now, will experience the enjoyment that this Moron-Contra Stabilization Board performed its requisite self-demeaning responsibility in support for refusing to defend this "high crimes and misdemeansors" rationale inherent in our Democracy and within the context and content of our nation's founding document.

Moreover, these historians will come to fully understand that the 'history' of the Trump Impeachment Trial conveniently overlooked the Putin-Trump relationship between Americans and Europeans for the intentional demise of the Transnational Atlantic Relationship; and in which Quid Pro Quo was delivered in Christmas wrapping paper provided to Trump as Russia's "gift" in a comparable manner; and for America's iconic behavior for diminishing our friends; and where a considerable amount of disrepect was further delivered to the Europeans.  And in either a long or a short story, Putin was carried forward by Trump on his ever-weakening backbone.

Jaango--posted on November 29, 2019





The Evangelical's "spiritual battle"...
Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry opined that President Trump is God's "chosen one" and of course, he--Perry, was genuflecting in the direction of the "evangelicals" in next year's presidential election.  
Thus, this morbid belief is that if you're an 'evangelical' and do not support President Trump, despite all of his daily trials and tribulations, Trump's opponents are on the  pathway to demonic possession and where theocratic authoritarianism is the catch word for their eventual success.  
And subsequently, these "Christian nationalists" are "launching a direct attack onto democracy" as many have demonstrated in their public statements and where journalists have been able to attend their meetings amongst themselves and report accordingly.
And of course, the Republican consultants are telling the candidates that the 'value' of Latinos are being measured from past presidential elections and where an approximate 30% of these voters are in the Republican column.  
As such, none of these well-known consultants on the political Right have ever polled Latino voters as this voting behavior directly pertains to their subjective views relative to "Christian nationalism."  And why is this so?
And in stark contrast, former Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley says:  "Everything happens for a reason...I think God sometimes places people for lessons and sometimes places people for change."
In closing, this inflamed rhetoric is in keeping with the Idea that "moron-contra" is part and parcel for another apparition in keeping up-to-date on the continuation for the Ideology of Fear. 
Jaango--posted on November 27, 2019





A Middle-Class and Working Class Agenda for Democrats 
Another perspective from our Good Friend that is Kevin Drum over at the Mother Jones Magazine and dated November 25,  2019.  He offers the following for improving our digestion.
I’m trying to temporarily avoid the torrent of impeachment/corruption-related news that threatened to drown us over the weekend, so here’s something else to start the week. It’s apropos of nothing in particular, and has nothing to do with any specific Democratic candidate for president. It’s just something to think about.
As progressives, we have a natural tendency to focus our policies on the poorest and weakest among us. This is, needless to say, admirable, but it’s also politically dangerous if it’s taken too far and the middle classes believe they’ve been abandoned.
This is where we find ourselves today. We spend about a trillion dollars a year on social welfare programs for the poor, an expansion of 300 percent since 1980. In inflation-adjusted terms, this represents an increase from $3,000 per poor person to $12,000 per poor person. This chart from the Congressional Budget Office shows what this means:
Thanks to the demise of unions and the nature of our economy, the affluent have done very well. 
Thanks to the big increase in social welfare programs, the poor have done well too in relative terms. It’s the working and middle classes that have done the worst—and it’s not close. What’s more, the rate at which they’ve lost ground to the top and bottom has accelerated since 2000.
Is it any wonder they feel left behind even if they make more in absolute terms than the poor? The best example of this is the bitter observation from many of them that they wish they were poorer so they’d qualify for Medicaid instead of having to pay for an Obamacare policy with big deductibles and out-of-pocket maxes in the thousands of dollars.
So what if we decided to focus our attention tightly on the working and middle classes? What would a Democratic agenda look like? Something like this:
Instead of Medicare for All, double the subsidies for Obamacare and reduce the maximum allowable deductible and OOP expenses at the silver level. The new subsidy levels should be set so that families with incomes all the way up to the high double-figures would have to pay no more than about 5 percent of their income for premiums. This would cover virtually the entire middle class and would be affordable by nothing more complicated than repealing the Republican tax cut for the rich.
Propose a serious and aggressive pro-union plan. This would cost nothing, and it would primarily benefit the working class and the lower middle class. Figure out how to sell this in terms that make sense to ordinary workers, and if you don’t know how then ask Sherrod Brown.
Put forward a massive and detailed plan to build green infrastructure—solar, wind, grid upgrades, etc. This would address climate change and provide hundreds of thousands of middle-class construction jobs for every state in the country. Finance it with taxes on the rich.
Stay honest about hot-button social issues, but do your best not to talk about them a lot. In most cases it’s a lose-lose proposition.
You get the idea. These are things with limited costs that can be sold to the middle class as real, concrete benefits. At least, they can be if you know how to talk to ordinary people. And since, like it or not, middle-class workers tend to worry about spending and deficits, it’s appealing that these things can be financed in fairly ordinary ways, not via stupendous new taxes that barely sound plausible even to low-information voters.
And for those of you who are super sophisticated and want to point out that it hardly matters what anyone proposes since none of it will pass through a Republican-controlled Senate anyway—well, you’re wrong. It does matter. Ordinary voters don’t think about filibusters and Senate majorities and other niceties of the American constitutional order. They just want to know whose side you’re on. A presidential campaign is a chance to tell them.
Jaango--posted on November 26, 2019





Impeachment Inquiry/Trial:  A Referendum on House Speaker Pelosi...
"To my fellow Republicans, I give this grave and genuine warning: It’s not enough merely to dismiss the Ukraine investigation as a partisan witch hunt or to hide behind attacks against the “deep state,” or to try to find some reason to denounce every witness who steps forward, from decorated veterans to Trump megadonors.
"History demands that we all wrestle with the facts at hand. They are unavoidable. Fifty years from now, history will not accept the position that impeachment was a referendum on the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi. It must be a verdict reached on the facts."
The above statement was espoused by former Senator Slade Gordon, a Republican and whom served in the United States Senate and after his having retired from Senate politics.  However, he too, like many of us, knows how to "read" history.
Jaango--posted on November 26, 2019





Odds and Ends

This week’s Common Sense is difficult to  arrive at.
1.  After witholding military aid for the minimalist of 51 days, the White House is preparing the general public for its legal justification for freezing the aid to Ukraine.  Thus, President Trump's 'freeze' had not legal justification, and a temper tantrum, doesn't qualify for any inherent value located within the Philosophy of Pragmatism.
2. Landslide Victory in Hong Kong.  The local media is touting the following:  "Pro-democracy candidates appear to have made major gains in Hong Kong's district council elections, as early results trickled in Monday morning, with multiple high-profile pro-government figures losing their seats.  AND More than 2.9 million people turned out to vote in Sunday's elections, which have been framed as a de facto referendum on the almost six months of ongoing protests in the semi-autonomous Chinese city. With more than 95% of constituencies declared, pro-democracy candidates appeared to have won a landslide victory."

3.  Trump Impeachment:  The 'unassailable facts' have no merit but the fervent politics do, and which is a short synopsis that is today's politics, and since the news media has no particular interest on the candidates' policy issues.

4. Former Vice President Joe Biden has not been effectively notified that his senior Latina Advisor, Vanessa Cardenas, has walked away from the Biden campaign due to his continued equivocation on Latino issues and in particular, his timid approach to immigration.  
5.  Caution disregarded.  The director of the Human Rights Watch organization has been expelled by Israel for his opposition to the illegal settlements, as well as to further the anticipated settlements.

6.  George Papadopoulos is officially running for the House seat vacated by Katie Hill.

7.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the no longer Press Officer for President Trump, is complaining that her political statements were not overtly accurate, and as espoused by the Mueller Report.  And he latest statement she said she does not "like being called a liar."

8.  Beyond Common Sense.  Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., defended his request for documents related to former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter's work in Ukraine, part of the GOP's latest effort to counter the House impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.  "I'm not saying Joe did anything wrong but I want to see the transcripts, and if there's nothing there I'll be the first one to say there's nothing there. But we're not going to live in a country where just one party gets investigated."  Obviously, the Trump Trial in the Senate, makes Graham just another dufuss, among the many.

9.  Maureen Dowd, ventured into the arena of Artistes that advocate 'conspiracy theories, and came away with the shallow words for “rodomont” and which is a vain boaster;  “grobian” and which is a buffoonish person; and “Sinon” and which is a person who misleads and betrays; and a “chirocracy” and which a government rules with a heavy hand;  and a “froward” and a person is difficult to deal with or contrary.

 Jaango--posted on November 26, 2019





The Latest News on the Impeachment Inquiry...

"The House Intelligence Committee now has access to several video and audio recordings as well as photographs that include President Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani."  
Thus, Guiliani's "partner/friend" here in the United States and in the Ukraine, were provided to the committee by Lev Parnas, and whom was recently arrested over alleged campaign finance violations. Parnas is also believed to have played a crucial role in the Giuliani-led effort to get Ukraine to investigate the Biden family in exchange for military aid. It’s unclear what exactly the documents reveal and the committee only just got access to the information last week, ABC News has reported.
“We have subpoenaed Mr. Parnas and Mr. [Igor] Fruman for their records. We would like them to fully comply with those subpoenas,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) told CNN Sunday.
Jaango--posted on November 25, 2019





This is a test for IONOS




When Sacred Honor Is MIA...
In Chicago's area and where District 3 is located, the current conservative-oriented Democrat Dan Lipinski, is now facing a his future, and beholden to a leaked strategy document.
According to David Nir of DailyKos Elections fame for his participation in bringing forth the explanation of a leaked political document as per the Chicano Sun -Times.  And here's Nir published take on Lipinski's pandering schematic.
"A leaked strategy document prepared for conservative Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski and newly obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times advised the congressman to employ a two-faced strategy to win over different groups of voters, most notably by touting his vote against the Affordable Care Act when messaging Republicans while simultaneously extolling his votes to oppose repealing Obamacare when talking to independents.
"The memo also said Lipinski should emphasize his opposition to abortion rights to Republicans and Catholics while of course mentioning nothing of the sort to everyone else. Similarly, it advised that he highlight his “pro border patrol” views to conservatives while playing up his “pro-Dreamer” votes to Latinos.
"Most significantly, the strategy guide urged that Lipinski's campaign encourage Republicans to vote in the Democratic primary in March by "reaching out to GOP officeholders" and "getting letters from 'GOP surrogates.'" This is very much possible under Illinois' system of "open" primaries, where voters do not register by party. Instead, they declare their affiliation at their polling place and receive whichever party's ballot they prefer.
"In last year's primary for the Chicago-area 3rd District, when Lipinski narrowly edged progressive challenger Marie Newman by a 51-49 margin, he very likely survived thanks to Republican voters crossing over to support him. That left Newman's backers gnashing their teeth, and now they have much firmer evidence that Lipinski will pursue precisely this strategy in his rematch against Newman in 2020."
Jaango--posted on November21, 2019






The Senate's Three Tributaries of Pragmatism for Trump's Impeachment Trial...

When considering the political turmoil that will be facing the Republican-oriented Senators, each will confront their re-election opportunities, and beyond the completion of the presidential election in November of next year. 

Take, for example,  these three tributaries come at the Republican-oriented Senator in the following schematic:

First, there are currently 48 Democratic-oriented Senators serving in the Senate.  Thus, the Democrats would have to effectively convert a minimum of three Republicans to vote with the Democrats, in their 'call' for a "private vote" for impeaching President Trump.  In doing so, news reporters are seeing that approximately 27 of these Senators would vote accordingly with the  Democrats, and resulting in President Trump's removal from the Oval Office.  As such, these consequential votes and leveled out at 75 votes, when discounting Democratic-oriented Senators opposed to the impeachment of President Trump.

Second, with a public vote, the vast majority of Republicans would be opposed to President Trump's removal from the Oval Office. And the consensus in the news media is that this Republican vote total would not rise to the requisite level of a minimalist vote of  67 votes, even though Vice President Pence would be prohibited from casting a vote, or as a possible tie-breaker.

And third, the pundits, sages, and gurus on the Republican side of the political aisle, and for their loud espousal of their subjective view for their consequential "anti-diversity" meme and led by  Stephen Miller in the White House, are touting their "civil war" view should the Republican-oriented Senators cast their successful "quiet vote", resulting in the successful impeachment and thusly, leading to their advocacy of a presumptive civil war. 

In closing, the Republican vote, should it take place and regardless of Senator Mitch McConnell's current opposition to any Senate Impeachment Trial, is front and center for all of us to see and understand.

Jaango--posted on November 18, 2019

"Sacred Honor" is not emblazoned in Congress...

In the following days and weeks, our government employees--the State Department--responding to properly issued subpoena by Congress, have testified. I am hoping that each, in their respective moments in the subsequent days and months that follow will opine in written form, the subject matter that has been conventiently ignored within this ongoing political battle via "high crimes and misdemeanors."

Thusly, the lack of animation among ourselves, and in a generic sense among the general population that "we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor" is MIA.

And furthermore, among the the  pundits, sages and gurus, as well as the higher-paying grifters, will not, understanding these prevalent voices, deem to 'teach' us that only parts of the Declaration of Independence should apply and subsequently, our second class citizenship, is readily dismissed within our  nation's public discourse due to the Anglo stereotype that is "I don't care...I'll be dead...So, what's your point?"

Need more be said?

Jaango--posted on November18, 2019




From Nielsen...
Nielsen says 13.8 million watched impeachment hearing
An estimated 13.8 million people watched live coverage of diplomats William Taylor and George Kent on the first day of the House’s public impeachment hearings on … Donald Trump.

The Nielsen company said 10 different networks aired live or taped coverage of the hearing, which stretched nearly six hours on Wednesday. A second hearing is scheduled for Friday.

That compares to the 20.4 million people who watched Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing for his Supreme Court nomination following sexual misconduct allegations in September 2018. Congressional testimony by James Comey (19.5 million) and Michael Cohen (13.8 million) also had more viewers. Former special counsel Robert Mueller had 12.9 million viewers in July.
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Voting Behavior...

For most of my adult life, I have been an advocate for Mandatory Voting with the only exception being that with a doctor's letter, missing such a vote, is permissible. And one of  the many reasons for my rationale, commences with the refusal from both political parties, Democrats and Republicans alike, refusing to clean up this mess that is readily identified as voter suppression.
And lest we forget, today's short 'history' that is the Census Question, was one for 'adding a citizenship question to the census would facilitate a redistricting change that would undermine Latino voters by decreasing their political representation.'

Then, blamed on the mechanical equipment that fails at the most convenient of times. And this is addressed by our Good Friend, Joan McCarter via her  published article, titled, "Moscow Mitch received donations from lobbyists for nation's most problematic voting system vendor" and dated, November 12, 2019.

To wit, the following:

A cyberattack on the U.K.'s Labour Party, ahead of December elections, is a reminder that the favorite hobby of autocratic foreign regimes is attacking institutions in democratic countries. It's a reminder that there are 356 days before the presidential election in the U.S., and that Moscow Mitch McConnell continues to refuse to bring up House-passed legislation to protect our elections.

The rewards for McConnell could be great. One, he'll need all the help he can get keeping Republicans in power after Nov. 3, 2020. But there's a much more direct benefit for him: 
campaign contributions from the two dominant elections systems vendor lobbyists, Election Systems & Software (ES&S) and Dominion Voting Systems, such as those he got this summer, just before he blocked votes on the House bills.
Together, these companies produce about 80% of the voting systems used in the U.S. One of them, ES&S, is the nation's largest voting systems vendor and has provided about half of all systems in use in the country. It also has an extremely troubling record. It was the system in use in Georgia in 2018 when more than 150,000 ballots cast didn't register votes a single office, that of lieutenant governor. In Indiana's Johnson County, the brand-new machines malfunctioned to a degree that officials couldn't figure out whether some people had voted multiple times. The county scrapped its contract with ES&S and had to fork out more than $1.5 million to entirely replace its equipment. The problems in ES&S' systems aren't limited to the most recent election, though. Back in 2006, its machines in Florida caused around 18,000 votes to disappear.
Johnson County got off easy, a ProPublica investigation finds: "The company has a reputation among both its competitors and election officials for routinely going to court when it fails to win contracts or has them taken away, suing voting jurisdictions, rivals, advocates for greater election security and others." Elections expert Dan Wallach, a computer science professor at Rice University, says we need the same kind of competition for voting systems that every other industry faces. "These companies' litigiousness creates a barrier to competition that becomes a barrier to improving our elections," he told ProPublica. Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden agrees. "The market is broken," Wyden said. "Markets work well when you have tough standards, when you have real regulations and vigorous oversight. And here you have none of that."

We won't get it, either, if Moscow Mitch continues to have his way, and if ES&S lobbyists continue to write checks and gain his ear. ES&S defends its aggressive business practices, which include hiring former elections officials as lobbyists. "Lobbyists help ensure legislators have accurate information for use in serving the best interest of the citizens they represent," the company said in a statement provided to ProPublica. "Lobbying is a normal practice employed by all election vendors and is common across all industries."

So is corruption.

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"Joe Arpaio's Surprising Legacy"
Fernanda Santos is a journalist and professor of practice at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.  And she writes of the following and is being made readily available to us via "".

PHOENIX — In the City Council chambers here, a squat, round room that evokes the traditional Navajo home known as a “hogan,” Carlos Garcia is easy to spot. His chestnut hair, long and limp, is perennially fastened in a ponytail that hangs like a string halfway down his back. His feet are shielded by a pair of weathered sneakers. One afternoon last month, he showed up for work clad in a black golf-style shirt—“That’s the most dressed up you’re going to see me,” he quipped—with the words “City of Phoenix Councilman Carlos Garcia” embroidered over his heart.

Garcia joined the council in March, but his style remains as casual as it was during his time protesting a mother’s impending deportation in front of the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in 2017, or chanting into a bullhorn outside the federal courthouse where Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio stood trial that same year, accused of racially profiling Latinos.
“One of my elders a long time ago told me, ‘If you’re going to be a public servant, you have to be ready when you wake up in the morning to meet with the governor and to go talk to a jornalero,” Garcia says, using the Spanish word for day laborer. The elder challenged him to use the way he dresses to telegraph who he really cares for—“Is it your priority,” the elder asked, “that you dress up to impress the governor?” 
“My priority is to make sure people feel comfortable with me,” Garcia says.
By “people,” he means the people of color who for years have stood as targets of the politics of Arpaio and Jan Brewer, the former Republican governor of Arizona. Arpaio, perhaps Arizona’s most nationally famous politician, rode to fame in the 1990s with his draconian jail policies and then into President Donald Trump’s favor with his tough anti-immigrant posture. Brewer, as governor, in 2010 signed into law the nation’s toughest immigration bill, SB 1070, powering up the “attrition through enforcement” strategy championed by some on the right to drive illegal immigrants out of the United States.
Nearly 10 years later, Garcia is part of a new wave of Latino politicians in Arizona who have entered politics in response to those policies—a legacy that Arpaio and Brewer likely did not expect. In a state that once compelled police officers to ask about the citizenship status of the people they pulled over and barred undocumented immigrants from getting driver’s licenses and paying in-state tuition at public universities, a growing number of Latino activists are using the lessons they learned in organizing against the immigration crackdown to catapult themselves into elected state and local office.
Garcia was born in Cananea, Mexico, about 30 miles south of the border, and lived without papers in the United States until age 14. For years, he ran the Puente Human Rights Movement, one of the most aggressive immigrant-rights groups in the state. But after five of his family members were deported beginning in 2009 and one was sent to Eloy, a privately run immigration detention center southeast of Phoenix, he says, “I got left with no options. And that’s what has pushed someone like me to actually run for office.”
He is not alone. In the past 10 months, Betty Guardado, a hotel housekeeper-turned-union organizer, took her seat on the nonpartisan Phoenix City Council alongside Garcia. Raquel Terán, the former Arizona director for the civic engagement organization Mi Familia Vota, joined the state House of Representatives as a Democrat.
 On Tuesday, Regina Romero, a child of Mexican immigrants who was the first Latina elected to the Tucson City Council, became that city’s first Latina mayor. To replace her on the council, voters chose Lane Santa Cruz, who grew up in one of the poorest and most heavily Hispanic corners of Tucson and, armed with a Ph.D. in education, worked for more than 10 years as an advocate for her neighbors, many of them undocumented as her parents once were.
Arizona, long considered the home base of tough-minded Western conservatism, has been drifting leftward for a few years now. In 2012, the Supreme Court significantly weakened the “show me your papers” law. Brewer left office in 2014, and in 2016, Arpaio was voted out and escaped prison only because Trump pardoned him a year later, after he was found guilty of contempt for defying a federal judge’s orders to stop singling out Latinos. (At 87, Arpaio is running for sheriff in Maricopa County again, but his candidacy is considered a long shot.) The state’s Republican governor, Doug Ducey, has publicly rejected Trump’s idea of denying green cards to people who receive government benefits and questioned recent immigration raids in Mississippi food-processing plants.
Yet this new wave of Latino politicians represents another shift in Arizona politics. While Arizona has had a number of Latino politicians before, this new group has emerged specifically from the statewide push against undocumented immigrants.
 They have moved past the well-worn formula of increasing Latino participation in elections, though that too is part of their strategy. They’re building on their activism—protests, civil disobedience, grassroots organizing—to enter the halls of political power, and doing so largely without help from the Democratic Party.
“This is about stepping into the electoral space and saying, ‘Hey, not only can we put pressure from the outside, but we can infiltrate these systems and do something radically different,’” Santa Cruz says. “It sounds very subversive, but it is not. This is the way through the front door.”
Their arrival hasn’t come without challenges. They have struggled to find middle ground between their in-your-face style of activism and the more measured ways that are necessary to build alliances. They remain the targets of the anti-immigrant sentiment in Arizona, where Trump has a loyal base of supporters. Even in the Democratic stronghold of Tucson, there were signs on Tuesday that voters are willing to go only so far: A proposal to designate it a sanctuary city was soundly rejected at the polls, in part because many feared the designation could invite retaliation from the Trump administration and the Republican majority in the state Legislature.
“Our goal is to at least dismantle this system that was created to hurt our people and to get rid of us, and that takes time,” Garcia says. “But brown people are coming out, and now we have the numbers and the organization in place to be able to turn the tables in our favor exactly because we have a seat at the table.
Standing in the dappled shade of a palo verde tree, Phoenix City Councilman Carlos Garcia, at center in red, speaks to supporters during a fundraiser for Lane Santa Cruz, who would soon be elected to the Tucson City Council. 

Mexicans and, later, immigrants from other parts of Latin America have played important roles in Arizona’s development. They worked on the system of canals that delivered a steady supply of water to farmers and, today, plant and harvest greens along the border to feed most of the United States in the winter. They dug the desert to carve out the streets of Phoenix and, now, build the high-rises that are transforming this city’s skyline.

Latinos, however, have long struggled for equal access and equal rights in Arizona. Their resistance took shape in the labor unions that opposed legislation in 1914 threatening to ban non-English speakers from working in mines, and then a dual-wage system that paid Mexicans less for doing the same work as Anglos. It manifested itself in court, when, three years before Brown v. Board of Education, Latino leaders in the city of Tolleson, then a farming outpost west of Phoenix, successfully defeated Anglo school officials who believed Mexican Americans were inferior and, because of that, deserved to be segregated from white students.
In “The State of Latino Arizona,” a report published in 2009, Christine Marín, a historian, archivist and professor emerita at Arizona State University, writes about these early generations of activists who, in the late 1800s and early 1990s, mobilized in groups with names like “El Centro Radical Mexicano” (The Mexican Radical Center); “Liga Protectora Latina” (Latino Protective League); and “Los Conquistadores” (The Conquerors).
Decades later, in 1969, Congressman Raúl Grijalva, then a college student at the University of Arizona, co-founded the Mexican American Liberation Committee, which organized school walkouts in Phoenix and Tucson to protest overcrowding and the absence of bilingual classes and courses on Mexican culture. “We were fighting for equity. We were fighting for our identities, fighting to give our community power to change our lives,” says Grijalva, a Democrat from Tucson, where he was the first Latino to serve on a school board. 
The defiance that grew out of the Brewer-and-Arpaio era represents a new chapter in the history of Latino activism in Arizona. Some 15 years ago, anger over illegal immigration rose in the state, fueled by the record number of migrants apprehended along the border. Activists like Garcia trained their focus away from Washington, weaving together a network of local organizations that taught the people whose lives were affected by Arizona’s heavy-handed enforcement how to fight back.
Councilwoman Regina Romero takes a swing through the “Tucson Meet Yourself” festival in October while campaigning for mayor. In November, Romero, the daughter of migrant farmworkers and the first Latina elected to the Tucson City Council, was elected mayor. She will be the first Latina to hold the office. 
Groups like Garcia’s Puente, founded in 2007 in response to an agreement allowing Arpaio’s deputies to act as federal immigration agents, held weekly classes to teach undocumented immigrants what to do if they were stopped by the police. Lucha—which stands for Living United for Change in Arizona and means “struggle” in Spanish—trained teenagers who had lost a parent to deportation to use their stories to get voters on their side. In Tucson, volunteers created “redes de protección,” or safety nets, for people who needed money to post bail for detained relatives or for child care if they were detained themselves. Their advocacy contributed to the voter-approved expansion of worker protection laws in 2016, which included the largest minimum-wage increase in the country, and legally mandated paid sick days for all employees in the state.
Now, these activists say, they want to move past opposing those who have opposed them, and to be defined by the positive changes they make. They’ve worked on that together, counting on the same coalitions of grassroots groups that registered record number of Latinos ahead of the last presidential election, carrying out voter mobilization drives and spreading the word on issues of common interest, such as workers’ rights, better schools and safer neighborhoods.
“What really woke us up as a community were the anti-immigrant laws here in Arizona, and it was Arpaio, and it was Jan Brewer, and it was those anti-immigrant policies that they were pushing—that’s what took us to the streets,” says Romero of Tucson, who grew up speaking English and Spanish in the rural city of Somerton, near where Arizona meets Mexico and California. “But we also realized that if we wanted to change the systems that have oppressed us, we had to do it from the inside. We had to change the faces of these policymakers in Arizona.” 
They ran their political campaigns as they ran their grassroots groups, drafting people into leadership positions who didn’t have much political experience but did have knowledge of communities and the issues they face. Some, like Santa Cruz, are alumni of New American Leaders, a national program that prepares children and grandchildren of immigrants for elected office; Terán has been an instructor there. As candidates, they joined forces to knock on doors and raise money in communities that are not often the targets of establishment politics.
And they rode into office over the past year by building on the success of the yearslong efforts at voter mobilization that followed SB 1070. According to a report released earlier this year by the Latino Vote Project, a network of advocacy groups, 75 percent of Latino voters in Arizona cast their ballots for a Democrat in 2018, a 22-point increase from 2014, which helped to tip the political scales in Arizona to the left at the national, state and local level. 
“The point isn’t just winning. It’s what we do after, and that’s on all of us,” says Marisa Franco, co-founder of Mijente, an online organizing platform that has its roots on the anti-immigrant battles in Arizona. “But we’re actually starting to lay tracks of an alternative direction, an alternative way forward.”
Arizona is changing fast. One in three of its residents is Latino, and Latinos are the fastest-growing segment of its population, putting the state on track to become majority-minority by 2030, 15 years ahead of the rest of the country. Latinos are already the majority in Arizona’s public schools, which are also among the poorest performing schools in the country. That’s one of the state’s biggest tests for the future: how to prepare the next generation of Latino leaders if the institutions that serve them are flawed.
While this new cadre of Latino elected officials is finally in the position to make laws and ordinances to improve the lives of fellow immigrants and children of immigrants, they say they’re finding it’s a lot harder to push the same issues now that they’re in power because they’re not yet fully trusted: Voters who put them in office are wary that they will forget where they came from now that they’re in politics, and their colleagues see them as potential adversaries. 
At the meeting that brought a semi-dressed-up Garcia to the council’s chambers last month, council members had convened to consider a civilian oversight board for the Phoenix Police Department, whose officers fired on more people than officers from any other police force in the United States last year. Increasing accountability among local police is the issue Garcia most aggressively campaigned on, a stance that the city’s powerful police union has taken as a deliberate act of defiance.
When Garcia wore a T-shirt that read “End Police Brutality” in June, the union posted on its Facebook page a picture of his arrest during an immigrant rights’ protest in 2017 and asked, “Does he serve the best interests of the people who reside in the nation’s fifth largest and fastest growing city?” When he traveled to El Paso, Texas, last week, the union used his own Facebook Live feed to question his commitment to his constituents. A few weeks ago, Garcia was criticized—not just by the union, but also by plenty of online commenters—for confronting a pair of Arizona State University police officers who had pulled him over on the edge of the campus, telling him that the license plate of the car he was driving had been suspended.
“I don’t believe you have jurisdiction,” Garcia said before handing the officers his driver’s license and asking them to hurry because he had a meeting to go to. 
At the council meeting, Garcia squeezed his lips as he listened to his colleague Sal DiCiccio, a build-the-wall kind of Trump supporter who is the most conservative voice in the council. “There’s a perception among some that our police officers are bad when I don’t believe that that’s true,” DiCiccio said. “I think that our police officers have done everything admirably well. They’re just amazing individuals, and quite frankly there’s just a lot of B.S. that’s happening toward them right now. And I think that’s just wrong.”
“We have a very different understanding of where we’re at,” Garcia retorted. “I believe we’re already in that crisis of confidence.” Garcia was measured in his tone. He seemed to be struggling to find the right approach to building partnerships that don’t compromise his convictions. (This month, the council will meet again on the oversight board, this time to hear community input.)
Lane Santa Cruz, who grew up in one of the poorest and most heavily Hispanic corners of Tucson and, armed with a Ph.D. in education, worked for more than 10 years as an advocate for her neighbors, was elected to Tucson City Council on November 5.
One thing these activists-turned politicians don’t want to be is one-offs. They’re trying to create political roots by hiring people like Adriana Garcia Maximiliano, a once-undocumented immigrant from Mexico who trained first- and second-generation Americans to run for office and is now, at age 27, Carlos Garcia’s policy director. They want to change the face of Arizona’s politics much as the growth of the Latino population is inevitably changing the face of the state. 
One Sunday morning this fall, Maximiliano stood under a Palo Verde tree, one of 20-some Latino and black activists who had gathered to raise money for Santa Cruz at the home of Marisa Franco. The get-together was more neighborhood party than fundraiser—these were longtime friends, united by a shared heritage and common goal. 
In a blood-red shirt adorned by colorful indigenous crosses, a tattoo of the brother she lost to a drug overdose covering her right arm, Santa Cruz listened as, one by one, people gave her the reasons they were behind her.
Franco: “We need to have people like you that are strong and willing to take positions that are best for our communities.”
Maximiliano: “We do need a lot of folks who are willing to change shit up and do things differently.” 
Terán: “I’m here because the state is changing, and as the state changes, we don’t have time to have imperfect allies.”
Then came Garcia, who was wearing a crimson T-shirt with a picture of the Tejano superstar Selena. He and Santa Cruz went to the same high school in Tucson. “I was a little gangster,” he said, “getting into a lot of trouble. Lane was a tennis rock star, big in her church.” They reunited in college, when both of them joined MEChA, a Mexican-American student group founded in the turbulent 1960s. 
“We raised our families together, talked about organizing together,” he said. “And now in the very lonely world of running for office and governing, I think it’s a privilege to have someone like you, Lane, to share this space with.”
On Tuesday, they celebrated her victory together. “Now,” Garcia says, “we have work to do.”
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Odds and Ends

Since House Speaker Pelosi and the Chamber took their formal  vote to establish its "Impeachment Inquiry," conservatives are into their public tizzy, and yet, the formal impeachment will come from a sizable decision by the Judiciary Committee, much is being said and attempted by the Conservative discoure, much more will be said and attempted over the next three months.

1.  Forty conservative groups have filed a joint ethics complaint against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) over the "weaponized" impeachment inquiry, alleging that there's no evidence of "high crimes and misdemeanors" required for impeachment.

2.  And I am still awaiting the salutary moment when the Democrats start using a tad of innovative rhetoric such "Unassailable Facts" to challenge the somewhat  reckless Republicans. 

3.  The head honcho for the NSC's Office, the lead attorney informed Colonel Vindman not to discuss his concerns regarding the "status quo" opposition to encouraging Ukraine to conduct and 'investigation' of both Biden and son.

4.  Beto O'Rourke has announced his termination of his presidential aspirations and corresponding campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.  National political aspriations are always quite expensive.

5.  Trump tells reporters in the White House to release the 'name' of the whistleblower.  And yet, as President, he has the 'authority' to release his or her name, given that he's went all out to espouse that the "law doesn's apply to him."

6.  All four White House staffers, having been subpoena by the House "inquiry" effort, are refusing to submit themselves to Congress.  Perhaps, their 'arrest' should be conducted by the US Marshal's Service, and shipped off to Guantanmo fo thei 'indefinite stay.'

7.  Is Ann Coulter crying in her beer since President Trump has stolen her 'business model.'  And will see more of this in the next 12 months or until Election Day.

 8.  Another political set back!   A federal appeals court on Monday declined to block a subpoena for President Trump’s financial records issued by Manhattan’s district attorney.

9.  Now the fun begins!  With the House chambers' ongoing effort of an "inquiry" the Chamber has now been making the behind closed door testimony of subpoena-oriented respondents, are being made public and available to the general public.  Thus, the Argumentation on Due Process by the Republicans, have been put to sleep.

10.  "If the U.S. Latino population were measured in terms of a country, on its own, it would be the seventh-largest GDP in the world," says Ileana Musa, Co-Head of Morgan Stanley International Wealth Management. 

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 Another Meandering Thought...
Earlier this week, much is being said and disussed, and subsequently, my good friend of many years, Marcy Wheeler at her web site is addressing the many tangents of the House chamber's "inquiry."  As such, here is my thoughtless thought that has been conviently overlooked.
Over these past many years, Marcy has done a wonderful job.

However, I offer this comment only to focus, on our nation’s failed effort that OLC’s Letter is NOT public law since Congress has not approved but has adopted the contents of the OLC’s Letter which is another signed of simple-mindedness.

Today, there is no one in the public arena that challenge’s either Mueller or Barr from recognizing this “unassailable fact” in which this Letter has no legal standing, other than the men and women in the political arena seeking out their favorite political result.
Now, will the House chamber inquiry achieve their result that determines that the Letter has no legal standing but does have standing when “high crimes and misdemeanors” is given substantive credence? Not likely.
In closing, both the Democrats and Republicans will address this formalized “dishonesty” given that “lying, stealing and cheating” has been more than a footnote in our nation’s history.
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Arizona's New Ballot Initiative...
 "Voting Rights Roundup: Arizona voters could pass a sweeping expansion of voting rights in 2020," by Stephen Wolf for the  DailyKos Elections web site.

Arizona: Voting rights advocates have filed a ballot initiative that would significantly expand voting access if it makes the ballot and is approved by voters in 2020. The proposed measure would establish automatic voter registration through the state's Motor Vehicle Division, same-day voter registration, and in-person polling places on Native American tribal lands, all of which would make it easier to vote and could lead to higher turnout. It would also expand early voting and allow audits of election results.​

​Additionally, the initiative would impose ethics and lobbying restrictions on politicians and lowers the maximum amount of money donors are able to give candidates for state and local races, cutting the limit from $6,000 for all candidates to $2,500 for statewide candidates and $1,000 for legislative and local candidates. It would also bolster Arizona's existing public financing program, providing for instance $1.8 million for primary elections for governor and $2.7 million for the general election.

Furthermore, on the campaign finance front, every registered voter would receive vouchers for between $50 to $150 that they could donate to their preferred candidates, which would be funded through higher corporate income taxes. This system is similar to the "democracy vouchers" program that voters in Seattle, Washington approved and have used in recent years, and is intended to make the donor pool more demographically reflective of the electorate.
This initiative is also reminiscent of two successful 2018 ballot measures, one in Michigan, where voters passed automatic and same-day voter registration in a landslide, and another in Missouri, where voters widely approved ethics and lobbying reforms tied to redistricting reform. Arizona was one of the first states where voters passed an independent redistricting commission at the ballot box back in 2000, and if this initiative becomes law, the Grand Canyon State would become a national leader in voting access and cleaner elections. Organizers need  approximately 238,000 signatures by July 2 to make the November 2020 ballot. 

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Part Three:  More on Warren's Medicare For All Plan

The following is from Mother Jones Magazine and authored by Kevin Drum, as
"Elizabeth Warren Presents Her Plan to Pay for M4A," and dated November 11, 2019.

Elizabeth Warren is finally out with her detailed Medicare For All Plan. It is, as near as I can tell, the most complete plan in the known world, paying literally 100 percent of all health care expenses. That means medical, dental, vision, and mental; and it means no premiums, no copays, and no deductibles. No country in the world does this, so we’d be top dogs for sure if something like this passed.

And now for the nitty gritty. At great cost to my sanity, I have created a spreadsheet laying out the costs and payments for Warren’s plan. Some are taken directly from her white paper while others are estimates based on current costs and some slightly vague statements on Warren’s part. All of them are 10-year costs. Here it is:
As you can see, it doesn’t add up, but I can’t quite tell if that’s my fault or hers. You see, Warren says that she’s going to return all the copays and deductibles we currently pay back to us. That’s an $11 trillion hit. But nowhere does she specifically account for how she’ll make up that money in other funding:

I asked top experts — Mark Zandi, the Chief Economist of Moody’s Analytics; Betsey Stevenson, the former Chief Economist for the Obama Labor Department; and Simon Johnson — to examine options for how we can make up that $11 trillion difference. They conclude that it can be done largely with new taxes on financial firms, giant corporations, and the top 1% – and making sure the rich stop evading the taxes we already have.

Sure enough, those taxes are there, but if you apply them to the $11 trillion you can’t also apply them to the rest of the $39 trillion that needs to be paid for. So it looks to me like, one way or another, Warren is short by about $8 trillion.

But I might have a few numbers wrong or miscalculated here, so I’ll wait a bit to see if someone else produces a more detailed accounting. In the meantime, I’ll note that $8 trillion amounts to about $600 billion in the first year of operation, which is not insurmountable. I also note that there’s no line item for recouping current spending on Obamacare, which amounts to about $1 trillion over ten years.

In other words: don’t take this too seriously yet. This is the best I could do with the document Warren posted, but I might have some line items wrong. Alternatively, Warren might have some line items wrong. Everyone stay cool for a while until it’s all worked out.



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Part Two:  More Common Sense Has Arrived?

 Today's article from, and titled by "Elizabeth Warren's Most Anticipated Plan Has Arrived," and written By Kevin Robillard and Jonathan Cohn, and dated on November 1, 2019.  As such, due to it probity, we are posting this article in its entirety.


Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Friday unveiled a plan to pay for  “Medicare for All” that, at least on paper, fulfills the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate’s ambition of financing the program with no new taxes on the middle class.

The plan, modeled on the bill from rival 2020 Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, envisions wiping away most existing insurance arrangements, private and public, in order to enroll nearly all Americans into a new government-run program that would cover all necessary medical expenses. It is designed both to cover those who don’t have insurance and to make health care more affordable for those who already do.

The 9,000-word, 21-page plan is sprawling ― including everything from an expansion of Warren’s signature wealth tax to incentives for unionization to a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants ― and contains aggressive measures to contain the spiraling cost of health care almost certain to generate opposition from doctors, drugmakers and hospitals. It would be funded using heavy tax increases on the wealthy and a new per-employee tax meant to replace what business previously spent on health insurance.

“Health care is a human right, and we need a system that reflects our values,” Warren writes in the introduction to her proposal. “That system is Medicare for All. Let’s be clear: America’s medical professionals are among the best in the world. Health care in America is world-class. Medicare for All isn’t about changing any of that. It’s about fixing what is broken – how we pay for that care.”

A big question hanging over Medicare for All ― and, increasingly, Warren’s candidacy ― has been how to finance this massive new program, as the burden of paying for medical care shifts from businesses and individuals to the federal government.

Warren, like Sanders and other Medicare for All advocates, has always said that all but the richest Americans would come out ahead financially, taking into account both the costs of the new system and the savings, compared to the old one. The proposal she released Friday explains exactly how she envisions that happening, and in so doing fills in some blanks that the Sanders bill had left.

The decision to do so comes with no small amount of political risk: The more detailed a health care proposal, the bigger the target for the health care industry, outside experts, and her political rivals to poke holes in the plan and question its math.

But Warren’s aides determined it was necessary, both to fulfill her campaign’s implicit promise to have detailed plan for seemingly every important policy, and to fend off increasingly feisty attacks from her more moderate rivals for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

The complicated plan, like any version of Medicare For All, is unlikely to become law, even if Democrats manage to win the presidency and both chambers of Congress in 2020, due to the unified opposition of Republicans and significant dissension within the Democratic ranks. But it could serve as an aggressive opening bid from a theoretical Warren administration on a proposal to expand health coverage and bring down the cost of care.

Under Medicare for All, individuals wouldn’t have to pay premiums or out-of-pocket costs, and employers wouldn’t have to pay for their workers’ insurance, because the federal government would be paying for basically all medical bills.

Aggressive Price Controls, Optimistic Assumptions 

A key question about such a transition has been exactly how much new money the federal government would need to pull off this dramatic shift and, then, where the government could find those dollars.

On the cost of a new plan, estimates have varied. One of the more widely cited has come from the Urban Institute, a well-respected think tank whose researchers have estimated that moving to Medicare for All would require about $34 trillion in new spending over the next decade.

Warren’s plan uses the Urban Institute estimate as a benchmark, but anticipates creating a program that would require a lot less new money: Medicare for All would need only $20 trillion in new money over the next decade, according to the Warren campaign.

What accounts for the difference? A big chunk, about $6 trillion, would come from asking states to contribute the money they already spend on Medicaid and other health programs they run. The rest, roughly $8 trillion, would be through additional savings in health care relative to what the Urban Institute’s projection assumed.

Some of these savings would be in the form of more aggressive price controls, like paying hospitals at 110% of Medicare rates rather than 115%, as Urban Institute used in its estimates. The Warren campaign is also assuming greater savings on prescription drugs, on the theory that her proposal (which would effectively break patents when drug makers won’t accept lower reimbursements) would be more effective at reducing prices than the scheme the Urban Institute considered.

Some of the additional savings reflect more optimistic assumptions about the benefits of simplicity; Warren’s campaign is assuming more than twice as much savings from reduced billing and overhead than Urban Institute researchers did. Some of the additional savings come from a belief that changing the way hospitals get paid (for example, by moving to “bundled payments” that give hospitals more incentive to be efficient) would generate big savings.

Over the coming days and weeks, experts will get a closer look at these details and, inevitably, challenge assumptions that the Warren campaign has made ― or point out tradeoffs that aren’t so obvious at first blush. 

The optimistic projections of health new efficiencies are likely to meet a skeptical reception from other experts who will say they are not realistic, as either policy or politics. The calls to limit spending on doctors, hospitals and drug makers are likely to spark a debate over whether such controls would undermine quality or timeliness of treatment, even as they eliminate financial barriers to care. The Warren campaign cites evidence backing all its claims, but that doesn’t mean the evidence is persuasive.
“A big part of the financing for Warren’s plan comes from more aggressively containing health care costs,” Larry Levitt, executive vice president at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, told HuffPost after reviewing the plan. “On the one hand, it would be quite disruptive to the health care system to constrain prices this much. On the other hand, every other developed country in the world provides universal coverage at a much lower cost than we spend now, which makes Warren’s plan look pretty reasonable and achievable. We would still be by far the most expensive health care system in the world, but somewhat less expensive than we are now.”

New Taxes On Corporations And The Wealthy

And how would Warren pay for that $20 trillion in new government spending? The bulk of the money ― about $8.8 trillion ― would come from a health insurance tax levied on businesses, essentially taking the money they now send to private companies for health care and redirecting it to the government. Warren aims to make the tax equal to roughly 98% of what companies pay now.
Another $1.4 trillion would come from taxing the additional income Americans would earn instead of the deductions that come out of their paychecks. 

A collection of taxes on financial firms, wealthy Americans and corporations ― including the repeal of the Trump tax cuts, a financial transactions tax, a tax that would force American corporations to pay 35% on income they’ve earned anywhere in the world, and an increase of Warren’s proposed tax on fortunes over $1 billion to 5% ― would bring in an $6.8 trillion. Another $2.3 trillion would come from “improvements in tax enforcement,” with a final $1.2 trillion coming from additional revenue from immigration reform and from ending the overseas contingency operations fund.

Each of the campaign’s tax proposals would generate significant opposition on their own. Immigration reform alone, for example, would amount to a titanic political fight. 

The Warren campaign has enlisted a number of boldface names in health care and economics to affirm the plan’s technical feasibility. Simon Johnson, a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, and former Institute for Health Improvement president Donald Berwick vouched for the campaign’s cost estimates. Johnson, Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi and University of Michigan professor Betsey Stevenson vouched for the revenue proposals.

Both Berwick and Stevenson served in the Obama administration ― Berwick as acting administrator of Medicare and Medicaid, Stevenson as a member of the Council of Economic Advisers.
Battling with other Democrats

Pressure on Warren to release such a plan increased after the October Democratic debate, when a number of candidates ― including former Vice President Joe Biden, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar ― amplified existing criticisms of Warren’s lack of specifics on health care,― the top issue for voters in both the general election and the primary. 

The release of Warren’s plan on Friday was never likely to satiate her primary rivals, and it didn’t.
“For months, Elizabeth Warren has refused to say if her health care plan would raise taxes on the middle class, and now we know why: because it does. Senator Warren would place a new tax of nearly $9 trillion that will fall on American workers,” Biden deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said in a statement, referring to the plan’s tax on employers. “The mathematical gymnastics in this plan are all geared towards hiding a simple truth from voters: it’s impossible to pay for Medicare for All without middle class tax increases.”

But Warren plans to use the heavy amount of details in her plan to begin knocking other candidates, especially Biden and Buttigieg, for the lack of detail in their own health plans, and for their plans’ failure to cover all Americans.
“Every candidate who opposes my long-term goal of Medicare for All should explain why the ‘choice’ of private insurance plans is more important than being able to choose the doctor that’s best for you without worrying about whether they are in-network or not,” Warren writes in the Medium post outlining her plan. “Why it’s more important than being able to choose the right prescription drug for you without worrying about massive differences in copays. Why it’s more important than being able to choose to start a small business or choose the job you want without worrying about where your health care coverage will be coming from and how much it will cost.”

Overcoming Union Opposition

A significant part of Democratic opposition to Medicare-for-All has come from organized labor, whose members fear giving up often generous health benefits they have negotiated for. Warren’s plan aims to overcome that worry by promising a tax break to companies willing to take the savings from no longer having to pay for health care and turn them into additional wages or pensions. 

“That way, my plan helps unions that have bargained for good health care already, and creates a significant new incentive for unionization generally by making collective bargaining appealing for both workers and employers as a way of potentially reducing the employer’s Employer Medicare Contributions,” Warren writes.

CORRECTION: This article previously misstated some specific figures of Warren’s plan as being in the billions of dollars, rather than trillions.


Jaango--posted on November 1, 2019





Has Common Sense Arrived?

Today, Senator Elizabeth Warren has announced her "Medicare For All" Plan, we will now have an opportunity to understand the 'analysis' that the Democratic Candidates, i.e., Biden, Sanders, and others, have delivered to us.  Therefore, the first 'analysis' is accordingly being made available to us.

From Joan McCarter, from the web site that is DailyKos.  Thus, we are posting her article in its entirety and titled, "Warren releases Medicare for All financing plan, without middle class tax hikes" and dated November 1, 2019


Sen. Elizabeth Warren has expanded, dramatically, on the initial healthcare page her campaign released with a full-blown, carefully considered, expert-vetted Medicare for All plan, with financing that doesn't require a middle-class tax increase. She created a big task for herself: 
"Under my plan, Medicare for All will cover the full list of benefits outlined in the Medicare for All Act, including long-term care, audio, vision, and dental benefits. My plan will cover every single person in the U.S., and includes common-sense payment reforms that make Medicare for All possible without spending any more money overall than we spend now."

On paper, she succeeds. That's an important factor to note—there are a lot of unknowns in future spending, but working with the current system and with an expansive knowledge of what's working and what's broken within it, she's created a plan with financing that is grounded in today's reality.

Noting that overall spending on health care is estimated to be $52 trillion over the next 10 years, Warren has structured a plan that would stay under that target using existing Medicare and Medicaid spending at the federal and state levels, and shift other spending to provide universal coverage through a combination of redirected employer spending on health insurance—from insurance companies to a federal insurance—and "new taxes on financial firms, giant corporations, and the top 1%," increased enforcement of tax laws to capture taxes the rich and corporations regularly evade now, in addition to shifting wasteful defense spending. That will make up the $11 trillion that individuals spend out of pocket "in the form of premiums, deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket costs."

With it comes more certainty than either employers or employees have now. Employers will be less subject to the whims of insurers and will have a set formula for determining what they pay. Her plan is structured to keep their spending on what's essentially a new from of payroll tax under what they currently spend. The savings will be directed to increased compensation to employees; they'll get back in direct wages what have been indirect compensation in the form of insurance premiums paid by employers. Without changing the current tax structure for middle class workers, the increase in taxes on their wages will constitute their contribution.
Friday, Nov 1, 2019 · 10:20:52 AM USMST · Joan McCarter 

Check this out. There’s a calculator to play with “to find out what Elizabeth’s plan for Medicare for All will mean for you.” Also, they promise “Don’t worry, we’re not saving this info.”
Some unions have been hostile to a Medicare for All scheme because of the good health insurance they've bargained for, and she addresses that as well by allowing employers who have collective bargaining agreements to reduce their "Employer Medicare Contribution if they pass along those savings to workers in the form of increased wages, pensions, or other collectively-bargained benefits." She also encourages companies which don't have these agreements to create them by giving them the same deal, creating "a significant new incentive for unionization generally by making collective bargaining appealing for both workers and employers as a way of potentially reducing the employer's Employer Medicare Contributions." She also acknowledges the role that immigration reform can play, noting that a CBO analysis of the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform would generate $400 billion in direct federal revenue.

Her plan was developed with expert assistance on two fronts—how to make a universal healthcare system and secondly, how to pay for it. On the delivery side, she consulted with Don Berwick, the former director of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; and Simon Johnson, the former chief economist at the World Bank. She worked with Betsey Stevenson, who served as chief economist at the Labor Department under President Obama and Mark Zandi, the head economist at Moody’s Analytics, along with Johnson to develop the tax portion of the plan.

There's much more in this plan to unpack, including how she'll deal with providers and pharmaceutical companies and every other stakeholder, but it's key to note that it's classic Elizabeth Warren. It has grown out of the value system and her "two absolute non-negotiables when it comes to health care: No American should ever, ever die or go bankrupt because of health care costs" and "Every American should be able to see the doctors they need and get their recommended treatments, without having to figure out who is in-network." And it reflects the policy seriousness and understanding that is Warren's trademark.

She's answered the tax "gotcha" question that every debate moderator and her primary opponents have thrown at her emphatically and comprehensively. Which is good news for future debates. Maybe less time will be spent on that question and on the multitude of other issues facing the nation that need be addressed.

Jaango--posted on November 1, 2019




When Pundits  Should Retire...

In his writing rampage for the New York Post, a highly conservative-oriented news media outfit, and dated on October 29, writer/columnist Michael Goodwin, stipulates in his article and titled, "History will not be kind to Nancy Pelosi" takes his viewpoint to an even more incendiary level.  Unfortunately, Goodwin will be proven wrong, and thusly, he won't have the audacity for his providing quiet or public resignation from today's 'writing biz.'

And Goodwin firmly believes that overturning the Trump election of 2016 is her modus operandi.  Of course, he conveniently forgets to easily understand that the House chamber and currently controlled by the Democrats, are required to deliver their inherent "governmental oversight" and of course Common Sense kicks-in when President Trump is being considered under the purview of "high crimes and misdemeanors."  
And as such, Speaker Pelosi is violating her oath of office for her instrumentizing the Trump Inquiry, for starters.  

Regardless of the final outcome in the House Chamber, either through its "inquiry" or through its eventual Impeachment decision-making, it will be the Senate Chamber that declares whether Trump achieved the Senate's interpretation of an effect and affect for this national version of "high crimes and misdemeanors" and leading to a historical significance.  Consequently, the reality of history will be visited on Senator Mitch McConnell, via his political leadership and not on Nancy Pelosi.

And lest I forget, here is the internet link to Goodwin's artice:

In closing, Goodwin will never effectively address our view of "pragmatism" and which incorporates our requisited and merited attention to be given to our National Debt, even after Speaker Pelosi has retired from today's politics.  Thus, the elitist view of today's "pragmatism" practiced by the SuperWealthy and supplemented by its Conservative Ideology, just means more baggage from their quietly-owned vehicle that Reparations for their continuing mindset, cannot be abridged.
Jaango--posted on October 30, 2019





Defining Today's "human scum"...

Recently, President Ttrump stipulated that his political opposition is the equivalent "human scum" and thusly, has rendered our public conversation regarding both the Meuller Report and the ongoing three Committee investigations into the possibility that may or not lead to a formalized hearing that address the possibility of a House vote on Impeachment.

Consequently, the testimony taking place at the House Committee on Intelligence, has entered into a new and more constructive direction and in which today's  testimony is now gaining even more traction, and this has come about regarding the testimony of a personal experience by Lt. Colonel  Vindman at the National Security Council..

And with this week's earlier announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that their will be a formalized and official vote to install a formal investigation for an Impeachment Inquiry and done for legal purposes relative to the federal court's demand that House rules will determine what can be released by the Executive Branch relative to the posession of documentation being refused to release and made available to the Legislative Branch.

Thus, Colonel Vindman's personal participation in the discussions that took place on the comprehensive charade that had to do with Ukraine formally investigate Vice President Biden's ongoing relationship between the United States and Ukraine, cannot be ignored.  Further, the Trump's administration of seeking a further investigation of his son's business association with Ukraine's largest gas company, adds additional weight to the House investigation and followed-up with the "embargo" of the Congressionally approved foreign aid of an approximately $400 million.   

And as such, Vindman's understanding of a "quid pro quo" is and was the "question" that he will have to answer.  More so, once his full testimony is  released to the general public via the House Inquiry. And we, the Inquiring Minds want to know the full scope of what was said and done by the political players inside the Trump administration, regardless of the affected Cabinet's Secretary's inserted behavior, such as Energy Secretary Perry's rampant behavior beyond the traditional governmental interactions.
Jaango--posted on October 29, 2019




A Meandering "opinion"...

Aside from the ongoing fracas among the House's Chamber of Cognosenti, the latest outburst among Republicans seeking to complain that the rules and behaviors having to contend with today's "investigation" and identified as an effort as laying the basic groundwork for a formalized 'impeachment" can be somewhat daunting, in its political detail. 

Take, for example, 20 plus Republicans attempted to 'distract' the general public with their political stunt, and yet, 12 Republicans were members are already members of this Committee that was taking testimony from those  persons were responding to congressional supoenas despite the unassailable fact that President Trump was prohibiting any staff members or 'consultants' from delivering any viable testimony to Congresss. 

And if "history" is taken into consideration, the  "rules" on taking testimony was established by the Republicans back in 2015, when the Republicans were investigating Hillary Clinton as well as the Benghazi fiasco.  And, their establishment 'complaint' is in direct non-compliance with these Rules. 

Regardless of the personal behavior of these Elected Officials, and should the House Chamber begin its formal "impeachment-wide" effort, each of the Republican members will have the formal and legal opportunity seek and achieve the appropriate responses to their propagandized questions.  And the same will occur in the Senate Chamber, as well.

Jaango--October 25, 2019





Odds and Ends...
1.  So much for "regrets":  " The New Yorker and CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin now says he devoted too much attention in 2016 to Hillary Clinton’s private email server, becoming the first big-name journalist to acknowledge having second thoughts about the story since a State Department probe cleared Clinton of serious breaches of rules on Friday. "
Unfortunately, Toobin should surrender his journalistic credentials since there was no abuse by Clinton for using a private email server.  And yet, Toobin never critiqued Colin Powell for his use of a private email server, as well.  Thus, Toobin's future as a journalist should evidence and lead to his newer form of professional obscurity.
2.  President Trump calls his impeachment inquiry/trial as a Democratic "lynching" and which conjures up the  'historical' political violence he's attempting to foment.  Further, Trump can't get any uglier.  And Senator Graham jumps-on-this-wagon and stipulates that the possible Trump impeachment is "un-American."
3.  The  list of potentional directors to lead the Department of Homeland Security and has been determined to be deemed legally ineligible to become the next leader.
4.  Julian Castro announces that he will "drop out" of the Democratic Primary Race if he doesn't raise $800,000 thousand or more by the end of this month.
5.  China's government slams Peter Navarro, the White House Trade Minister for China while using and citing himself with a fake name on the internet.
6.  Bernie Sanders defends Tulsi Gabbard against Hillary Clinton's "outrageous"  Russian asset allegation.
7.   Senator Mitt Romney has been "outed" by the "hackers" for his utilization of an alternative "name" on the Internet.  However, Romney has a sense of humor in his name selection.   
8.  Another Question?  The latest DC "rumor" has it that Trump is going to replace OMB director and "acting" Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney with Kellyanne Conway, his former "messaging" expert.
Jaango--posted on October 22, 2019




Does Warren's Education Plan follow our Academic-Military Draft or should our Academic-Military Plan follow Warren's Educational Plan?
As per our good friends on the internet do, Laura Clawson at Daily Kos Labor, makes our understanding much easier, since she has dived deep into Warren's Education Plan, and comes forth with the salient details.  
And her article titled, "Elizabeth Warren's education plan tackles privatization, segregation, and high stakes testing" and published as of today, October 21, 2019.  Grab a cold one, its lengthy.
And in this instance, we are publishing her article in its entirety.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren has released a K-12 education plan and, like so many of her other policy plans, it fully earns the headline term “sweeping.” Also “bold” and even potentially “inspiring.” In recent weeks, Warren has taken some shots from the left for her past education stances, and, in response to this plan, we’re now going to see who was seriously concerned about education policy and who was just trying to drag her down to benefit their candidate. There’s so much good stuff here—increasing funding, fighting privatization, fighting segregation, breaking up the school-to-prison pipeline, enforcing civil rights, supporting teachers, eliminating high-stakes testing—with Warren’s characteristic understanding of the links between racial justice and economic justice and government enforcement and transparency, and the influence of money in our institutions.
As with so many of her other plans, Warren takes a racial and economic justice approach to education, writing, “The data show that more school funding significantly improves student achievement, particularly for students from low-income backgrounds. Yet our current approach to school funding at the federal, state, and local level underfunds our schools and results in many students from low-income backgrounds receiving less funding than other students on a per-student basis,” and highlighting the racial disparities that result from this system. She calls for quadrupling federal Title I funding to schools with high proportions of students from low-income families, while requiring states to invest in education in order to get that funding, and changing funding formulas to better reach low-income students. 
Warren would also boost federal funding under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act; create “Excellence Grants” for public schools “to invest in programs and resources that they believe are most important to their students”; promote community schools; and invest in school buildings, which are all too often crumbling.
But while funding is a key part of promoting equality in education, it’s not the only thing, and Warren adds a strong set of civil rights proposals. Funding is important in fighting rising school and residential segregation, the plan notes: “Modern residential segregation is driven at least in part by income inequality and parents seeking out the best possible school districts for their children. By investing more money in our public schools - and helping ensure that every public school is a great one - my plan will address one of the key drivers of residential segregation.” Warren would also strengthen civil rights enforcement in education, including applying it to the recent trend of “breakaway” districts, in which the wealthier, whiter areas of a town break away to form their own school district, leaving lower-income and less-white populations in underfunded schools. 
Warren commits to civil rights enforcement not just for students of color but also for students with disabilities, LGBTQ students, and English language learners and other kids from immigrant families. She’d address some of the key policies making schools punitive and stressful for students, pushing back on zero-tolerance discipline policies that contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline, canceling school lunch debt and calling for free school breakfasts and lunches, and eliminating high-stakes testing, which has so damaged the educational experience: “Schools have eliminated critical courses that are not subject to federally mandated testing, like social studies and the arts. They can exclude students who don’t perform well on tests. Teachers feel pressured to teach to the test, rather than ensuring that students have a rich learning experience.”
In that call to eliminate high-stakes testing, which is also so much about allowing teachers to make judgments as professionals, and in the final two broad areas of Warren’s plan, she clearly take cues from the teachers’ uprising of recent years. 
Warren calls for higher pay for teachers, points out that her earlier plan to eliminate student debt would make teaching a more sustainable profession, and supports unions as a path to strength for teachers. She also has a slate of plans to diversify the teaching workforce and to expand professional development for teachers—and she would make the government pay for those classroom supplies that teachers all too often pay for out of their own pockets. 
Finally, Warren says, “To keep our traditional public school systems strong, we must resist efforts to divert public funds out of traditional public schools.” She’s not kidding around there. Warren calls for a ban on for-profit charter schools, including ones that are theoretically nonprofit but outsource operations to for-profit companies, and to end federal funding for the expansion of charter schools—a key Betsy DeVos priority. Beyond that, she would subject existing charter schools to the same oversight and transparency requirements as public schools, and crack down on rampant fraud. She’d apply lobbying restrictions and disclosure requirements to companies lobbying school systems that get federal money, “Ban the sharing, storing, and sale of student data,” and require high-stakes testing companies that currently sell prior versions of their tests to students who can afford them to release those materials to everyone.
In short, Warren once again does have a plan for that.
Read comments when visiting DailyKos in your support attendant to our appreciation being expressed here.
Jaango--posted on October 21, 2019





More on Voter Suppression...

Since the early 1980's, the Reagan years brought on the conceptualization of the newest of the three sterotypes to beome the "right's" latest application when they addressed their self-limiting news outlets.  Today, the current news outlets are not being self-limited by  either the government or the general public, at large.

And as such, the three stereotypes-at-large, are the following:

1. The Native American version is..."He's just another white guy."
2.  The Chicano version is..."El gringo quere componer todo con su, "I'm sorry!"
3.  The European American version is..."I don't care, I'll be dead, and so what's your point?"
Therefore, this 'history' is a relative disappointment for the future that has become's today Republican Party, or in a more demeaning assessment, the "dead-enders" which is seen by the cognoscenti when these 'dead-enders' are viewed from the perspective of "racial and ethnics,"  the poor, and in furtherance to addressing the "unmet needs" of Republican-oriented women.   And the only political course of action for these Republican-oriented women can only be found in Mandatory Voting, otherwise the SCOTUS will be deciding, that Republican-oriented women will be required in joing activists among today and tomorrow's racial and ethnics seeking to achieving a far better future and which will be found in achieving a recognizable level of "decency personified."  

Jaango--posted on October 21, 2019



Mandatory Voting...!!!
Today, among the punditry and cognoscenti, very little is spoken of Mandatory Voting, but much is spoken of an intensified "voter suppression" and the myriad ways in which voter suppression is practiced, not  only by the affected states and localities but among our Courts as these practiced enabliers, and in particular, the affected State's Attorney Gernerals.
And this this is a behavior that is not acceptable to Chicano military vets.  Thus, this "cost" has been both costly/expensive and criminally stupid.  And as such, "fraud" in the form of incarceration of  seven to fourteen years, for this fraud, and for being served at Guantanomo Bay, seems most appropriate.

And many aspects for this voter suppression comes in many forms, and yet, the primary aspect comes at us in the  form of how we address the "census question" is by far the best starting point in our ever-expansive political advocacy.

Therefore, the latest statement from July and given voice by the Greenlining Institute, is reasonably accurate and short after SCOTUS issued it injunction against the Trump administration and the Secretary of Commerce.
“The Trump administration sought to use the Census as a partisan tool. A citizenship question would hurt every state and every community where immigrants live, because when immigrant communities are underrepresented and underfunded, all communities suffer. It would lead to an undercount of immigrants, reducing congressional representation for communities with large numbers of immigrant residents and impacting funding for well over 100 federal programs, which base funding levels in part on Census data. Here in California, where over one quarter of our population is foreign-born, we would see major and lasting damage.
“But today’s Supreme Court ruling doesn’t finally settle the issue. And even if the citizenship question is kept off the 2020 Census, at best this is just one step in what will be a long battle – both to stop voter suppression and to end the Trump administration’s relentless war against science and accurate data.”
And if one is to add a dollar figure, the cost of the Census Bureau is an approximately $3 billion, approximately, but 'restricting' $900 billion being disbursed between all the states, is the approximate expense, that the Trump is attempting to visit on the states. 
Now, over the next several months, or until the presidential election takes place in November of next year, our primary 'issue' must be focused on Mandatory Voting, and followed by Climate Change and Medicare for All and in furtherance, the all-encompassing issue that is infrastrucure,and forthwith, in animating the voters to cast their vote.  And as such, we will be taking a look at these various aspects regarding, voter suppression, in its many forms.
Jaango--posted on October 21, 2019






Odds and Ends...

With all the hot air being sucked out of the political arena by the House chamber's Impeachment Inquiry, not much is being addressed via the Democrat's agenda in the Senate chamber, here are a few items not addressed by the news media outlets.

1.  The Energy's Cabinet Secretary, Rick Perry has announced that he will be 'retiring and which ix expected to take place later this year.  His attention span is lacking in that he was deemed one of the Three Amigos viz a viz Ukraine.

2.  Former Defense Secretary, General Mattis humoursly expressed himself, regarding President Trump, with the following;  a)  “I’m not just an overrated general. I’m the world’s greatest overrated general,” Mattis joked a day after Trump called him that during a meeting with lawmakers. “I’m honored to be called that by Donald Trump, because he also called Meryl Streep an overrated actor. So I guess I’m the Meryl Streep of generals.”  And b)  "I earned my spurs on the battlefield; Donald Trump earned his spurs in a letter from a doctor.” 

3.  At a press conference, OBM Director and Acting Chief of Staff, Mulvaney stipulates that there was a "Quid Pro Quo" between the United States and Ukraine.  And shortly thereafter, denied that the Quid Pro Quo existed.  

4.  Chicago's teachers will be going on strke and in search of smaller classes, affordable housing and racial justice, as well as additional nurses and counselors.

5.  Creating History.  America's first female spacewalk team makes 'history' when Christina Koch and Jessica Meir made repairs on the International Space Station.

6.   According to an interview given to a Democratic Party "operative,"  Hillary Clinton has suggested that Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is being 'groomed' to become a Third Party Candidate "for the Russians."  And this obvious song and dance number, demonstrates this Clinton lingo as discouraging Gabbard and contra to President Trump's victory for his ambitious re-election effort.  Thus, Clinton's "moderate" view is now coming into play, or as her nastiness has no bounds and which is comparable to today's Republican politics.

7.   Another Government Shutdown in November.  The continuing consensus among the political cognoscenti is that the Senate will not pass any legislation relative to government operations since  President Trump is 'demanding' that his Southern Wall is sufficiently well-funded before all other funding bills will be addressed. 

8.  Three Senate Democrats crossed-over and voted with the Senate's Republican majority.   As such, our Good Friend at DailyKos, Meteor Blades, keeps us abreast of these wily democrats denying Congressional History as this history pertains to "review."  Long story short, the Obama administration approved and implemented the Clean Power Plan.  To wit, these three "conservative-oriented" Senators,  Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Doug Jones of Alabama, and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona—voted no.

Jaango--posted on October 19, 2019




Harper's November Index,  Now Published...

Portion of Americans who wouldn’t be “at all surprised” if the genocide of a religious group occurred in the United States: 1/3

Number of species classified as threatened or endangered under Republican administrations since 1993: 77

Under Democratic administrations: 915

Factor by which a French person is more likely than an American to believe that vaccines are unsafe: 3

Average number of times per week Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is mentioned
on Fox News: 42

On CNN: 14

Number of states whose supreme court benches are all white: 24

Total number of state-level recall elections from 1908 to 2009: 25

From 2010 to the present: 20

Percentage of Democratic voters who cite a personal characteristic as the most important factor in selecting a president: 28

Who cite a policy consideration: 27

Number of Democratic congresspeople with “A” ratings from the NRA after
the 2008 elections: 67

With “A” ratings after the 2018 midterms: 3
Number of states that prohibit local governments from enacting gun regulations beyond existing state laws: 43

Rank of subscription television services among forty-six major U.S. industries in terms of customer satisfaction: 46

Of breweries: 1

Jaango--posted on October 18, 2019





Elija Cummings:  RIP
Former President Barack Obama's latest statement:
 "Michelle and I are heartbroken over the passing of our friend, Elijah Cummings. As Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, he showed us all not only the importance of checks and balances within our democracy, but also the necessity of good people stewarding it. Steely yet compassionate, principled yet open to new perspectives, Chairman Cummings remained steadfast in his pursuit of truth, justice, and reconciliation. It’s a tribute to his native Baltimore that one of its own brought such character, tact, and resolve into the halls of power every day. And true to the giants of progress he followed into public service, Chairman Cummings stood tallest and most resolute when our country needed him the most.
Jaango--posted on October 18, 2019




Jonathan Chait, writing for the New York Magazine and its "Intelligencer" division describes the direction that's being taken by the House impeachment  investigation:


The crimes for which impeachment is the prescribed punishment are notoriously undefined. And that’s for a reason: Presidential powers are vast, and it’s impossible to design laws to cover every possible abuse of the office’s authority. House Democrats have calculated that an impeachment focused narrowly on the Ukraine scandal will make the strongest legal case against President Trump. But that’s not Trump’s only impeachable offense. A full accounting would include a wide array of dangerous and authoritarian acts — 82, to be precise. His violations fall into seven broad categories of potentially impeachable misconduct that should be weighed, if not by the House, then at least by history.

I. Abusing Power for Political Gain 

Explanation: The single most dangerous threat to any democratic system is that the ruling party will use its governing powers to entrench itself illegitimately.

Evidence: (1) The Ukraine scandal is fundamentally about the president abusing his authority by wielding his power over foreign policy as a cudgel against his domestic opponents. The president is both implicitly and explicitly trading the U.S. government’s favor for investigations intended to create adverse publicity for Americans whom Trump wishes to discredit. (2) During his campaign, he threatened to impose policies harmful to Amazon in retribution for critical coverage in the Washington Post. (“If I become president, oh do they have problems.”) He has since pushed the postmaster general to double rates on Amazon, and the Defense Department held up a $10 billion contract with Amazon, almost certainly at his behest. (3) He has ordered his officials to block the AT&T–Time Warner merger as punishment for CNN’s coverage of him. (4) He encouraged the NFL to blacklist Colin Kaepernick.
II. Mishandling Classified Information 

Explanation: As he does with many other laws, the president enjoys broad immunity from regulations on the proper handling of classified information, allowing him to take action that would result in felony convictions for other federal employees. President Trump’s mishandling of classified information is not merely careless but a danger to national security.
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Evidence: (5) Trump has habitually communicated on a smartphone highly vulnerable to foreign espionage. (6–30) He has reversed 25 security-clearance denials (including for his son-in-law, who has conducted potentially compromising business with foreign interests). (31) He has turned Mar-a-Lago into an unsecured second White House and even once handled news of North Korea’s missile launch in public view. (32) He gave Russian officials sensitive Israeli intelligence that blew “the most valuable source of information on external plotting by [the] Islamic State,” the Wall Street Journal reported. (33) He tweeted a high-resolution satellite image of an Iranian launch site for the sake of boasting.

III. Undermining Duly Enacted Federal Law 

Explanation: President Trump has abused his authority either by distorting the intent of laws passed by Congress or by flouting them. He has directly ordered subordinates to violate the law and has promised pardons in advance, enabling him and his staff to operate with impunity. In these actions, he has undermined Congress’s constitutional authority to make laws.

Evidence: (34) Having failed to secure funding authority for a border wall, President Trump unilaterally ordered funds to be moved from other budget accounts. (35) He has undermined regulations on health insurance under the Affordable Care Act preventing insurers from charging higher rates to customers with more expensive risk profiles. (36) He has abused emergency powers to impose tariffs, intended to protect the supply chain in case of war, to seize from Congress its authority to negotiate international trade agreements. (37–38) He has ordered border agents to illegally block asylum seekers from entering the country and has ordered other aides to violate eminent-domain laws and contracting procedures in building the border wall, (39–40) both times promising immunity from lawbreaking through presidential pardons.

IV. Obstruction of Congress 

Explanation: The executive branch and Congress are co-equal, each intended to guard against usurpation of authority by the other. Trump has refused to acknowledge any legitimate oversight function of Congress, insisting that because Congress has political motivations, it is disqualified from it. His actions and rationale strike at the Constitution’s design of using the political ambitions of the elected branches to check one another.

Evidence: (41) Trump has refused to abide by a congressional demand to release his tax returns, despite an unambiguous law granting the House this authority. His lawyers have flouted the law on the spurious grounds that subpoenas for his tax returns “were issued to harass President Donald J. Trump, to rummage through every aspect of his personal finances, his businesses and the private information of the president and his family, and to ferret about for any material that might be used to cause him political damage.” Trump’s lawyers have argued that Congress cannot investigate potentially illegal behavior by the president because the authority to do so belongs to prosecutors. In other litigation, those lawyers have argued that prosecutors cannot investigate the president. These contradictory positions support an underlying stance that no authority can investigate his misconduct. (42) He has defended his refusal to accept oversight on the grounds that members of Congress “aren’t, like, impartial people. The Democrats are trying to win 2020.” (43) The president has also declared that impeachment is illegal and should be stopped in the courts (though, unlike with his other obstructive acts, he has not yet taken any legal action toward this end).

V. Obstruction of Justice 

Explanation: By virtue of his control over the federal government’s investigative apparatus, the president (along with the attorney general) is uniquely well positioned to cover up his own misconduct. Impeachment is the sole available remedy for a president who uses his powers of office to hold himself immune from legal accountability. In particular, the pardon power gives the president almost unlimited authority to obstruct investigations by providing him with a means to induce the silence of co-conspirators.
Evidence: (44–53) The Mueller report contains ten instances of President Trump engaging in obstructive acts. While none of those succeeded in stopping the probe, Trump dangled pardons and induced his co-conspirators to lie or withhold evidence from investigators. Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen testified to Congress that Trump had directed him to lie to it about his negotiations with the Russian government during the campaign to secure a lucrative building contract in Moscow. And when Cohen stated his willingness to lie, Robert Costello, an attorney who had worked with Rudy Giuliani, emailed Cohen assuring him he could “sleep well tonight” because he had “friends in high places.” Trump has publicly praised witnesses in the Russia investigation for refusing to cooperate, and he sent a private message to former national-security adviser Michael Flynn urging him to “stay strong.” He has reinforced this signal by repeatedly denouncing witnesses who cooperate with investigators as “flippers.” (54–61) He has exercised his pardon power for a series of Republican loyalists, sending a message that at least some of his co-conspirators have received. 
The president’s pardon of conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza “has to be a signal to Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort and even Robert S. Mueller III: Indict people for crimes that don’t pertain to Russian collusion and this is what could happen,” Roger Stone told the Washington Post. “The special counsel has awesome powers, as you know, but the president has even more awesome powers.”

VI. Profiting From Office 

Explanation: Federal employees must follow strict rules to prevent them from being influenced by any financial conflict. Conflict-of-interest rules are less clear for a sitting president because all presidential misconduct will be resolved by either reelection or impeachment. If Trump held any position in the federal government below the presidency, he would have been fired for his obvious conflicts. His violations are so gross and blatant they merit impeachment.

Evidence: (62) He has maintained a private business while holding office, (63) made decisions that influence that business, (64) and accepted payments from parties both domestic and foreign who have an interest in his policies. (65) He has openly signaled that these parties can gain his favor by doing so. (66) He has refused even to disclose his interests, which would at least make public which parties are paying him.

VII. Fomenting Violence 

Explanation: One of the unspoken roles of the president is to serve as a symbolic head of state. Presidents have very wide latitude for their political rhetoric, but Trump has violated its bounds, exceeding in his viciousness the rhetoric of Andrew Johnson (who was impeached in part for the same offense).

Evidence: (67) Trump called for locking up his 2016 opponent after the election. (68–71) He has clamored for the deportation of four women of color who are congressional representatives of the opposite party. (72) He has described a wide array of domestic political opponents as treasonous, including the news media. (73–80) On at least eight occasions, he has encouraged his supporters — including members of the armed forces — to attack his political opponents. (“I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump — I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad.”) (81) He has threatened journalists with violence if they fail to produce positive coverage. (“If the media would write correctly and write accurately and write fairly, you’d have a lot less violence in the country.”) 
(82) There have been 36 criminal cases nationwide in which the defendant invoked Trump’s name in connection with violence; 29 of these cited him as the inspiration for an attack.


Jaango--posted on October 15, 2019


Our Well-Deserved Historical Condemnation...

Joseph Ferullo, and opinion writer, has his article published at "" and titled,"Good riddance:   The Last gasp of Baby Boomer politics" and which, in today's political vitriol, hits only the  high notes.


The pitched battle over impeachment is the last-gasp struggle of a generation that has dominated American politics, media and culture for more than half a century — the Baby Boomers.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

I say this as a member of that tribe (although one on the, ahem, younger end of the timeline), someone who’s lived through the endless political and cultural wars painted in stark black-and-white by a group that only sees life in terms of Us-vs.-Them. It’s a generation, convinced of its own importance, that refuses to leave the public stage: The president, the speaker of the House, and just about all the top-tier Democratic presidential candidates are Boomers, pushing aside anyone below the age of 70.

Along with politics, their influence over media has been profound, turning a once-sober news landscape into a wrestling arena filled with ideologically-driven commentary.

It began from a place anyone could understand. The 1960s presented young people with constant challenges to American ideals: attacks on civil rights, traumatic political assassinations, the war in Vietnam and government lies that allowed that war to continue. Out of that shock to the system emerged the “underground press.” This movement informed a generation that mainstream media couldn’t be trusted, journalistic objectivity was a farce, and factual truth was less important than a “deeper truth.”

Great journalism did emerge from this crusade but, too often, the underground press trafficked in conspiracy theories posing as investigations: slim on facts, fat on fulmination.

Right-wing Boomers soon picked up on the anti-media theme for their own purposes. President Richard Nixon and his vice president, Spiro Agnew, attacked journalistic objectivity as mere cover for mainstream liberal bias, labeling the press a “closed fraternity of privileged men.”

In the 1970s, the right began to establish its own forms of alternative media, mostly restrained opinion journals published by newly funded conservative think-tanks. That changed in 1987 when, in the waning years of President Ronald Reagan’s second term, his Federal Communications Commission did away with something that had been around since 1949 — the Fairness Doctrine. In essence, this regulation required broadcasters to air both sides of any political issue, a sort of enforced objectivity.

By this time, Boomers left and right had waged a long struggle against the notion of down-the-middle objective reporting — and they were ready for the Fairness Doctrine’s finale. The right jumped in first, initially with talk radio and hosts like Rush Limbaugh, and then, in 1996, with the creation of Fox News.

MSNBC was launched that same year as a just-the-facts news channel, but executives quickly realized Boomers and facts weren’t a good match. The service tacked right to copy Fox, then found its footing as a left-wing antidote.

One result of all this: 30 years after the Fairness Doctrine’s demise, a study found our media environment more polarized than that of any other Western country. Journalism and trust in journalists have suffered amid the gleeful partisan shouting now confused with actual news.

Most generations ease up on the passions and assumptions that drove their youth — it’s a natural part of growing up. But too many Boomers have stuck to a simplistic outlook shaped by the ’60s, a shattered decade of riots, death and deception. We still live in their binary world of hawks and doves, “Love it or leave It” and “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that we now have a 73-year-old president who trades in “alternative facts,” conjures up conspiracy theories and commands voters to trust him rather than their own eyes. In many ways, we’ve been racing toward this moment for half a century.

At some point, my generation will exit the public stage — but polarization may not go with us. The internet and social media have made division easier, creating ever-thinner ideological slices of news readers and viewers.

Still, there is a hunger for something different; younger consumers are smarter about media overall, and can more easily sort out facts from commentary. In one research project, students surveyed defined news as the “objective reporting of facts,” a phrase that would make Walter Cronkite weep with joy.

There are signs that things actually may get better. All it takes is for a certain generation to grow up — or step out of the way. 


Joe Ferullo is an award-winning media executive, producer and journalist and former executive vice president of programming for CBS Television Distribution. He was a news executive for NBC, a writer-producer for “Dateline NBC,” and worked for ABC News. 

Jaango--posted October 15, 2019
Is Trump's Acting Chief  of Staff, and while still 'managing' OMB, can Mick  Mulvaney be considered deep in "hot water"?

The news media outlet, or the  Wall Stree Journal, is reporting The White House gave a politically appointed official the authority to keep aid to Ukraine on hold after career budget staff members questioned the legality of delaying the funds, according to people familiar with the matter, a shift that House Democrats are probing in their impeachment inquiry.

….The involvement of a political official like Mr. Duffey in the apportionment process is unusual, according to several former OMB officials. Career staff below the political level at OMB with years, and sometimes decades, of technical knowledge of the funding process have historically overseen the routine process, according to the former officials.

Needless to say, but I will, Mister Duffey as a former executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party before joining the Trump administration, does tells a tad of truth-telling.

Jaango--posted on October 15, 2019



Another of Washington Post's "embarrassments"...
For the Democrats, the political backbone is concentrated among "racial and ethnics" and this dilemma a granular threat to the uber-wealthy that are the 'large' financial donors.  Thus, the numerous experts that are the toady's to this uber-wealthy concentrate, can' resist expressing themselves to the European-American voters and their daily stipulation that only the "moderates" such as Biden and Sanders can readily compete against President Trump. And as to Elizabeth Warren, the Washington Post's corporate political position, is to drag Warren down, and as far as she will allow herself to disintigrate or self-destruct.
And needless to say on my part, the daily toil of politics, starts with the irreconsilable  recognition and that today's attention is that Biden, Sanders and Warren are not "progressives" with any likelihood  that either of the three would espouse today's view of what constitutes our nation's "progressive movement" in politics.
Therefore, the local and national polling efforts among Democrats fluctuates very little, and that's to be expected among these three primary candidates since these "democratic" candidates are the stellar politicians seeking the large volume of votes from our  nation's 'racial and ethnics'. 
And yet, none of these candidates will ever tout the notional for "mandatory voting".  And if so, this tout, would eliminate Right's determination for their continued supplication for Citizen's United.
Jaango--posted on October 11, 2019




"Indefinite" Incarceration at Guantanamo...

When the House Committees, i.e., the six Committees, complete their process for the overall compilations of both documents their 'roster' of testimony to be taken, anyone in government and whom refuses to testify willingly and accurately, SHOULD be notified that packing the traditional "overnight bag" for their short trip via the Marshal's Service, to participate in their individualized indefinite "incarceration site" at Guantanamo, is to be expected.

Consequently, the defense and protection of the Constitution, is of a signicant responsibility for each one of us, regardless of political philosophy and political disposition.

Jaango--posted on October 10, 2019




From Our Good Friend, Kevin Drum, over at the Mother Jones Magazine.
From earlier this week, Kevin, lays  out the 'reality' of right's vitriolic propaganda:
The White House has made it official: they are going to stonewall every congressional subpoena for anything and everything. In a way, I suppose that’s not surprising. What is surprising—a little bit, I guess—is that they’ve announced their intentions via a letter from the White House counsel that reads like a Rush Limbaugh monologue, not a legal document.
You can read the whole thing here, but allow me to summarize the three numbered sections:
1.  The House impeachment inquiry is not a real impeachment inquiry because no vote has been taken. But just in case you think you can get around this by taking a vote, forget it. The inquiry is also invalid because Democrats “have not established any procedures affording the President even the most basic protections demanded by due process under the Constitution and by fundamental fairness.”
2.  The impeachment inquiry is nothing more than a “naked political strategy” to overturn the 2016 election. It’s totally invalid.
3.  There’s no legitimate basis for the inquiry because President Trump’s call to the president of Ukraine was “completely appropriate” and everyone knows it.
This is batshit insane. Due process is for the impeachment trial, not the initial inquiry. The political motivation for impeachment is irrelevant. And the whole point of the inquiry is to establish whether Trump did anything wrong. The fact that Trump himself says he did nothing wrong is hardly conclusive evidence.
But this letter was plainly not written with legal arguments in mind. No lawyer would do anything but laugh at it. Rather, it’s aimed at Trump’s base and, especially, Fox News. It provides them with approved talking points going forward, and I expect to hear versions of these talking points 24/7 throughout conservative media for weeks to come.
Jaango--posted on October 10, 2019




DACA Support at the SCOTUS...

Update from our  Good Friend, Hunter...

"The support for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients as the case around the program heads to the Supreme Court next month continues to grow, with nearly 160 businesses and business associations, nearly 200 colleges and universities, and 80 prosecutors and law enforcement leaders filing legal briefs calling on justices to allow young immigrants to keep their vital protections.

"In their legal briefing, 18 major business associations and 140 companies including Airbnb, Ben & Jerry’s, Chobani, Netflix, and Target tell the Supreme Court that the national GDP stands to lose up to $460.3 billion should the Trump administration succeed in having justices do its dirty work of ending the program, “and tax revenues will be reduced by approximately $90 billion, over the next decade.”

“Rescinding DACA will harm not only individual recipients and their families, friends, and co-workers,” the brief states, “but also the many U.S. businesses that count on them to help fuel continued innovation and economic growth.” In its own briefing filed separately last week, Apple echoed both the human and fiscal costs of ending DACA, saying that “Our interest in this case is simple: We are distressed at the prospect of ripping our DACA colleagues from the fabric of our company.”

Jaango--posted on October 9, 2019



The SCOTUS Agenda...

The scheduled hears for October, November and December of this year, is as follows:
***Start*** (From SCOTUSBLOG)

October Term 2019

View this list sorted by case name.
October Sitting
Kahler v. Kansas, No. 18-6135 [Arg: 10.7.2019 Trans.]
Issue(s): Whether the Eighth and 14th Amendments permit a state to abolish the insanity defense.
Ramos v. Louisiana, No. 18-5924 [Arg: 10.7.2019 Trans.]
Issue(s): Whether the 14th Amendment fully incorporates the Sixth Amendment guarantee of a unanimous verdict.
Peter v. NantKwest Inc., No. 18-801 [Arg: 10.7.2019 Trans.]
Issue(s): Whether the phrase “[a]ll the expenses of the proceedings” in 35 U.S.C. § 145 encompasses the personnel expenses the United States Patent and Trademark Office incurs when its employees, including attorneys, defend the agency in Section 145 litigation.
Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia, No. 17-1618 [Arg: 10.8.2019 Trans.]
Issue(s): Whether discrimination against an employee because of sexual orientation constitutes prohibited employment discrimination “because of . . . sex” within the meaning of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. § 2000e-2.
R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes Inc. v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, No. 18-107 [Arg: 10.8.2019 Trans.]
Issue(s): Whether Title VII prohibits discrimination against transgender people based on (1) their status as transgender or (2) sex stereotyping under Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins.
Altitude Express Inc. v. Zarda, No. 17-1623 [Arg: 10.8.2019]
Issue(s): Whether the prohibition in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. § 2000e-2(a)(1), against employment discrimination “because of . . . sex” encompasses discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation.
UTIER v. Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico, No. 18-1521 [Arg: 10.15.2019]
Issue(s): Whether the de facto officer doctrine allows for unconstitutionally appointed principal Officers of the United States to continue acting, leaving the party that challenges their appointment with an ongoing injury and without an appropriate relief.
U.S. v. Aurelius Investment, LLC, No. 18-1514 [Arg: 10.15.2019]
Issue(s): Whether members of Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico are “Officers of the United States” within the meaning of the appointments clause of the United States Constitution, Art. II, § 2, Cl. 2.
Aurelius Investment, LLC v. Puerto Rico, No. 18-1475 [Arg: 10.15.2019]
Issue(s): Whether the de facto officer doctrine allows courts to deny meaningful relief to successful separation-of-powers challengers who are suffering ongoing injury at the hands of unconstitutionally appointed principal officers.
Official Committee of Debtors v. Aurelius Investment, LLC, No. 18-1496 [Arg: 10.15.2019]
Issue(s): Whether the appointments clause governs the appointment of members of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico.
Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico v. Aurelius Investment, LLC, No. 18-1334 [Arg: 10.15.2019]
Issue(s): Whether the appointments clause governs the appointment of members of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico.
Rotkiske v. Klemm, No. 18-328 [Arg: 10.16.2019]
Issue(s): Whether the “discovery rule” applies to toll the one-year statute of limitations under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ 1692, et seq., as the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the 4th and 9th Circuits have held but the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit (sua sponte en banc) has held contrarily.
Mathena v. Malvo, No. 18-217 [Arg: 10.16.2019]
Issue(s): Whether the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit erred in concluding—in direct conflict with Virginia’s highest court and other courts—that a decision of the Supreme Court, Montgomery v. Louisiana, addressing whether a new constitutional rule announced in an earlier decision, Miller v. Alabama, applies retroactively on collateral review may properly be interpreted as modifying and substantively expanding the very rule whose retroactivity was in question.
Kansas v. Garcia, No. 17-834 [Arg: 10.16.2019]
Issue(s): (1) Whether the Immigration Reform and Control Act expressly pre-empts the states from using any information entered on or appended to a federal Form I-9, including common information such as name, date of birth, and social security number, in a prosecution of any person (citizen or alien) when that same, commonly used information also appears in non-IRCA documents, such as state tax forms, leases, and credit applications; and (2) whether the Immigration Reform and Control Act impliedly preempts Kansas’ prosecution of respondents. CVSG: 12/04/2018. 

November Sitting

Barton v. Barr, No. 18-725 [Arg: 11.4.2019]
Issue(s): Whether a lawfully admitted permanent resident who is not seeking admission to the United States can be “render[ed] ... inadmissible” for the purposes of the stop-time rule, 8 U.S.C. § 1229b(d)(1).
Kansas v. Glover, No. 18-556 [Arg: 11.4.2019]
Issue(s): Whether, for purposes of an investigative stop under the Fourth Amendment, it is reasonable for an officer to suspect that the registered owner of a vehicle is the one driving the vehicle absent any information to the contrary.
Allen v. Cooper, No. 18-877 [Arg: 11.5.2019]
Issue(s): Whether Congress validly abrogated state sovereign immunity via the Copyright Remedy Clarification Act in providing remedies for authors of original expression whose federal copyrights are infringed by states.
CITGO Asphalt Refining Co. v. Frescati Shipping Co., Ltd., No. 18-565 [Arg: 11.5.2019]
Issue(s): Whether under federal maritime law a safe-berth clause in a voyage charter contract is a guarantee of a ship‘s safety, as the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the 2nd and 3rd Circuits have held, or a duty of due diligence, as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit has held.
Retirement Plans Committee of IBM v. Jander, No. 18-1165 [Arg: 11.6.2019]
Issue(s): Whether Fifth Third Bancorp v. Dudenhoeffer’s “more harm than good” pleading standard can be satisfied by generalized allegations that the harm of an inevitable disclosure of an alleged fraud generally increases over time.
County of Maui, Hawaii v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund, No. 18-260 [Arg: 11.6.2019]
Issue(s): Whether the Clean Water Act requires a permit when pollutants originate from a point source but are conveyed to navigable waters by a nonpoint source, such as groundwater. CVSG: 01/03/2018.
Hernandez v. Mesa, No. 17-1678 [Arg: 11.12.2019]
Issue(s): Whether, when the plaintiffs plausibly allege that a rogue federal law-enforcement officer violated clearly established Fourth and Fifth amendment rights for which there is no alternative legal remedy, the federal courts can and should recognize a damages claim under Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics.
Trump v. NAACP, No. 18-588 [Arg: 11.12.2019]
Issue(s): (1) Whether the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to wind down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy is judicially reviewable; and (2) whether DHS’s decision to wind down the DACA policy is lawful.
McAleenan v. Vidal, No. 18-589 [Arg: 11.12.2019]
Issue(s): (1) Whether the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to wind down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy is judicially reviewable; and (2) whether DHS’s decision to wind down the DACA policy is lawful.
Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of the University of California, No. 18-587 [Arg: 11.12.2019]
Issue(s): (1) Whether the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to wind down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy is judicially reviewable; and (2) whether DHS’s decision to wind down the DACA policy is lawful.
Ritzen Group Inc. v. Jackson Masonry, LLC, No. 18-938 [Arg: 11.13.2019]
Issue(s): Whether an order denying a motion for relief from the automatic stay is a final order under 28 U.S.C. § 158(a)(1).
Comcast Corp. v. National Association of African American-Owned Media, No. 18-1171 [Arg: 11.13.2019]
Issue(s): Whether a claim of race discrimination under 42 U.S.C. § 1981 fails in the absence of but-for causation. 

December Sitting

Georgia v. Public.Resource.Org Inc., No. 18-1150 [Arg: 12.2.2019]
Issue(s): Whether the government edicts doctrine extends to—and thus renders uncopyrightable—works that lack the force of law, such as the annotations in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.
New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. City of New York, New York, No. 18-280 [Arg: 12.2.2019]
Issue(s): Whether New York City’s ban on transporting a licensed, locked and unloaded handgun to a home or shooting range outside city limits is consistent with the Second Amendment, the commerce clause and the constitutional right to travel.
Atlantic Richfield Co. v. Christian, No. 17-1498 [Arg: 12.3.2019]
Issue(s): (1) Whether a common-law claim for restoration seeking cleanup remedies that conflict with remedies the Environmental Protection Agency ordered is a jurisdictionally barred “challenge” to the EPA’s cleanup under 42 U.S.C. § 9613 of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act; (2) whether a landowner at a Superfund site is a “potentially responsible party” that must seek EPA approval under 42 U.S.C. § 9622(e)(6) of CERCLA before engaging in remedial action, even if the EPA has never ordered the landowner to pay for a cleanup; and (3) whether CERCLA pre-empts state common-law claims for restoration that seek cleanup remedies that conflict with EPA-ordered remedies. CVSG: 04/30/2019.
Rodriguez v. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., No. 18-1269 [Arg: 12.3.2019]
Issue(s): Whether courts should determine ownership of a tax refund paid to an affiliated group based on the federal common law “Bob Richards rule,” as three circuits hold, or based on the law of the relevant state, as four circuits hold.
Intel Corp. Investment Policy Committee v. Sulyma, No. 18-1116 [Arg: 12.4.2019]
Issue(s): Whether the three-year limitations period in Section 413(2) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, which runs from “the earliest date on which the plaintiff had actual knowledge of the breach or violation,” bars suit when all the relevant information was disclosed to the plaintiff by the defendants more than three years before the plaintiff filed the complaint, but the plaintiff chose not to read or could not recall having read the information.
Banister v. Davis, No. 18-6943 [Arg: 12.4.2019]
Issue(s): Whether and under what circumstances a timely Rule 59(e) motion should be recharacterized as a second or successive habeas petition under Gonzalez v. Crosby.
Thryv v. Click-To-Call Technologies, LP, No. 18-916 [Arg: 12.9.2019]
Issue(s): Whether 35 U.S.C. § 314(d) permits appeal of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s decision to institute an inter partes review upon finding that 35 U.S.C. § 315(b)’s time bar did not apply.
Ovalles v. Barr, No. 18-1015 [Arg: 12.9.2019]
Issue(s): Whether the criminal alien bar, 8 U.S.C. § 1252(a)(2)(C), tempered by 8 U.S.C. § 1252(a)(2)(D), prohibits a court from reviewing an agency decision finding that a movant lacked diligence for equitable tolling purposes, notwithstanding the lack of a factual dispute.
Guerrero-Lasprilla v. Barr, No. 18-776 [Arg: 12.9.2019]
Issue(s): Whether a request for equitable tolling, as it applies to statutory motions to reopen, is judicially reviewable as a “question of law.”
Holguin-Hernandez v. U.S., No. 18-7739 [Arg: 12.10.2019]
Issue(s): Whether a formal objection after pronouncement of sentence is necessary to invoke appellate reasonableness review of the length of a defendant’s sentence.
Moda Health Plan v. U.S., No. 18-1028 [Arg: 12.10.2019]
Issue(s): Whether Congress can evade its unambiguous statutory promise to pay health insurers for losses already incurred simply by enacting appropriations riders restricting the sources of funds available to satisfy the government’s obligation.
Maine Community Health Options v. U.S., No. 18-1023 [Arg: 12.10.2019]
Issue(s): (1) Whether—given the “cardinal rule” disfavoring implied repeals, which applies with “especial force” to appropriations acts and requires that repeal not to be found unless the later enactment is “irreconcilable” with the former—an appropriations rider whose text bars the agency’s use of certain funds to pay a statutory obligation, but does not repeal or amend the statutory obligation, and is thus not inconsistent with it, can nonetheless be held to impliedly repeal the obligation by elevating the perceived “intent” of the rider (drawn from unilluminating legislative history) above its text, and the text of the underlying statute; and (2) whether—when the federal government has an unambiguous statutory payment obligation, under a program involving reciprocal commitments by the government and a private company participating in the program—the presumption against retroactivity applies to the interpretation of an appropriations rider that is claimed to have impliedly repealed the government’s obligation.
Land of Lincoln Mutual Health Insurance Co. v. U.S., No. 18-1038 [Arg: 12.10.2019]
Issue(s): Whether a temporary cap on appropriations availability from certain specified funding sources may be construed, based on its legislative history, to abrogate retroactively the government’s payment obligations under a money-mandating statute, for parties that have already performed their part of the bargain under the statute.
Monasky v. Taglieri, No. 18-935 [Arg: 12.11.2019]
Issue(s): (1) Whether a district court’s determination of habitual residence under the Hague Convention should be reviewed de novo, as seven circuits have held, under a deferential version of de novo review, as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit has held, or under clear-error review, as the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the 4th and 6th Circuits have held; and (2) whether, when an infant is too young to acclimate to her surroundings, a subjective agreement between the infant‘s parents is necessary to establish her habitual residence under the Hague Convention.
McKinney v. Arizona, No. 18-1109 [Arg: 12.11.2019]
Issue(s): (1) Whether the Arizona Supreme Court was required to apply current law when weighing mitigating and aggravating evidence to determine whether a death sentence is warranted; and (2) whether the correction of error under Eddings v. Oklahoma requires resentencing.
Cases Not (Yet) Set for Argument:
Opati v. Republic of Sudan, No. 17-1268
Issue(s): Whether, consistent with the Supreme Court’s decision in Republic of Austria v. Altmann, the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act applies retroactively, thereby permitting recovery of punitive damages 28 U.S.C. § 1605A(c) against foreign states for terrorist activities occurring prior to the passage of the current version of the statute. CVSG: 05/21/2019.
Thole v. U.S. Bank, N.A., No. 17-1712
Issue(s): (1) Whether an ERISA plan participant or beneficiary may seek injunctive relief against fiduciary misconduct under 29 U.S.C. § 1132(a)(3) without demonstrating individual financial loss or the imminent risk thereof; (2) whether an ERISA plan participant or beneficiary may seek restoration of plan losses caused by fiduciary breach under 29 U.S.C. § 1132(a)(2) without demonstrating individual financial loss or the imminent risk thereof. CVSG: 05/21/2019; and (3) whether petitioners have demonstrated Article III standing.
Babb v. Wilkie, No. 18-882
Issue(s): Whether the federal-sector provision of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, which provides that personnel actions affecting agency employees aged 40 years or older shall be made free from any “discrimination based on age,” 29 U.S.C. §633a(a), requires a plaintiff to prove that age was a but-for cause of the challenged personnel action.
GE Energy Power Conversion France SAS v. Outokumpu Stainless USA LLC, No. 18-1048
Issue(s): Whether the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards permits a nonsignatory to an arbitration agreement to compel arbitration based on the doctrine of equitable estoppel.
Kelly v. U.S., No. 18-1059
Issue(s): Whether a public official “defraud[s]” the government of its property by advancing a “public policy reason” for an official decision that is not her subjective “real reason” for making the decision.
Lucky Brand Dungarees Inc. v. Marcel Fashion Group Inc., No. 18-1086
Issue(s): Whether, when a plaintiff asserts new claims, federal preclusion principles can bar a defendant from raising defenses that were not actually litigated and resolved in any prior case between the parties.
Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, No. 18-1195
Issue(s): Whether it violates the religion clauses or the equal protection clause of the United States Constitution to invalidate a generally available and religiously neutral student-aid program simply because the program affords students the choice of attending religious schools.
Romag Fasteners Inc. v. Fossil Inc., No. 18-1233
Issue(s): Whether, under Section 35 of the Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1117(a), willful infringement is a prerequisite for an award of an infringer’s profits for a violation of Section 43(a), 15 U.S.C. § 1125(a).
June Medical Services LLC v. Gee, No. 18-1323
Issue(s): Whether the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit’s decision upholding Louisiana’s law requiring physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital conflicts with the Supreme Court’s binding precedent in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt.
Gee v. June Medical Services, LLC, No. 18-1460
Issue(s): (1) Whether abortion providers can be presumed to have third-party standing to challenge health and safety regulations on behalf of their patients absent a “close” relationship with their patients and a “hindrance” to their patients’ ability to sure on their own behalf; and (2) whether objections to prudential standing are waivable – per the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and Federal Circuits – or non-waivable per the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the D.C., 2nd, and 6th Circuits.
U.S. Forest Service v. Cowpasture River Preservation Association, No. 18-1584
Issue(s): Whether the United States Forest Service has the authority to grant rights-of-way under the Mineral Leasing Act through lands traversed by the Appalachian Trail within national forests.
Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC v. Cowpasture River Preservation Association, No. 18-1587
Issue(s): Whether the United States Forest Service has the authority under the Mineral Leasing Act and National Trails System Act to grant rights-of-way through national-forest lands that the Appalachian Trail traverses.
Shular v. U.S., No. 18-6662
Issue(s): Whether the determination of a “serious drug offense” under the Armed Career Criminal Act requires the same categorical approach used in the determination of a “violent felony” under the act.
U.S. v. Sineneng-Smith, No. 19-67
Issue(s): Whether the federal criminal prohibition against encouraging or inducing illegal immigration for commercial advantage or private financial gain, in violation of 8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv) and (B)(i), is facially unconstitutional.


Jaango--posted on October 9, 2019



Trump's Military Arm...or "civil war"

When President Jimmy Carter left the Oval Office, an approximate 50% of the  Admirals and Generals were Democrats and the remaining 50% of the Admirals and Generals were Republicans.  And since the Reagan administration, this ratio has shifted into today's ratio and which is now at 80% Republicans and the remaining Admirals and Generals are Democrats.  And into this greater shift, Trump's intellectual listlessness has become even more visible.  

And over at the web site at the Daily  Beast, and located at
defines "the history" for Patricia Ravalgi.  

To wit, we are republishing a smaller portion, and in keeping with Digby and as she has written.


:Earlier this week Donald Trump, commander in chief of the U.S. armed forces, tweeted that his impeachment “will cause a Civil War” from which the country might never recover. Picking up on remarks made by an evangelical pastor on Fox News, Trump did not just say his removal would lead to a huge electoral defeat for the Democrats, or even mass demonstrations. He said “civil war”. Americans taking up arms against other Americans in his name. 
“Civil War 2” started trending on Twitter. So, for a time, did #CivilWarSignup.
In the modern era, real civil wars have been the great affliction of Third World countries—conflicts that split nations and societies along political, ethnic or religious fault lines. They are very often accompanied by martial law and resolved by military intervention. Is this what the president has in mind? Where would the U.S. military stand in such a situation? A view from the inside indicates the armed forces are as divided as the rest of the country—and divided is a dangerous place for the U.S. military to find itself.
After spending 19 years in Washington with intelligence jobs in Congress, at the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (focusing on counterterrorism and counterintelligence), I had the opportunity to join the commander’s Red Team at U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida.
Within a few years, however, CENTCOM’s senior leadership told us Red Team’s “alternative analysis” was “confusing” the commander. (Truth was, they really didn’t want any competing analysis contradicting what the traditional intelligence analysts were selling.) I was told I would now be an Intelligence Planner. Intelligence Planners provide critical intelligence support to military operations. (CENTCOM has responsibility for most of the Middle East, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the fight against ISIS.) I remained at CENTCOM for 12 years.


Recent polling shows that among military veterans, approval ratings for Trump are higher than among the civilian population. In my experience, the support for Donald Trump among a large segment of the U.S. military is downright cult-like.
None of this makes sense. Trump is everything the U.S. military should despise: a draft dodger, adulterer, flabby, lazy, unread, a tabloid joke for decades, and TV reality show star. During the 2016 campaign, Trump sought to brandish his non-existent national security chops by insulting Barack Obama’s generals. “I know more about ISIS than the generals do. The generals have been reduced to rubble. They have been reduced to a point where it’s embarrassing for our country.” He hinted that as president, he would fire them. “They’d probably be different generals,” he said at NBC’s pre-election Commander-in-Chief Forum.


From Michael Flynn, the rogue retired general closest to him, Trump learned just how deep the military’s disdain was for Democrats—and for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama specifically. Trump learned from Flynn that there were grievances and resentments within the military establishment to be exploited. Highly intelligent active duty and retired military officers with outstanding service records (not “deplorables”) could be heard at CENTCOM repeating far-right-wing conspiracy theories like: “Hillary murdered a lot of people” and “Obama is a Kenyan Black Muslim,” “The FBI and the CIA are corrupt,” “The media is fake news.” Trump’s attacks and abuse of their former bosses, and even of a Gold Star family, didn’t seem to impact their opinion of him.

Once Trump was elected, they wholeheartedly bought into his claims that the “deep state” and the “fake news media” were now plotting a coup against him. Some would call themselves “nationalists,” not having the basic understanding of the difference between “nationalism” and “patriotism.” (The political divide also cut across racial lines. African-Americans serving in the military had a deep admiration and affection for the first black commander in chief, not shared by their white counterparts. One Army major, an Iraq War veteran, gave voice to many others in the military, telling me, “The military hates Obama.”)
CENTCOM’s environment, and especially that of the Joint Intelligence Center (JIC) which houses all the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analysts, felt political the moment you walked through its doors. Televisions in the lobby, the reception areas, in private office spaces, and even in the employee and visitor’s cafe—were tuned to FOX News. It was Orwellian in its pervasiveness. People at their desks were streaming FOX News while reading Drudge and Breitbart. (By 2018, more of the common areas began showing sports or weather channels to get away from the politics, which had made some uncomfortable.)
It was the doggedness with which Trump went after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that made him their hero. The FBI couldn’t be trusted any longer after letting “Crooked Hillary” off the hook, so anything the FBI and CIA revealed about Russian interference in the 2016 election automatically lacked any credibility. None of it was believed.
This was especially alarming coming from intelligence analysts who were parroting Trump’s insults of the former Intelligence Community chiefs who had sounded the alarms regarding the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russians. A very senior NSA liaison intelligence officer said he had proof the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails was “an inside job” and not really WikiLeaks and the Russians. It was hard to understand why these military intelligence experts felt compelled to denigrate so vigorously the assessments of the rest of the intelligence community, specifically when it came to Trump—nor the ferocity with which they personally defended him. 
In their private time many watched internet trolls. “Did you see this! Hillary has Parkinson’s disease!” Were our military intelligence analysts a victim of the same Russian influence campaign that affected so much of the civilian population? 
Like a scene from The Manchurian Candidate, if you criticized Trump, they answered with “Hillary” did this, or “Obama” did that. It was almost as if they’d been programmed.
The parroting of Trump took other disturbing turns. One also began to hear in casual conversation analysts at CENTCOM making disparaging remarks against the Western coalition partners—the Canadians, Brits, French, Germans—and against NATO in general, as “deadbeats.” Officers back from visits to Gulf States boasted how mutual the relief was in the region that Obama was gone, Hillary had lost, and there was “a new sheriff in town.” 
The Arab Gulf states couldn’t believe their luck—especially the Saudis. No one would bother them anymore about human rights. They would get the military assistance they wanted unconditionally, and, if they played their cards right, they could even get Trump to attack Iran.
The Israelis were downright joyful over Trump’s election. Even during the media outrage over the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at Saudi hands, one analyst argued, “He wasn’t even an American citizen,” parroting what he had just heard Trump say over FOX News—as if that should have made a difference when chopping up a journalist.


The gulf between the civilian world and the military has been growing since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—wars that have touched more American families than at any time since Vietnam. Vietnam created a huge cultural divide in the U.S. that Richard Nixon successfully exploited, earning him one of the largest electoral victories in American history. But something more sinister may be afoot as we approach the 2020 election. Trump has done what Nixon ultimately could not do. He has, so far, avoided real accountability to Congress. He has successfully blurred the lines between lies and truth in the minds of the American public. He has undermined the institutions that have kept the U.S. safe since World War ll. 
The extent of the visceral hatred much of the military feels for Democrats, the “deep state” and the “fake news media” is a new phenomenon. The belief that there is indeed a coup being orchestrated against President Trump is a weapon Trump has in his arsenal, depending how far down the road to authoritarianism he decides to go. But Trump would need to deeply fracture the military first, and that is something to watch for. Most members of the armed forces are honorable, patriotic Americans who would never take part in such a scheme, despite their support for Trump. But a significant portion just might.


Jaango--posted on October 8, 2019


A Better Sequential Analysis:  The Whistleblower Complaint

From our Good Friend of many years, Mark Sumner, the  always spot-on writer, says and writes of the following:

"The first step taken by the person behind what’s now history’s best-known whistleblower complaint, wasn’t to file a whistleblower complaint. First they went to the chief legal counsel of the CIA and report concerns about what they had learned. It was only after that action appeared to be generating no reaction, that the whistleblower-to-be contacted a House intelligence staffer designated as the community contact, and was notified about potential next steps. Because nothing happened at the CIA, it’s been assumed that, somehow, the counsel there didn’t find the information compelling. However, that turns out not to be the case.

"As NBC News reported, CIA general counsel Courtney Simmons Elwood, who was  appointed to the role by Donald Trump, did take action. She called the Department of Justice with what she intended to be a criminal referral. The call she made came after Elwood and other top CIA officials concluded that, based on what they had learned from the whistleblower, a potential crime had been committed. They expected the call to generate a criminal investigation. 

"It did not. Instead the DOJ simply … let it go. DOJ officials later claimed they were “unclear” that Elwood was making a criminal referral. However, the DOJ seems to have been the only one in doubt, as “multiple senior government officials appointed by Trump” immediately recognized that the actions reported by the whistleblower were “worthy of further inquiry.” Everyone else involved could see that the items at the center of the complaint were serious.
Everyone expected the Department of Justice to pick the matter up and investigate. They did not.

"This was weeks before the inspector general of the intelligence community passed the report along to acting DNI Joseph Maguire and Maguire contacted the Department of Justice with the full complaint. On that occasion the DOJ again refused to launch a criminal investigation on the basis that it was impossible to determine if Trump had violated the law solely on the claim that it was impossible to determine the value of getting a foreign nation to interfere in a U.S. election."

Of course, "value" is always in the Eye of the Beholder.  Thus, it is  now up to the House chamber to determine this perceived "value" as measured by our assessment regarding the the future of our Democracy.  Now, will our Elected Officials in both chambers of Congress recognized this "value"?

Jaango--posted on October 5, 2019



Another Two Excellent Assessments on Immigration...

Sasha Abramsky, a long time writer of considerable conscience, is from the Nation Magazine, and her latest colume and titled, "Against Trump's Brutal Immigrations Policies," and dated October  1, 2019, addresses three vital issues:

As such, the following:

"First, in California, Federal Judge Dolly Gee ruled that the terms of the Flores agreement, which have the effect of limiting how long immigrant children can be kept in detention, could not be superseded by new Trump administration regulations allowing for indefinite detention. The administration will, of course, appeal the ruling, but at least for now, its sick plan to create family concentration camps is on hold. 

"Then, in quick succession, a Washington, DC, court declared illegal the administration’s plans for fast-track deportation of undocumented immigrants arrested anywhere in the United States who can’t prove they have been here continuously for two years. That’s important; currently there’s a zone, within 100 miles of the border, in which undocumented immigrants have few constitutional protections and little access to immigration courts. Trump had sought to extend that zone to the entire country, but the court ruling puts the kibosh on that."


From our Good Friend over at the DailyKos media outlet, Gabe  Ortiz, dated October 3, and titled, "One of the world's biggest companies has joined in supporting DACA recipients at the Supreme Court."

As such, he stipulates the following:

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients have recently won support from a coalition of attorneys general, as well as a number of cities, who have filed legal briefs in the Supreme Court siding with young immigrants as the case around the program goes before justices next month. Now, in an “unprecedented” move, one of the world’s largest companies has joined them as well.

"Our interest in this case is simple,” Apple executives, including CEO Tim Cook, said in their Supreme Court filing. “We are distressed at the prospect of ripping our DACA colleagues from the fabric of our company.” Apple employs nearly 450 DACA recipients across 36 states, CNN reports, and should the justices side with the Trump administration to end the popular and successful program, they will also lose the ability to work legally, and become vulnerable to deportation.

Apple’s “friend of the court” filing is also unique in that it features the personal stories of a number of these workers, like “D.O.,” who came to the U.S. when he was eight years old. D.O. described how his mom could only find work in the fields, saying “It is so tough on her body and I see how it wears her out. So seeing my mom have to work like that, I knew I needed to do everything I could, work as hard as I could, to get a job that would allow her to stop working in the fields.”

And our Tip of the Hat to both Sasha Abramsky and Gabe Ortiz for this, their latest reporting efforts.  

Jaango--posted on October 5, 2019


The Conservative 'Deep State"...

President Trump's awkward rhetorical flourishes is coming to naught despite the best efforts of his colleagues.  

And from Dr. Josh Marshall, the editor of Talking Points Memo, provides us with a short version and thusly, its origination and how it's applied today.

The phrase “deep state” originally comes from Turkey, where a “deep state” run by the military and security services allowed democratic politics to operate within prescribed bounds — but no further. The real government wasn’t the president or prime minister of the day but this “deep state.” It was autonomous and dominant and self-perpetuating.

In the first weeks of the Trump administration this phrase was taken up by the President and his entourage and applied to the U.S. Over three years it has become the catch-all term for unnamed enemies of the President plotting against him from within the federal bureaucracy.

And so it was this phrase, migrated and domesticated in the U.S., that we took up to describe one of the key features of American government in the late 20th and early 21st century — what we’ve called the “Conservative Deep State." Here there are no shadowy forces or conspiratorial theories. It’s all more or less open. 
And in a series of investigative articles, starting today and continuing over the next two weeks, we hope to illustrate key parts of it.

We are talking about a dense network of right-wing lobbies, pressure groups, nurseries of political talent and prefab legislation, well-funded organizations usually operating at the state level which collectively create a strong rightward tilt in American governance. Elections remain critical. 
But they are contests on playing fields that are staked out, tilted and furrowed by organizing and money between elections.

Why is it, as parties frequently exchange the presidency and control of Congress, that state laws and regulations on everything from consumer protection to labor rights to voting seem to tilt steadily to the right? Why are Republicans so successful at gerrymandering and holding state legislative chambers?

The answer is this deep network. And you already know some of the names: The Koch Network, The American Legislative Exchange Council, The Federalist Society. Many others operate just as effectively, just below the radar.

There are certainly center-left analogs to all these groups, but none have managed to recreate the same levels of organization, funding or success that the Conservative Deep State enjoys today.

Earlier this year we decided to publish a series on this topic — to commission a series of originally reported pieces on particular parts of the Conservative Deep State, how it functions, what it does, how it not only wins elections and helps pass laws but creates a right-wing ballast anchoring national and, even more, state and local politics on the right, even as public opinion on many issues shifts in the opposite direction.

We are very pleased to share with you that the American Federation of Teachers provided sponsorship funding, without which this series would not have been possible. As always, the content of the series is entirely independent, the work solely of the TPM editorial team and freelance reporters commissioned by TPM. We hope you find the series illuminating, enlightening and a spur to deeper participation in American politics.

Josh Marshall is the editor and publisher of Talking Points Memo.
Jaango--posted on October 4, 2019


More on the Trumpista  Cavalcade...
1.  Secretary of State Pompeo forced out America's Ambassador Volker out after Trump's attorney Giuliani spillled  that the State Department knew  of the 'dirt digging.  And further back into  this story is that President Trump froze out national military to Ukraine in June and not July as has been portrayed among the politicos.

2.  Secretary Bill Barr of the Justice Department had this Office of Legal Counsel treat the implication of the whistleblower complaint as top secret.

3.  From "Emptywheel dot net, the following:  " The key point of the NYT story revealing Courtney Simmons Elwood's role in the cover-up of the Ukraine whistleblower complaint is not that the whistleblower worked at CIA, but that she -- CIA's General Counsel -- took steps that allowed for the possibility of a cover-up."

4.  Mike Pompeo admits that he was there for the call to Ukraine, is now a fact witness in impeachment.

5.  When the "wrong" history stamps a 'blister' on the ass on each of our fellow citizens is when President Trump's favorite president Andrew Jackson is deemed the father of the 'white republic.'

Jaango--posted on October 2, 2019




The Trumpista Cavalcade...
***In Texas, Jessica Cisneros is  challenging Democratic conservative Henry Cuellar. He has now been endorsed by House Speaker Pelosi.

***A national news outlet is reporting that Secretary of State Pompeo was on the the telephone call be President Trump and the President of the Ukraine.

***The New York Times is reporting:  "The Times reports that it was Barr who asked Trump to make the request of the Australian leader—evidence that Barr was himself active in a Department of Justice effort to "discredit" the Mueller probe."

***From the highly regarded and intrepid journalist, Joan McCarter:  Moscow Mitch McConnell has finally spoken up about the actual impeachment that Donald Trump now faces, telling CNBC Monday morning, "Well, under the Senate rules, we're required to take it up if the House does go down that path, and we'll follow the Senate rules. […] It's a Senate rule related to impeachment that would take 67 votes to change."

That got a lot of headlines and tweets, but the other part of that statement is the more notable one when you're talking McConnell: "How long you're on it is a whole different matter, but I would have no choice but to take it up, based on a Senate rule on impeachment." The taking-up of an impeachment referral might be subject to a supermajority vote, but McConnell has wide latitude both within the existing rules and to change some of those rules related to any particular referral with a simple majority. Under the rules, he could take up the impeachment and immediately move to dismiss it, and if he had a majority, it would work. He could do the same and table it, if he had 51 votes.

***Earlier today: The chairs of the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight and Reform committees have presented Rudy Giuliani with a subpoena for documents related to his work for Donald Trump in Ukraine. Reps. Adam Schiff, Eliot Engel, and Elijah Cummings sent the letter to Giuliani today.
***Is  Mulvaney now in deep "doo-doo"?
From Jim White, our Good Friend and specializes in National Security and Defense over at the web site of "":   "In perusing the House Oversight Committee website while looking for something else, I ran across this remarkable letter dated February 21, 2019. It is addressed to Mick Mulvaney as Acting White House Chief of Staff and is from Elijah Cummings, Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, Eliot Engel, Chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and Adam Schiff, Chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The letter is part of an ongoing effort by Congress to obtain records from meetings between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin that occurred in Hamburg on July 7, 2017 and in Helsinki on July 16, 2018.
"The letter reprises press reports of Trump confiscating notes from interpreters and having a general reputation for tearing up documents. Although prompted by their frustration in getting records from these two meetings, the three committee chairmen expand the scope of their direction to Mulvaney to preserve records."
Jaango--posted on September 30, 2019






Part Two:  "Chicanos--Should we prejudge white America's Future"

Our Good Friend at Mother Jones Magazine, Kevin Drum, published his highly-regarded commentary, and as of September 23, and titled, "A Raw Look at Harvard's Affirmative Action for White Kids."


A few days ago a team of researchers published a paper about Harvard’s admission policies. In particular, they looked at affirmative action for four different categories of freshman admits: athletes, legacies, “dean’s interest,” and children of faculty. These are referred to as ALDC admits.

The question at hand is how many applicants who were otherwise unqualified were admitted because of their ALDC status. This is usually shown as a percentage or a distribution, but I think it’s useful to show it as a raw number too. For those who want to follow along, here’s an example for white applicants taken from Table 10 of the paper:
Total ALDC admits: 2,179

Percent who were otherwise qualified: 26%
Number of unqualified applicants who were admitted as ALDC: 1,612

Here are the numbers for all applicants:
It turns out that more than 40 percent of Harvard’s incoming white students from the classes of 2014-19 benefited from their ALDC status compared to about 15 percent for other ethnic groups. As a result, 1,612 otherwise unqualified whites were admitted, triple the number of every other group combined.

Keep this in mind the next time you hear someone complain about affirmative action for black or Hispanic students crowding out better qualified white students. Whatever sort of affirmative action Harvard may have for marginalized groups, the raw numbers come nowhere even close to the preferences they already give to white applicants.
 And needless to say, there’s no reason to think that Harvard is unique in this regard. This is standard stuff at elite universities across the country. If there’s anyone being screwed by affirmative action, it sure isn’t white kids.
UPDATE: A couple of people have pointed out that I may have left the wrong impression with this post. I didn’t mean to imply that if ALDC preferences were eliminated Harvard would have admitted 1,612 fewer white kids. That’s not the case, and the paper says so. Most of those spots would simply have gone to different, less privileged white kids.

I was just trying to make a narrower point: There are a whole lot of white applicants who benefit from the ALDC preference system, far more than there are minority kids who benefit from affirmative action.

I don’t know if the Harvard data we have would tell us this, but here’s what I’d be interested in: if all the ALDC and racial preferences were removed and replaced with a class-preference system of affirmative action, what would Harvard ‘s entering class look like? It would certainly be less elite, but what would be the racial composition?


Jaango--posted on September 25, 2019
Part One:  "Chicanos--Should we prejudge white America's Future?" 

For those among us, we, the Chicanos and Native Americans, will not only demonstrate our political saavy when it comes to organizing the non-registered but eligible voter to vote in next year's presidential election.

And our Good Friend over at the political blog at the Washington Monthly Magazine, Nancy LeTourneau, published her article on September 20th, and titled, "There's Only One Way to End Gridlock in Washington" exemplifies our political dilemma when our fellow Latinos and Native Americans failed to exercise their respective responsibilities to address our pending future. 

And it for this reason that we are republishing her article in its entirety.  The internet connection is the following: 


As Democrats are in the midst of a presidential primary where candidates and the media are focused on drawing distinctions between their proposed agendas, it is important to keep something in mind. Like it or not, there are only two political parties in the U.S. that will eventually compete for our votes. When it comes to the issues that are of most concern to Americans right now, the gulf between those two parties is incredibly wide.

Health Care

Democrats have a variety of plans, but almost everyone agrees that health care should be a right, not a privilege. That is why they support government intervention to make insurance more affordable and care more accessible.
Republicans remain committed to repealing Obamacare, stripping millions of their insurance, and letting the free market reign when it comes to affordability and accessibility.


Democrats support a secure border and a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. When it comes to asylum-seekers and legal immigration, they support humane policies that align with this country’s stated values.
Republicans are committed to fear-mongering about immigrants and enacting xenophobic policies—all of which are rooted in racism.

Democrats support common sense gun safety measures that, based on research, would reduce the toll of 40,000 gun deaths in this country every year.

Republicans have consistently refused to consider any gun safety measures.

Climate Change

Democrats agree that climate change poses the existential crisis of our lifetimes and have various plans to address it.

Republicans generally deny the scientific evidence of climate change and have blocked any measures to address it.

Perhaps even more important than these specific issues is the fact that, other than racist fear-mongering and tax cuts for the wealthy, Republicans don’t really have an agenda. Instead, they have been content to simply block anything Democrats support.

A lot of Americans are disgusted by the stalemate that has consumed our politics for years now. That’s why it is critical to accurately diagnose what is causing the gridlock. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been clear that he likes being called “the grim reaper” and revels in overseeing the legislative body where bills go to die. In other words, he’s willing to brag about Republicans being the cause of gridlock.

Personally, I will never forget that in 2009, when America was careening towards another Great Depression—losing about 800,000 jobs per month—it was Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues who launched their strategy of total obstruction, rallying their troops to oppose anything Democrats attempted to do to address the situation. At the point that Americans needed them the most, they were more interested in making Obama a one-term president than doing their job. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me to see the same party put political power over country in their defense of Donald Trump.

Recently, Senator Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) talked with Chris Hayes about climate change and made a point that we need to hear more often.
He’s right. Mitch McConnell doesn’t care how clever you are or how you frame your message on climate change or any other issue. If we haven’t learned this already, we should know it by now: no matter how strongly the American people disagree with him, McConnell isn’t going to change his mind. In order to maintain power as his party slides into a minority, he’s willing to throw democracy under the bus by breaking the Senate, suppressing the vote, gerrymandering congressional districts, and packing the courts with extremists. That is the political reality we are dealing with right now.

As Schatz said, the only way to make any headway on climate change, or any other issue, is for Democrats to beat Republicans in 2020. He goes on to say that the way to do that is to ensure that all of the young people who are climate activists also become climate voters. We could say the same thing about other issues like gun violence, health care, or immigration. While activism continues beyond an election, it will accomplish nothing if we allow Republicans to maintain gridlock.

Jaango--posted on September 25, 2019


Today's House Democratic Caucus...

The House Democratic Caucus being held during its lunch hour will be full of anger and jubilation.

In an op-ed edition of the Washington Post, a small number of moderate-oriented Democrats expressed themselves for supporting Articles of Impeachment, and which was then followed by an addtional number of Democrats adding their names to the increasing list of Democrats advocating for their Articles of Impeachment.

As of Monday night, there were 146 Democrats in the Caucus, and now this morning, the number is now up at 158 and which is a clear majority in the House among the Democrats.

Thus, later today, we shall she where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi casts her vote in the quietly censured Democratic Caucus.

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Creating the "bogus investigation"
When understanding the ever-expanding discussion on the WhistleBlower's Message, is now coming full circle.  To wit, the President's recorded conversation with the Presidend of Ukraine, has been turned by the Trump colleagues into an "investigation" is a bogus argumentation. 
 In short, Trump was asking the government of Ukraine to do two things, the first is manufacture of "evidence" and which would further lead to a national investigation in which the end result, would damage Vice President's presidential campaign.  Thus, Trump's private attorney, Rudy Giuliani, is just another distressing element that distracts from the 'demand' laid out for the government to both manufacture evidence and which would further lead to a bogus investigation.
In the meantime, the Democrats in the House are in a tizzy, but won't directly address in Trump's utilization of a foreign government to 'interfere' in our nation's political behavior.  And the Democrats, in the House, must move forward and challenge Trump via Articles of Impeachment.   And if not, the Democrats are not to be belived, issues-wide as far as the national agenda is concerned, and including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with her latest and false affectation, for being a viable "moderate" protecting her heavy-duty campaign donors. To wit, she's hiding behind the Conservative Curtain as another Democratic Ghost.  And her behavior is beyond shameful.
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Our "Tip of the Hat" to Hunter...

Among the wealth of highly competent political writers on the Internet, Hunter, and whom resides on the internet web site at Daily Kos, published his latest effort, and titled, "1,688 polling places shuttered since the Supreme Court green-lit new state disenfranchisement schemes," and dated September 14, 2019.

And it's for this reason that we are republishing in its entirety, Hunters highly competent analysis:

The 2013 Supreme Court decision nullifying federal "preclearance" requirements for states and local governments with a past history of discriminating against minority voters continues to have widespread repercussions as those same discriminatory states and counties methodically undertake efforts to once again make voting a more cumbersome and restricted process. A new Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights report once again seeks to quantify those acts, and once again finds that jurisdictions freed from prior preclearance requirements are shutting down their own polling places at an accelerated pace.

Updating a prior 2016 study, the Leadership Conference was now able to collect data for 757 of the 860 counties previously subject to preclearance. Those counties collectively shuttered nearly 1,700 polling places since the 2013 Shelby County vs. Holder decision; most were justified under claims of "consolidating" polling locations.

Texas is the biggest state culprit in closing down polling locations. They've eliminated 750 since Shelby, part of a state Republican effort to "centralize" voting. The premise is to allow voters to vote at any open polling place ... while closing them in large numbers. It may indeed be more convenient for voters to be able to choose which polling place to cast their ballots at, but for voters who lack transportation options—poor voters, rural voters, and residents of areas underserved by public transit—getting to any of them may be dramatically more difficult than it was six years ago. Whether that difficulty is an intentional effect of the closures or merely statewide Republican Party incompetence that absolutely none of them are eager to correct is, supposedly, debatable.
But it's Georgia that has perhaps been the most shameless. "Georgia stands out because its counties have closed higher percentages of voting locations than any other state in our study," say the authors.

The top five closers of polling places by percentage were Georgia counties: The top three counties in the state were Lumpkin (89 percent closed); Stephens (88 percent closed); and Warren, which is 61 percent African American (83 percent closed). Bacon County, which is 15 percent African American, and Butts County, which is 28 percent African American, tied with 80 percent closed. Seven counties with major polling place reductions now have only one polling site to serve hundreds of square miles.
It's difficult to imagine a more overt effort to block voters from getting to the polls than closing down nine out of ten polling locations and telling county voters to pound sand if they don't like it. Georgia Republicans appear to have reacted to the Shelby decision by rushing to pick up where the old Jim Crow laws left off, and in public statements have barely bothered to muster excuses for doing so.

This can be corrected by Congress, if they have the will to do so. The Supreme Court invalidated the preclearance requirements of the 1965 Voting Rights Act because, prevailing justices proclaimed, those requirements were too old and efforts to disenfranchise minority voters were no longer systemic. But Congress can pass new preclearance requirements, if it so wished, barring these new efforts to systemically disenfranchise particular communities and restoring Voting Rights Act protections.

If they so choose. But it cannot happen while Republicans hold the Senate; it goes without saying that McConnell and other Republican senators have absolutely no interest in making it easier for either minorities or the non-wealthy to have a say in the nation's democracy.


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In 2002, Did Our Nation Lend our National Constitution To Both Afghanistan and Iraq?

With the short-term memory of the overwhelming majority of our European American-oriented citizens, in early 2002, 90% of these short term memory folks were in favor of 'invading' both Afghanistan and Iraq, while 90% of "racial and ethnics" were opposed to this pending invasion.  And as an alternative perspective, we, the Chicano and Native American military vets were advocating the wonderful idea that we "lend" our National Consititution to each of nations, knowing full well that 'changing' their regional history would never be the same, and thusly, when we removed  our military from both nations, their future would be the precedence for further establishing a more satisfactory Democracy and where Decency Personified would be fully understood and apprectiated.

And today, the latest political dogma is revolving around the continuing political fiasco that is now engrained in 'replacing' the various National Intelligence Directors of these past 18 years, as well as replacing the last three National Foreign Policy Advisors of these past three years, and given our warmongering history of these past 18 years.  Thus, today's Common Sense cannot be located.

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Odds and Ends...

1.  From  Rep. William R. Hurd (R-Texas) "If the Republican Party doesn't start to look like Texas, there won't be a  Republican Party in Texas."

2.  @Question Marque, the following:  "How do they make video games that only causes white people to commit mass murder with automatic weapons?"

3.  Israel  will block Omar and Tlaib from entering Israel.  And Democrat Steny Hoyer just returned from Israel after leading a large contingent of Democrats for their annual visit.

4.  Arizona's former Republican Senator Jeff Flake throws the Trump campaign under the bus.

5.  Ever-more signatures are being added  to the pettition in NYC for changing the street name in front of Trump Tower to "Obama Avenue."

6.  "Buying Greenland?"  Of course, Trump's White House staff is tossing this 'craziness' out to further Trump's 'deal-making,' we should imagine that Trump, Putin and the King of Sooper Arabia, join and considate their access to the Federal Reserve Money Pool,  take-out their consequential loan, and then, after the purchase, declare their bankruptcy.

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Biden And His "centrist" Campaign...

Biden's latest political salvo is one for immigrants "must stand in line" and which is once again advocating the Right's ideology when it comes to comprehensive immigration reform.  Thus, Biden's strategy of a "centrist" approach is being utilized against his fellow Democratic nominees with the effect that such rhetoric will supplant the more 'aggressive' approach by the Democrats, and with an eventual consequence, that he will become the nominee for challenging Trump in the general election cycle.

And what we're seeing today, is the reality of a 'centrist' philosophy that Biden has practices for these many years, and immigration reform, is just on his many 'centrist' solutions facing our nation.  Consequently, another 'risk' facing us from Biden's relentless pander.

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Odds and Ends...
Today's political egregiousness, has many outlets and of course,  the New York Times is obviously at the forefront.
1.  The New York Times story suggesting  that when multi-millionaire donors contribute their  monies to a 'racist,' perhaps the disclosure laws should be changed and therefore, possibly not to endanger the donor from the likes of the general public.  of course, Castro of Texas--seeking democratic nomination publicly identified rich Texas millionaires contributing to Republicans started the political fracas, and the much larger donors among Republicans are not very happy with their unsuccessful "woe is  me" story, and the New York Times is attempting to hold their heavy-handed hands.
2.  All the Latino patients and their respective families in the El Paso hospital refused to meet privately with President Trump.  Need more be said? 
3.  A USA Today analysis found that Donald Trump has spewed violent, anti-immigrant rhetoric more than 500 times since 2017, including using the word “invasion” at least 19 times. In his scrawlings, the white supremacist mass shooter who shot and killed 22 people, nearly all Latino, complained about a “Hispanic invasion” of Texas.  
4.  "Common Sense" bites big:  It happened in New Mexico, it happened in Tennessee, and now it’s happened in Mississippi. BuzzFeed News reports more than 200 children stayed home from school following a series of ICE raids that swept up nearly 700 workers and separated families this week. “Educators could not pinpoint the exact reason each student was missing,” but the assumption is the correct one. 
5.  ICE's latest drivel:  The New York Daily News reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrived at the East New York WIN shelter Wednesday night claiming they had a signed warrant. “They showed nothing except for a picture of an individual,” Quinn said. “The guards kept saying, ‘Show us a warrant signed by a judge.’ They wouldn’t show a warrant. That’s because they didn’t have one, and it’s common for ICE to lie about having one. What is also becoming more disturbingly common is an emboldened ICE taking gross steps in order to separate more families, skirting their own policy and detaining people outside churches, schools, and hospitals. 
6.  The Opposition is fierce.  GOP legislators from Arizona, Minnesota, Arkansas, and Texas spoke openly in the aftermath of the murder of 31 Americans about their opposition to meaningful reforms like universal background checks and bans on high-capacity ammunition magazines.  But in the GOP-controlled states, Republican leaders are already suggesting that monitoring social media could be a way of preventing mass shootings.
7. Tucker Carlson proves, again, he just another dufus, and then takes a vacation in order to avoid the political flak from his public espousals.  And welcome to his world of "free riders."
8.  Congrats to New Mexicans.  Their government officials have denied access to ICE in order for ICE to locate all the personal information of its residents.
9.  The Trump campaign populace has produced over 2,000 ads on Facebook in the attempt to 'sell' the belief in the "invasion" of unwelcomed persons.
10.  The "split" among Democrats is for "progressives" at 46% and "moderates" at 54%.  In the past two years, "progressive" voters have gained  3% over the past two years.
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Today's Identity Politics and the "free riders" Versus the "floaters"...

When today's gusto-fied writers opinionate on the "complicity" that is perceived to be prevalent when it comes to race and racism, I keep my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, given that complicity is today's mindset when it comes to guns and the violence that inevitabably occurs by the owners of an approximately 400 million guns, seemingly and reaily available.

And which brings me to the military vet and who has no particular usage for those of our fellow citizens when it comes to espousing on their racism. 
Thusly, our military experience included that ulitization of armed weaponry and well beyond the handgun.  And as 'certified' at a gun range, a military vet understands that should our sociely finally come to the conclusion that a "license" equivalent to a driver's license, would become the 'cutoff' that would be facing the racists for their gun violence, and only then, will racism become constructively addressed.  Until such time as a "gun license" is imposed, racism will continue to be prevalent because the racists know full well that there is little if any opposition to this racist-oriented gun violence.
In closing, "complicity" for not challenging the gun violence, will remain a continuing aftermath since military vets know full well that our of America is fully comprised of "free riders" and "floaters."  

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In Search of the Grizzly...

“If this wasn’t Liz Cheney and the era of the Trump administration, you might be rendered speechless by the insensitivity and mendacity of the statement.” said Tom Rodgers, a senior adviser to the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council (RMTLC)) who testified at May’s congressional hearing on the Tribal Heritage and Grizzly Bear Protection Act. HR 2532, introduced by House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Raúl Grijalva, was inspired by the grizzly treaty signed by over 200 tribal nations.

And Congresswoman Liz Cheney's latest espousal with her egregious ignorance specifies her view of an “intent on destroying our Western way of life.”
And from from Native American News Online, 
consider the following:
On a momentous day for Tribal Nations, Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY), the House Republican Conference Chairwoman, stated that the successful litigation by tribes and environmentalists to return the grizzly bear in Greater Yellowstone to the Endangered Species ACT (ESA) “was not based on science or facts” but motivated by plaintiffs “intent on destroying our Western way of life.”
One of the largest tribal-plaintiff alliances in recent memory prevailed in the landmark case, Crow Tribe et al v. Zinke last September, when US District Judge Dana Christensen ruled in favor of the tribes and environmental groups after finding that the Trump Administration’s US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) had failed to abide by the ESA and exceeded its authority in attempting to remove federal protections from the grizzly. Tuesday, USFWS officially returned federal protections to the grizzly.
Removing protections from the bear, revered as sacred to a multitude of tribes, would have left the grizzly vulnerable to high-dollar trophy hunts and lifted leasing restrictions on some 34,375 square miles. Extractive industry, livestock and logging interests are among those desirous of capitalizing on the area, a region comprised of tribal treaty, reserved rights and ceded lands.
“If this wasn’t Liz Cheney and the era of the Trump administration, you might be rendered speechless by the insensitivity and mendacity of the statement.” said Tom Rodgers, a senior adviser to the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council (RMTLC)) who testified at May’s congressional hearing on the Tribal Heritage and Grizzly Bear Protection Act. HR 2532, introduced by House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Raúl Grijalva, was inspired by the grizzly treaty signed by over 200 tribal nations.
“So, in striving to protect our culture, our religious and spiritual freedoms, our sovereignty and our treaty rights—all of which are encapsulated in the grizzly issue—we are ‘destroying’ Cheney’s idea of the ‘Western way of life’?” questioned Rodgers. “I would remind the Congresswoman that at the time of the Lewis and Clark Expedition an estimated 10,000 grizzly bears roamed from the Missouri River to the Pacific Coast. That was all Indian Country. Now there are fewer than 2,000 grizzly bears and our people live in Third World conditions on meager reservations in the poorest counties in the US. Does she really want to talk about ‘destroying’ a ‘way of life’?” asked Rodgers. [...]
Need more be said?
And our Tip of the Hat to our good friend Meteor Blades.
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Distinguishing Between Race and Racism...
Here is my home state of Arizona, we, both Chicanos and Native Americans, have over many years, continue to adhere to our strong belief in the distinction between race and racism. 
Take, for example, there are 27 "domestic" languages and 22 cultural dynamics among Native Americans, writ large.  And today, bilingual education in our public educational systemic, very little, if any, includes any of these 'domestic' languages, and when the 'authorities' are challenged regarding this behavior, the normalized and given argumentation  is that there are no monies allocated by the state legislature.
Of course, another 'distraction' of politics on the Right, occurred this past friday, and as described by one of our small time-oriented newspapers: 
Arizona state Sen. Sylvia Allen (R) on Friday addressed her comments despairing how the U.S. is going to look like “South American countries.”
The Phoenix New Times last week published audio of the remarks she made during an Arizona GOP event on July 15.

Citing a UNC professor’s study on demographics, Allen could be heard lamenting about immigrants who don’t assimilate upon arriving in the US.

“Another thing that Dr. Johnson talked about is the ‘Browning of America,'” she said. “That America is fast becoming–we’re going to look like South American countries very quickly.”
Allen apologized via Facebook post on Friday “to anyone who has been hurt by my words.”
“My intent was not to offend the residents of Arizona, but I see the effect was different and I am recognizing that,” she wrote.
Now, much more can be said, but delving into the this 'traditional' Argumentation, achieves little if  any, since "demographics" will tell us all we need to know over the next 30 years, and the results must achieve "decency  personified" otherwise will will continue our perpetual schema for "domination" and not for "freedom." 
Update:  She has not, in fact, disavowed her comments, denying that she meant anything racist.
“My reference to South America was the concern that some of these countries are socialist, and that we must preserve our Constitutional Republic form of government, and that we have not taught the next generation the difference,” she said in a statement.
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An Administrative Violence With No Constitutional Basis...
Thankfully the Mueller Testimony is now over, and the  pundits, sages and gurus are voicing their opinions, and yet, after having watched Mueller's television entertainment moment, I came away with the cynical view point that the "constitution" had no relevance as to the Report's conclusion.
As such, the Office of Legal Counsel's administrative decision and in which a sitting President cannot be "indicted" is truly a political gimmick that does not serve our nation, cogently or well.
And after my having 'read' two dozen opinions from my elitist buds, I found all of them failed to address the question of "constitutinalty" and in this failure, demonstrated to me that far too many and whom voice their opinions on a regular basis,  did not  perform the requisite intellectual gravitas for challenging the history and usage of this Memo from the Office of Legal Counsel. 
Thus, their 'ill repute' will live long after they have departed due to the 'natural causes' of a long life.  As such, Chicano-historians will be writing plentiful about this failure in our self-governance model, and thusly, as it should be.
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Questions for Mueller...
With Mueller testifying before Congress on this Wednesday, there are wealth of questions that need to be asked, and thankfully, to our Good Friend, Marcy Wheeler at her political platform, "" and where she accomplished an admirable job for compiling this List of Questions.  Thus, our wholehearted Kudos to her for her much hard work.  As such, her Questions:
 1.  Can you describe how you chose which “links between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump” to focus your investigation on?
2.  The warrants released in Michael Cohen’s case and other public materials show that your grand jury conducted investigations of people before Rod Rosenstein formally expanded the scope to include them in October 2017. Can you explain the relationship between investigative steps and the Rosenstein scope memos?
3.  Lisa Page has explained that in its initial phase, the investigation into Trump’s aides was separate from the larger investigation(s) into Russian interference. But ultimately, your office indicted Russians in both the trolling and the hack-and-leak conspiracies. How and when did those parts of DOJ’s investigation get integrated under SCO?
4.  An FD-302 memorializing a July 19, 2017 interview with Peter Strzok was released as part of Mike Flynn’s sentencing. Can you describe what the purpose of this interview was? How did the disclosure of Strzok’s texts with Lisa Page affect the recording (or perceived credibility) of this interview? Strzok was interviewed before that disclosure, but the 302 was not finalized until he had been removed from your team. Did his removal cause any delay in finalizing this 302?
5.  At the beginning of the investigation, your team investigated the criminal conduct of subjects unrelated to ties with Russia (for example, Paul Manafort’s ties with Ukraine, Mike Flynn’s ties to Turkey, Michael Cohen’s false statements to banks). Did the approach of the investigation change later in the process — in 2018 — to refer such issues to other offices (for example, the Cohen financial crimes)? If the approach changed, did your team or Rod Rosenstein drive this change?
6.  Prosecutors pursuing documents from an unnamed foreign owned company described that the investigation started at the DC US Attorney’s Office, was integrated into your investigation, and continued after your investigation concluded. Is this foreign owned company owned by a country other than Russia?
7.  Did your integration of other prosecutors (generally from DC USAO) into your prosecution teams stem from a resourcing issue or a desire to ensure continuity? What was the role of the three prosecutors who were just detailees to your team?
8.  Your report describes how FBI personnel shared foreign intelligence and counterintelligence information with the rest of FBI. For more than a year, FBI agents were embedded with your team for this purpose. Were these agents focused just on Russian activities, or did their focus include the actions of other countries and Americans? If their focus included Americans, did it include Trump associates? Did it include Trump himself?
9.  Can you describe the relationship between your GRU indictment and the WDPA one focused on the WADA hacks, and the relationship between your IRA indictment and the complaint against a Yevgeniy Prigozhin employee in EDVA? Can you describe the relationship between the Maria Butina prosecution and your investigation?
10.  Do you regret charging Concord Management in the IRA indictment? Do you have any insight on how indictments against Russian and other state targets should best be used?
11.  Particularly given difficulties in the Bijan Kian case, do you believe the laws on 18 USC 951 unregistered foreign agents and FARA need to be changed to provide the government with tools to protect the country from influence operations?
12.  In discussions of Paul Manafort’s plea deal that took place as part of his breach hearing, Andrew Weissmann revealed that prosecutors didn’t vet his testimony as they would other cooperators. What led to this lack of vetting? Did the timing of the election and the potential impact of Manafort’s DC trial might have play into the decision?
13.  What communication did you receive from whom in response to the BuzzFeed story on Trump’s role in Michael Cohen’s false testimony? How big an impact did that communication have on the decision to issue a correction?
14.  Did Matt Whitaker prevent you from describing Donald Trump specifically in Roger Stone’s indictment? Did you receive any feedback — from Whitaker or anyone else — for including a description of Trump in the Michael Cohen plea?
15.  Did Whitaker, Bill Barr, or Rosenstein weigh in on whether Trump should or could be subpoenaed? If so what did they say? Did any of the three impose time constraints that would have prevented you from subpoenaing the President?
16.  Multiple public reports describe Trump allies (possibly including Mike Flynn or his son) expressing certainty that Barr would shut down your investigation once he was confirmed. Did this happen? Can you describe what happened at the March 5, 2019 meeting where Barr was first briefed? Was that meeting really the first time you informed Rosenstein you would not make a determination on obstruction?
17.  You “ended” your investigation on March 22, at a time when at least two subpoena fights (Andrew Miller and a foreign owned corporation) were ongoing. You finally resigned just minutes before Andrew Miller agreed to cooperate on May 29. Were these subpoenas for information critical to your investigation?
18.  If Don Jr told you he would invoke the Fifth if subpoenaed by the grand jury, would that fact be protected by grand jury secrecy? Are you aware of evidence you received involving the President’s son that would lead him to be less willing to testify to your prosecutors than to congressional committees? Can congressional committees obtain that information?
19.  How many witnesses invoked their Fifth Amendment rights that your office deemed “were not … appropriate candidates for grants of immunity”?
20.  Your report describes five witnesses who testified under proffer agreements: Felix Sater, George Nader, Steve Bannon, Erik Prince, and Jerome Corsi. Aside from the Nader child pornography referred to EDVA by your office, would other US Attorneys offices be able to independently pursue criminal conduct covered by these proffers?
21.  Emin Agalarov canceled a concert tour to avoid subpoena in your investigation. Can you explain efforts to obtain testimony from this key player in the June 9 meeting? What other people did you try to obtain testimony from regarding the June 9 meeting?
22.  Did your investigation consider policy actions taken while Trump was President, such as Trump’s efforts to overturn Russian sanctions or his half-hearted efforts to comply with Congressional mandates to impose new ones?
23.  Can you describe how you treated actions authorized by Article II authority — such as the conduct of foreign policy, including sanctions, and the awarding of pardons — in your considerations of any criminal actions by the President?
24.  The President did not answer any questions about sanctions, even the one regarding discussions during the period of the election. Do you have unanswered questions about the role of sanctions relief and the Russian interference effort?
25.  Your report doesn’t include several of the most alarming interactions between Trump and Russia. It mentions how he told Sergey Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak he had fired Comey because of the Russian investigation, but did not mention that he shared classified Israeli intelligence at the meeting. Your report doesn’t mention the conversations Trump had with Vladimir Putin at the G-20 in Hamburg, including one pertaining to “adoptions,” while he was working on the June 9 meeting. The report doesn’t mention the Helsinki meeting. Did your investigation consider these interactions with Russia? If not, are you aware of another part of the government that did scrutinize these events?
26.  Why did you include Trump’s efforts to mislead the public about the June 9 meeting when it didn’t fit your team’s own terms for obstructive acts?

27.  You generally do not name the Trump lawyers who had discussions, including about pardons, with subjects of the investigation. How many different lawyers are described in your report to have had such discussions?

28.  In your report you say your office “limited its pursuit” of witnesses including attorneys “in light of internal Department of Justice policies,” citing the Justice manual. How many potential witnesses did your office not interview because of DOJ guidelines on interviewing attorneys?

29.  You asked — but the President provided only a partial answer — whether he had considered issuing a pardon for Julian Assange prior to the inauguration. Did you investigate the public efforts — including by Roger Stone — to pardon Assange during Trump’s Administration?

30.  The cooperation addendum in Mike Flynn’s case reveals that he participated in discussions about reaching out to WikiLeaks in the wake of the October 7 Podesta releases. But that does not appear in the unredacted parts of your report. Is the entire scope of the campaign’s interactions with WikiLeaks covered in the Roger Stone indictment?

31.  Hope Hicks has claimed to be unaware of a strategy to coordinate the WikiLeaks releases, yet even the unredacted parts of the report make it clear there was a concerted effort to optimize the releases. Is this a difference in vocabulary? Does it reflect unreliability on the part of Hicks’ testimony? Or did discussions of WikiLeaks remain partially segregated from the communications staff of the campaign?

32.  Without naming any of the people involved, how many witnesses confirmed knowing of conversations between Roger Stone and Donald Trump about WikiLeaks’ upcoming releases?

33.  Did Julian Assange ask for immunity to cooperate with your investigation, as he did with congressional inquiries?

34.  In your report you say your office “limited its pursuit” of witnesses who might claim to be media “in light of internal Department of Justice policies,” citing the Justice manual. How many potential witnesses did your office not interview because of DOJ guidelines on media? Was Julian Assange among them?

35.  The President’s answers regarding the Trump Tower Moscow match the false story for which Michael Cohen pled guilty, meaning the President, in his sworn answers, provided responses you have determined was a false story. After Cohen pled guilty, the President and his lawyer made public claims that are wholly inconsistent with his sworn written answer to you. You offered him an opportunity to clean up his sworn answer, but he did not. Do you consider the President’s current answer on this topic to be a lie?

36.  Did Trump Organization provide all the emails pertaining to the Trump Tower Moscow deal before you subpoenaed the organization in early 2018? Did they provide those emails in response to that subpoena?

37.  In his answers to your questions, President Trump claimed that you received “an email from a Sergei Prikhodko, who identified himself as Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation … inviting me to participate in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.” But the footnotes to your discussion of that exchange describe no email. Did your team receive any email? Does the public record — showing that Trump never signed the declination letter to that investigation — show that Trump did not decline that invitation?

38.  The Attorney General has excused the President’s actions taken to thwart the investigation because, “as the Special Counsel’s report acknowledges, there is substantial evidence to show that the President was frustrated and angered by a sincere belief that the investigation was undermining his presidency.” What events did your investigation show the President was frustrated or angry about? Was the President frustrated or angry that Mike Flynn’s conversations with Sergey Kislyak had been discovered as part of an effort to understand Russia’s actions? According to your investigation, what were the President’s feelings towards Flynn at the time? Was the President frustrated or angry that, after consulting with ethics professionals,  Jeff Sessions recused from the investigation? Was the President frustrated or angry that Jim Comey would not provide details of the ongoing investigation into his aides, which would be prohibited by Department of Justice guidelines? Was the President frustrated or angry that the investigation into Russian interference showed that Russia actively sought to help him get elected?

39.  Organizationally your team separated the efforts to obstruct the investigation of Mike Flynn, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort and others (which appears in Volume I) from the obstruction of the investigation of the President (which appears in Volume II). Why?


40.  In his aborted sentencing hearing, Brandon Van Grack told Judge Sullivan that Mike Flynn could have been charged as an Agent of a Foreign Power under 18 USC 951. More recently, prosecutors in Bijan Kian’s case have treated him as part of a conspiracy to violate that statute. Why did you give Mike Flynn such a lenient plea deal?
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Trump's "low moments"...

Thankfully, our Good Friend Kevin Drum over at Mother Jones Magazine, and more so on my part, since I didn't have to do the credible research.


July 20: Attacks John McCain for being a POW.
November 13: Compares Ben Carson to child molester.
November 21: Proposes Muslim registry.
November 23: Retweets claim that 81 percent of white people are killed by blacks.
November 26: Mocks a reporter’s disability.
December 8: Calls for ban on Muslim entry.


March 8: Defends his penis size in nationally televised debate.
March 23: Attacks Ted Cruz’s wife.
March 30: Says that women who get abortions should be punished.
May 3: Suggests that Ted Cruz’s father killed JFK.
June 3: Attacks federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel.
July 27: Asks Russia to please find and release Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails.
August 1: After Khizr Khan accuses Trump of never sacrificing anything for his country, Trump attacks Khan and says that he has too made a lot of sacrifices, such as “building great structures.”
August 10: Suggests his supporters might want to shoot Hillary Clinton.
October 8: “Grab ’em by the pussy” tape.
October 12: More women accuse Trump of sexual assault.
October 19: Invites President Obama’s estranged half-brother to final debate.


February 22: Attacks transgender children.
March 4: Accuses Obama of tapping his wires.
June 29: Accuses Mika Brzezinski of “bleeding badly from a face-lift” during a New Year’s party.
July 2: Retweets video of CNN being attacked.
August 15: Suggests that there were “very fine people on both sides” at Charlottesville.
September 30: Attacks mayor of San Juan after Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico.
October 13: Ends Obamacare cost-sharing program.
November 29: Retweets three anti-Muslim videos from the leader of an extremist British group.


January 12: Shithole countries.
June 8: Begins separating children from their parents at the border.
July 5: Insists on meeting with Vladimir Putin with no one else present.
September 13: Says the 3,000 dead from Hurricane Maria is “fake news” invented by Democrats.
October 18: After murder of Jamal Khashoggi, reminds everyone that Saudi Arabia is a good customer.
October 19: Calls Stormy Daniels “horseface.”
October 19: Applauds Rep. Greg Gianforte’s body slam of a reporter.
November 1: Runs racist ad just before midterm elections.
November 7: Suspends CNN reporter Jim Acosta.
November 12: As wildfires are raging, threatens to cut off federal aid to California unless they change their “forest management” practices.
December 29: Says any deaths of children along the border are strictly the fault of the Democrats.


February 9: Mocks native American genocide.
March 8: Accuses Democrats of being the “anti-Jewish party.”
March 20: Attacks John McCain yet again.
May 24: Retweets doctored video of Nancy Pelosi.
July 11: Attacks British prime minister Theresa May.
July 14: Tells Democratic congresswomen to go back where they came from.

Need  more be said?

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Trump's Inexcusable Bullshit!

Our good friend Mark Sumner over at the website of  DailyKos, had this to  say, especially when the many pundits, sages and gurus are weighing in on Trump's dufous Nonsense.  As such, we are expected discard our Common Sense.  Not so, of course.

Sumner writes his article and titled, "For Republicans, exenophobia and nationalism are just fine, --just don't call it racism" and dated July 17, 2019.  And here is the internet link:


Republicans have spent the last few days chowing down on Donald Trump’s latest racism sandwich and trying to convince themselves that it’s supertasty. Not only that, but they’ve spent that time trying to convince themselves that Trump’s words aren’t just flowing through a pipeline out of his ugly grease stain of a soul, but are a strategy. He meant to say that.

And they might be right. Because as much as Republican handling of Trump’s racism-toilet overflows looks like a cleanup on aisle GOP, that cleanup follows a predictable pattern—one that speaks to who Republicans are, and why Trump doesn’t just get away with these seeming disasters, but actually benefits from them.

Step one: Trump isn’t racist, because he didn’t mention race.
Whether it’s the Trump supporters phoning in to NPR or a group of Republican women interviewed by CNN, one thing is certain: What Trump said is not racist. That’s because Trump supporters have narrowed down racism to the narrowest possible definition. Under this definition, saying Mexicans are rapists isn’t racist. That’s about a nation. Saying congresswomen of color should get out of America isn’t racist. That’s about patriotism. As professor Carol Anderson has pointed out, this isn’t a new thing. In the past, Republicans have made it clear that terms such as “welfare queen” from Reagan and “gang banger” from Bush are also not racist—because they don’t directly mention a race. No matter how loud the dog whistle blows, Republicans will pretend they can’t hear it.

The definition of racism for the modern Republican is completely down to whether someone used a racial epithet. Trump did not say the N-word, so nothing else he could say could possibly be racist according to the Republican rules. And when Trump inevitably tweets the N-word, they’ll make new rules.

Step two: Trump isn’t racist; he’s just telling it like it is.

The next thing that Republicans do with a racist statement isn’t just to excuse it as nonracism, but to explain that it’s actually a good statement. A patriotic statement. An American statement. And that’s exactly what happened with Trump’s latest. Republicans from Kellyanne Conway to Kevin McCarthy have gone beyond just excusing Trump’s words; they’ve made the claim that he was on the side of justice.

As Trump has said, and other Republicans have echoed, his statements weren’t racist. They were just another restatement of that old conservative saw: America, love her or leave her. Which is a pearl of wisdom that Republicans pry free every time there’s a Republican in the White House. In defending his tweet, Trump declared that progressive Democratic congresswomen “hate our country” and have said “horrible” and “vile” things about America. Predictably, even when Trump has made these declarations to the press, no reporter has challenged him to say what these horrible or vile things might be.

This step is superbeloved of Republican voters. Not only does it exonerate Trump, but it also elevates his expressions of hatred into patriotism. And if it can do that for Trump, it can also do that for them. Trump supporters are reassured that Trump’s not a racist, they’re not racists, and the resentment and anger they feel toward people not like them—those urban, coastal elites—is completely justified. And see? No mention of race.

Step three: Democrats are the real racists, for saying that Trump is racist.

After determining that Trump’s statements aren’t racist, but are actually patriotic, and making it clear that it’s perfectly okay to hate the people Trump condemned because they’re vile America-haters who really should be run out of this country, the next step is to search for the real racists.
Because Republicans recognize that the word “racist” still has some punch. Being a racists is a bad thing, but Trump isn’t racist because that’s already been established in step one and step two.
So if Trump didn’t say anything about race, then whoever mentioned race first is the real racist. QED. 

Once Republicans have completed the racist waltz, they emerge at the other end feeling angered, justified, and satisfied that they have “won” this engagement by showing that the Democrats are the anti-American racists. Oh, and … some of them look like they may have come from “shithole countries.” Not that anyone is saying anything about race! That’s just nationalism. Xenophobia and nationalism are now 100% okay.

That’s how Donald Trump starts the week with a sickening expression of blatant racism, and turns it into an increase in support among Republicans. As Reuters reports, Trump’s net approval among Republicans rose by 5% following his “go back” tweets and his double- , triple-down aftermath.
For Trump, that’s the signal that it’s time to start the next cycle.


Jaango--posted  on July 17, 2019




President Trump's Latest Version on "second class citizenship"...
Over at National Review, David French comments on President Trump’s racist comments this weekend telling progressive congresswomen of color that they should “go back where they came from”:
The near-total silence (at least so far) from GOP leaders is deeply dispiriting. Do they not understand the message the leader of their party is sending — especially to America’s nonwhite citizens? Do they not understand that racial malice as a political strategy isn’t just an ultimately losing proposition but also deeply divisive, picking at the scabs of America’s deepest political, cultural, and spiritual wounds?
But the problem extends far beyond Washington. There are many GOP leaders who, quite frankly, understand that they criticize even the president’s racist speech at their own peril. The grassroots have spoken. Loyalty to the president must be absolute, or one risks a primary challenge. Yet individual voters have responsibilities as well, and they must understand that extraordinary loyalty to a malicious man broadcasts their own disdain for their fellow citizens.
And here's what Trump had to say:
"So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run. Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!"
Jaango--posted on July 15, 209



Another of the GOP's Hate-filled Diatribes Comes Forth...
"A fundraising email sent by the National Republican Congressional Committee isn’t content with the ordinary level of racism involved in attacks on Colin Kaepernick. It ups the ante by purposely darkening the former NFL quarterback’s skin tone substantially. This is just the latest of several incidents in which Republicans have made such changes when directing appeals to their base."

Need more be said?

Jaango--posted on July 11, 2019
Trump's Immigrant Raids...

"Donald Trump’s ICE deportation raids are set to begin Sunday, targeting thousands of undocumented families in at least 10 cities. The New York Times reports that it’s “a rapidly changing operation, the final details of which remain in flux”—but the central facts are clear. Trump is aiming to terrorize immigrant communities and excite his racist base, even though key people within his own administration have raised concerns about the plan."

Need more be said?

Jaango--posted on July 11, 2019

Republican Women Seeking Public Office...

For the politically-oriented cognoscenti, are starting recognize that Republican-oriented men are not too happy having to  contend with Republican women seeking public office.

Activist Amy Kremer, who co-founded a group called Women for Trump, encapsulated that view perfectly in this remarkable quote:

"If these women are saying that they should support women because they have the same body parts just for the sake of having more women in Congress, then they're sexist," she said in an interview. "I'm smarter than that. I vote for brains, not boobs."

Alas, Republican men in Congress, and yes, in both chambers, are facing their electoral demise, and the men are proud to be leading this charge.

Jaango--posted  on July 11,  2019


Trump's New York State Returns...

Yesterday, the Governor of New York signed--off on legislation that permits his state to release the Trump tax returns to congress, but only when someone with a recognizable stature to request and receive these tax returns.  Thus, the Democrat in congress must have the responsibility for 'tax assessemts' within the two chambers in the House.  

"The new law encompasses both individual tax returns and "entities those people control or have a large stake in," say, for instance, the Trump Organization. The one holdup is that Massachusetts Rep. Richard Neal, the only Democrat who is entitled to get them right now as the head of the Ways and Means Committee, has said he doesn't want them, believing that getting the state tax returns will undercut his legal argument for getting Trump's federal returns in a suit filed just last week."

Jaango--posted on June 9, 2019



Trump Exposes Himself As A Liar, Again!

Our good friend Kelly Eleveld at DailyKos has this to say of earlier today, in his article and titled, "Trump admits citizenship question is for redistricting, making his Justice Department a liar." And to wit, the following: 

As Donald Trump held forth with reporters Friday morning, he admitted that the explicit reason his administration must have a citizenship question on the 2020 Census was for the purposes of redistricting.

"You need it for many reasons," Trump said on the South Lawn, "Number one, you need it for Congress, for districting."

Fascinating. The idea that Trump and Republicans wanted to use the citizenship question to create an undercount of non-white people who mostly reside in blue districts is at the heart of the debate around adding the question. Trump's own Solicitor General, Noel Francisco, has called the argument that the Trump administration was intentionally hoping to increase the voting power of Republicans and non-white Hispanics a "speculative conspiracy theory." Except, Trump just made a liar out of Francisco.

Need more be said?

Jaango--posted on July 5, 2019




Click Bait Galore...

Today's wealth of click bait is becoming somewhat intolerable or so I believe and to the point of a large distraction.

1.The Trumpian Fourth of July festivities in D.C., on Thursday, will be a waste of time unless the issue of the Betsy Ross Flag adorning the Nike tennis shoes is addressed.

2.  And now, Laura Ingraham has announced her 'boycott' of Nike.

3. Obviously, Tucker Carlson, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner accompanied President Trump to the DMZ, and yet John Bolton remained in D.C.

4.  The Center for American Progress is seeking to sell its news site, Think Progress.  Of course, advertising is the real culprit.

5.  And where Hate has no place to hide.  Border Patrol is 'back on its heels' as outrage grows relative to their postings on Facebook. Only the natural causes of old age will terminate Hate.

6.   Trump accuses 'twitter' of illegally making it harder for commenters to  follow his tweets, and yet, offers up no evidence to support such statements.

7.  Biden staff are being anonymously sourced in which VP Biden didn't take seriously his 'prep' participation in the Democratic debate. 

8.  And More:  Senator Ted Cruz of Texas vows neve to buy Nike products since Nike has stipulated that they will not sell any products containing the Betsy Ross flag.

9.  China is installing surveillance apps on travelers telephones.

10.  Facebook has been fined in Germany for underreporting their complaints.

Jaango--posted on July 2,  2019



Odds and Ends...
1.  A tad of foolishness.  Vice President Pence is now 'blaming' Congress for Trump's failure for establishging concentration camps.

2. The roster of House Democrats calling for an 'impeachment inquiry is now up  to 75 members in support.  And yet, given House Speaker Pelosi opposition to such an 'inquiry', the Democrats will bring forth their "discharge petition" to the House floor to overcome her current opposition.

3.  "Just trust us!"  Today, one of largest business entities is now advocating for an election system starts with paper ballots and which can more carefully "audited" for accuracy.  And this is a big change from two years ago.

4.  GOP Congressman from California, Duncan Hunter utilized his campaign funds to subsidize his "shaglove" or extramarital affairs, and this only came about after his wife changed her plea to guilty.

5.  Dumber Than Dumb!  Texas Republican Congressman, Michael Burgess, has this to say:  “You know what? There’s not a lock on the door. Any child is free to leave at any time, but they don’t, and you know why? Because they’re well taken care of and yes, at some point they are going to live with family, generally not the mother or father but some family member, that’s a good thing.”  Obviously, this Dumber-than-a-dry-stick, should show us a child walking out through the gates of any one of these facilities and just leaving through the unlocked doors?

6.  Ilinois becomes the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana.

7.  President Trump's endorsement of Arizona's Senator Martha McSally was announced but only after skin care executive and who funded Trump's campaign, Daniel McCarthy, was preparing his announcement to challenge McSally in Arizona's primary season.

8.  Shep Smith of Fox News:  "We’re treating migrant children worse than prisoners of war."

9.  Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro says, "Adios, Trump!" and which moved the debate forward as well as the crowd.

10.  Kushner refuses to say if U.S. backs two-state solution to Iraeli-Palestinian conflict
Jaango--posted on June 28, 2019







Immigration:  The Great Democratic Debate Failure…
With this evening's debate as well as tomorrow's debate, the Democratic candidates seeking our Party's nomination for the presidency, speak volumes when it comes to the subject matter that encompasses all aspects of immigration. To wit, consider the following, and in particular, the leadership regimes of Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump.
Back in 1985, the Chicano Movement issued its Agenda of Unmet Needs and of these 10 items, the starting point for Comprehensive Immigration Reform commenced with the establishment of the TransNational Technology Center. As such, each embassy or consulate would have a minimum of five desks and as such,
1.  The Travel Desk:   Thus the requisite transportation documents for traveling to and from the United States would be effectively addressed via this Travel Desk.
2.  The Employment Desk:  Take, for example, a Mexican citizen could use the allocated computers to submit  his or her resume and to contact American-based business entities that were searching for new employees qualified for such work here in the United States.
3.  The Economic Development Desk:  A small business owner could use this Desk to expand the exportation/importation of their "goods and services."
4.  Citizenship Desk:  Again, a Mexican national could apply for and submit the standarized citizenship application.

5.  "Fleeing the Violence" Desk:  As such, any Mexican national including the spouse and children could complete the appropriate documentation and which would lead to a 'hearing' to be held in the applicant's nation of birth.
And needless to say but I will, the Democratic candidates have little knowledge of "history" but do have a wealth of "history" when it comes to a Pander for Comeuppance.
Jaango--posted on June 26, 2019






Progressive Media Outlets...Be So Advised   
Today's short history of the Trump era is that the progressive media outlets have been starting to make the necessary adjustments given that at the onset of the Trumpian era of these past two years, have become a financial 'distress' point for the major news outlets, in that the financial 'benefits' to the stockholders have been taking a nose dive  and will continue for quite some time.  And the debates among the Democrats will not be of much help to their stockholders, as well.  Thus, the news 'aggrators' should come to the fore, since Facebook, the largest, has changed its algorithms from last year and which will have lasting effects in the years to come.
And of consequence to the pundits, sages and gurus, this signicance for change will become larger and longer lasting since the writer's financial derivative, will become far less influential than is to be expected.  And without a  wholesale progressive-oriented "aggragrator" the  financial benefits for the affected poliltical writers, will reduce the level and number of these credentialed journalists and which has occurred over these past ten years.
And from our Chicano point of view, this current racheting down of the Trumpian stories is a benefit since our having to contend with the Hate being attributed to the political conservatives, is a boon to our politics.  However, having our wealth of progressive-oriented writers become more 'influential' are a challenge as well, given that the 'voices' for Common Sense and Deceny Personified, will make it difficult, since the sizable and wealthy donors being attributed to the Democrats, are not enamored of 'stories' that show up at media outlets, since these  donors much prefer the aegis of the center-right or as we prefer to call them, the "status quo"  tied tightly to  the Wall Street crowd as in the dozen or so of former and existing  Senators that are seeking the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party. 
Thus, our somewhat higher recognition for the level of propaganda and relative to public law, and knowing that the Senator McConnell and the conservatives and who control the Senate, will not permit the 'light of day' to visit the wealth of propaganda enacted into public law being advanced by the Democrats. And the Obama Era is our well-regarded testimony to this political behavior.
And which brings me to the notion of the "Weekly Saturday Morning Bloggers Conference" and with over 100 progressive-oriented media outlets participating.   Therefore, we, the Chicano and Native Americans must reach out and acheive an agreement with  either Senators Warren or Harris, since the perceived "common sense" is that either of these two women will become the next President of the United States.  And if this becomes next year's November reality, the "conference" will lead to a large benefit for the overwhelming majority of the general populace. Consequently, we, as a nation, will find that our fellow citizens will finally  jettison both their intentional ignorance and criminal  stupidity, and subsequently, our democracy becomes far better focused on our future together.
In closing, one the major attributes is that we don't have to spend our  somewhat useless time on the Sunday Morning Talking Shows and where CNN, ABC, Fox, NBC and CBS, among others, become non-starters for our information flow.  And this too, can be said, writ large.
Jaango--posted on June 26, 2019



SCOTUS on Wednesday...

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court is expected to wind down this current session, and in preparation for the next session that commences in the Fall or next  October, since 8 cases have been accepted and scheduled for October.

Thus, the SCOTUS is expected to release their decision-making on the remaining 12 legal cases, given that 61 cases have been decided and with these cases still remaining and made available to the general public. Of course, Tuesday is a regularly scheduled day and an opinion or two can be released.

And here are four cases, yet to be announced:

*Department of Commerce v. New York
(1) Whether the district court erred in enjoining the secretary of the Department of Commerce from reinstating a question about citizenship to the 2020 decennial census on the ground that the secretary’s decision violated the Administrative Procedure Act, 5 U.S.C. 701 et seq; (2) whether, in an action seeking to set aside agency action under the APA, a district court may order discovery outside the administrative record to probe the mental processes of the agency decisionmaker -- including by compelling the testimony of high-ranking executive branch officials -- without a strong showing that the decisionmaker disbelieved the objective reasons in the administrative record, irreversibly prejudged the issue, or acted on a legally forbidden basis; and (3) whether the secretary’s decision to add a citizenship question to the decennial census violated the enumeration clause of the U.S. Constitution.

*Lamone v. Benisek
In case in which the plaintiffs allege that a Maryland congressional district was gerrymandered to retaliate against them for their political views: (1) whether the various legal claims articulated by the three-judge district court are unmanageable; (2) whether the three-judge district court erred when, in granting plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment, it resolved disputes of material fact as to multiple elements of plaintiffs’ claims, failed to view the evidence in the light most favorable to the non-moving party, and treated as “undisputed” evidence that is the subject of still-unresolved hearsay and other evidentiary objections; and (3) whether the three-judge district court abused its discretion in entering an injunction despite the plaintiffs’ years-long delay in seeking injunctive relief, rendering the remedy applicable to at most one election before the next decennial census necessitates another redistricting.

*Kisor v. Wilkie
Whether the Supreme Court should overrule Auer v. Robbins and Bowles v. Seminole Rock & Sand Co., which direct courts to defer to an agency’s reasonable interpretation of its own ambiguous regulation.

*Rucho v. Common Cause
(1) Whether plaintiffs have standing to press their partisan gerrymandering claims; (2) whether plaintiffs’ partisan gerrymandering claims are justiciable; and (3) whether North Carolina’s 2016 congressional map is, in fact, an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander.

The above four cases have been provided via the internet site of  

Jaango--posted on June 25, 2019



Humor and a Duality of Purpose...

Last week, President Trump suggested that he should become re-elected for either a third or fourth time, and thusly, driving the Democrats somewhat crazy.  As such, he's not into 'surrendering his Oval Office, and if so, he would see himself as the world's largest chump, given his widely obsessive and rampant political behavior.

And yet, here in our  wonderful Sonoran Desert, we too are familiar with Operation Wetback as well as Arizona's Senate's Bill 1070.  And with this ample knowledge, we too can add our tad of "humor" was well.  Take, for example, Trump's "replicator" is Maricopa County's former Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. 

Unfortunately, Trump has not understood that Arpaio got himself re-elected several times, and which means that both Arpaio's and Trump's 'hate' is no longer acceptable.  And from therein, is the current vestige of the "Chicano Army of Voters" and of which the FBI's overall effort via COINTELPRO (early 1970s) could not locate.  
And as such, today's 'army' is visible, and writ large, and now counting up to 32 million Latino eligible voters for next year's presidential cycle. As such, were visible! 

Jaango--posted on June 24,  2019
Reparations:  Today's Subject Best Avoided...Or Not?

From Vox:

"The hearing, conducted by the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties, held both historical and symbolic significance. The last congressional discussion of reparations was in 2007, one year before the election of the country’s first black president. The most recent hearing was held on Juneteenth, a day commemorating when slaves in Galveston, Texas, were finally notified of their emancipation. As an increasing number of people arrived to witness the hearing — enough that they filled three overflow rooms, according to the New York Times — they stood a short distance away from the US Capitol, a federal symbol built by the enslaved. 

"The bill discussed, HR 40, would task a commission with studying the continued effects of slavery and racial discrimination and make recommendations about what redress might be needed. The bill is also laden with symbolism, being named after the unfulfilled 154-year-old federal promise of “40 acres and a mule” to recently freed men and women. The bill has languished in the House for decades, first introduced by former Congressman John Conyers in 1989 and reintroduced every year until his retirement in 2017. The bill has since been reintroduced by Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee."

And from here deep in our wonderful Sonoran Desert, we did not participate since no one in Congress deemed it necessary for us to participate and therefore express our "wants, needs and desires" and concentric to this attempt at crafting a public policy that can be proven beneficial to our nation as well as for the oncoming benefit of next two or three generations, writ large.

However, in next year's presidential election,  the Latino's political behavior will consist of 32 million eligible voters and if one wants to add into today's volatile mix, add one million additional elibible votes of Native Americans and where these 27 "domestic" langauges and 22 "cultural" aspects are included, therefore, the value of "reparations" is amped up considerably, and not left to the nationalistic shennanigans and where African Americans bear the brunt of a continuing vitriolic behavior and which is equated to "We won and you lost!"

Consequently, the oncoming trend of demographics, will determine the success or  failure of "reparations"  and  subsequently, how "we" determine this portentious "value" for the only political success available, will be found in "coalition-building" during and over the course of the next twenty years.

And time is in our favor since we are all on the side of both the Angels and Angles.

Jaango--posted on June 24, 2019





A Disgusting Governmental Behavior...

Our good friend, Gabe Ortiz, over at DailyKos, writes of today, his article and titled, "Attorneys describe dozens of sick kids jailed in filthy conditions and neglected by Border Patrol."

And to wit, the following, and with internet link included at the end of this posting:


A team of lawyers inspecting a Border Patrol facility near El Paso, Texas, found hundreds of children—more than two dozen of them sick, some separated from their families, and all without adequate food, drinking water, and sanitation—neglected by the federal government.
“Data obtained by The Associated Press showed that on Wednesday there were three infants in the station, all with their teen mothers, along with a 1-year-old, two 2-year-olds and a 3-year-old. There are dozens more under 12. Fifteen have the flu, and 10 more are quarantined.” 
Including jailed children forced to take care of other jailed children. Three girls said they were trying to watch over a 2-year-old boy “who had wet his pants and no diaper and was wearing a mucus-smeared shirt when the legal team encountered him.” Others said they’d gone weeks without being able to take a bath or even change their clothes. Weeks, when under the law, Border Patrol is not supposed to be detaining them longer than 72 hours. 

Trump administration officials were just in court arguing that they shouldn’t have to provide so much as soap and toothbrushes to jailed children. 
This, this is how and why they keep dying in U.S. custody. “In my 22 years of doing visits with children in detention,” said Holly Cooper of the University of California, Davis’ Immigration Law Clinic, “I have never heard of this level of inhumanity.”

Attorneys said as many 250 kids were being jailed at this site, and they interviewed 60. The three girls said the 2-year-old boy had been handed off to them by a Border Patrol agent, who went into their room and asked, “Who wants to take care of this little boy?” This should be the job of a trained child welfare expert—an adult, for crying out loud—and the agent tossed this child to other children.

”Law professor Warren Binford, who is helping interview the children, said she couldn’t learn anything about the toddler, not even where he’s from or who his family is. He is not speaking.” 
Attorneys said other kids there had been separated from their families. How is this happening, if the Trump administration is under court order to stop this policy? Because their guardians were aunts and uncles, and the government doesn’t consider that an authentic family.

It was barely last week when attorneys said they’d found that Border Patrol had been illegally jailing a sick, prematurely born one-month-old infant and her 17-year-old mother for days. The baby had been wrapped in a sweatshirt and was reportedly “weak and listless.” They were removed from the facility only because attorneys found them and then advocated for them. But there are still more kids being jailed in places where kids should never be even for a day. This is how and why they keep dying in U.S. custody. 


Internet link:

Need more be said?

Jaango--posted on June 21, 2019




Odds & Ends...

This week, I was reminded that my 'addiction' to The Onion, has come circle.

1.  The GOP Caucus Complaint.  “It’s a disaster what is going on across the street at NRCC. Their communication is bad. Some of the stuff is bizarrely overly aggressive. They’re not raising the money. They don’t have buy-in from members. And it’s getting worse."

2.  The GOP is having its usual difficulty in the distinction between "death camps" and "concentration camps." And Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York is challenging the loud denizens in the GOP. And the GOP Congresswoman from Wyoming,Liz Cheney, has been taking a heavy beating on Twitter and to the point of being 'ratioed.'

3.  The other day, a variety of members in the Senate received a briefing on UFOs, and as of today, no one is talking.

4.  A new academic study is now out.  It seems that 5% of  the voting population is comfortable for any foreign interference in our election process. And the justification is that this foreign interference would 'harm' the political opposition.  Now, would I be exaggerating in my advocacy for establishing a 'systemic' self-deportation due to this criminal stupidity?

5. The Cowardly Cusses.  "Republican members of Oregon’s state senate skipped town on Thursday to avoid voting on a sweeping climate change bill – and now Gov. Kate Brown’s authorizing the state police to bring them back."

6.  President Trump called Iran to let them know in advance that military planes were in the air, and shortly thereafter, called off America's 'invasion' of Iran.

7.  The Onion:  "U.S. Claims Drone Was Minding Own Business On Its Way To Church When Iran Attacked It Out Of Nowhere."

8.  Hope Hicks, in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, dodged over 150 questions that were asked of her.

Jaango--posted on June 21, 2019



 A Pean to Father's Day:  This Generation Understands Well, Our History!

There is much to be said of this latest generation and in which the incorrigble behavior seems to be quite unrelenting, but what stays at the forefront for today's political behavior is that our unrelenting 'grace' for Decency Personified, which is slowly coming into this longstanding forethought, and more so, as our demographics come full force within the next twenty years.

And with this in mind, Adam Serwer, writing for the Atlantic, yesterday, wrote and published the following or as "The Illiberal Right Throws a Tantrum," and dated June 14, 2019.

"A faction of the religious right has concluded that if liberal democracy does not guarantee victory, then it must be abandoned.

"Black Americans did not abandon liberal democracy because of slavery, Jim Crow, and the systematic destruction of whatever wealth they managed to accumulate; instead they took up arms in two world wars to defend it. Japanese Americans did not reject liberal democracy because of internment or the racist humiliation of Asian exclusion; they risked life and limb to preserve it. Latinos did not abandon liberal democracy because of “Operation Wetback,” or Proposition 187, or because of a man who won a presidential election on the strength of his hostility toward Latino immigrants. Gay, lesbian, and trans Americans did not abandon liberal democracy over decades of discrimination and abandonment in the face of an epidemic. This is, in part, because doing so would be tantamount to giving the state permission to destroy them, a thought so foreign to these defenders of the supposedly endangered religious right that the possibility has not even occurred to them. But it is also because of a peculiar irony of American history: The American creed has no more devoted adherents than those who have been historically denied its promises, and no more fair-weather friends than those who have taken them for granted."

And this next generation, that follows the Baby Boomers, have a much more exciting insight into our future and as the realm of Father's Day, becomes more pronounced.

Jaango--posted on June 15, 2019






Odds & Ends...

Obviously, its been a 'slow' week given the national news media has been obscessed with the current shenanigans emanating from Congress and the White House.

1.  The Don McGahn Embroglio.  As the chief attorney for the White House Counsel's Office, he departed and despite the 'aspersions' being tossed in his direction by President Trump, everyone of any consequence, knows that Trump is lying through his teeth, and regardless, if McGahn testified before any of the three primary committees in Congress, Trump's vitriol would only increase out of his fear of impeachment.  Thus,McGahn being a 'true' Republican of the Old School is not going to destroy his reputation over President Trump. Now, if he were testify, his professional and personal career would be over, and in a hurry.

2.  In Love With His "foreign dirt"?  Now that the Chair of the Federal Election Commission, has penned her letter stipulating that accepting any foreign assistance and relative to "oppo research" is and will be seen as patently "illegal."  Therefore, another new 'dilemma' facing Trump over the next 16 month, is obvious to everyone.

3.   Graham's Home Base is not South Carolina, but Fox News. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wants the United States to use military forces to intervene in Venezuela to depose the country’s contested president, Nicolás Maduro. His reason: it will scare other foreign countries like North Korea and Iran to see America put “points on the board.”  AND “It’s a time of testing,” Graham responded, urging Trump to “put military force on the table” the way President Ronald Reagan did when he invaded Grenada in 1983. This, he argued, could help sever Venezuela’s support from Cuba. Alas, Venezuela has Oil and Graham wants it!\

4.  "Reconnecting History!"  "The Trump Administration has opted to use an Army base in Oklahoma to hold growing numbers of immigrant children in its custody after running out of room at government shelters. AND, Fort Sill, an 150-year-old installation once used as an internment camp for Japanese-Americans during World War II, has been selected to detain 1,400 children until they can be given to an adult relative, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services."

5.  Today's "monsterism" Being Transferred to the Jury.  For those among us, an undocumented immigrant crossing the Sonoran During any three-day period requires having to carry a minimum of 100 gallons just to survive. "A federal judge on Tuesday declared a mistrial in the case of Scott Warren, an Arizona-based geographer who was charged with three felonies — two counts of harboring and one count of conspiring to transport undocumented people — after he offered two migrants food, water and temporary shelter."  Government lawyers have been intoxicated with their 'power.'

Jaango--posted on June 14, 2019



Impeachment:  Do "high crimes and misdemeanors" Matter in Today's European American Politics...

Of course, I am speaking directly onto the politics among Democrats.  Thus, the Center-Right or the 'status quo' is opposed to any "impeachment inquiry" as well an "impeachment."  Thus, an impeachment inquiry is good for a democratic ego-boost but accomplishes nothing of significance.  And further, and an actual and successful Impeachment with the viable Articles of Impeachment, achieves nothing since the Republican-led Senate chamber would not conduct an "impeachment trial."   Thusly, two Argumentations can be made and accomplished, and yet,  both signifies an "ego-boost" but achieves nothing of which historians can continue to sleep the sleep of this non-controversy. 

And yet, no one has asked the multitude of Latinos  and where "high crimes and misdemeanors," regardless of outcome, must be addressed as per our perceived obligations to our fellow citizens and the Constitutional authority to "protect and defend" such.

Consequently, today's European Americans in either Elected Office or in Appointed Office, are currently demonstrating that Latinos' value as "voters" have very little to contribute to the ongoing coalition-building that is detrimental to the  Center Right or the "status quo" among Democrats. Thus, 43% of the Democrats being Progressive-oriented, need not apply to this 'insider's" challenge.  

However, to put this context and content into much harsher terms, in 2016 election, the elevated increase in voter participation among Latinos and Native Americans, moved the Progressive Needle to 42% and this Needle again, moved in 2018 to a 43% level among Progressives, writ large.  Today, Latinos outnumber progressive-oriented European Americans,and yet, if one looks at what's being addressed in the national news media outlets as well as the internet participation among the Democratic "stats-quo" activists, not much is being addressed and subject to this Latino proclivity for increased voter turnout.

In closing, we of the Latino Perspective, survived the Reagan Era and all the Presidential Eras that have followed.  Thus, should Trump get  re-elected in next year's election, we  of the Latino Perspective, know that  our Common Sense is predicated on the 13 annualized Congressional Spending bills that's dedicated to distributing the approximate $7 trillion for this current fiscal cycle, and if we're adding the next five years into this political formulation, the "status-quo" Democrats will have their hand fulls for addressing this political largesse, or until the Progressives change this ongoing dynamic.  And if one takes seriously, the "ideas" of the current or former serving Senators ambitiously seeking their presidential success, the assigned values, in money terms, these ideas would add to  our current national debt, another short shrift of $13 trillion. 

Jaango--posted on June 12, 2019



An Afterthought or Two...

In today's "normalization" process  being discussed by today's Pundits, Sages and Gurus, our politics, seem to intrude, but up to only the point and where some subject matters are not addressed.  Take for example, two points confound me but then reality that's affecting our Fourth Estate, demonstrates otherwise.

1.  From the New York Times:

 "The deal to avert the traiffs that President Trump announced with great fanfare on Friday night consists largely of actions that Mexico had already promised to take in prior discussion with the United States over the past several month, according to officials from both countries who are familiar with the negotiations.

 "....Mr. Trump hailed the agreement anyway on Saturday....It was unclear whether Mr. Trump belived that the agreement truly represented new and broader concessions, or whether the president understood the limits of the deal but accepted it as a face-saving way to escape from the the political and economic consequences of imposing tariffs on Mexico."

Now, onto this second 'afterthought'

2.  The New York Times have not published anything of consequence from the current trade agreement being drafted and relative to the Brexit-USA Trade Agreement.  To wit, the first six chapters have been negotiated and completed, and chapters seven through thirteen are being negotiated behind closed doors. And further, what's following in all of the chapters exceeding that of thirteen and beyond, is not being made available for the sole purpose of discounting the general public, and from either inside or outside of today's political dynamic. 

Therefore, the New York Times is effectively demonstrating that their courage for 'investigative reporting" is an instructive exemplar for the Fourth Estate's dismall low-level representation of and for today's journalism biz.

Jaango--posted on June  10, 2019




Odds & Ends...

Here are a few tidbits of the chatter that may be of interest to our readers.

1. Bayer, one of the last major brands advertising on Tucker Carlson’s and Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News pulled future advertising from both shortly after Ingraham’s interview with Trump in France Thursday.

2.  A new poll conducted by NPR/PBS and Marist finds the only 13% of respondents want to overturn Roe v. Wade. 
3.  Language is powerful, and opinion makers know it when the usage includes such high-flying rhetoric as "viability" and "electability."  But when pundits use such language, more often than not it means “white,” almost always it means “male,” and invariably it means someone who will not upset the status quo. 

4.  From Digby:  When historians pen the history of this period, the men and women who debased themselves and their country to serve this man-child may not have found their way to The Hague. Likely, they will have found lucrative, post-administration work as wingnut-welfare propagandists churning our "best-sellers" collecting dust on pallets on the loading dock at the Heritage Foundation. But history will look upon them with disgust. It may not treat their fall with the solemnity with which dignitaries celebrated the 75th anniversary of D-Day. It took sacrifice and commitment lacking today to end another foul regime. With any luck, this one will end not with a bang, but a whimper. Okay, a lot of whimpering.

5.  Senator Susan Collins of Maine and whom has sold herself to her general public as "pro-choice" has now voted in favor of 32 federal nominees and taken together, all these nominees support the anti-abortion agenda.

6.  Kushner as another 'bullshit artist.'  He's cast doubt that the Palestinians are unable to govern themselves.

7.  Pelosi allegedly wants to see Trump "in prison."  And Trump responds with his tirade of "She a nasty, vindictive, horrible person."

8. And finally, the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, and regarding its next week's full Committee Meeting, Republican Congressman Doug Collins has offered this list of which contains the words that should be "prohibited" when it comes to describing President Trump:

Bilking the taxpayer
Lining the pockets of his cronies
Engaged in illegal activity
Giving aid and comfort to the enemy
Abusing power
Abusing Executive Privilege
Disrespected the office

Jaango--posted on June 8, 2019




"Downsized" Public Opinion Polling

As a political writer of many years for an editorial platform on the internet, I am constantly being challenged by  the European American Stereotype of "I don't care..I'll be dead...So, what's your point?" and effectively demonstrates that  today's public opinion pollsters have yet to make their first foray into the "Latino Perspective."  Thus, there are over 7,000 Elected and Appointed Officials serving in an "official" capacity in our Democracy, and not one has ever been interviewed in an "in-depth" manner.  
Therefore, the onus is on my fellow Democrats in the public polling biz and for them to demonstrate that they too, are part and parcel to the "coalition builders" as well and being possibly of the best sort.

And since I too know that there are 18 million military vets;  add in the military vet's spouse; add in the military vet's next door neighbor; and add in the military vet's best friend, and we have an even larger 'coalition' and which would easily exceed the volume of affirming votes achieved by Hillary Clinton.

However, let's take this one step further and expand it to include the current behavior of today's migration flow, and in particular in the Iron Triangle that's often referred  to this originating migration flow from Central America, or from Guatamal, Honduras and El Salvador.  To wit, climate change is now being considered as to the  first priority for this migration behavior, and as per the 'investigations' being conducted by several investigative reporters, have converged on to our prescient view of many years past.
Consequently, this detrimental 'change' has been damaging for growing a variety of crops, and which makes feeding a poor family even far tougher than has been the 'normal' for these past several years.

In closing, when we have a President and his Trumpian Party, taken together, refuse to address  Climate Change, is beyond being called out as a repugnant behavior and which is beyond being deplorable.  And we military vets, have a responsibility to address and accordingly demonstrate our gravitas as per our stellar voting behavior in this oncoming presidential election cycle. 

Jaango--posted on June 7, 2019
Is Poverty On-the-Run?

Our good friend, Kevin Drum, over at the Mother Jones Magazine has this to say:

The poorest households have an average market income of $20,000. After means-tested assistance programs and tax credits are included, their income is $36,000. Working-class families see an increase from $44,000 to $49,000. Income groups above that are net losers, paying more in taxes than they receive in benefits.

We could do a lot more, but it looks to me as if poverty has taken a serious beating—and this doesn’t even count Social Security and Medicare, which have taken millions of seniors out of poverty. So why does it often seem as if poverty won the war? I can think of a few reasons:

It’s still around. This has not been the kind of unconditional surrender that Americans love. It’s a grinding effort that goes on forever, and on city streets poverty can often appear to be worse than ever.

It’s too complicated. Yes, a lot of money gets disbursed, but it’s broken up into dozens of programs that all require separate applications; have to be renewed constantly; and yo-yo around depending on the vagaries of income and congressional largesse. Even the recipients of government assistance probably don’t realize how much help they’re actually getting.

Medicaid. A fair amount of means-tested assistance comes in the form of Medicaid and CHIP, which doesn’t actually put money in anyone’s pocket or buy anyone’s dinner.

It helps the wrong people. There are plenty of folks who think of money going to blacks and Hispanics as little better than flushed down the drain. Needless to say, conservatives do their best to encourage this view.

Life is still hard for a lot of people, but don’t be overly pessimistic about how much we’ve accomplished. Poverty will never be completely eradicated, but we’ve done a helluva lot to put it on the run.

Jaango--posted on June 7, 2019




The Dreamers and 9 Democratic Votes in Opposition...
From RollCall.Com:
"House votes on rules to begin debate on legislation are typically party-line tests. But when nine Democrats voted Tuesday against the rule for an immigration bill, it was a high-water mark for Democratic defections this year.
"Still, Democrats are more unified on such votes than the House majority party has been in all but two years of the last decade. 
"The rule adopted Tuesday allowed the House to begin debating a measure to provide permanent legal protections for young undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers who were brought to the U.S. as children, as well as for recipients of the Temporary Protected Status and Deferred Enforced Departure programs. The House passed the measure Tuesday evening, 237-187."
And not lost on anyone, all the newly-installed Democrats voted in favor.  Times are a-changing!
Jaango--posted on June 6, 2019




Advancing the Impeachment Process...
Today's staple of pundits, sages and gurus, are demonstrating their hesitation when it comes to the House chamber and for commencing this overall effort by the three primary Committees, that being Oversight, Judiciary and Intelligence.  Thus, we and who reside in the general public arena category, we too, if we believe these pundits, the sages and gurus, that we need to be 'educated' further, lest we toss our partisanship in the wrong direction.  Not so, of course!
Today our understanding is easily perceived as well as achieved and therefore consider the following as our reasoned justification: 
"Let's review: some 272 contacts involving at least 38 meetings between Trump’s team, including Page, and Kremlin-linked operatives have been identified. As of now, we know of 33 high-ranking campaign officials and Trump advisers had contact with Putin government-related people, including Trump himself. None of these contacts or meetings during the election and transition were ever reported. In fact, they were hidden in spite of official warnings about failing to do so."
Consequently, it's up to our respective members in the House chamber and to come forward with his or her explanation as to  why they are being confoundingly timid in their behavior.  Now, will these members of Congress require of their leadership in the caucus to step forward and 'demand' that all of these 272 contacts and 38 meetings be defined and if necesary, be discredited despite being appropriately decribed in the Mueller Report?  And we are waiting!
Jaango--posted on June 5, 2019





Today's Trade-Off Via a "slip-of-the tongue"
A few days ago and prior to President Trump's visit, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom caused a 'quiet' political uproar when he suggested that the British National Health Care Service would be "put on the table" in the anticipated trade negotiations between the US and the United Kingdom, once the United Kingdom divested itself from the European Union, or their  successful Brexit.  Thus, the United Kingdom would assert their well-known oriented Authoritarianism for their 'brand' of Nationalism, and which, in turn, would require the elimination of the Veterans Administration and the Indian Health Services here in the United States. 
And be so advised!
Jaango--posted on June 4, 2019



Can the Democrats Craft Their Triangle Of Triumph?
With today's political toxicity hovering over our daily participation and toward a reasoned level for civil discourse, either on the Internet or through our national media outlets, this Triangle of Triumph can be easily achieved and which comes at us--the Chicanos and Native Americans from here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert--with the following Three Elements.
First, is in her role as the House Speaker, Pelosi has managed to pass via an affirmation of a majority of votes, and which have been approved and moved over to the Senate chamber for their consideration.  And if numbers are indeed correct, 120 legislative decisions have taken place, and of these, these 20 pieces of legislation have been approved by the Senate chamber.
Second, and by way of more contrast for the next 10 months, Pelosi must introduce and vote on another 120 peices of legislation, and subsequently, the Senate chamber, for failing to effectively address this additional legislation, Senate Majority Leader McConnell will be seen standing on top of the stack of over 200 pieces of legislation still remaining, and which provides an ample vehicle for a series of television commercials that assail today's Republicanism, and to the specificity of each Senator that is up for re-election, will undergo the same series of television commercials. 
Third, in her role as Speaker of the House, Pelosi must bring together of Democratic members that will take to the House floor, the notion of a "discharge petition" that moves the Chamber's responsibility to the forefront and which will lead to the formal and affirming vote on the Articles of Impeachment.  And subsequently, the Senate chamber will be required to demonstrate that they are not enamored for being called-out for their failure to undergo their 'self-purification process' and to wit, being supportive of Trump's salacious behavior that is GOP's authoritarian-oriented nationalism of today and tomorrow.
Now, need more be said?
Jaango--posted on June 3, 2019




Addressing the Citizen/Census Question...
One of the many things or exemplified behaviors that accrue when the pundits, sages and gurus, write of the many and ever-present tangents that are of civic discourse on today's Democracy. 
Consequently, working under time constraints, having both the time and energy to scribble out a 'view' that addresses these many Argumentations, does not 'enable' the requisite research, especially, from these writers that have been there and have done that. 
And in this case, the Consummate Staff Writer, Joan McCarter, at the web site of DailyKos, writes and publishes her article titled, "Revelation of partisan, racist citizenship case might not sway Supreme Court," fits neatly into this dynamic for her obvious level-headedness.
And with this in mind, we are publishing her article in its entirety, given the nature of the subject matter, and when viewed through our political prism, she's correct in here 'assessment' or 'analysis' given the Right's effort to perpetuate and concretize their toxicity and which is an anathema and obscenely detrimental to all voters in their preference toward "decency personified."
And more so, when Congress consider its 'spending responsibilities' relative to the lesser communities and where "non-citizens" reside, writ large, as well as the merits of continuing the various aspects toward the reinforcement of voter suppression.
The new documents in the census citizenship question case before the Supreme Court might have no bearing in the court's ultimate decision, despite the blockbusters they contain: Trump administration officials committed perjury, and the aim of their citizenship question on the census is to boost "Republicans and non-Hispanic whites" electorally.
The American Civil Liberties Union filed the documents in a motion with U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman Thursday in one of the cases brought against the Trump administration. Berman has scheduled a hearing on the organization’s request that two witnesses be sanctioned for false testimony. The witnesses, Mark Neuman, who was a Trump transition official that consulted with the Commerce Department on the census question, and John Gore, at the Justice Department, testified that the rationale for including the question is to better enforce Voting Rights Act protections for racial and language minorities. But the ACLU contends that Neuman was in close contact with the late Thomas Hofeller, a guru for Republican redistricting and gerrymandering of maps. It was his 2015 study, never publicly released, that showed how a redistricting overhaul that excluded noncitizens would shut them out, but that the overhaul would be "unworkable" unless a citizenship question was added to the census.
The eventual letter the DOJ wrote to Commerce requesting the census citizenship question, under the pretext that it would help enforce the VRA, included a word-for-word paragraph from one of the documents found in Hofeller's files. The plaintiffs contend that he was a ghostwriter for at least a portion of that letter, specifically the pretext of VRA enhancement. Hofeller was in contact regularly with Neuman, who was also an old friend, and Neuman wrote a draft of the Justice Department's request that included the rationale. It's a blockbuster revelation, with rock-solid evidence, that the real purpose of having a citizenship question on the census is to advantage white Republicans. But the revelation won’t necessarily make any difference to the conservative, partisan majority on the Supreme Court.
The ACLU has told the Supreme Court that the "new evidence reveals that Dr. Thomas Hofeller, a longtime redistricting specialist, played a significant role in orchestrating the addition of the citizenship question to the 2020 Decennial Census in order to create a structural electoral advantage for, in his own words, 'Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites,' and that Petitioners obscured his role through affirmative misrepresentations"; but it hasn’t requested that the court take new actions. One key issue is time, election law expert Rick Hasen explains in a tweet thread. The arguments in the case were heard in April and the decision is expected by the end of June. Census forms need to be printed in July. There simply wouldn't be enough time for the court to dismiss the case in order to rehear it with this evidence. It is aware the evidence exists, and the justices’ clerks will certainly follow all the news, but whether that will change any one of the justice's decisions is a complete unknown.
And here's the internet link:
Jaango--posted on June 1, 2019




Odds and Ends...
Here are a few tidbits for our reading pleasure.
1.  Franklin Graham calls on Christians to observe a "Special Day of Prayer" to protect President Trump from his 'enemies.'  
2.  Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was compared to the Dictator of North  Korea, by the sports franchise that is the Fresno Grizzlies.
3.  Finally, the Texas Secretary of State resigns after his explanation for the failure to purge voter rolls, has been found to be unacceptable.  And MALDEF was awarded a federal court victory against the State of Texas.
4.  Another public opinion poll and focused on the following states:  In Arizona, Trump is down three percentage points;  In Georgia, Trump is down three percentage points;  In Michigan, Trump is down seven percentage points; In North Carolina, Trump is down seven percentage points; In Pennsylvania, Trump is down six percentage points; and in Wisconsin, Trump is down six percentage points.
5.  Facebook and Twitter are serious.  More than 2,800 deceptive Twitter accounts were deleted, along with numerous Facebook accounts, pages and groups, as they pertained to Iran's-linked disinfromation scheme.
6.  President Trump had the Navy cover the name of the USS John McCain, during his visit to Japan.  And setting out to demean a dead person and of a fellow Republican opponent, demonstrates Trump's childishness.
7.  The Trio of Fox News Hosts on Mueller's latest  press availability.  Hannity calls Mueller, "basically full of crap!"  In addition, Ingraham suggest that Mueller of "doing the mean girl thing."  And not to be left out of this Diatribed Trio, Carlson calls Mueller, "sleazy and dishonest."
8.  The Best Is Yet To Come or is it the "Molecules of Freedom."  One official at the Department of Energy praised the efforts to increase exports from Texas as being "critical to spreading freedom gas throughout the world." 
9.  Circumventing House Speaker Pelosi. To date, there are 44 announced Democrats favoring impeachment, and should these Democrats become somewhat more angry and where this anger is directed at the House leadership team, these increasing number of Democrats can deliver their "discharge petition" to House floor for an up or down vote for the 'inquiry' or further, the impeachment of Trump sans the Articles of  Impeachment, and which would, if approved, the Articles of Impeachment would soon follow.
Jaango--posted on May 31, 2019




A More Descriptive Moment Pertaining to the Citizen/Census Question.

Unfortunately, voter suppression meme has many differing political tangents, and the latest will soon be pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.

To wit, the following:

"Files on those drives showed that he wrote a study in 2015 concluding that adding a citizenship question to the census would allow Republicans to draft even more extreme gerrymandered maps to stymie Democrats. And months after urging President Trump’s transition team to tack the question onto the census, he wrote the key portion of a draft Justice Department letter claiming the question was needed to enforce the 1965 Voting Rights Act — the rationale the administration later used to justify its decision.

"Those documents, cited in a federal court filing Thursday by opponents seeking to block the citizenship question, have emerged only weeks before the Supreme Court is expected to rule on the legality of the citizenship question. Critics say adding the question would deter many immigrants from being counted and shift political power to Republican areas."

The late author for America's gerrymandering, died last year, and his daughter resurrected his data base and found the above described information.

Therefore, there was no quandry among the Republicans for enhancing the Voting Rights Act, but there was for expanding the opportunity to 'gerrymander' and thereby diminishing the viability of 'racial and ethnics' for voting in higher numbers.

Jaango--posted on May 30, 2019




Chris Cuomo:  "We ain't ready"...
After listening to Mueller's 9-minute speech, his first reaction to Russia's election interference in our nation's 2016 presidential election, Cuomo espoused that Russia will continue to do the same in our  presidential election of 2020.
Of course, he too is focused on his carefully crafted tangent for espousing his view of today's 'white fright'. And from here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert, we readily acknowledge that our voting equipment is thoroughly out-dated  and to the point that the State of California is spending over $18 between now and November of next year, to insure for itself that their election processes should be free from any technical hacking, and perhaps, from any 'intrusions'  relative to Russia, Iran and China.   Unfortunately, Cuomo, for all his access to televison, just won't go there, and which is understandable, especially when the advertising rates have to pay the bills. 
Jaango--posted on May 30, 2019





Mueller's Latest Statement of Earlier Today.


This from our good friend, Kevin Drum over at the Mother Jones Magazine.


Special Counsel Robert Mueller just finished a press conference and said it would be his last and only public comment on his report into the Trump-Russia affair. He is retiring from the Justice Department and declined to to take any questions after reading a statement.
In that statement, he reiterated that it was a “longstanding” policy of the Justice Department that a sitting president cannot be charged with a federal crime. “Charging the president with a crime was therefore an option we could not consider.” This appears to be the sole reason that the report made no recommendation on the obstruction-of-justice charges. He also reiterated that if he had found conclusive evidence that President Trump didn’t obstruct justice, the report would have said so.
On the subject of testifying before Congress, Mueller appeared to say that this was off the table. “The report is my testimony. I would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before Congress.”
Jaango--posted on May 29, 2019







The Punditry's "split" On Either Biden or Sanders, And yet, Who Else?   
This early in this run-up to the achievable Democratic primary campaign for the presidential nomination, virtually all the national news media outlets have an emphasis that has been on the voter's 'split' for the likeablity of either Biden or Sanders, and yet, what's not being addressed is the Latino voter, mostly all progressives and the progressive-oriented women under the age of fifty years, and starting with millennials.  And add into this causality, the additional 22 announced candidates will have their say so, as well. 
Consequently, voters will make their decision starting in eight months with the first primary.  Other pundits are suggesting that the "big break' among all of these candidates will come forth when Nevada completes its statewide primary vote and which will reinforce this, non-existent 'split.' 
Therefore, all the 'highlights' seen on television of the engendered disagreements will consist of, at a minimum, the significant details as related to coalition-building, as the  most salient feature for next's year's election.  And for those of us and who are paying particular attention to the behavior of Latino voters, writ large, Latinos won't be making any decisions any time soon, given the level of both "unity" and the rejection of "revolution" since "change" is what's being demanded by these progressive-oriented women and who have spoken of their preference  for candidates that are far newer and relevant to today's politics, and which can be  perceived as a 'set-back' for both Biden and Sanders, given their elevated age, as well as the 'natural causes' that can arrive in these, the short and intervening years. And the second element  of further consideration, is easily located among the vast array of 'issues' that must be  confronted and addressed in a manner that is both effective and productive.
In addition, the vast array of Latino voters are not seeking to 'hear' of the historical "pander" that has been delivered over these past many years, but are 'demanding' that the relevant issues be addressed with the forthright behavior for Truth-Telling. 
In summary, the latest PEW survey, found that women were far less enthusiastic when voting for a white male.  And which brings forth the notional that the perceived and vaunted female candidates seeking the Party's nomination, are 'playing for keeps.'  Further, in this vein of thought, the candidates that have done their effective coalition-building, will be attending the Democratic Convention late next year, and knowing that no one candidate has achieved a successful majority of primary campaign selections at the state-level, this means that these candidates will be negotiating amongst themselves as to who will become the 'nominee'  and which will be announced at the Party's Convention.  And which will be the dilemma facing both Biden and Sanders.
Jaango--posted on May 28, 2019




Vice President Pence 'speaking' to West Point Grads...

After having been invited to deliver the commencement speech to the graduates at the West Point military academy, he stipulated that a "virtual certainty that you will fight on a battlefield for America at some point in your life" and which demonstrates a cavalier attitude that War must surpass Peace. 
No so of course, is our reality that has been our challenge favoring Peace, as military vets.

Since Latino-oriented Journalists are never given the opportunity to 'interview' Pence, we, the military vets much favor Peace over War since War signifies the national politics among our Elected Officials and which has failed us and thusly, our overt behavior has a direct consequence for being visited onto for our National Security and Defense Systemic. 

Thus, here is the first and foremost question that needs to be answered and where the the propaganda is formally rejected.   Therefore, consider the  following three questions:

What national soverign nations do our Elected Officials declare to be our "enemies" should they exist?  And as such, is our international 'competitors' be defined or deemed as per the mundane rhetorical flourish of an improvident marketing and sales pitch and which can be attributed to "white fright"?

And the second question would consist of:

"Have you have any familiarity with establishing an Indigenous Free Trade Agreement consequential to all nation-states in this, the Indigenous Hemisphere?"  Of course, his succinct anwer would be one word, "No!"

And the third question is of the European American 'stereotype, or the Third Sterotype of the right wing's 'rail' in today's politics, is "I don't care...I'll be dead...So what's your point"?  And his succinct answer would again consist of three words, "It doesn't exist!" and if further described, denial, deflection and diffusion, defines and reinforces this obvious pattern of denial.

In summary, Pence's complete failure from the expectation of a well-deserved and a much appreciated, or a salient speech at West Point, and which, unfortunately, verged onto one of our national political tangents, that being "white fright" that only War can solve.  In the meantime, our Democracy limps along and which is in contention with the Authority to Use Military Force, and which continues to limp along, too.

Jaango--posted for Memorial Day, 2019



Challenging Republicans on Abortion Rights...
We owe the ACLU and the other significant organizations our deep gratitude for their ongoing efforts at challenging the Republican-oriented states for their adopting a series of anti-abortion legislation, given their long held penchant for advocating "state's rights" when it comes to a woman's reproductive rights.
To wit, several states, including Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and Ohio, have passed laws and which are now being challenged, as each will lead to an eventual decision from Supreme Court and is now being subjected to overturning Roe v. Wade.
As such, here are two differing examples.
1.  U.S. Federal Judge Carlton Reeves struck down a law that bans abortion after a fetal hearbeat is detected.  He heard the legal arguments this passed Tuesday, and quickly ruled in favor the client, that being the Jackson's Women's Health Clinic.  And late last year, Judge Reeves that Mississippi's then passed legislation, was struck down as impermissible, given that today's and currently passed law from the early 1970's,  Mississippi's effort "unequivocally" violated a woman's rights.
2.  In Alabama, “By criminalizing the performance of abortion (or attempted performance of abortion) at all points in pregnancy, H.B. 314 directly conflicts with Roe and more than four decades of Supreme Court precedent affirming its central holding,” the suit reads. The extreme measure, which was signed into law last week, makes performing an abortion a felony punishable by up to 99 years in prison and includes no exceptions 
And should the conservative-oriented Supreme Court deliver their knock-out blow to Roe v. Wade, the men, will be complaining to their newly-divorced wife, that the monthly support payment is in the mail. And you can bet these men will also be screaming to their respective state legislatures for relief and that they are in need of a substantial paternity support schematic, or comparable to Medicaid.
In closing, the women and men residing in these five states are going to be effectively recognized as being  'non-progressive' by way of our "purity test" when viewed through the prism of the Latino Perspective.  And as such, when Arizona passed it SB-1070 by the Republican controlled legislature and signed-off by its Republican Governor, the federal court ruled "unequivacably" that the hate ingrained into this public law was 'unconstitutional.'  Therefore, when the progressive-oriented Latinos stepped up to our mounting reality, the National Boycott of Arizona was proven to be quite effective. Furthermore, Arizona's former Democratic Governor admitted that the Arizona Highway Patrol, had, for many years or approximating 20 years, conducted their behavior with "show me your papers" of a daily and consequential behavior.  However she did convene an investigative committee and which never held its first meeting.
Jaango--posted on May 26, 2019



Odds & Ends...

In the heat of today's politics, here are a few tidbits.

1.  The New York State Assembly votes to make President Trump's "New York State Tax Returns" available to Congress.

2.  House Speaker Pelosi suggests to her members attending the House Caucus that Trump "is engaged in a cover-up."

3. The probe into the racist photo of  Virginia's Governor Northam in his yearbook, has been completed, and the investigators have concluded that they weren't able to determine he was in the photo showing someone in blackface.

4.  "Dumb as a rock and lazy as hell!" so says President Trump after former Secretary of State Tillerson testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  Thus, his-a low-brow tiff with his former Secretary of State, just proves that Trump is not overly 'smart' when it comes to his selection of Cabinet Secretaries for serving in his--the Trump administration.

5.  Senator Kamala Harris, the presidential candidate from California says of Trump's temper trantrum:  "We cannot abandon our democracy for the sake of appeasing somebody who is completely focused on his interests only."

6.  From the ACLU:  In challenging our nation's restrictive abortion laws, the ACLU espouses it's challenge, as "In the fight to safeguard abortion, this is our Alamo."  Our Kudos to the ACLU!

7.  Kudos to Nevada!  Nevada's woman-led state Assembly just expanded abortion rights in the state, reversing some restrictions on the procedure that had been around for decades. The Senate's Trust Nevada Women Act passed in the Assembly 27-13.

8.  Mark Sumner, a staff writer for DailyKos, has today's headline with:  Trump Delaring "I don't do cover-ups" is just all part of his cover-up of a cover-up.

9.  They didn't expel him,yet!  Now that GOP House Representative Justin Amash of Michigan is now on the record for favoring President Trump's impeachment, his fellow conservatives are not happy and are distancing themselves from Amash.  And if you didn't know, Amash was the co-founder of the Freedom Caucus in the House chamber. Thus, the GOP has tilted away from itself and into the Trump Freedom Party.

10.  The DCCC Chair, Cheri Bustos backs out of fundraiser for anti-choice Democrat Dan Lipinski, after taking fire from  progressives.

11.  The "Dream and Promise Act" is now going forth and to the House floor for its final vote.  Thus, a pathway to citizenship for these young kids, had been the GOP's Cause of Fury and in the form that an immigrant with a felony record would not be eligible.  And this view was already welded into the initial legislation, but the GOP's idea to "disrupt, delay and demonize" comes into stark reality.

12.  Julian Assange has been charged by the DOJ under the 1917's Espionage Act.  And this 18-count indictment follows his first indictment that was premised on his effort to commit computer intrusion.  However, the notion of "explicit solicitation of information" is a challenging moment for civil libertarians since Assange's experience as a both a publisher and journalist, is being discounted by the DOJ. 

Jaango--posted on May 25, 2019




A Tad of Satire:  Here's Where Pelosi's Non-Existent 'strategist' Can Be Effectively Addressed...

Much has been written and said regarding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her aggressive approach to the possibility of an "impeachment exercise" within her Democratic caucus.  And of these past few days, she has effectively demonstrated her enormous skill set to 'talk down' or out-talk the talk of the Democratic 'rep-scalians' in her caucus.  To wit, she has no 'strategist' in her immediate circle, so, my being a political 'rap-scalian', I thought I would fill-in this blank space and to her much-advantaged position for being the Speaker. And as such, addressing the "outside" game as well as the "inside" game and where 'timing' in politics can be correctly addressed and for being easily understood, seems appropriate, given that the first primary election, in Iowa takes place in eight months.

And thusly, I bring forth my unwanted my skill set and supplemented by my fond memories for having been a campaign manager for an overly-ambitious candidate for city council and where the candidate's lousy off-tune singing skill set and supplemented by a sizable amount of beer-guzzling at the most of inopportune moments, created a wealth of problems.  He came in fourth among the seven candidates.

And with above written paragraph in mind, the Democratic caucus will come forth with a wealth of information being provided by the respective Oversight, Judiciary, Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Committees.  As such, this 'coalition' experts will preside over the decision-making and which will lead to the inquiry that the majority of Democrats are demanding from these leadership positions.  (From June and thru December)

Of course, once this 'inquiry' is completed, Common Sense dictates that the Articles of Impeachment will be debated wholesomely, and which will take place between December of this year and thru July of next year.

Therefore, August, September and October of next year, the Senate Republicans will be facing their consequential dilemma for their decision-making, an Impeachment Trial during the latter of months of next year and which will intersect with President Trump's re-election campaign, or of his earlier 'resignation' and leading to the upward promotion of Vice President Pence and where Pence will have to launch his national election campaign.

And final element in this Democratic effort, Speaker Pelosi will have to achieve a single-minded commitment from the three or four of the leading candidates for the Party's nomination, is that these respective campaigns will have to readily be focused on the 20 Republican Senators up for re-election and for being successfully consummated via 'flipping' these, a minimum of seven seats.  For in doing so, Speaker Pelosi's 'genius' will be recognized for the Democrats having gained control of the Senate and Pelosi's 'agenda' can be achieved, despite the constant heresy postulated among the Senate conservatives, and where McConnell's 'full force and effect' is no longer viable or visible.

Jaango--posted on May 24, 2019



Does Progressive Nationalism Exist?

When writing for an editorial platform, exclusively for Internet consumption, starting an Argumentation or Discussion on the premise of a Question Mark, usually leads to a relative dismissal when it comes to interesting chatter.
However, the Latino Perspective, can readily be dismissed but not ignored, given the ever-increasing demographics that's instigating and aggravating voter distress, especially when mainstream political columnists take a less fortunate tangent for avoiding the strong arm and long reach of Latino voters.

And which bring me to the pending reality for addressing the many tangents that animate the Argumentation for Progressive Nationalism.  Of  course, Latinos, being the largest cohort among Progressives, agitating for Progressive Nationalism, is not going to disappear and much to the disappointment of these mainstream columnists.  As such, the Internet, is today's exploratory vehicle for this differentiating format of today's nationalism, or the authoritarian orientation versus the Latino orientation.  And from therein, is this differentiation.

In his article and dated April 1, 2019, columnist E.J. Dionne, writing for the American  Prospect Organization, stipulates that  "In his most recent books, John Judis makes the case that there is—and that by indiscriminately embracing globalism, many liberals helped create nationalism’s virulent Trumpian version."

And from my perspective, the compilation that was and still is, is The Pentagon Papers, which put the 'label' that is today's authoritrian-oriented Neoliberalism, into the political gutter as exemplified by Trump and his gang of cronyisms for their erstwhile behavior for white collar criminality and which is exemplied in today's impeachment fiasco of daily politics and inclusive of the Russian interference toward Trump's Electoral College victory.  Thus, the Baby Boomer zeitgeist for Progressive Nationalism was a well-defined fiasco and which continues to be.

Therefore, today's apt approach for Progressive Nationalism as being expressed today via the Latino Perspective, and well into the future, hence the next 20 years, is the Change that must and will occur.  As such, the forthcoming demographics won't tolerate neither the benighted nativism nor racism of years past.

Take, for example, today's presidential roster of candidates, recognizes that Elizabeth Warren represents "change the system" while "unity" is represented by both Biden and Booker, and yet one candidate, that being Sanders is for "revolution."  And yet, for the Latino voter, each discriptive identified by the bodily wealth of opinion by European American columnists, has yet to take into their political calculations, the Unmet Needs of both Latinos and the Native Americans, writ large.  

And as such, consider the two easily addressed concerns that can become the additional focus of any campaign, that being the weekly-held Saturday Morning Blogger's Conference in which our first female president originates and supervises and that being that each Cabinet Secretary and his resplendent minions submit to this "conference" for the expressed purpose of explaining the current public laws and the attendant policies, as well as the political machinations that's takes place within the daily provocations that is the incessant debate taking place in the proverbial "back room."  
Consequently, creating a much larger audience for an "improved" Democracy pledged to address the 'unassailable' facts while jettisoning the proclivity that is 'fake news.'  Thus, churning the nexus of marriage between "intentional ignorance" and "criminal stupidity" no longer survives as the daily bastion that has to be overcome by the general public.

Further, with the "opportunity" to question the National Intelligence Director within the 'conference' and as per the questioning for the usage of the FISA Court's approval or rejection of warrants, leading to the surveillance data compilation that led to indictments and the legal processes therein.  And where federal court juries, in a responsible level of civility, would assess and determine these legal outcomes.  In contrast and where 'indictments' were not achieved, the data compilation and within a reasonable format, would then made available to the perceived "target" and where this  'format' could be further utilized by the "target" and for whatever reason, legal or otherwise.

In closing, the overwhelming wealth of columnists have yet to address "progressive nationalism" from the perspective of the Latino voters.  Thus, today's national news media outlets are determined to minimize our Latino-oriented view, since we are not the vaunted subset that adds to sales and marketing vehicle and where the monies are generated that add to the bottom line profits of the 'news-gathering' outfits.  In contrast, the editorial platforms on the Internet are consistent with the hard work of writers working for an ever-reducing level of income since such organizations as Facebook, among others, gobble up the 96% of the available advertising revenues.
And here's the internet linkage for E.J. Dionne's article published and readily available at Amerian Prospect Organization:
Jaango--posted on May 21, 2019



Addressing Today's Cynicism...
Here are a few items that touch on today's reality.
1.  The CNN's chief legal analysts suggests, Sean Hannity is the Attorney General."
2.  From House Representative Ocasio-Cortez to the GOP:  "If they were truthful about their motives, they'd be consistent with their principles."
3.  Broward, Florida's Mayor suggests, "I would ask the president to open up his heart and his home as well."  Thus, housing undocumented immigrants in Forida should include including the usage of the Trump Organization's Mar-More-Margo Tourista Hotel in Florida.
4  The New York Times put together a comprehensive list of federal, state, and congressional investigations linked to Donald Trump and it is certainly ... illuminating ... to see it all in one place. By the Times' reckoning, there are 29 such investigations underway at present. Of those, 10 are for possible federal crimes, eight others are state or local (most in Trump's home state of New York), and 11 are congressional works in progress.
5.  From the newly nominated Director of ICE:  “I’ve looked at them and I’ve looked at their eyes, Tucker — and I’ve said that is a soon-to-be MS-13 gang member. It’s unequivocal.”
6.  Trump attorney, Rudy Giuliani is now espousing that former FBI Director Comey's diminished himself via his beharior and subsequently no one has any "respect" for him.  Thus, "respect" can only be attributed by political extremists and for political extremists.
7.  Today's latest story is that both Guiliani and John Solomon got our nation's Ambassador to the the Republic of Ukraine "canned" for not being a staunch advocate for Ukraine's investigation of former Vice President Biden and his son Hunter, for any possible business activity within Ukraine.
8.  Oh Hell!  A border agent is now calling migrants "human shit." Obviously, the cabinet secretary that oversees DHS, forgot to animate his/her Oath of Office.
And of course, there is more to tell when 'trolling' the internet.
Jaango--posted on May 20, 2019



More Twitter Junk...
Unfortunately, President Trump has turned himself into a proverbial Junkster-in-Chief, given this--his twitter-originating 'comment' of earlier today:
"My Campaign for President was conclusively spied on. Nothing like this has ever happened in American Politics. A really bad situation. TREASON means long jail sentences, and this was TREASON!"
As a military vet, I easily get disgusted when a politician refuses to put himself on the same page as the rest of us.
Take, for example, "treason"  only applies when we, as a nation, are engaged in a State of War.
Consequently, Trump will say and do what his white 'privilege' permits and which is into making himself into a "victim" even when we continue to somewhat pleasantly disagree with him. 
As such, he has effectively demonstrated that he must rationalize his behavior and which is equivalent to another in a long line of "El Trumpudos" as has been perfected over these past ages of our History and from within this Indigenous Hemisphere.
Jaango--posted on May 17, 2019



Odds & Ends...

The wingspan of Senator McConnell for having quelled any 'dispute' with President Trump, is demonstrating that Republicans are being challenged for denying that the TPP or theTrump Political Party has eclipsed the GOP.

1.  Laura Ingraham goes off the deep end with her latest podcast when she stipulates via her rant that whites are loosing to the "huge demographic shift."  Unfortunately, she forgot to mention that the Yaqui Indians from within the United States delivered 'democracy' to Mexico, years ago.  Obviously, history is not Ingraham's forte.

2.  The Fourth "investigation" of the Investigators.  The first IG effort was tasked within the "Russian investigation."  The second IG 'investigation'. As such, IG Horowitz took his effort from probing leaks and potential bias against Hillary Clinton into a 'brief' that focused on the perceived bias targeting President Trump.  And AG Barr has now tasked the U.S. Attorney John Durham, currently operating in the Great State of Connecticut.  And very seldom mentioned is the ongoing 'investigation' by John Huber, the AG operating out the the Great State of Utah.

3.  Senator Warren says "No!:  She won't do a town hall debate on Fox News, and in addition, calls Fox News a "hate for profit racket."  Further, she points out that she's done " “57 media avails and 131 interviews, taking over 1,100 questions from press just since January.” 

4.  The Pentagon's not speaking and from the always attentive Joan McCarter.  It's been more than 300 days since the Pentagon held an on-camera press briefing, a problem that became hugely salient in recent weeks with the announcement from the White House that it was deploying an aircraft carrier and bomber task force to the Middle East. Was this a new deployment, beyond what the Pentagon announced in early April? The Navy called it a "regularly scheduled deployment," so what was going on with the White House announcing it, and doing so on a Sunday?

5.  The History That Won't Disappear.  AG Barr's newest investigator for "investigating the investigors," is U.S.Attorney John Durham.  As Mother Jones notes:   then-Attorney General Eric Holder tapped Durham to lead the investigation into 101 instances in which the CIA was suspected of violating the law by using “enhanced investigation techniques.” Durham almost immediately threw out 99 of those cases, choosing to concentrate on two that had led to deaths. Then, despite one of those cases involving a man who was stripped naked and doused with cold water until he died of hypothermia, and the other featuring a man who was hung by his arms until he suffocated and found to have somehow received five broken ribs under interrogation, and had become part of a photoshoot in which a grinning soldier posed with his frozen corpse … Durham issued no charges at all.

6.  Good News!  A federal judge has ruled that migrants are eligible for access to  legal counsel.  Consequently, the Department of Homeland Security cannot continue to bar immigrants from either accessing or utilizing legal counsel.  And, "The totality of barriers to accessing and communicating with attorneys endured by detainees in these prisons deprives SPLC’s clients of their constitutional rights to access courts, to access counsel, and to obtain full and fair hearings, in violation of the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment," the suit has arrgued. 

7.  Texas Senator Cruz endorses Trump's Space Force.  As the best joke of the week, the pundits "jockified" Cruz for wanting an upward promotion to become the Interplanetary Sheriff and therefore he can seek out and arrest the plethora of Space Pirates.

8.  United States Ambassdor to Israel David Friedman: “Israel has one secret weapon that not too many countries have. Israel is on the side of God, and we don’t underestimate that.”

9.  So said the Bystander:  From Attorney General Barr, speaking loudly to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,  "Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?"  Further, the same Bystander said of Pelosi's response: "The Speaker, not missing a beat, smiled and indicated to the attorney general that the House sergeant-at-arms was present at the ceremony should an arrest be necessary. The attorney general chuckled and walked away," 

10.  Cipollone said the release of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report now makes 
Congress’s questions moot. He stressed that probe was “exhaustive” — the product of 2,800 subpoenas, 500 executed search warrants and 500 witness interviews — and that the president supported the report’s full release “in the interest of transparency.”

11.  The FISA Court.  Given the above statement by the Director of the Office of Legal Counsel, the SCO sought and received numerous Warrants as well as the Warrants sought and were rejected, would make for a 'reputation' for an Investigative Journalist willing to accomplish this hard work of 'research' and therefrom, would eventually achieve a stellar reputation in the form and function of a Pulitizer Prize.

Jaango--posted on May 17, 2019



"Redacting" History...
Karen J. Greenberg, writing for TomDispatch, addresses "Redacting Democracy" and accomplished in the following manner:
"...when it comes to repeated acts meant to erase reality’s record and memory, it wouldn’t be Eastern Europe or Russia that came to mind but the United States. With the release of the Mueller report, the word “redaction” is once again in the news, though for those of us who follow such things, it seems but an echo of so many other redactions, airbrushings, and disappearances from history that have become a way of life in Washington since the onset of the Global War on Terror.
"In the 448 pages of the Mueller report, there are nearly 1,000 redactions. They appear on 40% of its pages, some adding up to only a few words (or possibly names), others blacking out whole pages. Attorney General William Barr warned House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler about the need to classify parts of the report and when Barr released it, the Wall Street Journal suggested that the thousand unreadable passages included “few major redactions.” On the other hand, House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey was typical of congressional Democrats in suggesting that the speed -- less than 48 hours -- of Barr’s initial review of the document was “more suspicious than impressive.” Still, on the whole, while there was some fierce criticism of the redacted nature of the report, it proved less than might have been anticipated, perhaps because in this century Americans have grown used to living in an age of redactions.
"Such complacency should be cause for concern. For while redactions can be necessary and classification is undoubtedly a part of modern government life, the aura of secrecy that invariably accompanies such acts inevitably redacts democracy as well."
And needless to say but I will, the Ghost of History, does come before any redactions, and from given that many years ago.  To wit, Yaqui Indians living in the United States, put their lives on hold, and consequently, 'delivered' Democracy to the now Republic of Mexico. Thus, Trump and Barr and their cronyism,have recognized the lack of value inherent in the Mueller Report, or so they advocate.
Jaango--posted on May 16, 2019



The GOP's "Campaign For Cruelty"  
From our Good Friend, Meteor Blades, a fellow Native American, and a consummate writer for a well-known editorial platform, has this to  say:
"The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio filed a suit Wednesday challenging a law signed by Republican Gov. Mike DeWine that would ban abortions after a “fetal heartbeat” is detected and criminalize doctors who perform them anyway. This would, in essence, end abortions after six weeks of gestation, a direct conflict with federal court decisions using “viability” outside the womb as the cut-off point for when states can restrict abortions. Medical experts put viability at around 24 weeks, but 21 states have passed laws banning abortions after 20 weeks. Only two of those have been blocked in the courts."
"Fetal heartbeat laws are particularly foul because a “heartbeat” can typically be detected in the embryonic stage of development, at as early as six weeks’ gestation. That is before many women even know they are pregnant. Moreover, the term “heartbeat” isn’t accurate."
Thus, David Atkins, writing for the "political animal blog" at the web site of the Washington Monthly Magazine, and dated May 11th of this month, has this to say regarding this obsessive "cruelty" and accomplished in the following manner:
"But there is a scenario that could divide blue states and red states from one another in ways unprecedented since the 1860s: the repeal of Roe v. Wade.
"Drunk on power and buoyed by an increasingly extremist Supreme Court, Republicans in red states are taking their shot at forcing the abortion issue in the courts, hoping that Brett Kavanaugh will become the deciding vote in reversing the landmark decision. Alabama is seeking to outlaw abortion entirely from conception onward; Georgia passed a bill to criminalize abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, a ludicrous move given that most women don’t even know if they’re pregnant by that time; Ohio, Mississippi, and Kentucky already have similar bills on the books. Ohio’s bill goes so far as to insist on attempting to re-implant ectopic pregnancies, which is not even a viable procedure.
"It has long been argued that Republicans would not actually dare to follow through with flat out banning abortion because of the intense backlash that would ensue. But it’s clear by now that, if nothing else, the Trump era has given the conservative movement a giddy confidence that they can pursue extremism without consequence; that backlash from liberal constituencies does not matter; and that they can prevail against the odds no matter what the polls might say. They’re emotionally driven less by their own political or ideological needs than by the desire to cause pain and anguish to women, young people, minorities, and the educated class. As Adam Serwer and others have correctly noted, the cruelty is the point.
"Republican legislators fully intend to criminalize abortion. They fully intend to jail women as murderers for taking control of their own bodies, to prosecute them for leaving the state for medical aid, to punish any doctor who attempts to help with a lifetime in jail. They really mean to do it—damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead."
In closing, the Roe v. Wade Argumentation must, and yes, I say must, be included into any seminal discussion for a 'delivery mechanism for health care, nationally.'  And in doing so, this inclusiveness and expansion of our health care Argumentation personifies our Latino Perspective.
Jaango--May 15, 2019




Editorial Platform-Writers Continue to Ignore Twitter, and Thankfully So!
Two items of  earlier today, caught my attention.  As such, Jonathan Chait of the New York Magazine and Michelle  Goldberg of the New York Times.
As per Michelle Goldberg:
"It’s not just that Twitter traffic doesn’t appear to reflect the priorities of the Democratic electorate. Spending too much time on the platform can be actively misleading about the state of the party, as you can see in the polling surge of Joe Biden, a man despised by the online left. Biden has fewer Twitter followers than the first-term congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and less than half as many as Senator Bernie Sanders….But among Democratic voters, he is leading the field by double digits."
As per Jonathan Chait:
"The most important ingredient in the delusion was Twitter. It is hard to exaggerate the degree to which the platform shapes the minds of professional political observers. Part of Twitter’s allure to insiders is that it creates a simulacrum of the real world, complete with candidates, activists, and pundits all responding to events in real time….But the ersatz polity of Twitter doesn’t represent the real world. Democrats on Twitter skew young and college educated. A study last month found that the Twitter-using portion of the Democratic electorate harbors far more progressive views on everything than the party’s voting base."
And therefore, the Twitter-Universe does not reflect any one iota of our Latino Perspective, but Twitter does provide an opportunity for pundits to disharge their continuing "frustration" on  a periodic basis.  Consequently, the standard practice among Reporters/Journalists, will continue to adhere to their employer's rigid orthodoxy, an orthodoxy that does not represent their readers but does represent their multi-layered advertisers.
Jaango--posted on May 15, 2019




Odds and Ends...
This past Wednesday, and here in my neck of the  woods, or on my part and parcel within the Sonoran Desert, it rained.  And yes, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  Thus, Big Mama Good was telling us that we are need for more clean water.  A-haa, Happiness and Joy achieved! And yes, my good neighbor confirmed such weather behavior, with a tad of tongue-in-cheek/wink for humor.
1.  President Trump met with a handful of Republican Senators to discuss 'immigration' and they came away and after crafting a 'leverage' point to use against Democrats arguing immigration reform.  
2.  The former Fed pick, and withdrew his nomination, Stephen Moore has now stated the obvious:  "There should be a 'statute of limitations' on saying stupid things."  He was speaking of his misogynistic comments on women.  Further, he's blaming the 'stupid and evil' liberals for his failed bid to achieve his ambition for his serving on the Federal Reserve Board.
3. The 'globalists' have left the White House, and what remains is the 'nationalists.'  Thus, white nationalism has now entered the news media cycle, and the latest itemized effort was when President Trump twittered his opportunity for his beneficial white 'reparations' and that being a two-year extension be added onto his first four-year term as President.  And other editors and their reporters have climbed onto this self-servicing bandwagon.
4. 800 and Counting.  As of yesterday, over 800 former federal prosecutors have signed-on and where each agrees that indicting and prosecuting President Trump, would have taken place, if the Office of Legal Counsel's Memo/Letter prohibiting such legal behavior, did not exist.
5. The House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff has introduced legislation that would toss Citizens United into the trash can.
6. Trump's political reasoning:  Consider the First America Pac.  "Trump’s political team believes it must identify about 972,000 additional voters in Florida to win based on its projection that a record 10.5 million people will cast ballots there in 2020. His advisers believe it has 4.3 million Sunshine State voters ready to turn out for Trump, short of the roughly 5.25 million it will need."  And the same can be said  for Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina and Georgia.  And each state has a minimum of 15 Electoral College votes.
7.  Overturning Roe v. Wade:  The Alabama Senate is due to reconvene on Tuesday to vote on the bill, which would make it a felony for a doctor to perform or to attempt to perform an abortion during any stage of pregnancy.
8.  Wall Street didn't take kindly to the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Uber stock.
9.  The obvious ilness of Haters:  "Turning Point USA (TPUSA) is in the news again for being both fascist and racist. This time it’s a video that surfaced on the independent news site It’s Going Down. In it is the reported head of TPUSA’s University of Nevada, Las Vegas chapter, Riley Grisar, and an unidentified young woman throwing up the controversial white supremacist “OK” hand sign and saying “white power.” The young woman says “We are gonna rule the world,” to which Grisar adds, “White power,” and the young woman tops it off by saying “Fuck the ni**ers,” to which the person behind the camera says “Fuck them all.” 
10.  From Joan McCarter:  "In what is another of Stephen Miller's wet dreams, the Trump administration has proposed a rule to purge undocumented immigrants from public housing, admitting that would result in more than 55,000 children—who are all legal residents or citizens—being displaced and potentially homeless."
Jaango--posted on May 11, 2019



 America's Midlife Crisis:  Institutional versus Partisanship

Despite the opinion-minded wrangling on the anticipated testimony of Mueller, Eugene Robinson has this to say, at the Washingon Post:

"The escalating war in Washington is not between the White House and “Democrats,” despite what President Trump may claim. It is between an arrogant, out-of-control executive and the people’s duly elected representatives in Congress, whose sworn duties transcend politics. There’s a big difference.
"Trump tries to drag everyone and everything down to the basest, most transactional level, which is the only level he knows. In his telling, it’s “Democrats” who are demanding to see his tax returns, “Democrats” who want public testimony by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and former White House counsel Donald McGahn, “Democrats” who are holding hearings and issuing subpoenas for the sole purpose of persecuting Donald J. Trump. [...] 
"The fact that the House of Representatives is currently controlled by the Democratic Party instead of the Republican Party does not alter its responsibilities — or mitigate its powers."
Jaango--posted on May 10, 2019




McConnell Begins the GOP's Formalized "push back."  And Ending  With Bad Results...

Earlier today, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell went onto the Senate floor and have his much-anticipated speech and in which he clarified his thoughts on the Mueller Report, and concluded with his "case closed" Argumentation.

And with his inescapable lack of precision, he did not address the Unassailable Facts, but did go to great lengths to decry the perceived impeachment talk among the Democrats.  And this inescapable lack of precision, bordered on outright propaganda.
However, well-known pundits are not accepting McConnell's approach to the Mueller Report, and in particular, Mark Sumner, writing for DailyKos, has this to say, since he had access to an early copy of McConnell's speech.
Mitch McConnell is the man who declared, before President Obama even took office, that Republicans should not cooperate with him on any bill or any topic. The same guy who in 2010 told Republicans that their only priority in Congress was to prevent Obama from gaining a second term. The man who has spent a decade trying to take away health care from millions for political gain. The man who spectacularly broke with every rule and tradition to steal a Supreme Court seat from a sitting president. And the man who has consistently blocked bill after bill that definitely would have passed the Senate from even reaching the floor.
So, naturally, Mitch McConnell has something to say about the Mueller report. And what he’s going to say is just as “nonpartisan” as everything he has said before.

According to Politico, McConnell will declare today that when it comes to Russian interference in the 2016 election, it’s now “case closed.” McConnell will, as might be expected, follow the version of events outlined by Attorney General William Barr, overlooking 90% of the contents of the actual special counsel report to put forward the “no collusion, no obstruction” mantra. Like every other Republican who has spoken about the report, McConnell will cite the statistics about the time, money, and number of interviews conducted. At the same time, he’ll skip over the results—including the 10 detailed instances of Donald Trump personally committing obstruction and the hundreds of instances in which the Trump campaign had contact with Russian operatives.


McConnell will call any effort to call Mueller to testify or conduct any additional investigation “unhinged partisanship.” In doing so, he’ll provide cover to Lindsey Graham in efforts to block any further discussion before the Judiciary Committee and he’ll hand Richard Burr an excuse to wind down the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation without ever coming to any messy conclusions.
And McConnell will showcase the next iteration of the Republican argument: Talking about the Mueller report “is doing Putin’s job for him.” Which is like saying that looking at the results of a murder investigation is somehow helping the murderer. 
 McConnell has a singular role in American history: He’s the man who discovered that a Senate leader willing to ignore every rule, tradition, and expectation of that role had the power to utterly break government in a fundamental way. He has taken partisanship to a level where even the term seems utterly inadequate. But he’ll trot out the turtle tears on Tuesday morning … and pretend that he cares.
Why is McConnell doing this? Because the longer people talk about the actual Mueller report, the more that people are forced to testify about the report, the less value the cover story created by Barr provides. Republicans want this thing ended now, before their narrative becomes even more tattered. And they definitely, definitely don’t want Mueller to speak.
And long story short, President Trump's experience with television audiences, both Trump and McConnell know well that have television delivering the daily audience for any impeachment proceedings, means that Republicans will have a severe and difficult political opportunity to undermine the Democrats in the next presidential election, along with the impact on the down-ballot difficulties that will be facing the GOP candidates at both the state and local levels. As such, voters will be watching television and in large numbers.  And Vice President Pence being unable to mount a Pence for President Campaign, the GOP will not have a viable replacement for Trump.
Jaango--posted on May 7, 2019



Should Our Latino Perspective Be Supportive of Impeachment?  

As a political writer for an editiorial platform on the internet, I, too, have to answer to myself relative to any decision-making incurred and before I should speak, either loudly or quietly on this current Argumentation on Impeachment.  And in doing so, I have to marshal up the Unassailable Facts and where Common Sense applies for elevating my level of support for a behavior for a greater Decency Personified.  

And of course, this approach should satisfy our Brothers and Sisters given our experiential level for having applied our Self-Discipline, Hard Work and Ambition and how this has led us to our various and successful efforts for "defending and protecting" our nation's Constitution, even after we were discharged from our military service. 
Further, we understand that our Latino Perspective is quantified and qualified via our voting behavior and leading to our successful efforts and to the current culmination of over 7,000 Elected Officials while knowing that there are over 510,000 Elected Officials servicing our Democracy on the daily basis. Thus, our integration into a self-serving behavior that animates our civil discourse, and accomplished in a variety of manners and furthermore, into an insertion of multi-disciplines and where an Argumentation can consist of serveral political tangents.  And Impeachment or the consideration of a possible Impeachment is that degree of attention that which must lead to the Unassailable Facts and the application of said basic knowledge.

Subsequently, the formal release of the Mueller Report is consummately predicated on the stipulated and long held administrative "rule" or the Department of Justice's self-applied decision-making relative to the Office of Legal Counsel, and where indicting a president is not permissble,and yet, this self-same Memo or Letter, does not appy to either the Legislative or Judiciary branches of our federal government.

And in the past few days, the Washington Post published a letter signified by 375 former federal prosecutors that recognized that Trump's 'criminality' in three blatant instances, subjected himself (Trump), and either intentionally or inadvertently broke our public laws.  Moreover, these former federal prosecutors recognized that they would have been prohibited from prosecuting President Trump for his illegal behavior. And which means that we too, have to recognize this legal and political viability. 
Consequently, our fully understanding the 'history' as well as the political Argumentation for a fully deployed rationale via the Office of  Legal Counsel's self-imposed behavior, is both prudent and rational on our self-serving behalf.

And for starters, we each have to understand that President Nixon voluntarily resigned when notified that Articles of Impeachment would be applied.  And more so, when the Republican-led House chamber affirmed their partisan vote for its Articles of Impeachment and which would be applied to President Clinton under the rubric of "high crimes and misdeamanors."  Of course, the end result was that after the trial in the Senate chamber, the partisan vote among the majority of Democrats held that this trial for Impeachment was not applicable to his political behavior.

Therefore, over these many years, much has been written and yet, this view for an application of 'high crimes and misdeamers" did not apply to selling weapons to Iran and further, extended into Reagan's Iran-Contra behavior.

Today, it's well understood that the Offie of Legal Counsel's decision and subject to the Department of Justice only, is to be found nowhere in public law.

Subsequently, a more fully understood approach to public law, has been further understood and explained to us, by Walter Dellinger at the Lawfare Blog,when he says the following, as he did last year:

"The United States has addressed this question six times in both internal memos and briefs filed in litigation. And a review of these documents shows that it is far from clear what criminal prosecution steps are (or should be) precluded—and that there is no “longstanding policy” against indictment of the president. Consider the 1973 OLC memo stating that a sitting president should not be indicted. Far from being authoritative, it was essentially repudiated within months by the Justice Department in the United States’ filing in the Supreme Court in United States v. Nixon. 
"Likewise, the most recent opinion—an OLC memo written in 2000—includes brief statements that a sitting president should not be indicted even if all further proceedings are postponed. But far from being definitive, this is a matter that could be reconsidered by the department. Moreover, of course, OLC opinions are not binding on state prosecutors (though state charges could raise federalism questions as well). The complex history of criminal proceedings against presidents and vice presidents suggests that these issues are not foreclosed."

Therefore, the 375 former federal prosecutors had this to say in their public-released letter.  To wit, the following:

"The Mueller report describes several acts that satisfy all of the elements for an obstruction charge: conduct that obstructed or attempted to obstruct the truth-finding process, as to which the evidence of corrupt intent and connection to pending proceedings is overwhelming. These include:

1.  The President’s efforts to fire Mueller and to falsify evidence about that effort;

2.  The President’s efforts to limit the scope of Mueller’s investigation to exclude his conduct; and

3.  The President’s efforts to prevent witnesses from cooperating with investigators probing him and his campaign."

In summary, and once the 'investigations' by the three relevant Committees in the House chamber, respectively, Oversight, Intelligence and Judiciary, complete their work, their final decision may or may not support the statement announced by these 375 former federal prosecutors.
Jaango--posted on May 7, 2019



Today's Attention Grabber
Over at the editorial platform that is Talking Points Memo Dot Com, Dr. Marshall has published his editorial and titled, "Jews and Islamophobia" and it's a doozy.
And he starts with his first paragraph and which follows here:
"I don’t find this terribly surprising. But it is a highly notable, really key part of the broader debate about how the right-wing uses and distorts the debate over anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and religious diversity in the United States. The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding has a new public opinion report out on Islamophobia and Americans’ attitudes toward Muslims. The report covers a lot of ground and includes an easily accessible range of charts that makes it easy to dip into. I recommend it to you. What I want to focus on is one key finding: of all religious or ethnic groups in America, Jews have by far the most positive attitudes toward Muslims."
Check it out.  Here's the internet link:
Jaango--posted on May 6, 2019



Odds and Ends...

We always welcome the 'crazy' and even the 'less than crazy.'  And it's all for fun!

1.  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has submitted his Letter of Resignation to President Trump, effective May 11th.  And in his Letter he stipulates this formalized behavior of many years for "“We enforce the law without fear or favor because credible evidence is not partisan, and the truth is not determined by opinion polls.”  And our kudos to him.

2.  According to the Washinton Post's Fact Checker, President Trump has now exceeded 10,000 "misleading claims' or to us, the generic public, and we call these lies.  And 20% of these lies were dedicated to his dislike of immigrants.

3.  The Supreme Court dealt a setback to former Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio on Monday, declining to review a lower court decision to appoint a special prosecutor in a case related to his contempt of court conviction.

4.  "President Donald Trump’s prospective Federal Reserve Board pick Stephen Moore has officially withdrawn from the process, the second of Trump’s picks to do so in a matter of weeks."

5.  Senator Kamala Harris asked AG Barr, if “anyone at the White House had asked or suggested that you open an investigation of anyone.”  She was referencing an unasked question, or is anyone investigating Vice President Biden's  son, Hunter, as to his work for a Ukrainain energy company.  Thus, oppo-research is being brought out into the open for Biden's challenge to Trump and accomplished via the Senate Judiciary Committee.

6.  Good News!  Senator Warren unveils plan to restructure Puerto Rico debt.

7.  Clinton Mocks Trump:  "China, If you're listening, Why don't you get Trump's tax returns?"

8.  And it starts:  White House lawyer mocks Mueller Report as "law school exam paper."

9.  Three Senate Democrats voted to affirm AG Barr's appointment, and now two are having 'buyer's remorse.'  As such Jones of  Alabama and Munchin of West Virginia are upset that Barr now see's himself as Trump's personal attorney.  And the third Democrat, Senator Sinema of Arizona is asking Barr for a private meeting to discuss Barr's ongoing behavior.

10.  Speaker Pelosi:  "Nobody is above the  law.  Not the President of the United States, and not the Attorney General."

11.  Sexual assault in the military jumped nearly 40 percent, according to another Pentagon report.

12.  And Cinco de Mayo, will only get larger in the many years ahead. And so will the 'grouchos' due to their dislike of 'cactus juice.'  Now, Where's the Cold One?

13.  Rep. Debra Haaland pens op-ed on missing indigenous women: At The Guardian, Haaland, a citizen of the Laguna Pueblo and one of the two first Native women to serve in Congress, writes that she is fighting for these women by supporting passage of Savanna’s Act and to make sure protections for Native people are included in the Violence Against Women Act.

14. Our Kudos to Gabe Ortiz.  He does it again.  To wit:  "Trump officials had 'no way to link' migrant kids they stole from parents, internal emails confirm." 

15.  From Senator Mazie Hirono:  "Mr. Barr, now the American people know that you are no different from Rudy Giuliani or Kellyanne Conway or any of the other people who sacrificed their once decent reputation for the grifter and liar who sits in the Oval Office.”  And "You lied to Congress."

Jaango--posted for May 3, 2019




Attorney General Barr:  In Context and Content...For the "unitary executive"

After yesterday's reaction to Attorney General Barr's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and led by the Chairman, Senator Lindsey Graham, was a political disaster, and in particular, a legal disaster for the White House, as well as for the Department of Justice.

And today (Thursday), Attorney General Barr is being expected to testify before the House chamber's Judiciary Committee and chaired by Congressman Nadler.  As of late Wednesday evening (yesterday). the Department of Justice has informed the House chamber that AG Barr will not be testifying.

And here's a piece of a long Politico profile of Bill Barr that tells us more than is necessary when it comes to furthering the 'history' of the GOP's extremist belief in the "unitary executive."
And here's the internet link for this lengthy profile from Political Dot Com:

Now that Barr has provided him with political cover from Mueller’s report, Trump is lavishing him with praise. Days after Barr released a four-page summary of the report’s conclusions that Mueller himself found problematic, Trump told his friend and Fox News host Sean Hannity that Barr was a “great gentleman” and a “great man.” In a tweet on Monday, Trump gloated that while Barr is “highly respected,” Democrats now pretend not to remember their onetime hero Bob Mueller.
Other Republicans are just as exuberant about Barr, who they believe embodies the ruthless competence of previous Republican administrations that has often been sorely lacking in the current one. After his combative news conference moments before the release of the Mueller report, one GOP operative wished aloud that Trump would drop Vice President Mike Pence from the ticket in 2020 and add Barr instead. Other prominent Republicans speak of him in almost adulatory terms. “Barr is the closest thing we have to [former Vice President Dick] Cheney,” said Chuck Cooper, a conservative litigator and Barr ally who, like the attorney general, has led the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. “He’s a man. He has a very strong sense of purpose and confidence.”
To Democrats, Barr is merely shilling for Trump, putting politics ahead of the law — “waging a media campaign on behalf of President Trump,” as House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler put it.
 To them, he is an expression of the corruption of the Republican party under Trump, one among many conservatives who might have had second thoughts about the president but now follow in lockstep. That’s a theme they will press in two Congressional hearings this week, beginning with a Wednesday session before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
But people who know Barr and have tracked his career for years say the story is more complicated. Trump and Barr barely have a personal relationship, according to White House aides.
 Barr may have donated $2,700 to Trump in the 2016 general election, but only after he threw $55,000 to Jeb Bush in the primaries. They say that it’s not Donald Trump whom Barr is fighting for, but a vision of the presidency. 
Advocates for the "unitary executive."  Barr’s first interaction with the Trump White House came in the spring of 2017 when he met with Pence to talk about representing him in the Mueller probe. Barr waved off the offer, instead recommending a handful of friends to do the job. About a year later, when the president’s children were unhappy with Trump’s legal representation, Barr got another phone call — and turned down another offer, this one to join the president’s personal legal team.

In late 2018, when the White House was on the hunt for a new attorney general, Barr might as well have been on speed dial. He is a longtime friend of White House counsel Pat Cipollone, who worked for him at the Department of Justice in the 1990s and who pressed him to take the job. Again, Barr begged off, urging the White House to consider his friend J. Michael Luttig, a former federal appeals court judge — or former Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl — or his Kirkland & Ellis partner Mark Filip.
Ultimately, his friends managed to talk him into it. “We had discussions over a period of time, and I encouraged him to take it,” said George Terwilliger, a conservative attorney and longtime friend of Barr’s.
Barr’s social and professional circle was critical in drawing him into Trump’s orbit. Barr pals, including Terwilliger, Cooper, Luttig and former Virginia Attorney General Richard Cullen are part of a group of elite conservative litigators who were once wunderkinds in the the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations. They grew up together and have fought countless political battles alongside one another.
The Trump era has been no different. Cullen represents Pence in the Russia probe. Cooper represents former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And Luttig was the runner-up for the attorney general post when Trump tapped Barr in December, according to multiple sources.
They are united by a firm belief in a theory of robust presidential power dusted off by Reagan Attorney General Edwin Meese. Known among legal scholars as the theory of the “unitary executive,” they argue that the Constitution grants presidents broad control of the executive branch, including — to take a salient Trump-era example — the power to fire an FBI director for any reason at all.
Barr made his first imprint in this battle as head of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel in the George H.W. Bush administration, when he authored a controversial memo giving the FBI the right to seize fugitives abroad without the consent of the foreign government in question. As deputy attorney general, he told George H.W. Bush he had the power to send U.S. military forces into Iraq without congressional authorization
Conservative heroes from Robert Bork to the late Justice Antonin Scalia have been advocates of this theory. Bork carried out President Richard M. Nixon’s directive, in the midst of the Watergate scandal, to fire independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox because he determined the president had the right to do so. Scalia, in a 1988 dissenting opinion, argued that the president had the power to fire any executive branch official, including an independent counsel.
“A lot of The Federalist Society heroes are people who participated in or were advocates for the unitary executive,” said University of California law professor John Yoo, himself a proponent of the theory, which became a flash point in the George W. Bush administration after Yoo penned memos advising Bush that the Constitution grants the president virtually unlimited authority to use force abroad and justifies the warrantless wiretapping of American citizens.
Enter Bill Barr. Before he agreed to take the attorney general job, he drew on the unitary executive theory in the 18-page memo he sent to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein last June — a document his critics say amounted to a veiled application for his current job. In that memo, Barr argued that obstruction of justice is limited to things like witness tampering and destroying evidence and that the president has “complete authority to start or stop a law enforcement proceeding.” The implication: Trump was acting on firm constitutional ground when he fired FBI director James Comey, regardless of his motivation, and that doing so was not an effort to obstruct justice. Neither were Trump’s subsequent, but thwarted, moves to fire Mueller himself.
Described by his friends as supremely confident in his views, Barr said at his confirmation hearing that he had circulated the memo widely “so that other lawyers would have the benefit of my views.”


Jaango--posted on May 2, 2019



Today's White House Meeting on Infrastructure...
The media is reporting the following:
“The ball is in their court,” Schumer said. “We told him that, it was repeated over and over again, that unless he is willing to come up with the pay-fors for this large package, it will never get done, and he agreed. And so we agreed to meet in three weeks, the same group, and they would present what their pay-fors would be, and I thought that was encouraging.”
Consequently, a spending bill that is equivalent to an approximate $2 trillion, seems somewhat unreasonable, and yet, Republicans aren't going to spend that kind of monies, since the Trump tax cuts will continue and the super-wealthy, will be quite non-supportive.  Thus, this next 16 months will be consistent with a voluminous propaganda mind set.  
Therefore, the assorted "smoke and mirrors" will become the prevalent behavior for motivativing voter behavior.
Jaango--posted on April 30, 2019



Are You a "free rider" and a "divided" Voter in the Democratic Column?
Today's Pundits, Sages and Gurus are going to be going on and on and at great length about how the Republicans are in their apt and amped-up moment to institutionalize their espoused behavior for "dividing the Center and Center Left" and thusly, the notional for the onslaught of "free riders" will be described in greater detail and relative to any European-based "socialism" arriving onto our shores.  
And further, such a "divisional" battle will be between and among white voters only, and yet, "racial and ethnics" do not need to apply.  Thus, the arrogance for this overt political marriage of "intentional ignorance and criminal stupidity" continues to confound us, still, and after all these years from the Reagan legacy of the Era of Criminal Stupidity that was then, or "tax cuts pay for themselves" and "trickle down economics" will create millioniares among the currently unemployed poor.
Add into this political mix is the Bush/Cheney Legacy for the Era of Gross Incompetence and where "deficits don't matter." 
And as to the Latino Perspective, our "perspective" is irrelevant, even when the intent and purpose of extending the expected "white" privilege that cannot be declared or supported further, must be given short-shrift.  Thus, the Three Stereotypes for civic engagement is well-recognized and is as follows:
1.  The Native American Stereotype:  "He's just another white man."
2.  The Latino Stereotype:  "El gringo quere componener todo con su, 'I'm sorry!'" 
3.  The European American Stereotype:  "I don't care...I'll be dead...'So what's your point?'"
And in proper context and content and of recent vintage, we should consider Joe Teagan, the Professor of Sociology at the Texas A&M University when he posits the following:
"The growing importance of black, Latino and Asian American voters and leaders reflects the dramatic demographic changes underway in the U.S. Americans of color are now a majority in California, Texas, Hawaii, New Mexico and the District of Columbia. By the 2020s, whites are likely to become a minority in Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, New York and New Jersey." AND "By the 2040s whites will likely be a minority overall, and soon thereafter most voters will be people of color."
And with considerable precision, our Latino-oriented future is found, as the following and commencing with the next presidential election of 2020.  And here are a few "ideas" that the Democrats will not address or even address in a complementary schematic of considerable detail. 
And of following, consider:
1.  Health Care.  As such, both the Anglo and minority voters can agree on, and despite the overall details.
2.  Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  The Latino Perspective is asking Speaker Pelosi to bring back for a House chamber vote, for the Republican-oriented and approved Senate chamber vote on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2013.
3.  The removal of the 'contribution cap' on Social Security.
4.  The  establishment of the National Debt Surtax that would be placed into an old-fashioned "lock box" that would reduce our national debt by trillions of dollars over the next twenty years, and thusly, when the "brown" people become the majority, we would not have to contend with a financially bankrupted Democracy, and as is our starting point for Decency Personified.
5.  And as to our first and foremost "foreign policy" issue, we would demand of our next female president, she issue from the Oval Office, our national request to the UN's General Assembly, for establishing a Border Commission, charged with defining and delineating the geographical boundary between the nation-states of Palestine and Israel.  Therefore, a street-by-street basis and a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis, as per Jimmy Carter's Peace Process, seems appropriate.  However, should the Security Council interfere in this Border Commission and for which it portends for this 'deep in the weeds' battel, the expectation that Russia, China and Iran, would put a kaboosh to our goodly national intentions for perpetuating our National Security and Defense options relative to the next twenty to thirty years, would concretize itself in opposition. And needless to say but I will, the highly paid, commentators on the political Right, are in the midst of their Argumentation that Russia, China and Iran must to 'corralled'--but only from the standpoint of international economics and leading to a continued and 'camouflaged' rapt attention for a more authoritarian-oriented Neoliberalism.
7.  The Academic-Military Draft.
8.  Emptying Out Our Prisons.
9.  Our expectation that the next female president will establish a 'rotational' Saturday Morning Bloggers Conference would require that each Cabinet Secretary present and defend the political machinations and the attendant public policies relative to public law, would lead to our generic populations to become more widely informed and leading to a far larger number of voters participating at the ballot box.  Otherwise, Mandatory Voting will become Public Law, in the years ahead.
10.  And given the seriousness of this much larger Latino Perspective, a tad of Satire is required.  
Take, for example, we need to relocate the House chamber and the Senate chamber into and onto our wonderful Sonoran Desert.  I much prefer that this relocation be achieved onto the Navajo Rez.  And inclusive would be the govermental subsidized housing for each Member and the immediate family.  Therefore, these Members would have additional time and energy to devote to learning the domestic languages that are Yaqui, Apache, Dineh, and that's just for starters.
In closing, the approximate number of two dozen candidates vying for the presidential nomination, none address our Latino Perspective, either directly or indirectly.  Consequently, Pander will become the political onslaught that is now in the offing.  And please be so advised!
Jaango--posted on April 29, 2019



Odds and Ends
Another interesting week has arrived.
1.  The 'newest' Patriot Movement leader operating out of New Mexico was arrested this past weekend by both the FBI and local law enforcement personnel.  Thus, the Patriots were 'arresting' over 300 undocumented immigrants.  And after his arrest and incarceration, his lawyer has notified the news media that this 'patriot'  been physically attacked.

2.  Guiliani 'flips' again and is now espousing that  “There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians.”  As such, another national-oriented Dufus is changing his spots for either a third or fourth time?  And his moral blindness is now out there for being front and center.

3. This from Senator Elizabeth Warren:    "To ignore a President's repeated efforts to obstruct an investigation into his own disloyal behavior would inflict great and lasting damage on this country, and it would suggest that both the current and future Presidents would be free to abuse their power."

4.  Changing Times:  Jane Castor wins Tampa Mayoral race, becoming the city's first openly gay leader.
5.  Humor is where you find it.  Comedian Amy Poehler, wants to "know when women will get to be as mediocre as men." 
6.  Does a Congressional Contempt Citation overcome a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement from the surrounding White House employees?  As such, Trump is now insisting that his staff will not provide documentation and testimony to any authorized Congressional committees.

7.  And he's serious too.  Senate leader from Kentucy, Mitch McConnell, seeking re-election in 2020, expects to be successful in doing.  And taken a step further, Senator McConnell is espousing his notion for opposing any House chamber legislation, and is now calling himself the "Grim Reaper."

8.  White House:  "We're fighting all the subpoenas."  Thus, the Democrats are now being defined by having to issues of "contempt of Congress" and perhaps, followed by heavy-duty financial costs being applied onto the persons refusing to be cooperate with Congress.  And incarceration is sure to follow.

9.  A "polling-tax" in Florida elections.  Florida's felons, after being released, will be required to pay the 'costs-indirect and direct costs' due to their convictions, and accomplished prior to casting their first ballot.  The legislation was approved, and voted on, along partisan lines. This will affect 1.4 million floridians.

10.  From Mother Jones Magazine and the Census Question.  "Republicans know that they’re in a demographic death spiral, so they’ve been doing their best to nickel-and-dime additional votes over the past decade. They’ve tried voter ID laws, gerrymandering, targeting of black voters, and now the census. In every case, the Republican majority on the Supreme Court has taken their side. It’s hard to think of a series of cases that could more clearly demonstrate that Republicans on the Supreme Court are naked partisans when it comes to voting issues, but they don’t seem to care. This is why Mitch McConnell broke the Senate in order to get another Republican on the court, and it looks likely to pay off yet again."

Jaango--posted on April 25, 2019




The "Demand" From the Latino Perspective on the "public resignations of ALL SCOTUS Members"?
Now that the United States Supreme Court has held its hearing on the Census Question and where the additional question being added as to 'citizenship' effective demonstrates that the SCOTUS will be viewed as the White House Annex to the Office of Legal Counsel.  Thus, the Third Branch of Government will come to be seen as another alleyway or secondary avenue of the Arts and Sciences for becoming the "personal attorney" of the Sitting President.  And of course, should SCOTUS render their decison to affirm the advocacy of the Argumentation as personified by Secretary Mills and the Trump administration, future presidents will have no pollitical inclinations to reverse itself, unless challenged at the ballot box.
However, the challenge facing the SCOTUS, is found in their exorable recognition that the Latino Perspective is standing in the way and being accomplished in a manner that this Republican 'attack' on our fellow citizens and our fellow non-citizens is representative of today's Republican political dimentia.  Thus, the "fear" that brown people will become the majority of the population and Anglos will become the "minority," the Anglo access to the decision-making process for the Congress' annualized process of federal government spending, writ large, as well as the spending  at the municipal government level, emphasizes this this existing behavior.  
As such, the SCOTUS is tantamount to more white collar crime as per the Mueller Report, or for a more accurate definition, that being The Presidential White Collar Crime Report of 2019. 
In closing, the SCOTUS will render its decision in latter June of this year, and we, the Native American and Chicano military vets will asking ourselves for the ever-present Question:  "Should we consider taking the Constitution into Protective Custody"?
Jaango--posted on April 24, 2019




The Impeachment Process...

Much has been written and advocated for, when it comes to "impeachment" and yet, the decision-point methodology is consistent with the following process:

1. The House chamber or the Judiciary Committee must compile the available information and subsequently, take a vote, accordingly.

2.  The House chamber or the Intelligence Committee must compile the available information and subsequently, take a vote, accordingly.

3.  The House chamber or the Oversight Committee must compile the available information and subsequently, take a vote, accordingly.

4.  Upon  the vote by these three Standing Committees and the specific tallies are in the affirmative for furthering this Impeachment, the results are then delivered to the full House Chamber.

5.  Consequently, the House leadership would establish an Impeachment Committee and which would craft the "specifics" as to the issues on which this "impeachment" indictment would be premised.

6.  Thus, the House chamber, upon completion of the Articles of Impeachment, has been crafted in 'final form,' only then would the House chamber take a full House floor vote and which would include the Republican member participation in the "debate" as well as in the final floor vote.  And if finally approved, the Articles of Impeachment would be taken to the Senate chamber for their perceived consideration.  

7.  And what would happen in the Senate chamber, is anyone's guess given that today's partisan battle, would start on the premise of the Senate's vote to institute a "trial" or not.  

And for the cynics among us, the Senate leadership would be adamant in their decision-making that the Articles of Impeachment has become a "manufactured" political war and inevitably leading to the replacement of the Senate leadership team, and the overhwhelming majority of Republicans are not going to destroy themselves for challenging the Democrats.
 Consequently, there would be no 'trial' in the Senate chamber.   As such, this historical pleading is consistent with "winning at any cost."

Jaango--posted on April 23, 2019



Did the Russian "interference" in our Election Process Achieve Its Somewhat Intended Success Among Our Latino Community?
Despite the Mueller Report regarding the Russian interference in our election process, I have argued that Russia failed, and in particular, failed when this 'interference' did not shift the voting behavior of Latino voters, writ large, and ever more so, at the local level.  However, could I have been wrong in my assessment?
Thus, the 'statement' embedded in the Mueller Report, is as follows:
"We understand the FBI believes that this operation enabled the GRU to gain access to the network of at least one Florida county government." 
And given my time limitations, the DailyKos Elections component, and which is premised on the reporting by Pema Levy of Mother Jones Magazine, with the apt starting point and which reinforced then former Florida Senate Bill Nelson's complaint of the GRU's influence, and thusly, Senator Nelson was loudly criticized despite having the lack of the Unassailable Facts for his espoused complaint.
And the "push back" against Nelon, was significant in the mass media:
"At the time, Nelson, who was up for re-election, was bitterly derided for his warning, which he said was based on classified information. As Levy puts it, "Republicans and the media alike painted his comments as dangerous make-believe." That even included the Washington Post's "fact checker" awarding four "Pinocchios" to Nelson, insisting, "Not a single speck of evidence backs him up, and we have serious doubts whether the classified information he cited even exists." Even if the press were to walk this back now, it carried water for the GOP by undermining the credibility of anyone who might sound a similar alarm in the future."  
"...while we don't know whether Putin's hackers were able to manipulate the election, it's important to remember just how close Nelson's election was: He lost to Republican Rick Scott by just 10,000 votes out of 8.2 million cast statewide—a margin of only 0.1%."
Further, the Mueller Report and the Department of Justice, and in particular, the FBI has not identified the Florida County and where this 'interference' took place, needs to more fully addressed and with considerable detail.  Thus, my continuing Argumentation that this Russian interference did not impact the Latino vote in Florida or at the local level, that being this specific and as yet none identified County, bothers me,with regard to my opinion-making.
In closing, for those of us and who participate in today's political arena as the  pundits, sages and gurus, we know well that this Russian interference or by a foreign government, whether it was or via China or Iran, this acknowledged or unacknowledged behavior, did not have an impact on the overall Latino voting behavior, either nationwide or at the local level, anywhere in our United States.  
Jaango--posted on April 22, 2019




Should the "disaster" that has befallen the historically defined "Decency Personified" Goal Posts within our now less-than stellar America, be taken into "protective custody"?
*****Feel free to consider this 'commentary' of mine, as Satire!*****
Now that the President's Report on White Collar Crime has been released to both Congress and the American people, the cognosenti is all agog about who did what and to whom.  And this behavior for white collar crime, should become another 'advisory' of which can be expected in the future--should be neither discounted nor ignored. 
Perhaps, Common Sense needs to be enhaneed and accomplished in the manner to where both the House and Senate chambers should be re-located out to an infinite geographical perimeter that is the Sonoran Desert, and with somewhat of a tad more precision, to be located on the Navajo Reservation.  If so, a small portion of the congressionally-approved budget could be allocated for constructing subsidized housing for the affective Members of Congress and their immediate families.  Of course, in doing so, this behavior would 'signal' to the Fortune 500 companies that their continuing behavior for failing to establish their 'offices and operations'  on any rez, is no longer aceptable to the general population of  voters for insisting that 'equality' can only be viewed in a much larger context.  And should this occur, the proverbial "K-Street" voices will scream the loudest for their concentrated denial of this 'privilege' is being accosted on to their donor class.
Consequently, the Latino Perspective will survive, and even to  include the establishment for the National Monument to Criminal Stupidity to be located on this, the further newly-established Capitol Mall on the Rez.
In closing, we must ask ourselves, as the newly resplendant voters of consequence, how will we be sufficiently insightful and which permits us to actualize our Self-Restraint relative to the  white collar crime that insists must rejected on behalf of our recognized national behavior, that being Neoliberalism, of the worst sort? And needless to say but I will, Native American and Chicano-oriented historians will be worth their weight in their gold for adddresing our Respoonsibliity and Duty in furtherance of our societal Quest for Decency Personfied.  Thus, institutionalized dementia in the political arena cannot continue.
*****Feel free to consider this above commentary of mine, as Satire.*****
And which brings me to the future of Latinos aligned with today's Republican Party. 
As such Vice President Pence will be promoted in 2022 to "First Among Equals" in the number of Republicans seeking to challenge Pence for the presidential nomination of be formally approved by the Republian National Committee.  Therefore, in the next few days, Vice President Pence should announce his resignation, and thusly, move forward in order to collectivize his next presidential campaign, and alas, bypassing or circumventing today's Mueller Report, and all that follows and will follow within the next sixteen months.  But what's staring us all in the face is that DOJ policy was consistent with its unwillingness to 'indict' a sitting president, and left that political behavior in the hands of Congress, and subsequently, the Mueller Report did not indict, as per this Nixonian long standing DOJ policy directive.
Jaango--posted on April 19, 2019



Odds & Ends

It's been a short week.

1.  Equador is now announcing that it has received 40 million cyber hacks after announcing that Julian Assange is no longer being welcomed due his residency in Equador's Embassy.

2.  The news media is now reporting that Venezuela has sold off over $400 million gold, due to the internations sanctions having been imposed.

3.  From Victor  Davis Hanson of, he espouses, "There is also the assumption that the greater the chaos at the border, the less likely Congress will take bipartisan action to end it. After all, 2020 is an election year and progressives are in no mood to hand Trump the semblance of a legislative victory. This fact is also known to would-be border crossers."  And yet, Hanson, does not address the Unassailable Fact that the House chamber was in control of the Republicans for several years, and thusly, tossed into the trash can, the Senate approved Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2013. And which makes Hanson's abject rejection for Truth-Telling and which gives conservative-oriented writers an Iconic Stature for their ongoing approach to address their contempible 'street cred.' 

4.  From Lindsey Graham:  "All rules have been changed to get Trump; Now they're trying  to destroy Bill Barr."  Need more be said?

5.  Obama's  Legacy is the Era of Not-So-Much, and which means that the next Democratic nominee for 2020, will require the  presumptive nominee to insure that she has a "fiftieth" Liberal Senator, since 20 Republican Senators are up for re-election.  And failing to do so, insures that she, too, will achieve her Era of "Not-So-Much." 
6.  The Crazy is as the Crazy Does.  The RightWingWatch on twitter:  "Michele Bachmann has never seen "a more biblical president" than Trump" and: "We will, in all likelihood, never see a more godly, biblical president again in our lifetimes."  And yet, this Easter Week's propaganda has found a home.

7.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders of the White House Press Office, espouses that "I don't think Congress is smart enough to look through Trump's taxes?"  According to the Congressional Research Services, and among the Democrats, 7 are accountants, 3 Democrats are Certified Public Accounts, and of course, Democratic Representative from California, Katie Porter has been trained in tax law, and is a certified tax attorney. 

8.  The ROBOCOP Act. Connecticut Senator Richard re-introduced his ROBOCOP legislation and which addresses unwanted telemarketing calls.  Thus, mobile phone companies will have to provide the technology that will stem the calls being received by their customers and in particular, residential customers.residential customers.

9.  Saving Mexico's Monarch Butterflies.  "Tree by tree, Mexican scientists are planting the first stages of a new forest in the mountains of the country’s central Michoacan state. They’re taking saplings from oyamel fir trees further down the mountain and creating a new home for them higher up. Three and a half years ago, the first batch of transplanted trees were each seven inches tall. Now, thousands of saplings have grown, some up to four feet tall...These trees are home to millions of eastern monarch butterflies who migrate there every winter, and in moving the forest, scientists are hoping they’ll be able to save the species and their habitat."

Jaango--posted on April 18, 2019



The Disorganized And Not-So-Subtle Acceptance Of The White Collar Crime Report:  Alas,The Get Out of Jail Free Card.

With the expected release of the legal complications embedded in the 'redacted' Mueller Report by the Department of Justice, how will this 'report' be received within the overall Latino Perspective, and perhaps, in particular, the view of military vets residing in our Spanish-speaking communities?  And more so, when we recognize that these white collar crimes have not been addressed by the pundits, sages and gurus.  And which is understandable, given this less than stellar approach for the consummate 'restriction' of an information flow that jeopardizes the mindset that is today's neoliberalism. And from therein, this neoliberalism is the culprit, in a much larger sense and which is today's application for Common Sense.

And in this regard, "white collar crime" at our national political level, is being widely rejected and within the meme that "politics is poliltics."  Unfortunately, law-breaking is law-breaking and when 'camouflaged' by our wide-ranging Elected and Appointed Officials.  And further, when the political cognoscenti recognize law-breaking for what is law-breaking and yet, fail to take to the hallowed halls of Congress  and thusly, remain silent, and out of an espoused manifest destiny that these 'officials' can easily shirk their responsibility and duty to us, the voters. And consequently, remaining mum in support of a perceived and appropriate behavior that our Democracy will not be damaged, as we comprehend this attitude, and even as we view and pronounce this attack on our Democracy, as we have attempted to defend and protect our Constitution.
 And the sustainability for "disasters" continue apace, and the ongoing diversions and denials, begets our national attachment to the marriage between intentional ignorance and criminal stupidity, writ large, will continue to be challenged from within our Latino Perspective. 
Be so advised!
Jaango--posted on April 17, 2019




The Soon-to-be Released "Redacted" Mueller Report...

Since the completion of the Mueller Report has been accomplished and is now in the hands of Attorney General Barr's posession, and where he has summarized his efforts and where the 'redactions' are to be added, as this and per thisThursday's release has been announced.

To date, much has been written and in particular, those writers and who have a sizable opinion, and I despite my voracious attention, have enjoyed what's been said and written, I continue to disagree with them.  And I come at my opinion from the standpoint that the Mueller Matter is irrelevant to the open-ended "Latino Perspective."  Therefore, my interpretation comes in three parts, and of course, I could add a 'fourth part' but I would be goreing the ox of this politically-oriented Anglo "disaster."

1.  Barr was correct when he spoke out that "spying" took place.  Thus, the larger part, that being the counter-intelligence effort, has been a disreputable "con" being foisted on the general public.  Take, for example, Barr has had very limited access, if any, to the five computers located in the basement of the CIA headquarters.  And as to Shiff over at the House chamber's formalized Intelligence Committee, he will have a restricted access to these computers.  And from Shiff's perspective, any information gained, he will not be permitted to release the self-limited glean he has acquired.  House rules will not permit him to release any relevant information to the general public.  

2.  As to the second part, the trials and tribulations of this Mueller  Report, redacted or not, is a short and simple-minded "disaster" for the  failure of national politics to adhere to the traditionally anticipated behavior for "decency  personified" by our Elected and Appointed Officials.  And this failure is easily understood when the pollitics and properly placed within the context that Congress appropriates an annual national budget of over $5 trillion, and these monies are the chump-change to politicians, regardless of an alignment to either of the major political parties.. As such, no overweening self-restraint by the political leadership, is evident and which lead to the "disaster" when we view this reprehensible behavior through our Latino Perspective.

3.  While the Anglo-oriented cognoscenti obsessess with the Mueller Report, we, and who advocated and actively participated in this, our, Latino Perspective, are focused, not only on our short term future but on our long term future.  Take, for example, Pelosi and her leadership team in the House chamber, quickly tossed the notion of a Trump  Impeachment into the trash can, while failing to address "Trump's Public Resignation."  And this failure comes to us in the form of a House Resolution that makes its appearnace in the form of House floor vote.  And the premise of this Resolution would be the focal point and where America is no longer accepting of a President espousing the over 9,000 lies over these past two years, and where the Fact Checkers, have proven their political dedication to the Unassailable Facts.  As  such, we, here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert, continue to be assaulted by the daily lies that are Trump manufactured, and subsequently, the Democrats, writ large, are supremely confident that the Latino Perspective, will jettison its viable Common Sense and due to never-ending restricted flow of information. In short, Twitter represents the coalition of the Dumb and Dumber, given that Trump is the current driving force on Twitter.

And of this, my note, my self-restraint requires that I not address the demise of the GOP since it will be rebranded as the Independent Voter Party, and further, the continuing assault for the Conservatives is in their having to defend the Federalist Society, the Heritage Foundation and the ALEC, among others, when the future of the Latino Perspective, continues to expand in the many years ahead. As such, the anger via Sandra Day O'Connor has led to her nifty crafting of the Independent Voter Monolith when it's understood that she's been on her rant of an historical anger for having been required to become the fith con=centric vote while serving on the SCOTUS. 
Jaango--posted on April 16, 2019



Responding to our Readers...

During these past few days, I received several messages regarding my lack of postings since my last post was on April the Sixth.  And no, I have not been ill, but I have been focused on the prime minister's national election in Israel.  And yes, I feel strongly that the failure of today's Two-State Solution, is the first and foremost issue regarding our approach to "national security and civil liberties."  In contrast, we are facing a news media information flow that the "containment of Russia, China and Iran" must take place as our  first and foremost "issue" regarding National Security and Civil Liberties."

And with this in mind, our good friend Marcy Wheeler over at her internet site that is focused primarily on Civil Liberties and dedicated as "" keeps us in tune with today's political reality.  Therefore, my posting of April Sixth was posted on her website, and ultimately, taken down for not being so relevant.  As such, my 'feelings' were not impacted.
And my further response of this past April 12th consisted of the following:

Dia De Los Gigantes In My America…

Note: Please have Bmaz or Rayne on ‘stand-by” to rip this comment of mine off of Marcy’s website, if deemed necessary.

When it comes to Assange, the Latino Perspective is absent and which is understandable, and ever since the Ronald Reagan years. And more so when viewed through the prism that “national security and civil liberties” were intentionally jettisoned. Take, for example, the overwhelming majority of Anglos supported the encampment for the Authority fo Use Force, while the overwhelming majority of Latinos were opposed.
And as to this opposition, this Morality Play was premised on the Chicano Movement of the early 1950s and where Spanish-speaking military vets were unanimously opposed to any political violence of any sort. And if you have no inkling or knowledge of the Chicano Movement, you’ve been a free rider for all your poliltical life, given your attendant behavior.

Thus, the implementation of the AUMF, led to the political creation of Julian Assange. And more so, was the creation of the FISA Act.

As such, the FISA Act was intentionally a political shambles and which continues to this day, and further, led to the creation of a victimology for and of a Chelsea Manning.

Furthermore, the FISA Act should have had a maximalist life force not to exceed 90 days, and where once the court-approved subpoena was activated, the “government” behavior would be required to lead to a ‘indictment’ and if not, the “government” would have to compile its data on the Target and subsequently, submit this data to the Target and for the Target’s appropriate usage where and when necessary. Thus, no surprises would occur. Consequently, the Government could not “hold” any potential political secrets on our fellow citizens. 

And yes, the Latino Perspective is quite familiar with the government’s “political secrets” since the Chicano Movement underwent its political tangent that consisted of COINTELPRO, and from this onset of racism, the government found for itself, that these military vets with considerable military training, would be no threat to the political muckety-mucks. And to this date, anytime and anywhere Latinos are protesting the political alignments, political violence is not in the offing and nowhere to be found, even from hiding from just around the next corner.

And needless to say, but I will, Wikileaks, Julian Assange and those concentric persons aligned with Assange and others, has no posed any threat–political or otherwise, to the Latino Perspective, but does pose a threat to our own nation’s Anglo community, since control of this information flow is a perceived threat to the capitalist/authoritarians and their well- employed grifters and grafters, either in government or outside of government.

Obviously, this ongoing effort to ‘extradite’ Assange and ‘punish’ Chelsea Manninng, demonstrates another fallacy that is just another ‘marker’ found in our national debt. The cost in “dollars” spent in the Middle East did not take into consideration the lives of the men and women wearing our nation’s uniform.

In closing, our Latino Persective will be, from historians and the military vets among us, writing this history, and long after the historical marriage between "intentional ignorance and criminal stupidity” and which was perpetuated the uber Center-Right, starting with Reagan and Bush and followed by mindlessness of both Clinton and Obama. Nonetheless, the Pentagon Papers remains the "kicking ass" yard stick of our Anglo communities, once again.


Jaango--posted on April 13, 2019



Click-Bait:  Is A Turn-About Fair Play?

One of America's notional experts on "click-bait" is Laura Ingraham and where she resides across the political aisle from Democrats.  Thus, on her Fox News-oriented political platform is her "The Ingraham Angle."  And of these past few days, she espoused the following:

 “Today is the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. I was thinking, like, if he were alive today I wonder what he’d think about such dismissive comments. And about a Democrat Party that believes it can regain power by living in a constant state of protest, or racial hatred, and denial.”
As  Chicanos, we, too know how to empower "click-bait" but successfully accomplished via the history of both 'reality' and civic engagement.  To wit, my long term history is one for climbing down into our nation's political sewer and where my behavior for doing so, has always been predicated on "kicking the ass of Haters" and shortly thereafter, my returning to the surface above., And I  know that my Compadres and Comadres, will be awaiting my arrival, and I know full well that their readily available buckets of clean water, the abundance of soap and a tall stack of towels, permits me wash-off the accumulated filth and stink.  

And with the above in mind, and for having grown up in a large family of migrant workers, the Farm Workers Movement was one of my fateful moments in this, my long lived life. Take, for example, the farmers and ranchers were well-known to carry their guns in order to intimidate, harrass and deny migrant workers from becoming unionized, and which brings me to comment on the onslaught that once faced Cesar Chavez, the leader of the United Farm Workers.

As such, Chavez's "Circle of Security Circumference" consisted of Vietnam War Vets.  More so, if you were an unemployed Vietnam War Vet, the local Labor's Union Hall in Phoenix, Arizona, would hire you to participate and to add to the overall skill set and which "protected" Chavez from the farmers and ranchers and who were determined to prohibit migrant workers to both organize and unionize themselves for better working conditions.  And needless to say but I will, our Brother, Cesar Chavez, lived a long and productive life and where and when he died quietly in bed.

Today, the Chicano, residing in Arizona, still has to contend with the final element of the overall four elements that personfied the Hate embedded in Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 and where the Federal District Court tossed out, on Constitutional grounds, the first three of these four elements.  Consequently, I, along with Chicanos and Native Americans are still subjected to "show me your papers" by the law enforcement authoritiarians.

In closing, we, and the many Latino historians among us, understand and acknowledge the History of Irony that we will have to address, even when we have the final "say" on Ingraham's history and long after her death from old age.  Albeit, our respective small and momentary consolation prize is somewhat deservingly achieved and which does not include the Hater's espoused Second Class Citizenship Status being inflicted onto either of us.  And yes, I am Democrat!

Jaango--posted on April 6, 2019


Add Another Example of Decency Personified...

The legislation well-known as the Violence Against Women Act is up for renewal but was 'frozen' when the Trump administration shut down the federal government.  Today's legislation before the full House chamber included a 'rider' that closed the loophole known as the "boyfriend loophole."  And which means that the "other" cannot own a gun and which the NRA is opposed to since weapons sales would be diminished.  And now the legislation moves to the Senate chamber for their consideration.

And earlier this month, House Republicans attempted to and failed to repeal the provision that Native American women, having been subjected to assault by non-Native Americans, or European American men, residing off-Reservation would be exempted from Federal and Tribal Law.

Jaango--posted for April 5, 2019



An Example of Decency Personified...

From the Congressional news outlet.

Rep. Jayapal: The Equality Act is a landmark civil rights bill to make clear that discrimination against LGBTQIA people has no place in our society. It rectifies an unacceptable situation and sets forth comprehensive protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Rep. Jayapal: And it occurred to me that we’re talking about fear versus love we're talking about fear versus freedom and I didn't intend to say this today, but, excuse me. My beautiful, now 22-year-old child told me last year that they were gender non-conforming. And over the last year I have come to understand from a deeply personal mother's perspective. I've always been a civil rights activist, I've always fought for my constituents in my communities to have equal rights, but from a mother's perspective I came to understand what their newfound freedom—it is the only way I can describe what has happened to my beautiful child—what their newfound freedom, to wear a dress, to rid themselves of some conformist stereotype of who they are. To be able to express who they are at their real core.

And since this deeply impactful moment last year, my child who has always done well in school but has carried what a mother can only describe as a heavy burden of conflict in their own being that I could not fully identify or help to express. Since this deeply impactful moment last year, my child's embracing of their non-conforming gender identity and all that it has allowed, all that it allows in terms of their creativity, their brilliance, their self-expression … the only thought I wake up with every day is my child is free. My child is free to be who they are and in that freedom comes a responsibility for us as legislators to protect that freedom, to be who they are. And to legislate, as Dr. Wily so beautifully said, to legislate our behavior toward all people in our society.

Jaango--posted for April 5, 2019



Odds & Ends

My writing allegiance always falls on the side of "Crazy" given that without this 'crazy,' I would be standing in line seeking out other employment and which would not permit to address today's 'crazy' in politics.  And there you have it!  (Okay, the little Snarky is never far off)

And here is a few items that were attention-grabbing for me.

1.  Fox News is now describing Honduras, Guatamala and El Salavador as "Mexican countries."  Now, Fox News is 'offering' its apology to its viewers but won't or can't admit to their Obvious Nexus, that being the marriage between "intentional ignorance" and "criminal stupidity."

2.  With the Chairman of the Judiciary Commitee in the House, Representative Nadler is now being confronted with Republicans stipulating that Nadler was initially opposed to the Starr Report on Bill Clinton.  Not true of course, but Republicans love their "crazy" approach, and in particularly, outright lying, and is the newest 'stone' being tossed in Nadler's direction.

4.  Homeland Security has now disbanded its "domestic terrorism unit" on the premise that white supremacist terrorism, is not longer a viable behavior.  Now, that the "crazy" the Trump continues to bring forth means that "intelligence" is not possible.  Pssst, the "domestic 'intelligence' terrorism unit."

5.  In his latest column for the New York Times, Paul Krugman tells us the following for the damage that eliminating Obama Care will become:

G.O.P. health care claims are special, in several ways. First, they’re outright, clearly intentional lies — not dubious assertions or misstatements that could be attributed to ignorance or misunderstanding. Second, they’re repetitive: Rather than making a wide variety of false claims, Republicans keep telling the same few lies, over and over. Third, they keep doing this even though the public long ago stopped believing anything they say on the subject. [...]

[W]hen Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, went on TV Sunday to declare that “every single plan” Trump has put forward “covered pre-existing conditions,” that was just a lie.

Here’s what the Congressional Budget Office said in its assessment of the Republicans’ American Health Care Act, which would have caused 23 million to lose coverage, and would have passed if John McCain hadn’t voted “No”: “People who are less healthy (including those with pre-existing or newly acquired medical conditions) would ultimately be unable to purchase comprehensive nongroup health insurance at premiums comparable to those under current law, if they could purchase it at all.”

6.  Notice:  The Roe v. Wade challenge.  Today, there are now 12 legal challenges in the Federal Courts pipeline and where Roe v. Wade is being directly challenged.

7.  In another of his latest gaffes, President Trump told the new media that they should be addressing the "oranges" in the Muellar Report.  Of course, Trump meant to say the word "origins" but what the hell, his daily nonsense has no topper on this day in history.  Or perhaps, the following is when he said his father was German and born in Germany.  And with a tad of truth-telling, Fred Trump was born in the Bronx in 1905.  And more so, wind power causes cancer, or so Trump now believes. Sadly, Trump listens to the wind that blows in one ear and out the other and which obviously rattles his mouth.

8.  On Monday, Trump said that the GOP would become the "party of health care" for the 2020 election cycle.  And when asked, Senator McConnell espoused "Not any longer." Further, the political 'reality' is that Republicans are keeping their heads down due to possibly to the negativity that severely damages the re-election opportunities facing the Republicans. 
Jaango--posted on April 4, 2019



April Fool's Day in the Follies of Politics...
Back in the Days of Yon, and where President Obama achieved his Inauguration Day, Senator Mitch McConnell and his duplicitous sociopaths took their roundtable dinner and quickly arrived at their decision-making and which signified wholehearted opposition to all things that President Obama would propose and in effect, deliver for the American people. 
But times have changed for the worse, and in his  latest op-ed at the website of, Senator McConnell is now challenging his self-revealing reality, and consequently, he's stipulating that the Democrats are in their midst for an "historic obstruction."
Therefore, Senator McConnell has no respect for himself or for the "history" that he created that contains a wholehearted semblance for an absence that is indicative for his iconic leadership failure--that being measured as per uplifting Decency Personified to a much higher degree.
And yet, we--the Chicanos are going to be writing McConnell's final history for him
Jaango--posted on April 1, 2019




The GOP's Brass Knuckle Fight Has Commenced, and the Political Cognoscenti Are Enjoying This "insider" Moment...

Over at the House Intelligence Committee, Chairman Adam Shiff, has announced and taken his relentless response forward and in contesting the submission of a letter in which 9 Republicans are demanding that he resign for failing to genuflect before the Trump Machine and further, for his failing to be supportive of the Muellar Report and where  AG Barr attempts to exonerate Trump and his ever attendant machine.

And by way of the specifics, Shiff addresses the following:

1.  The Russians offered dirt on the Democratic candidate to help the Trump campaign.

2.  When that offer was made to the president’s son, he did not call the FBI or refuse foreign help. Instead he said that he would love the help of the Russians.

3.  The president’s son, campaign manager, and son-in-law took that meeting and concealed it from the public.

4.  When it was discovered that the meeting took place, they lied about it—saying it was about adoptions.

5.  It is reported that the president helped dictate that lie.

6.  The Trump campaign manager offered information to a Russian oligarch in exchange for money or debt forgiveness.

7.  That same campaign manager offered campaign polling data to someone connected to Russian intelligence.

8.  The president himself called on Russia to hack his opponent’s emails and later that day, the Russians attempted to do so.

9.  The president’s son-in-law sought to establish a secret back channel of communication with Russians through a Russian diplomatic facility.

10,  An associate of the president made direct contact with the GRU through Guccifer 2.0 and Wikileaks.

11.  A senior campaign official was instructed to reach that associate and find out what that hostile intelligence agency had to say in terms of dirt on his opponent.
12.  The national security advisor designate secretly conferred with the Russian ambassador about undermining U.S. sanctions and lied about it to the FBI.

Consequently, Shiff too, is now effectively participating in the Brass Knuckle Fight with his fellow Committee colleagues and he's not backing down since he has the advantage of the Unassailable Facts.

However, the political  cognoscenti easily recognizes that the 'fight' is simply a much larger 'distraction' that enables the Trump 'base' to misbelieve, yet, the same Republican Representatives will be up for re-election in November, 2020, hence, reinforcing their respective voters in their congressional districts.

 Need more be said?

Jaango--posted on March 28, 2019




A Short Internet Note to Representative Ilhan Omar Of Minnesota...  

On a personal basis from here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert, we, the Chicanos and Native American military vets, have experienced America's lack of Decency Personified.  And as such, this internet note.

And from a personal basis and when confronting the traditional slur of "dual loyalty,"  being fluent in two indigenous languages, as well as two foreign languages--that being Spanish and English, is significant.  And yet the latest and the somewhat important salience for Decency Personified was this failure when Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer added and activated her signature to the reprehensive law that has been and is today's, Arizona's SB 1070, and which continues to subject me to "You're papers please," or the fourth provision of this law that continues to this day.   And yet, my military experiences and from the vantage point of my being a Chicano, has added much to my ever-present attempt to maintain and perpetuate my Decency Personified. 
Therefore, the usage of the Unassailable Facts, when addressing the generic public discourse from both an historically relevant context and content, and for addressing public policy as it relates to my future and within this same context and content that helps me to achieve this self-same Decency Personified, is critical to my Civic Engagement/Discourse. And in particular, when my being inclusive for this conceptual behavior that underlies my Self-Discipline, Hard Work and Ambition.

And please consider the following and relative to the baseless charge of "dual loyalty":

Back in 1985, the Chicano Movement issued its Agenda of Unmet Needs, and of the 10 issues addressed, was the Palestinian-Israeli Relationship, then being discussed as our public's foreign policy behavior as per the Jimmy Carter Peace Process.
To wit, today's over 7,000 Latino Elected and Appointed Officials have never wavered in their affirming behavior for the following:

1.  A congressional resolution approved by both the House and Senate chambers and where, once signed by Senators McConnell and Schumer and with the signatures of Representatives Pelosi and McCarthy, this Formal Request would be submtted to the Genaral Assembly at the United Nations, for their consideration and adoption.

2.  Once adopted by the General Assembly, the United Nations would establish a Border Commission that would define and design the geograhical boundaries, as per the intent of the Jimmy Carter Peace Process.  And once completed via a street-by- street and neighborhood-by-neighbood basis, the results of this Commission, would be either accepted or rejected by a consequential vote of its members in the General Assembly.

3.  Once adopted by the General Assembly, the General Assembly would require that three elements be included.  First, respective voters among Palestinians and Israelis, would take place at the ballot box during the course of each's nation's general election cycle..  Second, if either respective society rejected such at the ballot box, the respective nation would no longer have access to the United Nations.  Third, if approved by the respective nations, each nation would have to establish a political vehicle that "guarantees" the national security and self-defense of each sovereign nation.  Thusly, the subjective requirement that Israel would guarnatee the political viability of Palestine and conversely, Palestine would guarantee the political viability of Israel.  And in in doing so, each state would insure that the political interference from the surrounding nation-states would be widely diminished and possibly to the point of being deemed unacceptable. 

And how can this be accomplished? 

Of course the next Democratic-oriented President could conceivably issue her National Request to the General Assembly at the United Nations.  And the alternative is to have this National Request via Congressional Resolution being embodied with the signatures of the House chamber's Nancy Pelosi and the Senate chamber's, Mitch McConnell.

In closing, the 'demographics' here in our nation, hence, in 20 years or so, will evolve and where this National Request, becomes a mere formality and premised on  Common Sense.

Jaango--posted on March 28, 2019



Odds & Ends...
For these past few days, much has been grabbing our attention, and where the "crazy" is not so prevalent when measured against the Unassailable Facts.  However, here are a few stories that are important in its political implications.
1.  Trump's polling numbers since the "top lines" of Mueller's Report, and consequently, his 'numbers' are still below fifty percent.
2.  The SCOTUS heard the arguments on two cases and where gerrymandering is being decided and with a decision due prior to the first of July.
3.  Papadopoulos applies for a pardon so that he can recant his guilty plea.
4.  The House chamber fails to override the President's veto pen on his National Emergency situation.
5.  The Senate chamber is determined to take a vote on the New Green Deal, and subsequently denying the Democrats their overt effort.  However, Majority Leader Senator McConnell wants this vote taken to "am-bare-ass" the Democrats. And as such, a large number of Democrats voted "present."
6.  Giuliani falsely claims that Muellar made $30 million on Russian probe.  Now, if Guiliani, like Trump, were to declare the Unassailable Facts and for everyone to see and comment.  But lying is now the SOP for the pending attack on Muellar.
7.  A GOP senator says that having more " American babies" is the solution to climate change.  
8.  Trump's opposition to the Affordable Care is now being seen by Democrats as a campaign issue.  To wit, Senator Chris Murphy stipulates that the GOP as in "They are literally teeing this up as an issue for Democrats for the next year and half."
9.  Kelly Conway is stipulating that House Chairman of Intelligence Committee should 'resign' for lying about President Trump.  Perhaps, Conway should resign too for having defended Trump for even just one of his 8,000 over these past two years.
10.  A Louisiana Republican blames Medicaid population for "voting for a living instead of working."
11.  Now that Florida voters restored felon voting rights, state Republicans are working even harder to rescind the decison-taking made at the ballot box.  As such, their effort is focused on the prior commitment that felons,  before being eligible to register and vote, "must pay back the costs associated with all restitutions, fines and fees associated with their court cases."
Jaango--posted on March 27, 2019



The Muellar Report...Or More Iran/Contra?
The Latino 'perspective' is a follows:

1.  Trump is a Republican.
2.  Barr is a Republican.
3.  Rosenstein is a Republican.

4.  Muellar is a Republican.
Now, need more be said?
However, Jeet Heer, writing for the New Republic, back in the Summer of 2017, tried to put the Trump behavior into a 'new' historical context.  As such, she said the folloiwng:
"Back in June of 2017, I wrote in The New Republic about the dangers of relying too heavily on prosecutors:
"In all the major modern presidential scandals, prosecutors and law enforcement officials have played a central role—from Lawrence Walsh to Ken Starr to Patrick Fitzgerald to James Comey to Robert Mueller. It’s easy to see why both liberals and conservatives look to these lawmen as the solution to scandals real or imagined. They fit a familiar cultural pattern found in Law and Order and many other shows: the heroic prosecutor, often an overgrown Boy Scout with a crew-cut, who works relentlessly to put the bad guys behind bars. Prosecutorial liberalism is the dream that the messiness of politics can be replaced with the moral clarity of a cop show.
"While Mueller has a role to play in gathering evidence against Trump, liberals need to stop extolling prosecutors and realize that the true task of holding Trump accountable belongs to Congress. The only constitutional remedies for Trump’s actions are to be found in the legislative branch—remedies that include not just impeachment, but also passing new laws restricting executive power so that future presidents can’t behave as Trump does. Congress needs to start working on rolling back the imperial presidency, a task left incomplete since Watergate."  
(Note:  I would add Iran/Contra.)
In closing, the purview from here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert, the political cynic subscribes to the view that the Muellar Report should have effectively addressed the behavior that is premised on "white privileged" criminality as well as the "white collared" criminality thats been prevalent for the past several years.
Jaango--posted on March 26, 2019




Should "the separation of church and state" Continue...

Aside from the question embedded in the Constitution and the pertinent 'history,' over these many years, I am still receiving my regular emails that are always encouraging me to accept the view of many organized religions' when it comes to the  political matters of the heart.  And although I am reasonably  informed of the "wants and desires" that are heartfelt by my fellow citizens, and consequently, I am quite familiar with the beliefs that pertain to the particularized religions that can confront on us a daily basis, I tend to enjoy 'reading' of such beliefs, yet, I also tend to "dismiss" the antics, and which can be obnoxious and to the point of being extreme.

So, when I encounter the opportunity be invited to read more on organized religion, I tend to respond affirmatively, despite my wary behavior for the click/bait, but i do so out of curiosity, and nothing more.

However, I was invited to take a gander at a Jewish author for his current book and which he is touting.  Thus, I am speaking of David Horowitz for having written "Radical Son and Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America."

Long story short, Horowitz is espousing in his newest book, titled, "Dark Agenda:  The War to Christian America.," and further, "that secularists and leftists want to turn the nation into a godless, heathen society where religion has absolutely no role."

Consequently, Horowitz was interviewed by Bill Hoffman for and where Hoffman posed eight questions and of which Horowitz responded accordingly, and dated March 18, 2019.

Newsmax: Many people think of the persecution of Christians as being limited to the Mideast, Far East, and Africa, far away from the United States. But that’s not true?
David Horowitz: No, it’s very bad in the U.S. This war against Christianity is a war of the left, which is the Democratic Party, because Christian values are incompatible with the social justice delusions of the left. Everything about Christianity — the sanctity of the individual, the individual soul, individual accountability and equality — all these things are anathema to the left. Efforts to keep religion out of daily life continue to grow, such as school prayers and public displays of faith.
But you argue that’s not what our founding fathers intended.
Horowitz: That’s right. The First Amendment prevents the government from prohibiting the free exercise of religion, but the left has attacked that clause. Jefferson acknowledged a wall of church-state separation, but all that meant was the state won’t make one religion like Anglicanism the official religion and persecute the other religions. The American Civil Liberties Union stood that reassurance on its head with “wall of separation between church and state” becoming a bumper-sticker slogan for leftists and secularists who want to silence religious people and marginalize their beliefs.

You describe yourself as an atheist Jew.​ Why would a Jewish skeptic write a book coming to the defense of Christians in America?
Horowitz: It was prompted by the murder in 1974 of a friend of mine, Betty Van Patter, a dedicated leftist and mother of three who was a bookkeeper at the New Left magazine Ramparts, which I edited. I had raised money to buy a Baptist church and turn it into a school for the Black Panthers; after Betty discovered the Panthers had doctored their books, she was raped, tortured, and beaten to death. I investigated and found the Panther Party was a criminal gang engaging in extortion, arson, drug trafficking, and murder. Still, their leaders received the support of the American left which defended the killers because they were the voices of the oppressed and champions of the progressive clause.

How does President Donald Trump fit into the fabric of American Christianity today?
Horowitz: He’s terrific for America. He’s a great patriot, and I think that’s what inspired the Evangelicals to support him. He wouldn’t have been elected without them.

What is your view of the Democratic Party?
Horowitz: It no longer respects equality. It’s a racist party. White people, males, and straight males are guilty before the fact, and people of color, women, and gays are innocent, even if the facts show they’re guilty.
Will the persecution of Christians be a big issue in the upcoming 2020 presidential election?
Horowitz: Oh, totally! It’s going to be a huge issue. Once either [Supreme Court Justices] Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Clarence Thomas retire, and Trump nominates this Catholic woman [believed to be U.S. Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett] there’s going to be a battle.

Do you believe Roe v. Wade will be overturned?

Horowitz: I hope so. This is a war. The left wants to kill babies outside the womb; they’re baby killers. Their slogan “pro-choice” is completely fraudulent, because they make choices. You have to choose to have sex, you have to choose who to have sex with, you have to choose whether to use contraception or not . . . or if something goes awry you have to choose not to use the morning-after pill, or to give birth to the baby and find it an adoptive mother, or kill it. It’s not about choice or reproductive freedom B.S.

You say the catalyst for writing the book was the intolerance of the left. Can you explain?
Horowitz: Before I began writing the book and was becoming acquainted with all of the issues, I thought the persecution of Christians was a somewhat parochial issue. I [began having] sympathy for this community because the left is being so intolerant . . . Now I see it as a central battle. The country is at stake. The left wants a one-party state, you can see that. How can you have a resistance to a duly elected president? It’s sedition. It’s treason, in the normal sense of the word, to obstruct a president. Everything that’s running the Democratic Party today is obstructionism. You can’t have a democracy if you don’t accept the legitimacy of an election. I mean, that is fundamental.


Here's the internet link:
Therefore, if the Democrats in the House chamber passed legislation and appropriately titled, "The Reconfirmation of the Separation of Church and State Act," how would the conservative-oriented Republicans in the Senate chamber cast their respective votes, either in support of the Horowitz view or in opposition to these short-listed espousals from Horowitz?

Jaango--posted on March 25, 2019



The Confluence of "domestic" And "foreign" Terrorism...

Marcy Wheeler, writing for her website, "" addressed this subject matter with her apt attention to Common Sense.  Thus, her article titled, "The Predictable Asymmetry In Terrorism Policing: Andrew McCabe's Demise" is indeed newsworthy.

And given that I don't 'normally' post on political platforms that are internet blog/web sites, I did so in this instance.  Consquently, my posting was typical of the over 80 responses that she received, and which continues to speak well for her and over these many years for her well-endowed skill set.

As such, my response:

From the Latino “perspective” on the seminal distinction of terrorism, the confluence between “domestic” and “foreign” is irrelevant. Why? Back in the early 2000’s when the AUMF was being discussed and widely debated, European Americans were highly supportive while simultaneously, “racial and ethnics” were highly opposed. Thus, the facile approach to “terrorism” has been aptly demonstrated and where those of us and whom have served in the military, has convinced us that the Iraq War was a waste of lives and perpetuated by the “majority” of our nation unwilling to challenge the War Mongers. And in the future, the Academy of Historians will be writing of their seminal belief that changed minds is indicative that Democracy Works and without ever addressing the Character that is ingrained in Decency Personified.

And here's the internet link to Marcy's article, and do so, since I've known her for these past twenty years: 
Jaango--posted on March 22, 2019




The Marine Commander Is Not Happy With a Fake Border Emergency...
From General Robert Neller:
The commandant of the Marines has warned the Pentagon that deployments to the southwest border and funding transfers under the president’s emergency declaration, among other unexpected demands, have posed “unacceptable risk to Marine Corps combat readiness and solvency.”
….Neller, a four-star general, said because of the problems, Marines will not participate in planned training exercises in Indonesia, Scotland and Mongolia, and will reduce their participation in joint exercises with Australia and South Korea. Marines “rely on the hard, realistic training” of the training exercises “to develop the individual and collective skills necessary to prepare for high-end combat,” Neller said.
Need more be said?
Jaango--posted on March 22, 2019


Trump's "Arbitrary and Capricious" Morality in Public Law
The Washington Post documents the following:
"Federal judges have ruled against the Trump administration at least 63 times over the past two years, an extraordinary record of legal defeat that has stymied large parts of the president’s agenda on the environment, immigration and other matters.

"….The normal “win rate” for the government in such cases is about 70 percent, according to analysts and studies. But as of mid-January, a database maintained by the Institute for Policy Integrity at the New York University School of Law shows Trump’s win rate at about 6 percent.

"Seth Jaffe, a Boston-based environmental lawyer who represents corporations and had been looking forward to deregulation, said the administration has failed to deliver….Some errors are so basic that Jaffe said he has to wonder whether agency officials are more interested in announcing policy shifts than in actually implementing them. “It’s not just that they’they’re losing. But they’re being so nuts about it,” he said, adding that the losses in court have “set regulatory reform back for a period of time.”"
Jaango--posted on March 22, 2019




Today's Ever-Changing Nonsense...
Here are a couple of stories that are hard to believe, but politics being politics, the "craziness" that is humbling when it comes to Decency Personified, is absent.
From the Great State of Florida:  "Republicans on a key Florida state house committee voted to approve a bill that would strip most ex-felons of their voting rights -- even after the state's voters passed an initiative to restore them. 
"In November, Florida voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 4, which restored voting rights to about 1.4 million former convicted felons. The amendment required “automatic” restoration of voting rights to felons “who have completed all terms of their sentence, including parole or probation” except those “convicted of murder or a felony sexual offense.”
From the Great State of Maine:  The Governor, Janet Mills had this to say on twitter:  "Today I was honored to sign into law a bill protecting health care coverage for Maine families. The legislation, sponsored by  @SenTroyJackson & @saragideon passed by strong bipartisan majorities and codifies into state law the patient protections outlined in the ACA. (1/3)"
From the Great State of Texas:  Now that Trump is utilizing "eminent domain laws" to confiscate privately-owned properties, push back is starting to occur.  From Mario Carrillo of the America's Voice says, "“We look forward to Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz explaining to this 90-year old border landowner and others how this represents constituent service at its finest,”.... “The land grab pushed by Republicans seems strikingly at odds with the GOP's self-image as the party of small government and property rights, but Cornyn and Cruz’s acquiescence to Trump is on brand for our state’s senators.”
From the Great State of Michigan:  A bipartisan group of state legislators introduced legislation that would address the functionality of bail bonds.  According to LaGrand, his package of bills will accomplish four major reforms. The first will be to provide people who have been arrested with a financial disclosure form they can fill out and hand to judges so the judges have an idea how much bail—if any—those before their bench can afford to pay. “In Michigan right now, judges don’t necessarily know how much money people have available to them when the judge sets a bond,” LaGrand explained to Daily Kos. “That means judges can inadvertently set, for example, a $300 bond for someone who’s only got $200 in their pocket. And there’s no difference between a $300 bond and a $1 million bond if you’ve only got $200."
From the Great State of Wisconsin.  A judge in the state court system has issued his decision to deny the Republican-led State Legislature the opportunity to implement the laws that they passed.  Thus, the  Legislature did not call a Special Session in order to pass the affected legislation, and consequently, the Court ruled that a called-for Special Session was required and subsequently, can only adopt legislation.  Thus, the affected legislation was created to deny the newly-transistioned Governor and Attorney General,  shortly after Governor Scott Walker lost his re-election opportunity.
Jaango--posted on March 21, 2019



 Odds & Ends
This week has been formerly recognized as "Anticipation Week" given that the Muellar Report was soon to be rendered to the Justice Department.  As such, a time extension has been requested, and this tacit approval should be forthcoming.
1.  Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile joins Fox News as a contributor. And perhaps, she will "thoughtfully" consider "bipartisanship"?  Or was it the money to insure that the household bills can be paid?
2.  Trump accuses former Vice President Joe Biden for having a 'low I.Q."
3.  "Off-Book" Incarceraion.  HHS has now been tagged for incarcerating immigrant kids with no one speaking for and behalf of this administration.
4.  From the Associated Press:  "Trump has told his inner circle that, if the (Muellar)report is underwhelming, he will use Twitter and interviews to gloat over the findings, complain about the probe’s cost and depict the entire investigation as an attempt to obstruct his agenda, according to advisers."  To wit, the DOJ can't indict but can recommend an indictment to the House Chamber, but likely won't.
5.  Another divergency tactic? " Faith Vander Voort, the newly promoted top spokeswoman at the Interior Department, voiced support for more surveillance of Muslim communities and argued that attacks by radical self-proclaimed Muslim groups pose a far bigger threat to society than climate change during a 2017 interview full of Islamophobic and anti-immigration."
6.  Dismissing Tomi Lahren?  As a Fox News Host, her latest political incantentation comes to us in the form of "liberal indoctination" starts in elementary school.  Of course, if her children were being subjected to such indigenous languages as Yaqui or Apache, she could find her self-justification for touting such nonsense.  And will she being going the route of the retinue that Pirro represents at Fox News?
7.  The Big Distinction.  With Trump readily dismissing the late McCain history, Republicans are slowly gathering an effort to defend McCain, yet, none of the Republicans in the Senate chamber are "criticizing" Trump for his craven behavior.
8.  Transferring the Black Box to France.  Of signicant recognition, our national  Gurus, espoused  "Ethiopian authorities chose to send the black boxes for analysis in France rather than in the United States."   Thus, our nation's failure to recognize that other nations are demonstrating that their "credit-ability" towards Europe is now far more intense due to their well-defined "self-interest."
9.  Trump complains that he didn't get a "thank you" from the McCain due to his participation in the McCain Funeral Procession.
10.  Desperate times call for more desperation.  Trump is now trashing the pending Muellar Report since Muellar, the Chief Investigator is not an Elected Official.
Jaango--posted on March 21, 2019



Today's Panderific:  The Results Are In...

For those among us, the political whackers, and knowing full well that the mass of voters are still in their mode for "understanding the stipulated issues" for achieving a greater knowledge of where each candidate stands on public policy, while knowing full well that today's 'results' will change over time or during the next several months and when the primary elections commence, so, let's get started.

The below chart is from the Mother Jones Magazine and where they surveyed their readers of this weekend of 1,700 readers and respondents.
And this survey reinforces my mindset for today, given that Warren is the first of the many that is announcing her political positions, but the rest of these candidates will be stipulating their positions in the coming days.

And one item caught my attention, that being seven of the ten candidates are current or former Senators, and to date, none have made any effort to establish a Senate Progressive Caucus. 
 Consequently, none of the Senators are "progressive" yet, on occasion, each will call himself or herself  a "progressive."  Thus, the obvious is that they constantly pander to the "progressive" voter and justify doing so given their penchant for believing in their self-accustomed divinity for their respective sentimentality, each must acknowledge and concur that the Democratic Fringe includes the progressive voter.
Jaango--posted on March 20, 2019


The Mueller Report:  FISA Covers Both "intelligence gathering" and "criminal behavior"

Shortly after 9/11, Congress passed the FISA Act and later upheld by the Courts and where "intelligence gathering" was the primary responsibility, but over time, was expanded when a FISA warrant was issued and which permitted government investigators to find evidence that a crime had been committed.  Subsequently, the government was permitted to utilize the 'results' found and then could then permit the government to indict, prosecute and achieve a guilty verdict for this criminal wrongdoing.  And to date, only one successful prosecution has been conducted, and where other successful prosecutions have occurred, are now being challenged in the courts.
And yet, today's propaganda on the political right has morphed into an attempted transition of a mindset and where "presidential harrassment" is the latest meme.  And which brings me to the Bryon York, writing for the Washington Examiner, his opinion piece and titled, "Byron York: Yes, Trump is target of 'presidential harrassment" and dated, March 10, 2019. 

"The point is, the scrutiny directed at the president from all sides, not oversight of his administration or even investigations into his election, so far exceeds anything in the past that it could well qualify as presidential harassment.

"Democrats would no doubt respond that Trump is singularly corrupt, or that he brought it all on himself. He did not. What has happened is that Democrats, in Congress and in some key blue states, saw investigation as a way to weaken a president they never thought would be elected and want to ensure is not re-elected in 2020. And Trump, with the most extensive business history ever brought to the presidency, presented a lot of avenues of investigation. When he complains about harassment, he has a legitimate case to make."

Now, there is much more to be said or York's opinion piece, and especially where he fails to address, and in specific, and as Martin Longman at the Washington Monthly Magazine says, "He doesn’t care about campaign finance violations involving bank and wire fraud, or insurance fraud, or the dangling of pardons to protect himself and other forms of obstruction of justice. He doesn’t care about fraudulent misuse of charities or criminal misuse of inaugural money or seeming violations of the Emoluments Clause in the Constitution. These may all be accurate accusations, but for York they are only being investigated to weaken the president. All he has to say about them is that the president “present[s] a lot of avenues of investigation.”

Therefore, we, the Latinos here in the Southwest, realize that much is being said and written, but our 'reality' will be predicated on the Mueller Report and where the Chief Investigator is charged with the responsiblity to address both the perceived Russian Connection, as well as, the "intelligence gathering" that was utilized for perceived "criminal behavior" surrounding President Trump, his Inauguration Committee, as well as the Presidential Campaign as it transitioned into the Inaugural Committee, and all that has followed since.

In closing, the Courts lowered the bar and where intelligence gathering led to the successful prosecution of criminal wrong doing as per the United States Versus Isa, and which is now the law of the land.  Consequently, the Muellar Report,  and if and when made fully public, should address the co-operation of these two legal justifications, and as such, particularized.  And of course, Hope springs eternal.

Jaango--posted for March 18, 2019



"White Genocide" is Understandable?

When a Fox Media mouthpiece of an asshole stipulates that "white genocide is understandable" and in particular as it relates to the New Zealand's mosque massacre or of a domestic terrorism act, and more so, contra Islamophobia, just goes to show that the marriage of Hate and Fear, defies Common Sense.

On the other hand, President Trump allocates his words to say that this Hate and Fear encapsulates a "small group of people."  And with this condescending mantra, he reinforces his long held belief that touting more Hate and Fear at his "base"  can be deemed to be okay.  Thusly, historians will proximate his presidential administration and its history for the ever present trash bin.

Jaango--posted on March 16, 2019
Odds & Ends...

Despite the best efforts of the Grifters and Grafters, the approximate 90 families that paid to the various players in the affected educational institutions, are now facing fraud charges for "paying" to have their elitiest sons and daughters circumventing the admissions process at the variety of public and private universities.  Thus, a 'non-story' that has been rampant for a number of years and which further, circumvents Affirmative Action.  And added to this storyline, are several more and of far more interesting to the general public.

1.  The NYPD is investigating Hate Speech after its come to their attention that a flyer showing Associate Justice Bader Ginsburg and where and when the flyer was defiled with a swastika.

2.  The oil industry's Oil Petroleum Institute has spent over $700 million over the past ten years, and given the total spent $1.4 billion by the much larger industry, climate change deniers have a long way to go to achieve any success among the general public.  Not so, of course, among our Elected and Appointed Officials.

3.  Facebook in the Hot Seat.  Facebook is under criminal investigation for its deals selling user data to other companies, The New York Times reported.  A grand jury in New York recently subpoenaed two companies that make smartphones and other gadgets, people familiar with the requests told the Times. Both of the companies were given access to the personal data of hundreds of millions of Facebook users. And in a non-story blaze, Facebook took down Senator Warren's comments criticizing Facebook.

4.  Congrats to Talking Points Memo.  In response to TPM’s Wednesday request for comment on Identity Evropa’s activity on their platform, Slack announced that it had just that day removed 28 accounts affiliated with “known hate groups.”

5.  Confirmation process completed.  On a partisan basis of the vote taken, 53 to 46, Neomi Rao to replace Justice Kavanaugh on the Court of Appeals. Rao, 45, heads the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, where she plays a key role in Trump’s efforts to roll back federal rules and regulations. She also worked in the George W. Bush White House but has never tried a case in state or federal court.

6.  Goodbye Electoral College.  More on this later.

7.  Anti-Secularism.  Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has announced she will no longer enforce the provision of federal law that bans religious organizations from being funded with taxpayer dollars for secular projects. 

8.  Connecticut Supreme Court Speaks. In a 4-3 decision that marks a potentially major turning point in the fight between gun law reformers and gun rights advocates, the Connecticut Supreme Court overturned a lower court decision Thursday.

Jaango--posted on March 16, 2019




Chairman Ross' Opening Statement To the House Oversight Committee on the Census Question...

Good morning Chairman Cummings, Ranking Member Jordan, and members of the Committee. Thank you for inviting me to testify.

I also thank the Chairman for limiting this hearing scope so my staff can produce documents beyond the approximately 8,700 already provided. And I appreciate your agreement that I can submit written answers to questions about my personal finances after the hearing.

Many of you have questions about the 2020 decennial census, and I welcome the opportunity to discuss that topic today.

Let me be clear at the outset, the Department of Commerce is fully committed to administering as complete and accurate a decennial census as we can. We intend to try to count every person and are taking all necessary actions to do so.

When I assumed office in 2017, I immediately began a deep dive into oversight of the decennial census. There was significant work to do preparing for the hiring and training of more than 450,000 part-time temporary census workers. Working with outside experts, we concluded that the prior Administration underestimated the budget by $3.2 billion, about 25%. OMB and Congress accepted our finding.

We are also making far greater use of administrative records than ever before, especially for one of the most severely undercounted segments, children. We have a half-billion-dollar advertising campaign to reach hard-to-count communities. And on the 2020 decennial census, people will now be able to respond in 12 non-English languages, 5 more than in 2010.

We started our community partnership program a year earlier than last time. There are already more than 1,500 state, tribal, and local governments helping us – double what we had in 2010. And we will do our best to collect more complete data.

On March 26, 2018, I decided to re-instate a citizenship question on the 2020 decennial census pursuant to the statutory authority given to me by Congress. My reasoning is explained in my March 26, 2018 decision memo. It is available on the Department of Commerce web site.

Questions about citizenship, or country of birth — or both — were asked as part on all but one U.S. decennial census for 180 years, from 1820 to the year 2000. Indeed, the citizenship question continues to be asked every year by the Census Bureau on the American Community Survey, or ACS for short. It is a sample survey distributed annually to about 2.64 percent of the American population.

Prior to my March 26 decision, we understood that the Department of Justice might want a citizenship question reinstated on the decennial census. There is no formal process for adding questions to the decennial census. However, other federal agencies had previously submitted written requests for questions to be added to the ACS, and such requests trigger an internal Census Bureau review prior to a final decision.

I instructed staff to follow up with DOJ for a written statement confirming whether or not DOJ was going to ask for reinstatement of the question. I wanted to make sure that we had enough time to adequately consider any formal request that DOJ might make.

Ultimately, on December 12, 2017, DOJ made a formal written request that the Census Bureau reinstate the citizenship question on the decennial census. DOJ sought census block-level citizenship data for use in Voting Rights Act enforcement. In response, the Census Bureau initiated a legal, policy, and programmatic review process to consider alternate means of meeting DOJ’s request.

We held discussions with numerous external stakeholders and elected officials – including Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Cummings, who opposed the idea.

We evaluated thousands of pages of analyses, including written submissions by other members of this Committee.

We submitted our list of decennial census questions to Congress by the March 31, 2018 statutory deadline.

Following receipt of DOJ’s letter, and during our review, Census Bureau officials recognized that current ACS data did not meet DOJ’s request for census block-level data. The Census Bureau analysis also showed that when non-citizens respond to the ACS question on citizenship, they respond incorrectly approximately 30% of the time.

In my March 26 decision memo, I describe more details of the decision-making process and the alternatives we considered to reinstating the citizenship question.
As you know, certain aspects of this issue are in litigation before the Supreme Court and other courts. However, I look forward to answering as many of your questions as I can.

Again, I want to be clear that we intend to count as many people as possible. I will be happy to discuss the actions we are taking to do so. Thank you.

End of Statement

Jaango--posted on March 14, 2019




Pelosi's Current Disfavor of Impeachment...

With her latest announcement in which she is 'currently' opposed to the impeachment of President Trump, she has raised the ire of Democrats and who are predisposed to impeaching Trump shortly after his achiieving the Oval Office.  And yet, Pelosi is strategically correct and while being adamantly opposed to the Republican mindset that is their today's political mode.  Further, she astutely realizes that any legislation passed in the House chamber must be addressed in the Senate chamber and where she has to accrue a minimum of four Republican votes for any legislative passage, notwithstanding a president's veto.

Therefore, in the next eighteen months, the toxic politics for the current non-bipartisanship behavior between both chambers, effectively demonstrates that the news media outlets will continue to speak to this divide between the Democrats and the Republicans.  And on a parallel basis, the next six to eight months, evaluating the net-point gain or loss among the long list of candidates seeking their Democratic primary races, is not overly intoxicating for the politically-wrung-out writers.   

In closing, the pundits, sages and gurus understand well that House Speaker Pelosi's  somewhat distaste for "impeachment" is easily understood as for yet acquiring the elements leading to "high crimes and misdemeanors" cannot be achieved until the Muellar Report is released and followed by the results achieved by the several House committees having completed their respective investigations.  As such, she is exemplifying a virtue for a level of patience that is much in need by the rank and file..

Jaango--posted on March 12, 2019




"The Power Grab By Democrats"... So Says McConnell

The new consensus in the House Chamber is now dated this past Friday, when their House Resolution Number One passed on a partisan line vote.  And now that the Senate Republicans are 'smelling the fear' from next two or three congressional election cycles,  will pulverize the Republican voters, and the Senate leadership is not one tad of happy.

And here is the consensus view led by the Senate Republicans:

"The Democratic-controlled House on Friday approved legislation aimed at reducing the role of big money in politics, ensuring fair elections and strengthening ethics standards. But it stands little chance in the Republican-run Senate, where the GOP leader has pledged it will not come up for a vote, and the White House issued a veto threat."

Thus, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said the bill “restores the people’s faith that government works for the public interest, the people’s interest, not the special interests.”

And from the perspective of self-interest, Paul Waldman writes of the following with his reverse-engineered assessment and analysis:

1.  If it were easier for more people who are not registered now did so, that would mean Republicans would lose more elections.

2.  If it were easier for people with disabilities to vote, Republicans would lose more elections.

3.  If the practice of voter caging were outlawed, the Republicans would lose more elections.

4.  If we cracked down on deceptive practices and voter intimidation, Republicans would lose more elections.

5.  If we mandated paper trails trails for ballots to ensure accuracy, Republican would lose more elections.

6.  If we let those with criminal convictions who have served the time vot, Republicans would lose more elections.

7.  If more Americans were able to vote early if it's convenient for them, Republicans would lose more elections.

8.  If more Americans could vote by mail, Republicans would lose more elections.

9.  If secretaries of state couldn't administer their own elections, as Brian Kemp did in Georgia last year, Republicans would lose more elections.

Need more be said?

Jaango--posted on March 11, 2019




"But Nobody's Listening..."

With her recent statement that she was raped when she wore our nation's uniform, Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) is today's latest part and parcel for a sexual victimology that tends to be prevalent in the military.  And of course, we, here at the Chicano Veterans Organization, and thusly, we, the former privates, the corporals and sergeants, we continue to recognize that neither our Elected and Appointed Officials nor the military Chain of Command will effectively address this victimology, and it's all due to the inherent "patriarchy" that resides at the highest levels of institutional politics.

Further, Congress can pass legislation that address this behavior and furthermore, this could be accomplished via a President's Executive Order, but no one is listening to us, writ large.

For over these past twenty years, we have advocated that when a sexual assault victim occurs, the "process" should be that she can call the local military police contingent and where the MP's would escort the victim to the nearest hospital and where a rape kit examination would be completed.  And shortly thereafter, this same military police contingent would immediately take the victim to the Sheriff's Office and where the legal or formal declaration would be taken.  To wit, the Sheriff's Department would conduct its investigation, and when completed, the County Attorney's Office would make its decision to prosecute or not, and subsequently, and where necessary, a jury would render its verdict.

And in doing so, the military chain of command would be prohibited in interfering with the above described process.  Otherwise, the Chain of Command would be facing its immediate career-ending termination.  

And as to this enabling patriarchy, as evidenced by the behaviors of Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump's administration, their respective "Decency Personified" has been and continues to be remaing Missing in Action and yet, their Patriarchy continues to be quite visible.  And this political nonsense needs to end!

Of course, McSally sees in herself the "solution" to address sexual assault. Thus, the general observation, is wrong as to how sexual assault victimology must be addressed.   " McSally said she shares in the disgust of the failures of the military system and many commanders who haven’t addressed the problems of sexual misconduct. She said the public must demand that higher-ranking officials be part of the solution, setting the tone for their officers."  Thus, she escapes the discussion of the Sexual Assault Victimology that the Privates, the Corporals and the Sergeants have to contend with on a daily basis.  And obviously, she believes her 'rank' and of the likeminded "rank" has its privleges as to how she, the victim, should be addressed, nonetheless.

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Memos "targeting" Spanish-speakers" At Southern Border

Elliot Spagat, writing for the web site of the Talking Points Memo, has this to say:
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Border agents have been told to explicitly target Spanish speakers and migrants from Latin America in carrying out a Trump administration program requiring asylum seekers wait in Mexico, according to memos obtained by The Associated Press that reveal some inner workings of a top government priority to address the burgeoning number of Central Americans arriving in the country.

The Trump administration launched the program in late January in what marks a potentially seismic shift on how the U.S. handles the cases of immigrants seeking asylum and fleeing persecution in their homeland. The program initially applied only to those who turned themselves in at official border crossings, but a memo from a division chief of the Border Patrol’s San Diego sector says it expanded Friday to include people who cross the border illegally.

The guidance includes instruction about various groups of immigrants who are not to be sent back to Mexico and instead go through the traditional asylum process in the U.S. immigration court system. They include pregnant women, LGBT migrants and people suffering medical issues. Authorities said previously that Mexican asylum seekers are excluded, as are children traveling alone.

U.S. officials must check if the asylum seeker has any felony convictions and notify Mexico at least 12 hours before they are returned. Those who cross illegally must have come as single adults, though the administration is in talks with the Mexican government to include families.

The program is being implemented as border arrests soared in February to a 12-year-high and more than half of those stopped arrived as families, many of them asylum seekers who generally turn themselves in instead of trying to elude capture. Guatemala and Honduras have replaced Mexico as the top countries, a remarkable shift from only a few years ago.

The instructions say Mexican officials insist that no more than 20 asylum seekers are returned each day from San Diego to Tijuana, Mexico, on Monday through Saturday, underscoring challenges that the U.S. faces in trying to quickly ramp up one of its top border enforcement priorities and most significant changes to the U.S. immigration system of Donald Trump’s presidency. Authorities said Tuesday that more than 76,000 were stopped or apprehended at the Mexican border in February, more than double the same period last year.

A memo on Tuesday to top Border Patrol officials in San Diego said the agency is under “pressures to utilize this program as much as we can.”
Asylum-seeking families are typically released from U.S. custody immediately and allowed to settle with family or friends while their cases wind through immigration courts, which often takes years. Critics say that amounts to “catch-and-release,” which administration officials want to limit with the new Mexico program.

In a statement, the Department of Homeland Security described the program as “another tool available in the law” to respond to the record numbers of Central American migrants arriving at the border in recent months. The agency said the program is being carried out in a “thoughtful and deliberate manner” that protects vulnerable migrants and is done in collaboration with the Mexican government.

Two U.S. officials who were not authorized to discuss the internal guidance and spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed contents of the memos obtained by the AP.

Explicitly targeting Spanish speakers and Latin Americans had not been previously disclosed, though some critics said it was no surprise considering that recent arrest numbers are largely Central Americans.

Judy Rabinovitz, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, said the criteria “does smack of the same concerns we had in the Muslim ban,” referring to Trump’s ban on travelers from several predominantly Muslim countries, which was eventually upheld by the Supreme Court.

“We know they are trying to get at Central American asylum seekers but to see it written there so blatantly is so disturbing,” said Rabinovitz, whose organization was among those that sued the administration last month to block the policy.

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has made the administration’s “Migrant Protection Protocols” a top priority, working for months with Mexican counterparts to seal the broad outlines of an agreement in November.

Testifying Wednesday in Congress, Nielsen said the U.S., working with Mexico, was exercising its authority to make people wait outside the country.
“All asylum seekers have the opportunity to present their case,” she said. “We’re not turning anybody around.”

The effort has gotten off to a modest start amid mixed signals from Mexican officials and been limited to San Diego. Tonatiuh Guillen, who heads Mexico’s immigration agency, told the AP that Mexico accepted 112 Central Americans during the first five weeks, including 25 children. Homeland Security has declined to release numbers.

A Homeland Security official, speaking to reporters Friday on a conference call on condition of anonymity, said the administration planned to grow the effort exponentially across the border, including to people who cross illegally between border crossings. The official declined to say when or where but said it was likely to be expanded in the next few weeks.

One memo obtained by the AP shows that it had been expanded on the same day.

And here's the Internet Link:
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Odds and Ends...

With this week's focus on the Request for Documents issued by the House Oversight Committee, the lesser stories can and do get lost when it comes to the general public.  And here are a "few" of these stories that are important.

1  The House Oversight Committee has come under considerable pressure for the Oval Office's "witch hunt" platform, and yet, this same Committee has been requesting that the now Governor of Georgia and former Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, deliver all documents related to six instances reported.  Thus, “All communications regarding any voter roll purges, list maintenance activity, or other government actions to remove voters from the rolls or cancel registrations pursuant to Georgia’s ‘use it or lose it’ law … including the voter roll purge conducted in July 2017, which reportedly resulted in more than 500,000 people being removed from Georgia’s voter rolls due to inactivity,” to “All documents related to the allegations by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office on November 3, 2018, that there had been a failed attempt to hack the state’s voter registration system, and that the Secretary of State’s Office had opened an investigation into the Democratic Party of Georgia.”

2.  Australia says "No!"  "It’s part of a crackdown on anti-semitism. Last year, Paypal suspended Yiannopoulos after he used the service to send $14.88 to a Jewish journalist. White supremacists and neo-Nazis use “1488” because “14” is the number of words in statement by American Nazi party founder George Lincoln Rockwell:"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children," and “88” represents "Heil Hitler." At the same time, Yiannopoulos sent threatening messages to journalists, "I can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight." Later, he claimed he was just trolling them. He has 30 days to appeal the rejection of his visa application."

3.  Alas, from Megan Red Shirt-Shaw.  In Lakota, coffee is "pejuta sapa" which means "black medicine" and is such a better concept/description for how I feel after I drink (two(+) cups) every morning.  Add me to her list.

4.  The DailyKos Petition.  Today (Wednesday) Daily Kos founder and publisher Markos Moulitsas applauded the Democratic National Committee’s decision to reject Fox News’ bid to host a Democratic presidential primary debate. Just a few weeks ago, Daily Kos delivered a petition to DNC leadership with more than 100,000 signatures calling for this very decision.  “We are thrilled that DNC chair Tom Perez chose to listen to the grassroots activists that are the lifeblood of the party,” said Moulitsas. “Having Fox News—essentially Donald Trump’s own state media—host a debate would’ve been like having Trump host it himself. There would have been zero upside for Democratic candidates to participate, so it was wise of party leadership to finally listen.”  Daily Kos is the nation's largest online progressive community, with 7 million unique visitors a month and an email membership of more than 3 million, and it continues to lead the way in supporting Democrats across the country, raising over $8.7 million for candidates and campaigns in small, grassroots donations in 2017-2018 

5.  H.R. 1 or the "For the People Act of 2019 and thus a " sweeping package of election, campaign finance, voting, and government ethics reform. They are taking the bill up Wednesday and Thursday."  The legislation consists of 600 pages and which includes 70 amendments for consideration by the House chamber.  As such, 'reality' does intrude:  More transparency, better elections, tools to fight voter suppression—it's all there, though as the ACLU argues, it does need some tweaking. This is indeed what we elected a Democratic House to do. It won't see the light of day in Mitch McConnell's Senate, because transparency and fairness are an anathema to him.
6.  In defending the sexual escapades of President Trump, Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota stipulates that "he loves his family" and follows this by saying,“I honestly think this president loves his family … I think it has as much to do with trying not to have public discussions about something that is, for him, a private matter … and I don’t think he wanted his family to go through this.”

7.  Senate Republican John Kennedy of Louisiana readily admits that the Republicans would being doing their "witch hunt" of Donald Trump, if Trump were a Democrat.  Another small world of toxic politics.

8.  Alisyn Camerota is outraged.  Thus, Journalist Haberman suggests...Haberman stated that her sources contend Trump may not have known exactly what he was paying Cohen for, and may have thought the checks were for general legal services. And Camerota responds to the approximate 7 checks issued: “That Donald Trump every month would sign by hand a check for $35,000 and not know. This is a man who didn’t even pay his vendors when they completed work for him. This is somebody who doesn’t part with $35,000,” she said, referencing Trump’s legendary cheapness that led him to stiff contractors, lawyers and others who did work for him during his long business career. Of course, Common Sense, when applied properly, would acknowledge that Trump might have been reimbursing Cohen for other payoffs or activities that he did not want revealed.  

9. COINTELPRO revisited?  According to the Associated Press, a San Diego  television was provided with a confidential source of information in which human rights activists, lawyers and journalists were the critical elements of a "listing" that were causing the Department of Homeland Security considerable political consternation.  Thus, the "caravans" from Central America and arriving into the Tijuana Sector of the Border Wall in California, is being considered as an affirmation that a political pushback must be addressed via the major mass media outlets, and subsequently, the members of this "listing" are facing an entrenched opposition by the federal government.
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The Bush Legacy of "Gross Incompetence"
Shortly after the Authority to Use Military Force was introduced, we, here at the Chicano Veterans Organization espoused our view that the USA should "lend" our Constititution to the Afghanistan and Iraq for the duration of these two wars and where this newly-established Constititution would be imposed, and writ large, and for a minimal twenty or thirty years.
Today, the continued 'negotiations' for Peace currently hinge on a constitution that may or not protect women, and this consequential decision is being undertaken, and more than likely, the women will be determined to remain as "second class citizens" given the level of vitriol by the patriarchy's staunch belief that Religion overrides Secularity, is critical to self-governance.  As such, America's negotiators are in a complementary process and which undermines today's Human Rights.  Thus, the war mongers here in the United States continue to remain in ascendance.
Jaango--posted on March 4, 2019



Profiles In Courage:  Diana Falzone
While employed by Fox News, Investigative Reporter, Diana Falzone, brought the story Trump-Stormy Daniels into the newsroom and where, the final decision to "deep six" this story was completed when the Owner, Rupert Murdoch stipulated that the story was contrary to his 
requirement that Trump must win the election.  
More so, when Falzone brought forth the storyline that that the National Inquirer would "capture and kill" this story of Trump's sexual procilivities.  Thus, she put the story together before the election, and consequently, the Wall Street Journal reported on the story after the election took place.
Unfortunately, she was later demoted and since has sued with a settlement that includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 
Jaango--posted on March 4, 2019




Israel's Prime Minister Has Been Indicted...
With yesterday's announcement and despite the Lukud Party's overt effort to delay this announcement, demonstrates the tangled weave of politics that's now facing Israeli voters in their pending election and which to take place in the next few weeks.
And from the local news media, Nick Robins-Early stipulates the following:
"Israel’s attorney general on Thursday announced he will indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges, local media reported.
"Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit said he planned to charge Netanyahu with bribery, fraud and breach of trust. All charges are subject to a hearing, which will likely take place after a snap election to be held in April. 
"Police investigators recommended prosecuting Netanyahu on several counts last year, setting up months of public speculation over when Mandelblit would announce the charges. The indictment is now likely to be a focal point of the campaign as Netanyahu vies for a fifth term in office."
And despite the traditional cognoscenti from here in the USA and which speaks for our nation's national security and defense schematic and where "containment of Russia, Iran and China" are the readily available political culprits, we, here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert and who have worn our nation's uniform know well that the existing and primary focus has been on both Palestine and Israel, as per President Carter's "peace process" from the late 1970s, continue to this day.  Thus, nothing has changed!
Jaango--posted on February 28, 2019


Can a Progressive Be A "nationalist"?

Among the Democrats, the two primary contingents of voters can be 'measured' and where the Status Quo, representing the corporate-oriented Democrats and second contingent can best be described as progressived-oriented Democrats, and thusly, 57% of Democrats represent their corporate-oriented viability.  And for the progressive-oriented Democrats, they reprsent 43% of the voters.  And this is today's Latino view of today's pollitics.  And this is effectively demonstrated by the over-whelming  majority of the 7,200 Latino Elected and Appointed Officials currently serving in office. 
Today, the divide among  corporate-oriented Democrats and progressive-oriented Democrats, is currently undergoing this meme and behavior where there are many poised to perpetuate this divide given the frustration that reflected the vote in the primary elections in 2016.  And nothing has changed since then, or we are led to believe otherwise.

To wit, in my latest book and titled, "The Chicano Movement...Circa 2017" and published by the Chicano Veterans Organization, I stipulated then, that Latinos are the largest cohort, and followed by European Americans, African Americans, Native Americans and Asian Americans. 
Consquently, the political rhetoric was consistent with "Decency Personified" and which encapsulated the "new" Ideas that addressed Self-Discipline, Hard Work and Ambition, as per the Chicano Movement of the late 1940s and and into the early1950s.  And since then, this notional for self-empowerment has been quite visible, given that Latino's "long game" continues unabated.

And one of the new Ideas for this Long Game has been quite inclusive and into today's toxic politics, is the continuing absence of the establishment and implementation of a Senate Progressive Caucus with its attendant Progressive Caucus Foundation chartered to craft both a national Agenda and with its parallel responsibility for fundraising beneficial to progressives desiring to run for public election, both at the municipal and state legislative levels.

And more so, when one looks to the presidential candidate nomination roster, and in particular, the former and current senators considering their 'toss of the hat' into the national election of next year.  Obviously, these dozen senators have, on ocassion, called themselves "progressive" when their apt moment arrived, yet, not been sufficiently constructive, and thusly, their "pander" to the Latino-oriented Progressive, is measured.  

And knowing that the corporate-oriented Democrats have their allegiance pledged their continuing retinue of large financial donors, is the "influence" that  is challenging Latino-oriented progressives and where the large news media outlets  'dismiss' these Latinos and as adequately observed by the Sunday Morning Talk Show schemaitc and further, where Unassailable Facts are not effectively addressed, speaks greatly to the frustrations practiced by progressive Latinos. 
Furthermore, what can these Latinos bring to the decision-making table that enables Latinos to be more deft as to the nuance and subltely that personfiies our civil discourse, writ large?

As sucn, consider the following:

Should the Democrat be victorious in November's election of next year, she will be encouraged to establish a weekly Saturday Morning Bloggers Conference and in which the top 100 blogging sites of platform editorializing on the Internet, will take place.  Thus, each Staturday, the cycle of Cabinet Secretaries, and with senior level staffers having to attend and address the myriad questions being asked by these bloggers.  And in doing so, the general public will achieve a far greater understanding of the responsibilities and duties of these governmental officials being made available to us, the general public.  And as such, we won't be obligated to "listen" to the news media's vain attempts to use their 'acces' to both elected and appointed officials, and where tweeter-oriented politics and public policies are announced, and which further perpetuates their stories and premised on the "propaganda and pooper-ganda" that seems quite prevalent to us here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert.

In closing, a weekly Saturday Morning Blogging Conference, elimates our need to "listen" to the mainstream media and where the 'influence' is being shifted to the Internet and where the political grifters and grafters no longer become millionaires for and on behalf of the super wealthy achieving their presumptive 'privilege.'  Now, that's Common Sense and where Progressives are at their finest in communicating the aspirations for Latinos to continue preaching their "decency personified." schematic that has been inherent in this 'long game.'
Note:  My Tip of the Hat to Egberto Willies for his Sunday article at DailyKos and titled, "Let's reset and have civil discourse, respectful debates as we choose the best Democratic candidate."  And more, Kudos for your thoughtfulness.
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Should Chicano Military Vets Participate in the Democrats' Primary Process?

With former President Barack Obama being quietly commended by many Democratic Party voters/supporters for his presumptive self-restraint when it comes to any one of several possible endorsements of presidential candidates, speaks well for him, but today, I am reminded that he never addressed our "demand" and which is as follows, despite our frustration with the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama's behavior for their having invariably called them out for their "quiet neglect."  

And in this past two weeks, the relentless criticism of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota is quite indicative that our nation's Jewish community, writ large sees itself as being under a political attack, especially when the age-old anti-semitic perspective that wealthy Jews control politicians and which demonstrates that Jews are undergoing the traditional Hate and where, ultimately, Jews are not being overly welcomed in our nation, and particularly when applied to today's kids and the grand children.  Consequently, this Hate, being realigned for the "future" has to be challenged.  

And needless to say but I will, Minnesota's Member in the House chamber, entered, perhaps, inadvertently, the toxic stew that incorporates both anti-semitism and ventured further into the arena that is "zionism.'  Unfortunately, her grasp of politics, has not been overly intellectualized, since Chicano mililtary vets, have been there and done that.  And of which, we are somewhat sympathetic to her 'issue'  but she took the wrong direction via her tweets and of which we understand.

And more so, from our political perspective that, too, our future must be challenged, when viewed through the prism that is today's toxic politics.  Thusly, Chicanos and Native Americans here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert,  Take, for example, back in the not-so-good days of the Chicano Movement or for a starting point, that is 1985, this Chicano Movement issued its Agenda of Unmet Needs, and of the ten issues then addressed, was the criticality of our foreign policy, and as this foreign politicy pertains, is the first and foremost behavior, that being in addressing the territoriality of the Pastestinian and the Israel as sovereign nations.  And which was addressed in the following manner and with a behavior that advanced our determined viability that has been and is today's "Decency Personified" and as articulated on a daily basis by our over 7,000 Elected and Appointed Officials. 

1.  A congressional resolution approved by both the House and Senate chambers and where, once signed by Senators McConnell and Schumer and with the signatures of Representatives Pelosi and McCarthy, this Formal Request would be submtted to the Genarl Assembly at the United Nations, for their consideration and adoption.

2.  Once adopted by the General Assembly, the United Nations would establish a Border Commission that would define and design the geograhical boundaries, as per the intent of the Carter Peace Process.  And once completed via a street by street and neighborhood by neighbood basis, the results of this Commission, would be either accepted or rejected by a consequential vote of its members in the General Assembly.

3.  Once adopted by the General Assembly, the General Assembly would require that three elements be included.  First, respective voters among Palestinians and Israelis, would take place at the ballot box during the course of each's nation's general election cycle..  Second, if either respective society rejected such at the ballot box, the respective nation would no longer have access to the United Nations.  Third, if approved by the respective nations, each nation would have to establish a political vehicle that "guarantees" the self-defense of each sovereign nation.  Thusly, the subjective requirement that Israel would guarnatee the political viability of Palestine and conversely, Palestine would guarantee the political viability of Israel.  And in in doing so, each state would insure that the political interference from the surrounding nation-states would be widely diminished. 

In closing, the dearth of pundits, sages and gurus, obviously give voice to our public discourse, and subsequently, campaigns during the primary season are expected to be aspirational and for the established Grand Vision.  Therefore, we should all be looking for this Grand Vision and which emphasizes the principled exemplar for "decency personified."  Otherwise, we are being distracted with the ever-ongoing meme that we, as a nation, must contend with the varying admonitions that "containment of Russia, Iran and China" is the new future for our America.   

Jaango--posted on February 21, 2019



When "liberal" Media Ignores Common Sense...
When the "liberal" media, and as identified as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN, ignores the much larger context and via its content, we, and who are slavish political junkies, recognize that such published stories do not represent "truth-telling" demonstrates that our cynicism has a formalized basis.  Thus, credentialed journalism is obtusely lazy and that's by obvious intent.
Consequently, when President Trump announced his determination to 'espouse' his base  reasoning  for implementing his National Emergency" for his Wall, he was speaking to his 35% pollitical base, and therefore, this political catering, was not amply or effectively adddressed and done so in a manner that did not address today's reality for Common Sense.
And shortly after his--Trump's announcement, the 'liberal" mass media, conveniently failed to address his failed rationale and whicy was premised on Mexico's failure to pay for Trump's Wall.  Further, of the first series or cycle of news stories, did not focus on this Mexico's "failure" to pay for the expected Wall.  
Therefore, were the reporters incompetent or were the general news editors 'reflecting' the media owners constructive political bent and where 'truth-telling' is not high their list for professionalism, given that "loyalty" of their readers were being reinforced without jeoparding their money-making opportunies by circumventing their responsibility for this, again, Truth-telling.  
And of course, if you're a political junkie with an overriding behavior for assessment and analysis, propaganda, enters into this discourse by the institutions that represent and reflect the 'oddities' of today's credentialed Journalism. 
Jaango--posted on February 20, 2019




An Editorial FromThe Economist...:  "Millennial socialism"

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the 20th century’s ideological contest seemed over. Capitalism had won and socialism became a byword for economic failure and political oppression. It limped on in fringe meetings, failing states and the turgid liturgy of the Chinese Communist Party. Today, 30 years on, socialism is back in fashion. In America Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a newly elected congresswoman who calls herself a democratic socialist, has become a sensation even as the growing field of Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 veers left. In Britain Jeremy Corbyn, the hardline leader of the Labour Party, could yet win the keys to 10 Downing Street.

Socialism is storming back because it has formed an incisive critique of what has gone wrong in Western societies. Whereas politicians on the right have all too often given up the battle of ideas and retreated towards chauvinism and nostalgia, the left has focused on inequality, the environment, and how to vest power in citizens rather than elites. Yet, although the reborn left gets some things right, its pessimism about the modern world goes too far. Its policies suffer from naivety about budgets, bureaucracies and businesses. 

Jaango--posted on February 20, 2019



California's Attorney Xavier Becerra says:
"The president admitted that there's not a basis for the declaration, he admitted there's no crisis at the border, he's now tryinng to rob funds that were allocated by Congress legally to the various states and people of our states...The separation of powers is being violated, were going to out there and make sure Donald Trump cannot steal money from the states and people who need them, since we paid the taxpayer dollars to Washington, D.C. to get those services."
And of earlier today, and of the 13 states-- each has indicated that these respectives states will be initiating litigation in federal court and which will become the premise for challenging the Trump administration.  Thus, the initial effort by California and Oregon, has become a collective legal front and which has been further expanded, and with the expectation that more states will join and actively participate.   
Jaango--posted on February 18, 2019



The Politics of "la mantequilla de pastoso" Is Upon Us...

On this President's Holiday, the Republican approach to politics, has moved to the new level of a nexus for what is beyond their insightfulness and what is today's conservative right and to the 'deep' reseach being conducted on potential Democrats for next year's election cycle. Thus, "socialism" is now the context and the presumptive content that will be forthcoming over the next eighteen months, has become quite apparent. Therefore, the 'greasy butter' of a non-fresh butter ball is being spead across the political arena, effectively demonstrates this and if one  were to listen to what is being compiled, "the propaganda campaign against high-profile non-white, non-male, non-Christian freshman Democrats" has begun.  
And this behavior is best described as the starting point for what's taking place in Minnesota.

To wit, “Socialism is the greatest vulnerability by far that the House Democrats have,” Representative Tom Emmer of Minnesota, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said in an interview, adding that he had also instructed his team to spotlight “all the extreme wild ideas” that Democrats espouse, “on a daily basis, on an hourly basis if it’s available.”

However, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois is having none of this nonsense.  His response is saying much in support of the targeted 55 Democrats now serving in the House chamber.  
And Durbin says:  “We are not going to abandon socialist policies like Social Security — or is that ‘socialist security,’ is that what they call it?”
And here in the Sonoran Desert, we call it "privatized security" when we keep in mind that Bush43, after his re-election, attempted to privatize social security and failed and which we opposed vigorously.

Jaango--posted on February 18, 2019



Today's Grave Stone Monument "honoring" Valentine's Day
Earlier today, I was reminded that I suggested to my beloved wife of many years that when I died and deserved to be buried appropriately, she reminded me that my gravestone would carry her premise of "Decency Personified Existed Here." 
And further, I had suggested that shortly after my death, I should be wrapped up in a blanket, taken out to some irrelevant location in our wonderful Sonoran Desert and buried without any fanfare.
Thus, a 'quiet' death that had no public value to anyone.  Thankfully, not to be, if tomorrow's history is properly addressed.
 Happy Valentinie's Day!
Jaango--posted on February 14, 2019 



Odds & Ends
Given that the final vote is expected to be taken on federal funding and including any monies for Trump's border wall, by Friday evening, much has been ongoing between the Democrats and the Republicans.
1.  A Free Pass on the Wounded Knee Massacre and the Trail of Tears. Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, the third-ranking House Republican, shrugged off President Donald Trump’s tweets that jokingly referred to Native American genocide to mock Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) over her ancestry claims. 

2.  Arizona State Senator Juan Mendez has introduced two bills that would regulate the issuance of specialty license plates.  As such, one plate titled "In God We Trust" has raised over a million dollars for the benefit of an anti-LGTBQ organization.  

3.  Like New Mexico's Governor, California Governor Greg Newson has removed his state's National Guard from the Mexico border, and has done so on the premise that the border "emergency" is a manufactured crisis.  

4.  Governor Northam of Virginia is not going to resign.  And the latest polling has the results that approximately 50% of whites say he should resign and with remaining white respondents say that the Governor should not resign.  As to the African American respondents, the overwhelming majority say that he should not resign.

5.  The politics in the State of Maine.  Shortly and after her affirming vote in the Senate for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Senator Susan Collins and her premise was that he would support Roe V. Wade legislation. Thereafter, she raised several million dollars in campaign contributions.  However, with Kavanaugh's latest vote in SCTOTUS, she is now facing a sizable "push back."  It seems that now she will be facing considerable animosity at the ballot box by Maine voters, and the the Pro-Choice groups and and collectively with Democrats, are now raising a sizable amount of money to support their anti-Collins campaign.

6.  From Axios.  The 5 largest conglomerates combining health insurance and pharmacy benefits are on track this year to be bigger than the 5 preeminent tech companies. The big picture: Anthem, Cigna, CVS Health, Humana and UnitedHealth Group cumulatively expect to collect almost $787 billion in 2019, compared with $783 billion of projected revenue for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google.

7. Texas Senator Ted Cruz is espousing that El Chapo should pay for Trump's border wall.

8.  Elliot Abrams gets burned.  Congresswoman and Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Ilhan Ombar (D-Minn), suggested to Abrams, "I fail to understand why members of this committee or the American people should find any testimony that you give should be truthful?" And by way of background, Abrams has lied to Congress and abetting war crimes by U.S. allies relevant to the funding of terrorists in Nicaragua.  He was pardoned by President George H.W. Bush in 1992.

9.  Howard Schultz of Starbucks fame, and now on a his book-selling tour, has espoused his intention to run for president in 2020 and as an Independent, is stipulating that the New Green Deal is both "immoral" and "not realistic."

Jaango--posted on January14, 2019



Another View on anti-semitism...

Our good friend of many years, is Ed Kilgore, and writes the  following over at the web site that is the New York Magazine's 'the intelligencer' and subsequently, a differing look at this subject matter relevant to anti-semitism.

And titled, "The Christian Right, Not AIPAC, Drives the GOP’s Pro-Israel Stance" and dated, February 11, 2019

Here are a couple of salient paragraphs and with the internet link to follow for a more in-depth reading and understanding.

"The resulting firestorm has mostly been composed of critics from both parties accusing Omar of consciously promulgating the ancient smear of wealthy Jews buying influence, and some defenders suggesting she’s accurately describing AIPAC’s vast power.

"I very recently defended Omar and her fellow Muslim representative, Rashida Tlaib, against McCarthy’s attacks, but I cannot countenance her attribution of pro-Israeli attitudes, within and beyond the Republican Party, to the “Jewish lobby,” however it’s defined. And while her remarks about AIPAC don’t necessarily show she’s anti-Semitic — some of AIPAC’s best friends have good reason to exaggerate its importance as well — she is playing into stereotypes that aid Republican efforts to suggest that any criticism of Bibi Netanyahu’s policies exist on a slippery slope that leads to passing around copies of Protocols of the Elders of Zion. She should not have gone there, because in fact there are much greater and simpler explanations for general and very specific pro-Israel attitudes in this country that bely the claim that it’s “all about the Benjamins.”


"The idea that it’s “Jewish money” or “the Jewish lobby” or AIPAC that’s the main reason Republicans have moved in this direction is an absolutely ideal distraction from the real reasons, and one that furthers the argument that you have to choose between Netanyahu, settlements, and Greater Israel on the one hand, or anti-Semitism on the other. To the very limited degree that AIPAC really matters, it does not do so by deliberately alienating Democrats or insisting that any criticism of the current government of Israel or of the United States is rooted in anti-Semitism. This Republican party line, which I’d argue is as perilous for Israel as it is for Palestinians, comes from other sources. If Ilhan Omar understands that, she should make it clear before she inadvertently becomes a casualty in the war of anti-Muslim extremists against anyone seeking peace and justice in the Middle East."

Here's the link:

However, other writers, and some with overly-endowed smartness, speaks to this subject matter as well.  Take, for example, Nancy Letourneau, writing for the Washington Monthly Magazine has this to say in her article, titled, "A More Twisted Form of Anti-Semitism" and dated, February 12, 2019.

As such, she goes on to quote Jonathan Merritt and where he goes on to 'explain'  his particularized view on religiosity,as it pertains to a much larger world.

"For evangelicals like us, the Bible was not just the story of God’s involvement in the past or a guide for righteous living in the present. It also served as God’s blueprint for the future. We believed that the sacred scriptures, and the book of Revelation in particular, foretold a day when Jesus would return to earth to obliterate evil and offer his followers a prized place in God’s kingdom. We collectively clamored for this day to arrive.

"Liberty University was a hotbed for a popular theology among evangelicals called “dispensationalism,” which divides history into distinct ages or dispensations. According to this teaching, when first-century Jews rejected Jesus, a new “church age” began in which Christians would act as “God’s chosen people.” This dispensation will continue until God takes Christians to heaven, leaving the “unchosen” behind for a period of turmoil. This is known as “the rapture.”

"While dispensationalism teaches that God is currently focused on the Christian church, believers in this theology assert that when the last days arrive, God will draw the Jewish people back to Israel where they will rebuild the temple and eventually accept Jesus as the rightful Messiah. This will trigger the return and reign of Jesus."

Therefore, Nancy Letournea is correct when she closes out her writing with the following paragraph:

"In a way, this is actually a somewhat twisted form of anti-semitism. Rather than relying on old tropes about Jews, the state of Israel and its people become simply pawns in the mythology evangelicals have constructed about the end times. And, of course, Trump is willing to use all of that to maintain his own power and ego. None of this will end well for the Jewish people, or the rest of us."

Jaango--posted on February 12, 2019




Does a "discourse analysis" Miss the Basic Premise for Context and Content? 
Of course it does! 
And here's why.
Thus, my two intersecting points, as in President Trump's "Trail" in one of his latest tweets, and secondly, on the tweet by Congresswoman and Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.  As such, she pointed out that the 'influence' of AIPAC is widespread and premised on the needs espoused by Israel, and further, later added that "monies" or "benjamins" is what this political interaction is all about within both chambers of Congress.
From Trump:  Today Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to by me as Pocahontas, joined the race for President. Will she run as our first Native American presidential candidate, or has she decided that after 32 years, this is not playing so well anymore? See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!
Of course, Trump was referencing the "Trail of Tears" AND consequently, the genocide of Native Americans, writ large.  And how did this 'escape" the attention of the Democrats, writ large, as well?  Or when you're dumb, you're just dumb. Or is it 'intentional ignorance/"

However, the wrath of the leadership of the Democratic members in Congress, has caused Omar to apologize to anyone who perceived her tweet as for being another tangent of a critique that bee another premise for being of "anti-semitism." 

Therefore, should I take my yardstick out of my back pocket, this measurement tool registers that Trump's expressed racism is far more important than is a tweet that speaks to the undue influence that Israel has long adopted and utilized, and very effectively.  
Perhaps, I'm a tad too cynical, but our history continues to be quite adamant, and nonetheless, relevant in its importance..  Take, for example, in 1985, the Chicano Movement issued it Agenda of Unmet Needs, and where one item addressed the national sovereignty between Palestinians and Iraelis, from the standpoint of our nation's national security and defense systemic and where the first priority was to address our first and foremost foreign policy conundrum..  And needless to say, but I will, the Reagan, Bush, Clinton,  Obama and Trump administrations have known of this, of our many years of our advocacy from here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert.
Jaango--posted on February 12, 2019



Is It The Green New Deal...or The Brown New Deal?

Despite all the political furor over the Green New Deal and where the "socialists" are demonstrating heft of their political persuasion and with the advent of the new Democrats into the House chamber, seems to be quite 'conservative' and in accordance with 'yardsticking' the Freedom Caucus.  Thus, the "Green New Deal Caucus" versus the "Freedom Caucus" will add considerable luster and excitement to our politics over the next two years.  
Of course, I am using a tad of satire here and as intended, but the larger and more focused satirists are helping me to easily comment and done in a far better fashion.

As such, our good friend, Kevin Drum over at the Mother Jones Magazine, does a more expanded version.  As such this is his listing and consequently, easily earns my Tip of the Hat.

* Commit to net zero greenhouse gas emissions within ten years
*  Provide “millions” of good, high-wage jobs
*  Repair and upgrade US infrastructure
*  Provide everyone with access to clean air and clean water
*  Repair historic oppression of indigenous peoples, communities of color, migrant communities, deindustrialized communities, depopulated rural communities, the poor, low-income workers, women, the elderly, the unhoused, people with disabilities, and youth
*  Protect against extreme weather events
*  Eliminate pollution and greenhouse gases “as much as technologically feasible”
*  Meet 100 percent of power demand via renewable and zero-emission sources
*  Upgrade to smart grids
*  Upgrade all existing buildings for maximum energy efficiency
*  Invest in public transit and high-speed rail
*  Mitigate the long-term health effects of pollution and climate change
*  Restore fragile ecosystems
*  Clean up hazardous waste sites
*  Provide higher education to all
*  Invest in R&D of new energy technologies
*  Build wealth, community ownership, and good jobs in marginalized communities
*  Create union jobs that pay prevailing wages
*  Guarantee living wage to everyone
*  Guarantee family and medical leave, paid vacations, and retirement security to everyone
*  Improve union bargaining strength
*  Strengthen labor and workplace safety standards
*  Enact trade rules that increase jobs but don’t transfer pollution overseas
*  Reform the use of eminent domain
*  Ensure that all business are free from unfair competition
*  Provide all people of the United States with high-quality health care
*  Provide all people of the United States with good housing
*  Provide all people of the United States with economic security
*  Provide all people of the United States with healthy and affordable food
*  Provide all people of the United States with access to nature

This is really more of a social democratic manifesto than a climate change plan. Perhaps instead of Green New Deal, it should just be called “Finish Up the New Deal”?

NOTE ONE:  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Edward J. Markey introduced a resolution Thursday to advance the goals of the so-called Green New Deal, a progressive overhaul aiming to curb the effects of climate change. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she had not yet read the resolution, but that she welcomes her caucus’ enthusiasm.

NOTE TWO:  From Trump's Misjudged/Misguided Teleprompter:  "Since the founding of our nation, many of our greatest strides--from gaining our independence to abolition of civil rights, to extending the vote for women--have been led by people of faith started in prayer." (oops!)

Need more be said?

Jaango--posted on February 9, 2019



Odds & Ends

With this week's attention focused on this past Tuesday's State of the Union speech, not much has grabbed our attention, other than the 'opinions' being expressed by the silliness that passes as being informed, despite the impact of misguided politics and policies that have been around for the past several years.  Thus, the 29 subject areas that was the Trump 'consensus' speaks to what we can expect in the future, despite what the House Democrats will deter and as well as what the Senate Republicans will deter, all during the next two years or until the 2020 presidential election cycle, has been complete and taken effect.  Now, do we need to fasten our seat belts due to this expected street fight? And my reference to a 'street fight' is equivalent to the Wall Street "fight" that will be inflicted on our Elected Officials via campaign contributions and Citizens United.

1.  Trump says:  "Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. America was founded on liberty and independence — and not government coercion, domination and control. We are born free, and we will stay free. Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country."

2.  From the Wall Street Journal:  "Is President Trump losing control of the foreign-policy agenda?  Last week the administration suffered a stinging political defeat as the Senate voted 68-23 to advance a bill that criticizes his plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and Afghanistan."

3.  John Bolton's "troika of tyranny." The administration is attempting to advance a presumptive aggressiveness of an hemispheric strategy, not only at Venezuela, but to include the participation of Cuba and Nicaragua in President Maduro's current self-inflicted economic meltdown, is now becoming quite apparent. In the meantime, over 1 million Venezuelanos have been moving into the surrounding nations in order to survive this economic disaster.  

4.  Trump tax returns.  The House Ways and Means Committee is now taking testimony on national tax policy, and in an unwanted fashion by President Trump, this Committee has the authority to collect and make public the IRS documentation.  And for some with bated breath, the release of the tax returns, will prove that not much has been learned via this all-encompassing effort.

5.  The Big Subpoena.  The House Judiciary has issued it "big subpoena" for the Chairman's use should the Acting Attorney General refuse to attend his hearing on Friday, and further, should the Acting AG refuse to answer questions regarding 'executive privilige', the subpoena cand and will be utilized.  Additionally, the Republican members attempted to include the Deputy AG, and that was voted down by the Democratic majority.

6.  The Good News.  The Joint Chamber of both  House and Senate members are expected to achieve their Grand Compromise on border security issues, and as being demanded by House Leader Pelosi and subsequently, avoiding another government shutdown on February the Fifteenth.  And whatever is being achieved, President Trump will have his final say and before or after he utilizes his Veto Pen.

7.  The Argumentation on "fact checking" has turned the corner from Unassailable Facts and turned this behavior on its head.  Thus, the immediate "urgency" for fact-checking is now perceived as thoroughly non-error free, since the immediacy for 'correctness' is not so assured.  Therefore, 'fact-checking' is a supreme waste of time. Now, can the punditry find any "socialism" or "neoliberalism" element that defies the Unassailable Facts.  If so, bring it on!

8.  The "privatized wall".  The supplemental elements on the Far Right are circling their wagon for a potential political payoff.  As such, the latest crew consists of  "former chief strategist Steve Bannon; voter disenfranchiser Kris Kobach; notorious Blackwater founder Erik Prince; controversial former sheriff David Clarke; immigration hardliner and former Congressman Tom Tancredo; and offensive meme spewer and former baseball great Curt Schilling."  Is the latest meme on 'national security'?

9.  The Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grishamhas removed her state's National Guard from the New Mexico-Mexico border and accomplished on the premise that Trump's border crisis does not exist.  Kudos to her!

10.  In Nogales, Arizona, the City Council unanimously approved a Resolution that requires that Homeland Security and its Border Patrol to remove the four strands of concertina wire from its Border Fence.  Citizens testified that unrivaled Fear must be addressed since many residents do nol lock their doors at night. Thus 'decency personified' is being practiced. 

Jaango--posted on February 8, 2019



Is the House Intel Committee the 'nexus' for the ongoing Mueller Investigation?

In his State of the Union speech, President Trump stipulated that any congressional investigation was unwarranted and from earlier today, he said that the House Intelligence Committee's new and larger investigation is "presidential harassment." 
However, the Chairman, Representative Schiff, is now releasing the closed door testimony taken under the former Chairman, Devin Nunes, and subsequently, this testimony will be submitted to the Mueller Investigation.  To wit, Schiff will be 'opening' another but wider investigation and premised on the following statement: 
“The president’s actions and posture towards Russia during the campaign, transition, and administration have only heightened fears of foreign financial or other leverage over President Trump and underscore the need to determine whether he or those in his administration have acted in service of foreign interests since taking office”  

And when Schiff was the Ranking Member, he could not get Chairman Nunes to permit the taking of closed door testimony from 27 persons that would have had an expected and impactful result, despite the final report's conclusions voted on by the then majority of Republicans. Further, the transfer of the existing House testimony is being premised on possible "perjury" charges being crafted.

And again, President Trump espoused that Congressman Schiff is the equivalent to, “He has no basis to do that. He’s just a political hack who’s trying to build a name for himself."

Jaango--posted on February 6, 2019



Can Mama Sanita's Common Sense Be Refuted?

When a political writer starts and titles his 'column' of the traditional 500 words with an inglorious Question Mark, it's best to consider such a column as part and parcel to more Click Bait, or for some self-serving self-aggrandizement that flows quite sensationalized into the realm of "propaganda and 'pooper-ganda'" writ large. 
Thus, Mama Sanita's Common Sense challenges this toxic political behavior and which encapsulates "denial, deflection and diversion" that is the premise of the Three D's in our public discourse.

And as such, a few pundits, sages and gurus, understand well this 'mixed stew' for any political consumption, and forthwith, permits me to enter into this obvious Argumentation.  Therefore consider the following, knowing full-well that we, the Chicanos and Native Americans are far ahead of the 'pander' that is being preached to us  from the likes of the advocates continuing to deliver this "marketing and sales" behavior, and with an expection that such a delivery vehicle is an actualized opportunity for 'closing the sale.'  And not so, of course.

And with this thought in mind, Les Leopold's latest and published effort via Common Dreams, caught my attention due his ability to 'capture' a newer or perhaps, a view that best describes the "moderate"  in Democratic Party politics.  As such, he concentrates his focus on a public opinion poll that expands further, the traditional 1000 responders to a much larger responder base that consists of over 8,000 responders and to which a greater assessment for accuracy, is possible.  And in doing so, he describes the following far more accurately:


Let’s take a look at the eye-popping data from the 2016 presidential election, put together by the Voter Survey Group, which polled 8,000 Americans (a very large sample which is eight to fifteen times larger than most of the surveys we usually see in the news.) A study of these voters showed that they could be divided into four major groups.  (See Lee Drutman, “Political Divisions in 2016 and Beyond.” Note: the title names used below are mine not his.).

The first group, Left Populists, are those who are both social and economic progressives. They support immigration, women and minority equality, LBGTQ rights and immigration. They also worry about rising inequality and support proposals that would attack it.

The second group, Nativist Populists, also worry about rising inequality and support proposals that attack it. But they are more comfortable with traditional gender roles, have qualms about abortion, see immigration as a problem and are not particularly supportive about LBGTQ rights.

The third group are the Arch Conservatives who are not interested in reversing economic inequality or social inequality.

And finally we have the Socially Liberal/Fiscal Conservatives. This is the home base for the “moderate” politicians who are wooing Wall Street and see themselves as the sensible alternatives to the extremist populists.

So more or less, that’s who we are.  If the electorate were equally divided among these four groups, the “moderates” might have an argument. 
The facts tell a different story:

Left Populists account for 44.6 percent of the electorate according to this study.

28.9 percent are Nativist Populists. This means that nearly three-quarters of all voters fear runaway inequality and want to reduce it. But these economic populists are divided on identity issues.

Arch Conservatives account for another 22.7 percent.

And that leaves a miniscule 3.8 percent for the Socially Liberal/Fiscal conservatives.


And for my ease of understanding, I have long-argued that there are two categories of Democrats, that being the Progressive-oriented Democrats at a consistent 43% ratio and with the Status Quo-oriented Democrats consistent with a 57% ratio, and the above statistics have proven me to be correct, over these many years.  Therefore, my long-held Argumentation is predicated on the heightened levels of demographics, thusly, the political realm of Progressives will come to fruition, hence, in 20 years. Furthermore, our patience for our "long game" ccmmenced with the Chicano Movement and which originated shortly after World Two and by our returning military vets, is now visible on the political horizon.

In closing, today's advent of the Millennials will adding much to the leadership of today's Five Co-horts of Progressives.  Be so advised in which Coalition-Building is of paramount importance.

Jaango--posted on February 4, 2019


Odds & Ends...

1.  Democratic billionaire, Jeff Bezos, and owner of both Amazon and the Washinton Post was quietly investigating the transition of his 'rough texts' between him and his mistress.  And the National Inquirer was the media outlet.  And the National Enquirer is part and parcel to the Trump Dump.  So, go figure?

2.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on the Christian Broadcasting Network and espoused that God wanted Donald Trump to the President of the United States of America.  Thusly, a godly devination works in today's Republican politics.

3.  Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) jested that he was an admirer when he touted, "I aspire to be an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez" and "I can't dance for shit."  And the satire on the internet came forward in the form of "Republicans can't dance" and that's just for starters.

4.  Meghan McCain, the daily show of The View criticized Senator McConnell for his hostility toward voting rights.

5.  There are now 'leaked' documents that contradict the NRA's trip to Moscow was arranged by Maria Butina.  Thus, the historical denial by the NRA now is butt-biting the NRA and the next question is what did the NRA do with the multi-million dollar donation made to the NRA from Russia?

6.  In Virginia, the Republicans are in a tizzy over third-third trimester abortions should be considered infanticide.  And the Democratic Governor Ralph Northam, and whom is medical doctor had this to say:  “[Third trimester abortions are] done in cases where there may be severe deformities. There may be a fetus that's nonviable. So in this particular example, if a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen.”
And  “The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”
 So … he said that "if a baby was born, despite the pregnancy being compromised to the point where a third-trimester abortion was necessary, because labor had started, and a baby with severe abnormalities was born, it would be cared for as appropriate, with the mother and and doctor making that decision together. 
7.  In Michigan, one of latest public opinion polls does not bode well for his re-election. By a 21-point margin, a majority of respondents also oppose a Southern border wall, with 58 percent saying the government should reopen without spending Trump's requested $5.7 billion on a wall and 37 percent in favor of spending the $5.7 billion. 

8.  Democratic Representative Jaquin Castro of Texas, speaks on the following:  :"the Families Belong Together Act seeks to bring a modicum of justice by helpinng parents and children."

Jaango--posted on February 1, 2019
Kudos to LULAC in  Texas!!

In its latest story on election shenanigans, The Texas Tribune, is quite emphatic with its title of "Latino civil rights group sues over Texas voter citizenship review, calling it an "election-related 'witch hunt'" and dated January 29, 2019.

Thus, the three initial or primary paragraphs are as follows:

"A Latino civil rights group is suing top Texas officials over what the organization says is an “election-related ‘witch hunt’” designed to intimidate legitimately registered voters by asking them to prove their citizenship.

"In a lawsuit filed in federal court in San Antonio, lawyers for the League of United Latin American Citizens' national and Texas arms alleged that Texas Secretary of State David Whitley and Attorney General Ken Paxton violated a portion of the federal Voting Rights Act that prohibits the intimidation of voters.

"They point to an advisory issued Friday in which Whitley’s office said it was flagging individuals who had provided the Texas Department of Public Safety with some form of documentation — including a work visa or a green card — that showed they were not citizens when they were obtaining driver’s licenses or ID cards. The state put the number of registered voters who fell into that category at approximately 95,000 — 58,000 of whom had voted in one or more elections from 1996 to 2018."

And from my perspective here in Arizona, the Elected and Appointed Officials in Texas failed in their constititonal duty for sending out their letters to the affected voters and consistent for their congratuations for achieving their naturalized citizenship as well as for demonstrating their constitutional perogative for voting. 

Therefore, "decency personified" as per our national Constitution, was achieved by these voters and of course, Texas' Elected and Appointed Officials failed in the American essence that is to be consummated via  for "decency personified".
Further, Florida is now following in the footsteps of Texas, and premised on the Republican's animosity toward Latino voters for interfering in their Neoliberalism Dream of a Continuing Greatness for spending the taxpayer's endowed wealth

Jaango--posted on February 1, 2019



Two Stories That Deserve Our Attention...

Given the dizzying amount of information now readily available to us, here are two 'stories' that will have serious consequence for all of us, while knowing that 'moving' the ongoing public discussions that are challenging the Super Wealthy regarding their philanthrophy, is now in play.

Part One:

Jack Schneider at The New Republic writes—Betsy DeVos Is Fabricating History to Sell a Bad Education Policy:

In a speech last week to the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos made her latest pitch for a radical transformation in the nature of public schooling—one that would place vocational education front and center. 
“There are over seven million unfilled jobs in the United States,” she told her audience, because “there is a disconnect between education and the economy.” She declared that civic leaders need to “disrupt” education, or at the very least “rethink” it.
Over the past several years, DeVos has laid the groundwork for this position by telling a very particular story about the history of American education. Schools, she has argued, were modeled after factories, and “students were trained for the assembly line.” But as the economy shifted over time, schools failed to keep pace. As she has repeatedly insisted, schools remain “stuck in a mode” from 100 years ago.

The solution, then, is seemingly quite simple. Schools need to be overhauled so that they focus on preparing young people for the jobs of the future. According to DeVos, “You have to think differently about what the role of education and preparation is.”

If schools are out of date, it seems entirely reasonable to rethink what they do and how they look. But DeVos’s solution is misguided in part because it’s based on a fabricated story. The actual history of workplace training in American schools is far less convenient for her reform agenda. [...]
Part Two:

Lucian K. Truscott IV at Salon writes—Mueller closes the circle of Russian collusion on Trump:

A reasonable analogy to the underlying crimes committed during the 2016 election would be this: Suppose someone over in Russia sends an agent to the United States to steal a pistol to be used in the crime of robbing a bank. They hide the pistol somewhere in the U.S. and go back to Russia. 
Then they contact an intermediary in London and tell them where the pistol is hidden. The intermediary contacts an American citizen in the United States, tells them where the pistol is, and the American takes the pistol and uses it to rob a bank in the United States.

Voila! You have the heart of the Trump-Russia investigation. The Russians, from Moscow, electronically steal the Democrat’s emails by copying them. They transmit the address where the emails are hidden to WikiLeaks in London. 
WikiLeaks takes the address of the stolen emails and transmits it to American media outlets. The Trump campaign uses the stolen emails to rob the United States of America of a free and fair election.

Jaango--posted on January 31, 2019



Cybersecurity and Latino Voter Behavior....

In this past election cycle, the "influence" or "undue influence" from such efforts from either China or Russia or Iran to interfere from in this past election cycle and which had no direct or indirect influence or of an even direct impact on Latino voting behavior, is quite obvious. 
Consequently, the latest effort by the intelligence community via Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence, to encourage the Senators via his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and where he had this to say:

1.  “probably already are looking to the 2020 U.S. elections as an opportunity to advance their interests.”

2. “U.S. adversaries and strategic competitors almost certainly will use online influence operations to try to weaken democratic institutions, undermine U.S. alliances and partnerships, and shape policy outcomes in the United States and elsewhere.” 

3.  He added that the U.S. intelligence community expects those adversaries “to refine their “capabilities and add new tactics as they learn from each other’s experiences, suggesting the threat landscape could look very different in 2020 and future elections.”

4.  "aggravating" social and racial tensions and striking back at anti-Kremlin politicians. Moscow may also seek to spread disinformation, launch cyberattacks and manipulate data.

5.   "directly manipulate or disrupt election systems — such as by tampering with voter registration or disrupting the vote tallying process — either to alter data or to call into question our voting process."

And at the end-of-the-day, there is no "report" consistent with data compilation that China, Russia or Iran had any seminal or sizable impact on this past election cycle, even though several persons in the Trump orbit had contact with Russian nationals.
Now, should we, the Chicanos, take the National Director of Intelligence, nonetheless, his latest congressional statement, seriously?

Jaango--posted on January 29, 2019



"College isn't for everyone"?

With yesterday's seminal freak-out by the well-noted Tom Brokaw on Sunday's Meet the Press, effectively demonstrates that "Hispanics need to assimilate" can only be accomplished via education, both from K-12 and through an accomplished success via a college and university systemic for acquiring a four-year college degree.

And its in this regard that I enjoyed her column of recent vintage and published by the website of RealClearPolitics.Com and titled, "This College President Is Willing To Tell You College Isn't For Everyone" and dated January 23, 2019.  Thus, Joy Pullman from the Federalist Society and an expert in education, causes me to disagree with her advocacy relative to her tout of Hillsdale College President's Larry Arne.

And as a quick summary, President Arne stipulates the following:

"The purpose of education — to teach people how to live, to introduce them to the great questions that shape a good life and the variety of robust answers people throughout human history have given to such ultimate questions. This gives the young the mental equipment they need to pursue their own good life, rather than leaving them, as our education institutions largely do now, adrift in the ocean with no food, no water, no map, and no rudder."

Therefore, I disagree with Arne as well as Pullman, and done so, from today's three stereotypes that exist in today's political arena, and as such:

1.  The Native American Stereotype..."He's just another white guy!"
2.  The Latino Stereotype..."El gringo quere componer todo con su... 'I'm sorry!"
3.  The European American Stereotype:  "I don't care...I'll be dead...So what's your point?"

And it's from this standpoint that we should consider even more and as to the following:

"Back in 1985, the Chicano Movement issued its  Agenda of Unmet Needs, and of the 10 elements addressed was the formulation and implemention of the Academic-Military Draft.  To wit, a high school graduate or a high school dropout could enlist for a 3-year term, and while engaged,  50% of time would be spent on 'soldiering' and the remaining amount of time spent in a classroom and where college-level general studies were to be conducted.

"After three years and at separation, each person would hold in one hand, the Honorable Discharge and in the other hand, each person would hold a two-year college degree and equivalent to an Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies.  Consequently, Self-Discipline, Hard Work, and Ambition would become the starting point for our nation's "equality at the finish line."

"And if one harkens back  to the Bush/Cheney administration, the implementation of this Academic-Military Draft, today, we would have a young population of over 30 million millennials under the age of 36, each being a military veteran and  for having accrued a four-year college degree.  As such, Common Sense would dictate that taxpayer supported colleges and universities would be standing in line to recruit these former enlistees and where Affirmative Action would not be on today's Roster of Characteristics for Enrollment. In short, decision-makers would adjust the requisite use of scholarships and other related tangibles/intangibles for insuring that these military veterans/students would become outstanding successes.

"Now, white America knows about the Academic-Military Draft and has since 1985, and which begs the question  of white America knows about the Academic-Military Draft of an 'unmet need'--still borne--of a systemic continuation  for more criminal stupidity, albeit, a quiet segregation."

And to take it one step further, we all know that federal and local law enforcement agencies do not collect their data compilation of criminal statistics and where miltiary vets demonstrate a criminal behavior that directly impacts military vets on the receiving end of this criminal behavior.  And that is an intentional behavior that is conveniently dismissed, otherwise, law enforcement agencies, writ large, would be demanding greater amounts of monies for addressing the context and content of this potentially or perceived criminal behavior. 

However, since military vets don't inflict much if any criminal behavior, today's incarceration rate could be sizably reduced and thusly, saving taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars annually.  And given that current level of congressional spending of over $1.5 trillion annually on National Security and Defense, the cost of this implementation of an Academic-Military Draft, would lead to the taxpayers in  each state, a sizable drop in spending for taxpayer-supported colleges and universities.  And these neglible costs could and possibly should be shifted onto the curriculum for third and fourth year academics as well as expanding the graduate schools where needed. 

In closing, the wealth of participants among the pundits, sages and gurus, have yet to address this subject matter and which is equivalent to the academics, i.e., economisits and where an approximate 50% of the economists are correct in their predictions and where the remaining approximate 50% of economists are wrong.  Thus, these wrong-headed economists continue to be employed, and regardless of their continuing and thunderous rationales.

Jaango--posted on January 28, 2019



From the Los Angeles Times...
"Customs and Border Protection allocated $60.7 million to Accenture Federal Services, a management consulting firm, as part of a $297-million contract to recruit, vet and hire 7,500 border officers over five years, but the company has produced only 33 new hires so far.
"On Jan. 25, 2017, five days after Trump was inaugurated, he signed executive orders to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents and 10,000 more Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, vowing to beef up border security and crack down on illegal immigration….Today, Customs and Border Protection — the Border Patrol’s parent agency — has more than 3,000 job vacancies, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. That’s about 2,000 more than when Trump signed the orders, according to a Government Accountability Office report on CBP’s hiring challenges."
And to further your reading, here's the internet link:
And needless to say, 'border security' needs well over 1,300 new agents each year due to retirements and further, the agents seeking new employment due obviously to the low pay structuring. 
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Is Being "short-listed" So Terrible?
With four formally announced presidential candidates for the Democrats, and with a pending 20 possible candidates to further announce their Ambition, within the next six months, not much attention is being given to those persons who would much prefer their promotion onto the short-list of "nominees" for the position of Vice President.  
And a good friend of longstanding had this to say regarding Ambition: 
"A few days ago, Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego said that when it came to a potential Senate bid against appointed GOP incumbent Martha McSally, he was “basically making the final decision and we'll have that in the next couple weeks,” which made it sound like we’d be getting an announcement soon. However, unnamed sources tell The Hill that, while Gallego is likely to decide whether to run in the next few weeks, he probably wouldn’t be announcing anything before Phoenix’s special election for mayor takes place on March 12. 
"Kate Gallego, the congressman’s former wife, is the frontrunner in the mayoral race against Daniel Valenzuela, another former city councilor and a fellow Democrat. The Gallegos reportedly still have a strong relationship, and it sounds like these unnamed sources believe that the congressman doesn’t want to do anything that might disrupt Kate Gallego’s campaign. 
"Astronaut Mark Kelly and former GOP Attorney General Grant Woods have also talked about seeking the Democratic nod, and they’ve each reportedly met with the DSCC. However, one name we haven’t heard from recently is freshman Rep. Greg Stanton. Last month, Politico reported that Stanton was eyeing this race, but there haven’t been any reports about him meeting with national Democrats since then. The Hill writes that Stanton is “keeping his options open” for a 2022 run for governor, when GOP incumbent Doug Ducey will be termed-out, but he’s “unlikely” to run for the Senate next year."
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Is it "propaganda" or is it "pooper-ganda"?
One of the many worthwhile joys in demonstrating a skill set for writing, is found in having  the opportunity express oneself in the English language and for creating "words" that properly or appropriately describe today's political nonsense and further, where some consequentlial writers craft words that truly are nonsensical.
Take for example, on Laura Ingraham's pod cast, she took great effort in her denigration of New York's Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and where she benighted the status of 'minority privilege" onto Ocasio-Cortez, and of course, she gave credit to conservative-oriented Victor Davis Hanson for his authorship of this pooper-ganda, thusly, establishing "minority privilege" into today's lexicon of political savagery.
In short, Ingraham's tout of "“That’s privilege...I think Victor Davis Hanson called it ‘minority privilege’ in his piece that he just wrote, that the people who are the most protected are the people who are the first to say ‘white privilege’ because then, you can’t ever criticize them again.”   
And in inserting Hanson, she was justifying that she has a wealth of support among her fellow conservatives for her misguided "pooper-ganda."
And yet, from  my standpoint, that being Yaqui/Apache/Chicano/ Military Vet, I take Ingraham's rant in the manner and within her ideology as intended.  To wit, her intellectual gravitas is quite deficient.  More so,  and from my standpoint that being called a "second class citizen" by non-military vets espousing this ineffective Agrumentation, is consistent with having been asked and repeatedly as in "show me your papers!"
In closing, Arizona's infamous Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio,  for having been given a Trump 'pardon,' has been there and back for the entirety of his political career, and as such, Ingraham still has many years remaining toward an effort for the constant denigration of 'racial and ethnics.'  And which means that her intellectualized Argumentation, has yet to be fulfilled and from the standpoint of an iconic approach to today's Mama-Sanita of Common Sense.
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Democrats Introduce $15 Minimum Wage Bill 
Laura Clawson, a writer over at the web site of DailyKos, had this to say of the legislation introduced in the Democratic-controlled House Chamber. 

Congressional Democrats introduced $15 minimum wage legislation on Wednesday. That would more than double the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, which hasn’t risen since 2009. As years have gone by and workers have organized around a $15 minimum wage—which has been passed in California, Massachusetts, New York, and the District of Columbia, as well as in several cities—Democrats’ ambitions for a minimum wage increase have gone from $9 to $10.10 to $12 to, now, $15. 

The new legislation would provide an immediate boost to $8.55 an hour, then rise gradually to $15 in 2024, at which point it would be linked to the median worker’s income, providing automatic gradual raises so that there wouldn’t be any more 10-year plateaus. The plan would also give tipped workers a raise from the $2.13 an hour they’ve been getting for nearly 30 years.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, raising the minimum wage to $15 by 2024 would give 41 million people an average $3,500-a-year raise. Nearly two-thirds of the people who’d get raises work full-time, 56 percent are women, 47 percent have some college education, 28 percent have children, and more than half are between the ages of 25 and 54. Forty percent of African-American workers and 34 percent of Latino workers would get a raise. It’s not just service workers who would be affected, either: 
Substantial percentages of manufacturing and construction workers would also benefit. 

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Odds and Ends

Now that the House chamber consensus is that the annual State of the Union speech has been delayed until the federal government has been 're-opened' the behavior of our Elected Officials will come under greater scrutiny, and that's this week's good news.  And here are other items that call forth our attention.

1.  Today's joke is that Limbaugh, Hannity and Coulter are the jefe-in-chiefs, and more so, since all three use the platform at Fox News, as their stalking horse and thusly, making President Trump's political life miserable.

2.  Congressman Steve King (R-IA) is expressing himself via his anger that the House chamber's Republican Caucus has stripped King of all committee assignments and traditional responsibilities, and King is not happy.  And King's latest statement is challenging McCarthy and Cheney, on this usage of the inherent leadership that's required to be used toward members who have demonstrated their high level of moral turpitude for advancing white supremacy. Needless to say, racism didn't disappear with the FDR's New Deal or LBJ's Great Society's days.

3.  Now a publicly recognized CNN Contributor, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is stipulating that White House employeers are "grifters, amateurs and weaklings."  Of course, Jared Kushner and who contnues to remain angry at Christie for having prosecuted and convicted Kushner's father for his criminal behavior, is implicitly being included in Christie's espoused statement. And Christie remains bitter?

4.  The Catholic Church's Pope is now demanding that his  Bishop's learn how to punish his priests who abuse children.  Of course, the first step would start with the public de-frocking his priests, and followed by contacting law enforcement personnel for reporting this criminal behavior.  Or is Common Sense absent?

5.  Obviously, Rudy Giuliani's latest series of statements on the Mueller Investigation, demonstrates that he-Guiliani wants the general public to remain focused on the political elements of a possible impeachment, and yet, the more critical element to to be considered is the criminal behavior that will actualize an impeachment trial in both the House and Senate chambers.  And by way of a comparison, Clinton's impeachment investigation commenced with the perceived criminal behavior that occured in a real estate 'deal'.  And of course "collusion" is neither a legal definition nor an apt descriptor of a crime but the Emoluments Clause does.

6.  "Ditch Mitch!"  Today's latest GOP meme will become that Senator McConnell's re-election bid in 2020 may face a serious level of either apathy or  frustration by his state's voters due to his and Trump's wholesale unwillingness to re-open the federal government.

7.  Today's "shift" on Pooperganda:  Vice President Pence is stipulating that President Trump is not going to be deterred by the Democrats obstruction.  Obviously, House Democrats have rejected "the  wall" and which leaves Trump, if he so desires, will have to declare a "national emergency."  Of course, Pence knows this to, but his cheerleading from the back bench, is an apt description for his latest tout.

8.  More on Arizona's Arpaio.  "Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is asking the Supreme Court to block a judicially appointed special prosecutor from arguing against Arpaio in a legal fight over the scope of the pardon President Donald Trump issued to him last year."

9.  Not Unusual.  The now former Elected Officials in Congress, having retired or lost their last re-election opportunity, are now searching for work as K-Street lobbyists.  Of course, they now have to rise to a higher level and where their 'influence' can overcome any potential "veto" from President Trump.

10.  By a voice vote, the House chamber voted affirmatively  to 're-open' the federal government.  And shortly thereafter, the Republicans demanded a  formal tally, and which is expected to take place next week.  And further, FOX News is reporting:  "I got a phone call from the President, who was studiously monitoring the vote on FOX News," House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy later explained. "He told me 'Steve, I want a list of all the traitors.' That's why we're demanding the formal tally."
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Today's Inadvertent "distraction'" and "deflection"
At some point in the future, today's minority will become the majority, and this comprehensive shift in demographics, should demonstrate that tomorrow's "better" Democracy will occur.  But then, I am infernal Optimist.
Thus, my Optimism is premised on the intended effort that the ideology of neoliberalism, or is now coming to be viewed as the "smash and grab" of gross capitalism that is as old as the past 500 years, particularized, but the ever-present detractors speak of faux academics for any consequential Argumentation that our history should be preached from the standpoint that the 3-D's of "denial, distraction and deflection," should continue apace.
Thus, this conservative view arrived onto my doorstep, once again, and in the form of the following and as performed by the Editor of the Editorial Page at the Arizona Republic and by Phil Boas. (note: my bold.)
"Dear liberals, please do us all a favor and jettion this term
Here's a little warning for the left.  Keep using this expression "white privilege" over and over and you will get more Donald Trumps.  "White priviliege" is a creation of leftist academics who decided to turn white people into the villains of their morality play.  It's a way make today's white people keep paying for the sins of yesterday's white racists.  I've used it ironically in quotes, but it is purely toxic, will lead to greater division among the races and is the jet fuel for demagogues like Trump."
However, and from the view poinr of Native Americans and Chicanos, or as we, the Indigenous persons, writ large, Boas' "deflection and misdirection" speaks volumes, and relative to the past 500 years of history.  Correspondingly, the next 500 years of tomorrow's history, will have effectively demonstrated that demographics challenging the standardized "smash and grab" of neoliberalism--that being in defense of a conservative orientation, means that a transition from an amoral self-governance model and leading to a financially bankrupt ruling class, will have to be effectively addressed, particularly, when today's majority of  eligible voters don't vote.
In closing, Editorial Chief, Phil Boas is one my favorite member's on my list of 25 conservative-oriented writers, and yet, none of these 25 writers have yet to 'write' of what will make for a "better" Democracy when today's minority becomes the majority.  And until these writers take their time, energy and effort to detail what will make America a 'better' nation when compared and contrasted with today's and yesterday's national ongoing effort, only then will I have to diminish my effort for challenging these competent and cowed writers of mainstream media outlets and for their continued diminshment of a "decency personified" embedded inherently in the Constitution.
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A Meme of Failure From President Trump's "Decency Personified"...

It's indeed depressing to hear that President Trump, upon his return from the Texas border, has stated that our nation is being "invaded" by immigrants from Central and South America due their escaping from the ravages of capitalism.

Consequently, the fear of an onerous burden of today's capitalism being visited on any Indigenous person residing in differing locations within this Indigenous hemisphere, has become obvious.  And more obvious, is that President Trump is laying the political groundwork for his specious national emergency, and of course, his national declaration of an emergency, albeit, challenged in the courts by the Democrats, will fail when the courts come to the realization that 'decency personified' is inherent within the Constitution.

In constrast, my favorite president since President Johnson, has and continues  to be President Jimmy Carter.  And by way of comparison between President Trump and President Carter, first, President Carter denied the 'heaping' of crappola that President Trump espoused and where he siiptulated that Carter counseled him in favor of building a Border Wall.

And secondly, history has a way of refusing to be rejected, even by the most staunch of advocates in any Argumentation of past and current toxic levels of politics.  And as such, Carter's Speech in 1979, and titled "A Confidence in Crisis" and which was denigated or even downsized to the description of a Malaise Speech.  

And as a poignant and current reminder, here is President Carter's speech in its entiretly.


.Good Evening:

This a special night for me. Exactly three years ago, on July 15, 1976, I accepted the nomination of my party to run for President of the United States. I promised you a President who is not isolated from the people, who feels your pain, and who shares your dreams, and who draws his strength and his wisdom from you.

During the past three years I’ve spoken to you on many occasions about national concerns, the energy crisis, reorganizing the government, our nation’s economy, and issues of war and especially peace. But over those years the subjects of the speeches, the talks, and the press conferences have become increasingly narrow, focused more and more on what the isolated world of Washington thinks is important. 
Gradually, you’ve heard more and more about what the government thinks or what the government should be doing and less and less about our nation’s hopes, our dreams, and our vision of the future.

Ten days ago, I had planned to speak to you again about a very important subject -- energy. For the fifth time I would have described the urgency of the problem and laid out a series of legislative recommendations to the Congress. But as I was preparing to speak, I began to ask myself the same question that I now know has been troubling many of you: Why have we not been able to get together as a nation to resolve our serious energy problem?

It’s clear that the true problems of our nation are much deeper -- deeper than gasoline lines or energy shortages, deeper even than inflation or recession. And I realize more than ever that as President I need your help. So, I decided to reach out and to listen to the voices of America.

I invited to Camp David people from almost every segment of our society -- business and labor, teachers and preachers, governors, mayors, and private citizens. And then I left Camp David to listen to other Americans, men and women like you. It has been an extraordinary ten days, and I want to share with you what I’ve heard.
First of all, I got a lot of personal advice. Let me quote a few of the typical comments that I wrote down.

This from a southern governor: “Mr. President, you are not leading this nation -- you’re just managing the government.”
“You don’t see the people enough anymore.”
“Some of your Cabinet members don’t seem loyal. There is not enough discipline among your disciples.”

“Don’t talk to us about politics or the mechanics of government, but about an understanding of our common good.”

“Mr. President, we’re in trouble. Talk to us about blood and sweat and tears.”
“If you lead, Mr. President, we will follow.”
Many people talked about themselves and about the condition of our nation. This from a young woman in Pennsylvania: “I feel so far from government. I feel like ordinary people are excluded from political power.”
And this from a young Chicano: “Some of us have suffered from recession all our lives.”

“Some people have wasted energy, but others haven’t had anything to waste.”

And this from a religious leader: “No material shortage can touch the important things like God’s love for us or our love for one another.”

And I like this one particularly from a black woman who happens to be the mayor of a small Mississippi town: “The big shots are not the only ones who are important. Remember, you can’t sell anything on Wall Street unless someone digs it up somewhere else first.”

This kind of summarized a lot of other statements: “Mr. President, we are confronted with a moral and a spiritual crisis.”
Several of our discussions were on energy, and I have a notebook full of comments and advice. I’ll read just a few.

“We can’t go on consuming forty percent more energy then we produce. When we import oil we are also importing inflation plus unemployment.”

“We’ve got to use what we have. The Middle East has only five percent of the world’s energy, but the United States has twenty-four percent.”

And this is one of the most vivid statements: “Our neck is stretched over the fence and OPEC has a knife.”

“There will be other cartels and other shortages. American wisdom and courage right now can set a path to follow in the future.”

This was a good one: “Be bold, Mr. President. We may make mistakes, but we are ready to experiment.”

And this one from a labor leader got to the heart of it: “The real issue is freedom. We must deal with the energy problem on a war footing.”
And the last that I’ll read: “When we enter the moral equivalent of war, Mr. President, don’t issue us BB guns.”

These ten days confirmed my belief in the decency and the strength and the wisdom of the American people, but it also bore out some of my longstanding concerns about our nation’s underlying problems.

I know, of course, being President, that government actions and legislation can be very important. That’s why I’ve worked hard to put my campaign promises into law, and I have to admit, with just mixed success. But after listening to the American people, I have been reminded again that all the legislation in the world can’t fix what’s wrong with America. So, I want to speak to you first tonight about a subject even more serious than energy or inflation. I want to talk to you right now about a fundamental threat to American democracy.

I do not mean our political and civil liberties. They will endure. And I do not refer to the outward strength of America, a nation that is at peace tonight everywhere in the world, with unmatched economic power and military might.
The threat is nearly invisible in ordinary ways.

It is a crisis of confidence.

It is a crisis that strikes at the very heart and soul and spirit of our national will. We can see this crisis in the growing doubt about the meaning of our own lives and in the loss of a unity of purpose for our nation.

The erosion of our confidence in the future is threatening to destroy the social and the political fabric of America.

The confidence that we have always had as a people is not simply some romantic dream or a proverb in a dusty book that we read just on the Fourth of July. It is the idea which founded our nation and has guided our development as a people. Confidence in the future has supported everything else -- public institutions and private enterprise, our own families, and the very Constitution of the United States. Confidence has defined our course and has served as a link between generations. We’ve always believed in something called progress. We’ve always had a faith that the days of our children would be better than our own.

Our people are losing that faith, not only in government itself but in the ability as citizens to serve as the ultimate rulers and shapers of our democracy. As a people we know our past and we are proud of it. Our progress has been part of the living history of America, even the world. We always believed that we were part of a great movement of humanity itself called democracy, involved in the search for freedom; and that belief has always strengthened us in our purpose. But just as we are losing our confidence in the future, we are also beginning to close the door on our past.

In a nation that was proud of hard work, strong families, close-knit communities, and our faith in God, too many of us now tend to worship self-indulgence and consumption. Human identity is no longer defined by what one does, but by what one owns. But we’ve discovered that owning things and consuming things does not satisfy our longing for meaning. We’ve learned that piling up material goods cannot fill the emptiness of lives which have no confidence or purpose.
The symptoms of this crisis of the American spirit are all around us. For the first time in the history of our country a majority of our people believe that the next five years will be worse than the past five years. Two-thirds of our people do not even vote. The productivity of American workers is actually dropping, and the willingness of Americans to save for the future has fallen below that of all other people in the Western world.
As you know, there is a growing disrespect for government and for churches and for schools, the news media, and other institutions. This is not a message of happiness or reassurance, but it is the truth and it is a warning.

These changes did not happen overnight. They’ve come upon us gradually over the last generation, years that were filled with shocks and tragedy.

We were sure that ours was a nation of the ballot, not the bullet, until the murders of John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. We were taught that our armies were always invincible and our causes were always just, only to suffer the agony of Vietnam. We respected the Presidency as a place of honor until the shock of Watergate.

We remember when the phrase “sound as a dollar” was an expression of absolute dependability, until ten years of inflation began to shrink our dollar and our savings. We believed that our nation’s resources were limitless until 1973 when we had to face a growing dependence on foreign oil.

These wounds are still very deep. They have never been healed.

Looking for a way out of this crisis, our people have turned to the Federal Government and found it isolated from the mainstream of our nation’s life. Washington, D.C., has become an island. The gap between our citizens and our government has never been so wide. The people are looking for honest answers, not easy answers; clear leadership, not false claims and evasiveness and politics as usual.

What you see too often in Washington and elsewhere around the country is a system of government that seems incapable of action. You see a Congress twisted and pulled in every direction by hundreds of well-financed and powerful special interests.
You see every extreme position defended to the last vote, almost to the last breath by one unyielding group or another. You often see a balanced and a fair approach that demands sacrifice, a little sacrifice from everyone, abandoned like an orphan without support and without friends.

Often you see paralysis and stagnation and drift. You don’t like it, and neither do I. What can we do?

First of all, we must face the truth, and then we can change our course. We simply must have faith in each other, faith in our ability to govern ourselves, and faith in the future of this nation. Restoring that faith and that confidence to America is now the most important task we face. It is a true challenge of this generation of Americans.

One of the visitors to Camp David last week put it this way: “We’ve got to stop crying and start sweating, stop talking and start walking, stop cursing and start praying. The strength we need will not come from the White House, but from every house in America.”

We know the strength of America. We are strong. We can regain our unity. We can regain our confidence. We are the heirs of generations who survived threats much more powerful and awesome than those that challenge us now. Our fathers and mothers were strong men and women who shaped a new society during the Great Depression, who fought world wars and who carved out a new charter of peace for the world.

We ourselves are the same Americans who just ten years ago put a man on the moon. We are the generation that dedicated our society to the pursuit of human rights and equality. And we are the generation that will win the war on the energy problem and in that process, rebuild the unity and confidence of America.

We are at a turning point in our history. There are two paths to choose. One is a path I’ve warned about tonight, the path that leads to fragmentation and self-interest. Down that road lies a mistaken idea of freedom, the right to grasp for ourselves some advantage over others. That path would be one of constant conflict between narrow interests ending in chaos and immobility. It is a certain route to failure.

All the traditions of our past, all the lessons of our heritage, all the promises of our future point to another path -- the path of common purpose and the restoration of American values. That path leads to true freedom for our nation and ourselves. We can take the first steps down that path as we begin to solve our energy problem.

Energy will be the immediate test of our ability to unite this nation, and it can also be the standard around which we rally. On the battlefield of energy we can win for our nation a new confidence, and we can seize control again of our common destiny. 

In little more than two decades we’ve gone from a position of energy independence to one in which almost half the oil we use comes from foreign countries, at prices that are going through the roof. Our excessive dependence on OPEC has already taken a tremendous toll on our economy and our people. This is the direct cause of the long lines which have made millions of you spend aggravating hours waiting for gasoline. It’s a cause of the increased inflation and unemployment that we now face. This intolerable dependence on foreign oil threatens our economic independence and the very security of our nation.

The energy crisis is real. It is worldwide. It is a clear and present danger to our nation. These are facts and we simply must face them.

What I have to say to you now about energy is simple and vitally important.

Point one: I am tonight setting a clear goal for the energy policy of the United States. Beginning this moment, this nation will never use more foreign oil than we did in 1977-- never. From now on, every new addition to our demand for energy will be met from our own production and our own conservation. The generation-long growth in our dependence on foreign oil will be stopped dead in its tracks right now and then reversed as we move through the 1980s, for I am tonight setting the further goal of cutting our dependence on foreign oil by one-half by the end of the next decade -- a saving of over four and a half million barrels of imported oil per day.
Point two: To ensure that we meet these targets, I will use my presidential authority to set import quotas. I’m announcing tonight that for 1979 and 1980, I will forbid the entry into this country of one drop of foreign oil more than these goals allow. These quotas will ensure a reduction in imports even below the ambitious levels we set at the recent Tokyo summit.

Point three: To give us energy security, I am asking for the most massive peacetime commitment of funds and resources in our nation’s history to develop America’s own alternative sources of fuel -- from coal, from oil shale, from plant products for gasohol, from unconventional gas, from the sun.

I propose the creation of an energy security corporation to lead this effort to replace two and a half million barrels of imported oil per day by 1990. The corporation will issue up to five billion dollars in energy bonds, and I especially want them to be in small denominations so average Americans can invest directly in America’s energy security.

Just as a similar synthetic rubber corporation helped us win World War II, so will we mobilize American determination and ability to win the energy war. Moreover, I will soon submit legislation to Congress calling for the creation of this nation’s first solar bank which will help us achieve the crucial goal of twenty percent of our energy coming from solar power by the year 2000.

These efforts will cost money, a lot of money, and that is why Congress must enact the windfall profits tax without delay. It will be money well spent. Unlike the billions of dollars that we ship to foreign countries to pay for foreign oil, these funds will be paid by Americans, to Americans. These will go to fight, not to increase, inflation and unemployment.

Point four: I’m asking Congress to mandate, to require as a matter of law, that our nation’s utility companies cut their massive use of oil by fifty percent within the next decade and switch to other fuels, especially coal, our most abundant energy source.

Point five: To make absolutely certain that nothing stands in the way of achieving these goals, I will urge Congress to create an energy mobilization board which, like the War Production Board in World War II, will have the responsibility and authority to cut through the red tape, the delays, and the endless roadblocks to completing key energy projects.

We will protect our environment. But when this nation critically needs a refinery or a pipeline, we will build it.

Point six: I’m proposing a bold conservation program to involve every state, county, and city and every average American in our energy battle. This effort will permit you to build conservation into your homes and your lives at a cost you can afford.

I ask Congress to give me authority for mandatory conservation and for standby gasoline rationing. 
To further conserve energy, I’m proposing tonight an extra ten billion dollars over the next decade to strengthen our public transportation systems. And I’m asking you for your good and for your nation’s security to take no unnecessary trips, to use carpools or public transportation whenever you can, to park your car one extra day per week, to obey the speed limit, and to set your thermostats to save fuel. Every act of energy conservation like this is more than just common sense, I tell you it is an act of patriotism.

Our nation must be fair to the poorest among us, so we will increase aid to needy Americans to cope with rising energy prices. We often think of conservation only in terms of sacrifice. In fact, it is the most painless and immediate ways of rebuilding our nation’s strength. Every gallon of oil each one of us saves is a new form of production. It gives us more freedom, more confidence, that much more control over our own lives.

So, the solution of our energy crisis can also help us to conquer the crisis of the spirit in our country. It can rekindle our sense of unity, our confidence in the future, and give our nation and all of us individually a new sense of purpose.

You know we can do it. We have the natural resources. We have more oil in our shale alone than several Saudi Arabias. We have more coal than any nation on earth. We have the world’s highest level of technology. We have the most skilled work force, with innovative genius, and I firmly believe that we have the national will to win this war.

I do not promise you that this struggle for freedom will be easy. I do not promise a quick way out of our nation’s problems, when the truth is that the only way out is an all-out effort. What I do promise you is that I will lead our fight, and I will enforce fairness in our struggle, and I will ensure honesty. And above all, I will act.

We can manage the short-term shortages more effectively, and we will; but there are no short-term solutions to our long-range problems. There is simply no way to avoid sacrifice.

Twelve hours from now I will speak again in Kansas City, to expand and to explain further our energy program. Just as the search for solutions to our energy shortages has now led us to a new awareness of our nation’s deeper problems, so our willingness to work for those solutions in energy can strengthen us to attack those deeper problems.

I will continue to travel this country, to hear the people of America. You can help me to develop a national agenda for the 1980s. I will listen; and I will act. We will act together.
These were the promises I made three years ago, and I intend to keep them.
Little by little we can and we must rebuild our confidence. We can spend until we empty our treasuries, and we may summon all the wonders of science. But we can succeed only if we tap our greatest resources -- America’s people, America’s values, and America’s confidence.

I have seen the strength of America in the inexhaustible resources of our people. In the days to come, let us renew that strength in the struggle for an energy-secure nation.

In closing, let me say this: I will do my best, but I will not do it alone. Let your voice be heard. 
Whenever you have a chance, say something good about our country. With God’s help and for the sake of our nation, it is time for us to join hands in America. Let us commit ourselves together to a rebirth of the American spirit. Working together with our common faith we cannot fail.

Thank you and good night.


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Do You Have a "book" In You?

For many years now, my favorite books are books styled by political cartoonists that are found or located on the political pages of wide-ranging newspapers and where these end-of-year books are the compilations of these cartoonists' hard work of each past year.

Further, the PBS News Hour developed a 'news' component in  which their attention grabbing was focused on their viewship and where the viewers were encouraged to 'select' their favorite books, and accomplished in partnership with a national newspaper that, for me, was a seminal behavior beneficial to those of us and who are interested in the Argumentations that always blaze forth in our affective political arena.  Moreover, a friend of longstanding and owner of his political blog, raised the question of "Do you have a 'book' in you?" and where his blogging community responded with some amazing ideas.

And given that President Trump went to the Texas border to further demonstrate his determination to establish his wall despite the far more important 'value' in re-opening govement, I took the decsion to sit down at my computer keyboard, and respond accordingly.  Thus, what follows is my smallish effort to respond to the question of "Do you have a book in you?"

"Working" Book Title:  "The 'smash and grab' Behavior of Neoliberalism AND the Challenge Facing Today's Progressive-Oriented Indigenous Person"

1.  Introduction

As a political writer/journalist for these past twenty years, I have been fascinated by my detractors and where the premise has been based on "faux academics," thusly, I have attempted to address this behavior, and starting with the prevalent standpoint of the history of this Indigenous hemisphere and where this history, continues to be the catalyst for today's toxic politics.  To wit, the proverbial quiver of a handful of arrows, performs the myriad tangents and where Hate manifests itself.

Of course, this Indigenous history of these many thousands of years of civilization, and perhaps, more appropriately, during these past five hundred years since the "importation'" of a European-body of knowledge that  percolates into today's economics, politics and religion, seems quite appropriate and as  it competes for the public's attention.  Thus, the ideology of this Neoliberalism, is my starting point and my nexus is found in the governmental policies adopted when yardsticked via National Security and Defense Schematic.

Take, for example, today's history simply does not effectively demonstrate the value of Chicano Studies in our college and university systemic of public education and when it does, these Studies Program is perceived as another tangent for recruitment by the ever-encompassing academic leadership, writ large.

And long story short, the history of our nation's National Security and Defense, contains several glaring examples of where our interaction in these three primary arenas, are carefully circumscibed by the 'movers and shakers'--from Wall Street, through governmental spending and successfully achieved via the religous aspects of evangelicalism and which continues to maintain the behemoth of institutions.such as the continuing enhancement of the Society of Jesuits within the Catholic church.

Conseequently, this book is focused not on this fascinating Indigenous history nonetheless, but focused on the my future and to include the future of my ever-evolving behavior that improves our America into attaing a "better" America that supercedes our national five-hundred year history that commenced with insertion of the Columbus and Cortez Constructs. 

And add  into this fractious behavior, the languages of Yaqui, Apache and even Spanish, adds a dimension that will continue to persevere as well as percolate for the next several millenia.   As such, "new" Ideas will be valued at an utmost premium in our self-governance model of Democracy, and equally important as the incline of demographics continues apace and where today's minority becomes tomorrow's majority, hence, Decency Personified!

However, I am confronted on a daily basis of today's Three Stereotypes and when my determination to perform my civic engagement despite my being confronted by my ever-present detractors for their espousal of my "faux academics."  As such, my realization for addressing, albeit, in a cheerful manner for the recognition of and is for the following:

1.  The Native American Stereotype and which is..."He's just another white man,"

2.  The Latino Stereotype and which is..."El gringo quere componer todo con su 'I'm Sorry.'"

3.  The European American Stereotype and which is..."I don't care...I'll be dead...So what's your point?"

Therefore, this book will focus on the "new" ideas that will evolve over the next twenty years and where today's advocates for Neoliberalism cannot compete. As such, a meted-out 'second class citizenship' is not in tomorrow's deck of cards for the Indigenous Person.

2.  Table of Contents


Consequently or summarily, the above is my distraction from having to engross myself with President Trump's effort at 'tripping-out' on his self-serving propaganda of yesterday.

Jaango--posted on January 11, 2019



From ABC News and titled,  "America's veterans said to be disproportionately affected by government shutdown" and authored by Elizabeth McLaughin:
As the partial government shutdown continues for a third week, veterans groups are sounding the alarm because of what they say is the disproportionate impact on America's veterans and a growing fear that financial uncertainty could lead to self-harm. 
An estimated one-third of the federal workforce is made up of veterans, according to the Office of Personnel Management, meaning that more than 250,000 veterans are not currently receiving paychecks. 
"This shutdown has consequences that go beyond loss of pay," the Union Veterans Council said in a statement this week. "Financial instability is one of the main cause of suicides among the veterans’ community. These hard-working men and women who sacrificed so much for their country should not have their families held hostage by lawmakers that cannot relate to living paycheck to paycheck."
Edward M. Canales is a local union president with the American Federation of Government Employees and a veteran liaison officer who serves as a resource to veterans working in the U.S. Bureau of Prisons west of the Mississippi River. 
He told ABC News that he's received numerous calls from veterans who aren't able to support their families during the shutdown and express "no positive outlook on the future." 
"If this shutdown does not stop, we are going to have fatalities. We're going to have suicides," he said. 
Canales, a U.S. Army veteran himself who deployed to Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, said he is referring calls to the Department of Veterans Affairs hotline out of concern that a veteran will self-harm. 
He called the shutdown "shameful," saying its "slapping every veteran in the face who has served their country." 
As a special investigative service technician who worked in the federal prison system for 26 years, Canales is currently not receiving his retirement pay. 
Toby Hauck, a six-year Air Force veteran, is an air traffic controller in Aurora, Illinois, who has gone without a paycheck since Dec. 31. He told ABC News that his father and grandfather served in the U.S. military and now his son and daughter-in-law are deploying overseas at the end of the month. 
Hauck and his wife, a neonatal intensive care unit nurse, will be looking after their two-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter during the ten-month deployment, and the continued lack of pay causes added stress to their already hectic jobs, he said. 
"We are hardworking, proud American employees doing a job for the American public that is essential as an air traffic controller," said Hauck, who is also a representative for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. "It's not acceptable as a veteran, as a federal employee, as an air traffic controller to use my profession and my livelihood as a political football." 
"[Veterans] are very proud of our heritage and what we've done for the country. And those of us who continue to serve the federal government as a federal employee continue that pride throughout their careers," he added.
Jaango--posted on January 10, 2018



"He is the wall"...
In his excellent opinion piece and published by the New York Times, Jorge Ramos, of Spanish-language television fame, and titled, "Jorge Ramos:  Trump is the Wall", goes on an eloquent speechifying tirade that Trump and his supporters are displaying their obvious version of Hate and which has now been incorporated into our nation's body politic.
And here's the internet link:
And from our standardized rhapsody on Anti-Hate, as military vets and whom were subjected to the "draft" of many years ago, and with the termination of the 'draft' from over 30 years ago, these self-same white men would have been subjected to a "blanket party" while in Basic Training.  Thus, the espoused racism, would not have been tolerated.  And yet, almost thirty-five years later and where white men were no longer subjected to the 'draft,' these men are now in the early fifty years of age, and consequently, their Hate of today, is a seminal moment in the projection of an Undue Indecency, has now been familiarized and concretized.   
Need more be said?
Jaango--posted on January 10, 2018



A Presidential Speech And One Lie-a-minute...

With a massive number of Fact Cheekers anticipating President Trump's national speech from the Oval Office, and afterwards, with no one holding with bated breath, their effort for quickly defining the 'value'  of this speech, was quickly delivered.

As such, our  Good Friend Kevin Drum over at Mother Jones Magazine, had this to say, earlier today.


"1.  At the request of Democrats, it will be a steel barrier rather than a concrete wall.”
This is just flat wrong. Democrats never asked for any particular kind of wall, and anyway, a steel bollard fence is what we’re using right now for the hundreds of miles of border barriers already constructed. It’s what the security professionals have wanted from the very start.

“2.  The border wall would very quickly pay for itself. The cost of illegal drugs exceeds $500 billion a year, vastly more than the $5.7 billion we have requested from Congress.”
Illegal drugs are almost all smuggled in through legal ports of entry, not hauled across the desert. Building a wall would be unlikely to have any substantial affect on drug smuggling.

“3.  America’s heart broke the day after Christmas, when a young police officer in California was savagely murdered in cold blood by an illegal alien who just came across the border….Day after day, precious lives are cut short by those who have violated our borders. In California…In Georgia…In Maryland….I’ve held the hands of the weeping mothers and embraced the grief-stricken fathers. So sad. So terrible.”
This is trickier. Trump’s examples are real crimes, but the clear implication of all this is that unauthorized immigrants commit violent crimes on a grand scale. A pretty good recent study suggests this is untrue:

"4.  “The wall will also be paid for indirectly by the great new trade deal we have made with Mexico.”
This falls into Wolfgang Pauli’s famous category of being so ridiculous that “it’s not even wrong.” It’s like saying the wall will be funded indirectly from the taxes paid by the workers who build the wall. That’s not how it works.

“5.  Last month, 20,000 migrant children were illegally brought into the United States, a dramatic increase. These children are used as human pawns by vicious coyotes and ruthless gangs.”
According to Daniel Dale of the  Toronto Star, child trafficking across the border is pretty rare, and he seems to be right. Even the official statistics are fairly modest, and they’re almost certainly overstated anyway. Many of the children taken away from the adults who accompany them turn out to be related after all, or are being looked after by a friend. Actual cases of child trafficking seem to be very uncommon.

6.  “There is a growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border.”
There might be a growing humanitarian crisis at the border, but it’s mostly of Trump’s own making. As for a security crisis, that’s just flatly untrue. The number of illegal crossers apprehended by the Border Patrol is a small fraction of what it used to be, and has been declining for the past two decades:
There’s just no way to spin this into a security crisis, especially since 700 miles of fencing has been built since 2000; the Border Patrol’s budget has expanded considerably; and the number of agents patrolling the border has doubled—with another 5,000 on tap for future expansion.

“7.  It strains public resources and drives down jobs and wages. Among those hardest hit are African Americans and Hispanic Americans.”
This is highly questionable, and the bulk of the evidence suggests that illegal immigration is a net wash in terms of wages. However, there is some evidence that it affects the wages of the lowest income workers and of workers who don’t speak English well. So….

8.  “Democrats in Congress have refused to acknowledge the crisis, and they have refused to provide our brave border agents with the tools they desperately need to protect our families and our nation. The federal government remains shut down for one reason and one reason only: because Democrats will not fund border security.”
This is untrue. Democrats have acknowledged everything except the need for a wall. The one and only reason for the government shutdown is Donald Trump’s obsession with spending billions of dollars on a wall that would have little to no effect on border security.


And here's the internet link:

Jaango--posted on January 9, 2019



For the People Act

In the House chamber, the Democrats introduced their first bill, as of last week, and which will attempt  to redesign our national politics, and should it pass both the House and Senate chambers and achieve the affirming signature of President Trump, will be somewhat surprising.

And here are the basic elements of this legislation:

1.  Automatic voter registration and same-day voter registration, as well as online voter registration.

2.  Fifteen days of early voting.

3.  End gerrymandering by requiring non-partisan redistricting commission to draw congressional maps.

4.  Voting rights for post-release felons.

5.  Prevent voter purges by the states.

6.  Public financing for House candidates who don't take big donations.

7.  Tighten rules on dark money.

8.  Force disclosure on digital campaign ads.

9.  Expand the definition of lobbyist to close loophole recent members of Congress frequently exploit.

10.  New powers and disclosures for the Office of Government Ethics.

11.  A code of ethnics for the Supreme Court.

12.  Require presidential candidates to disclose ten years of tax returns.

13.  Apply conflict-of-interest rules to the President and Vice President.

14.  Prevent the President and Vice President from contracting with the government.

And as more legislation is introduced in the House chamber, the Democratic leadership will come under relentless anger, given that the Senate chamber and controlled by the Republicans, will become unrelenting in their opposition.

Jaango--posted on January 8, 2019



Odds and Ends

With the installation of the Democrats taking control of the House chamber from this past Thursday, the national "conversation" has now changed for the next two years, and yet, the Republlicans in the Senate chamber have become more strident in their opposition to any perceived Democratic agenda.  And that's the good news.  Therefore, the political stridency commences anew.  And here are a few items that caught our national attention.

1.  Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is being taken to task for her statement of "Impeach the motherf**cker".  And yet, Speaker Pelosi blew off the statement, when asked, and her response was in the form of she doesn't control free speech since President Trump has said worse.  And albeit, President Trump said in a speech in Las Vegas, using the same identical language in addressing the Chinese behavior during a speech in Las Vegas.

2.  At times, "politics is personal" and which makes me a "criminal" for my opposition to Trump's Wall.  And as to Trump's Argumentation, he continues to make a fool of himself, and which after two years, his salience in the arena of public policy, is self-ingrating, given that a public park located next to his hotel on the East Coast, remains open, despite the his federal shutdown. In short, his administration found the monies to enable his hotel to operate successfully, or so it seems.

3.  Two college student journalists accessed over several thousand emails of neo-nazis and thusly, exposed over 40 citizens of Montreal Canada and where now, this 'story' has caused the law enforcement authorities to initiate an investigation, with criminal warrant in hand, that will further this investigation.  Our kudos to these 'new' Journalists conducting their civic duty, especially, when no one was paying attention.

4.  The advocates, both for and against PayGo, are premised on a lack of self-restraint.

5.  In Arizona, the GOP Chairman has issued his demand that all Republican office holders are beholden to President Trump and must 'stand-up' for the President.  Of course, this notification was premised on the Utah's Senator for writing and for his criticsm of Trump being published in the Washington Post.

6.  Trumps Press Spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders posited that over 4,000 terrorists entered the United States by crossing the southern border.  And yet, she was not embarassed when Chris Wallace stipulated that the 'terrorists' entered America at via the airports.  His correction did not faze her, one iota.  Thus, the administration's propaganda remains unvarnished with Unassailable Facts.

7.  The editorial board of a Vermont newspaper.  "Bernie Sanders should not run for president. In fact, we beg him not to." 

8.  Of the four living ex-presidents, "some" have told President Trump that they supported the building of the "wall."  Of course, exaggeration has its place in politics,  but this is one 'item' that has no grounding in Common Sense.

Jaango--posted on January 7, 2018




The Intersectionality of a National Municipal News Network?
When it comes to the reading of one particular tea leaf that addresses our future, the uselesness of the traditional White House's Friday Night Dump of the federal government's preferential news releases that reinforces the 'thinking' in the White House, does not bode well for the voters to consider for the next election cycle.  And from our political perspective, the always ongoing battle between the federal government and our municipal governments, the municipal governments have an 'unmet need' to address the concerns of voters on a local basis, but can be accomplished more constructively via a Municipal News Network.
Thus, the establishment of this Municipal News Network consisting of an approximate 50 municipalities that are, for the most part, urban-oriented and operating with a small budget and consisting of a half-dozen journalists operating locally, would provide a comparison and constrast vehicle that would permit local voters to determine for themselves, and without the floozery or boozery of 'fake news', what's proven constructive in addressing our 'unmet needs.'  
Take, for example, municipalities East of the Mississippi River and to the West of the Mississippi River, would give to each of us the opportunity to 'yardstick' the Ideas that best enable greater civic engagement that personsifies the Unassalable Facts versus the Propaganda of Self-Interest and which manifests itself via Citizens United.
Consequently, the establishment of this Municipal News Network would diminish the ability of the the well-paid intermediary or middle man that is dedicated to 'influcencing' the outcomes that have proven to be somewhat detrimental to the middle class even from the continuing and unrelenting advocacy of the local Chamber of  Commerce. 
And furthermore, the voters need to know more about how races and ballot propositions are crafted and advocated, otherwise, we are subjecting ourselves to the determination of the less than stellar public policy initiatives as evidenced in today's Great States of Grizzle and easily identified as Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina.  Further, public laws that prohibit the disclosure by non-profit organizations that are conduits to and from 'dark money' as the stimulants for political operatives, have to be challenged by Progressives. 
Jaango--posted on January 4, 2019





Our Latino's New Year's "demand" and not of a "resolution"
Congratulations to Senator Warren for announcing her establishment of the Warren Exploratory Committee as the first effort among the many, to establish her run for the Democrats' nomination as the first requirement in her search for the presidency.  And of course, this announcement demonstrates that she is desiring to 're-introduce' herself while adddressing the concerns of why the voters have taken a good liking to her brand of politics.  Therefore, this seminal feature is like many of the Democratic Senators that will be seeking the self-same nomination, she will be among the Roster of the Twenty and which twelve are former or current members of the Senate Chamber.
And which brings forth the Question of "What do each have in common among these presumptive candidates?"
First and foremost, each have called themselves "progressives" on the occasion when they pander to us, the Chicanos.  However, I am being somewhat petty in addressing this ongoing behavior, and yet, their ongoing behavior effectively demonstrates that they are NOT "progressives" since none, while serving in the Senate chamber, established a "progressive caucus"  along with the attributable Progressive Caucus Foundation for both fundraising and agenda setting.  Consequently, these candidates will be responding to the challenges being provided by the Republicans, writ large, while failing to address our progressive-oriented agenda. 
And when this occurs, the arrogance of these candidates will be on full display for their obviously much larger "more pander agenda" targeting Chicanos with a lonely or inadvertent subset that are Chicano and Native American military vets, will remain conspicuously silent on our current agenda of Unmet Needs.  Or with more rhetorical precision that being the Chicano Movement...Circa 2019.
And since Latinos are the much larger cohort among our nation's progressive cohorts, writ large, we will  be required to attempt to address this "leadership vacuum and expectation" for our Progressive Agenda, and while expecting the four additional cohorts espousing any perceived issues that mobilizes the progressive-oriented voter on Election Day, to join our overt effort at both advancing this political nuance and building a seminal cooperative effort.
And here's the "demand" and delivered in a short order and not for consumption in a full course meal or repast:
1.  Comprehensive Immigration Reform and equivalent to the 2013 version and which passed the Senate chamber with 78 affirming votes.  
2. Mandatory Voting and which eliminates the 29-state version of voter suppression.
3.  The National Debt Tax Surcharge.
4.  The Academic-Military Draft.
5.  "Health Care for All" and in the form of Medicare,  the VA Medical Systemic and the Indian Health Services Systemic.
6.  The Indigenous Free Trade Agreement that encapsulates all soverign nations in this hemisphere.
7.  A woman's reproductive rights personified in the form of legislation and which is as follows:  "Governments--federal, state, county, and municipal, shall  not interfere in a woman's reproductive rights."
And needless to say, progressives will be in high  demand by these 'listed' candidates, even though the status accorded both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders don't fit comfortably within this political matrix of ours, since Biden is a former Senator and Sanders is an independent that does caucus' with the Democrats. And of course, we know each's history well as NOT being a self-acknowledged progressive.
In the next few weeks, the recruitment and retention of the staffing scheme for all these potential nominees, will not be fully addressed, given our "demand" but then, we understand well that our multi-million votes can not denied, diverted or deflected onto the specific agendas inclusive of the commendable rhetorical flourishes delivered to us or so we believe. 
Jaango--posted on January 1, 2019




Happy New Year:  Do I "bite my tongue" or "grit my teeth"?

Given that today is New Year's Eve, and having read the 'suggestions' the credentialed journalists have made of their thoughts readily available to me, both from off-the-internet and on-the-internet, I come away with these suggestions being premised on propagand and outright bull shit.  Thusly, I am addressing my angst, anger and frustration with these presumptive  pundits and who should've known better, but then Chicanos are not part of their 'suavaismo'.

And yet, I am reminded that what all these writers are manifesting is their ability to wage a political war for more click bait for their risible attention.  As such, the old-fashioned adage that "all politics is personal" is a resounding behavior not effectively addressed. And when not effectively addressed, I am speaking of the Common Sense that is not visible as Unassailable Facts and which has been absent since 1976.   

In contrast, I too have my detractors. 

And needless to say but I will, the challenge comes in form of or of the first and foremost, the context and content that is my "faux Academics."  And yet, America's Third Stereotype among the larger portion of  European Americans and is easily understood as "I don't care...I'll be dead...So, What's Your Point?" stands me in good stead and which contravenes my use of the assorted Argumentations identifiing yesterday's and today's usage of a continued "criminal stupidity" that exemplifies both "basis ignorance" and "intentional ignorance."  Education adddresses this basic ignornance,  but the SCOTUS decision supportive of United Citizens, just means that the grifters and grafters have their brand of comparable salience and where one-third of the population purports their self-evolving and continuing Hate. 
And despite my anger and angst, I recognize that tomorrow's "The Chicano Movement...Circa 2019," will further endow my mindset for our self-empowerment for a "better" future, given that today's Unofficial Count of over 8,000 Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, will continue to expand into our Community and with even larger numbers over the next 20 years and as required via this ever-increasing demographics.

And the latest batch of 18 conservative writers, are telling us of which manner we should address our national politics.  And which makes or which generates my expanding opportunities to challenge these conservative writers that have grown up into adulthood, and where the Chicano dependence on Unassailable Facts animating our Common Sense, does not bode well for their conservative-oriented mind-speak.  And as Chicanos, we will continue to and coordinate with our fellow citizens to defend our Wall of Common Sense, and against all these  political 'dilitantes.' 

Happy New Year! from my self-esteemed Big Mouth and our Public Policy Board.

Jaango--posted on December 31, 2018





Of the Mattis Resignation...

Much has now been written of the  letter submitted to President Trump from the Secretary of Defense, and interestingly, not much mentioned is that the letter did not contain the "Respectfully Submitted  and which tells us much
And in this vein of thought, the consequential Requim from Professor Cohen:

At The Atlantic, contributing editor Eliot A. Cohen of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies offers a requiem for the tenure of James Mattis as Trump's defense secretary. Mattis, who announced his resignation this week, is "animated by sentiments Donald Trump could not understand," Cohen explains, a warrior known for saying, “Engage your brain before you engage your weapon.” From a generation that signed up first to serve and wound up leading, and finally struggled to affirm "values of fairness and legality" in an administration that respects neither.
"Henceforth, the senior ranks of government can be filled only by invertebrates and opportunists, schemers and careerists. If they had policy convictions, they will meekly accept their evisceration. If they know a choice is a disaster, they will swallow hard and go along. They may try to manipulate the president, or make some feeble efforts to subvert him, but in the end they will follow him. And although patriotism may motivate some of them, the truth is that it will be the title, the office, the car, and the chance to be in the policy game that will keep them there.
"They may think wistfully of the unflinching Sir Thomas More of Robert Bolt’s magnificent play about integrity in politics, A Man for All Seasons. But they will be more like Richie Rich, More’s protégé who could have chosen a better path, but who succumbed to the lure of power. And the result will be policies that take this country, its allies, and international order to disasters small and large."
Jaango--posted on December 22, 2018




Has Mandatory Voting Come of Age?

For these past many years,  I have long 'agitated','agravated' and 'advocated' for Mandatory Voting as public law and where in the inclusion of "under medical care" would be sole exception.  And yes, many of my fellow citizens have distanced themselves from me, despite the ongoing efforts of voter suppression efforts by either the Republicans or the Democrats.

Consequently, my vindication for this view for Mandatory Voting is one of several vehicles that can be effectively used to tamp down today's Hate or what I call as dumpster-diving.

Take for example, the report prepared and submitted to the Senate that speaks eloquently to the Russian Government's participation in our 2016 election  cycle and where Donald Trump was their much-favored presidential candidate.

And in this vein of thought, the Russian Government's interferance with our election process is being eloquently  described by Mark Sumner, the staff writer for the web site of the DailyKos, and thusly, now has this fateful article on this subject matter.

And his latest, of which was yesterday, Monday, December the 17th and titled "Senate report on Russia's social media effort shows how racism drove results on both right and left" speaks to each of us and done forthwith, rationally and intentionally.  

Here's the internet link:

And here are the first three paragraphs from the notable Mark Sumner

The report prepared for the Senate shows that Russia’s social media effort was enormous, with millions of posts spread across dozens of accounts. Accounts that both Google and Facebook were willing to accept as generated by real Americans even though they were all coming from the same place and many were paid in rubles. Because, sure. Americans do that.

That report also shows that the largest part of the Russian social media effort was specifically centered on racism. And it wasn’t all on appealing to racist voters on the right. The largest single effort was in suppressing the votes of African American voters by spreading a message that the Democratic Party, and Hillary Clinton in particular, did not respect their issues or pay attention to their communities.

Those efforts mirrored the more familiar efforts on the conservative side of the line. Russia created fake social media stories of Clinton’s disrespect for black voters, ran ads on black radio stations, even arranged actual boots-on-the-ground protests that were scheduled and promoted straight from St. Petersburg. They also used the tools provided by social media corporations to target voters in specific districts with their “walk away” message.


Jaango--posted on December 17, 2018





Is Another Apt History Lesson Deemed Appropriate For Federal Funding Done Uselessly?
With last week's Oval Office meeting between Trump, Pence, Schumer and Pelosi, informed us that their continuing Argumentation over the perceived futility of funding for Trump's Border Wall between the United States and Mexico, went nowhere, and yet, earlier today, Monday, President Trump  took to twitter and where his  "public policy" came in the following format of an obvious rant:

"Anytime you hear a Democrat saying that you can have good Boarder Security without a Wall, write them off as just another politician following the party line. Time for us to save billions of dollars a year and have, at the same time, far greater safety and control!"

Since the Mid-1980s, the Chicano Movement addressed these human migration flows that have continued for these past many years, and therefore, the "solution" was to be found in the implementation of a TransNational Technology Center, established and implemented in the following manner and within each embassy and consulate:

1.  Applications for citizenship

2.  Applications for Asylum

3.  Applications for Employment relative to companies based here in the USA.

4.  Crafting Economic Development Initiatives by our local municipalities interacting with the local municipalities located throughout our Indigenous Hemisphere.

Unfortunately, the application of this Decency Systemic has not yet achieved its fruition, and which our rejection of the continued determination for a Hate-based political behavior continues to remain "front and center." 

Consequently, our politics of dumpster-diving will continue  for the next two years, at least, or until the Trumpista acolytes recognize that the wrath of voters will be delivered via "la resistencia" at the ballot box.  Hence, America's future should be the "incoming" behavior for a much better Democracy and thusly, the Chicano Movement  continues to exist, circa 2018.

Now, need  more be said?
Jaango--posted  on December17, 2018





My Differing View From Dr. Josh Marshall...

When anyone compares the 'reality' that is today's NAFTA, our unencumbered "history" that is our Indigenous Hemisphere, is yet to be written, albeit, will come to fruition within the next 20 years, as "progressives" take the reins that is today's National Security and Defense systemic. 

Back in the days of the Bush41 administration and into the Clinton administration, NAFTA was viewed as not likely occuring, but if so, would become quite successful for all the three nations engaged in Capitalism.  In contrast, we, the Chicanos come to this subject matter that is National Security and Defense consists a three-part Triangulation that is 1) Authoritarianism, 2) Capitalism,and 3) Religionism.  And from  our standpoint,  this apt view of a 'reckoning' is likely.

Further, as NAFTA was being addressed and with Mexico quite unsure that NAFTA would be achieved, Mexico's "back-up" Plan was consistent with Mexico's "unmet needs" that could and would be achieved via a Mexico-Ukraine Trade Agreement. To wit, Ukraine was the breadbasket of the former Soviet Union, and in today's context, an unredeeming lost cause due to the Crimea being incorporated into Russia and with not one peep from the European Union or NATO. 
And of course, no mention has ever been made of this Mexican Effort even though one of the 'originating' documents can be found in one of the half dozen computers located in the basement of the CIA.    And needless to say, but I will, a set of the originating documents were 'leaked' from inside Mexico and to our nation's intelligence gathering agencies.  
Consequently, did the President's Daily Brief inculcate this Mexico-Ukraine Trade Agreement in to any further decision-making (Bush and Clinton) and further, the question has never been asked in a public setting which demonstrates that the journalism biz was practicing its lack of any due diligence, and which isn't surprising to us here in our  wonderful Sonoran Desert.

And when measuring with our political yardstick, an Indigenous Free Trade Agreement comprised of all the nation-states in this Hemisphere will occur within the next 20 years.  Once accomplished via congressional approval, this 'new' Trade Agreement will become "married and integrated" into the European Union.  And today's supplemental politics when viewed through the prism of the 'Brexit Moment' this political self-skewering by the voters in Great Britain will become Prime  Minister May's legacy for the Era of the Brexit Failure and of an inconsequential status leading to an economic orphan, is just another false reality of this political perspective of the Triangulation that continues to animate our National Security and Defense systemic.

As to here in the United States and after two years of daily drivel of an iconic experience, the Trump  legacy will become known as the Era of El Trumpudo.  And as such, "all mouth and no brain" that represents and animates today's leadership skill set.

Now, to Dr. Marshall of TalkingPointsMemo fame, he is addressing our nation's "old history".at least from the political standpoint of the Chicano's future and as crafted by the current or presumptive roster of the 2020 presidential candidates in the Senate and in particular, the 'camouflaged' non progressives that are incapable of announcing their proclivites for establishing a Progressive Caucus on the Democratic side of the aisle in the Senate.  Thus, today's ongoing Great Pander!

And here is the internet link to what Dr. Marshall has written and titled, "It's really a thing" and dated, December 14, 2018  

In closing, it's easy to forget that the 'numbers' of Progressives are Latinos and which outnumber the European Americans, and thusly, the 'normal' is to ignore that the strength of the Latino voters are where the majority of votes can be found, and therefore, the ongoing 'pander' is understandable and yet, not acceptable to us by the candidates representing the Democratic Party, writ large, hence the Status Quo Democrats. 

Jaango--posted on December 15, 2018





Is Senator Rubio Drafting His "daft"?
In his essay for the Atlantic, Senator Rubio is delivering more of his 'daft' thinking, and in particular, the ability of employees to negotiate with employers, and premised on the systemic that is currently in use in Germany.  And if you know much about Germany, Germans have gained very little over the past thirty years or starting when the Berlin Wall came down.
And he starts with the following:
Unions: The backbone of labor law remains the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, and many of the law’s major provisions have remained unchanged since 1947. It enshrines a model of labor relations that pits worker against manager….Federal labor law should be reformed to make possible a more productive relationship between workers and employers.
Obviously, Senator Rubio is more interested in 'downgrading' economic activity while continuing to ignore raising the education level via the Academic-Military Draft for all of our fellow citizens, and in particular, the next generation that being the millennials.  Consequently, he's still catering to his voters, the  older generation of retired workers. Thus , Senator Rubio continues to embarrass him, as per his usual behavior.
And more so, when Senator  Rubio takes his Ideology much further, and where Millennials must be damned when recognization become his reality for Older Folks voting in larger numbers than do Millennials. As such, Milliennials are the next generation and much to his political detriment.
 Jaango--posted on December 14, 2018





More Good News...


The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is holding a Wednesday hearing on the "silent crisis" of missing and murdered people in Indian Country: Among the witnesses will be federal law enforcement officials and Native woman. The hearing comes after the Senate passed S.1942, known as Savanna's Act. The bill is named for Savanna Marie Greywind, a 22-year-old woman from the Spirit Lake Nation who was murdered after she went missing in North Dakota last year. If the House approves the bill and it’s signed at the White House, the Department of Justice would be required to provide annual reports on how many Native women go missing and/or murdered each year. It also mandates improved access to national databases to make sure the cases of missing women don’t also go missing. The original sponsor of the act, Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, said, "As we remember the life of Savanna and the unimaginable pain of those eight days of friends and family searching for her, this legislation will help law enforcement agencies better collect and maintain data on those missing and help our criminal justice system take stronger action against those who traffic in exploitation, abuse, and murder." 


Jaango--posted on December 11, 2018






The Absolute of an "authoritarian" Life Science 

The science fiction that informs public indecency is the storyline of where a political grifter practices a 'brand' of political engagement and where the federal govenment's financial largesse is there for the taking.  And that's today's presumptive behavior. Therefore, having a difference of opinion and the behavior that supports such an opinion, is clearly visible and viable.  And President Trumps speaks of this loudly relative his Border Wall.

Take, for example, earlier today, the 'conference' between President Trump and the two Democrats, Pelosi and Schumer, advanced this 'griftiness' and to the point where the diference between $1.3 billion for 'border security' and $5.0 billion for a border wall that supposedly Mexico  would pay for, tells much of this iconic political story, one more time.  And more so, when Trump is advancing his storyline that the military should be responsible for 'building' and maintaining such a border wall and where Homeland Security has no obvious role, and which, in its totality--this Fear is aptly addressed.  As such, the general public would be expected to acknowledge that "government can do good things" when it comes to challenging the over-the-border terrorism.
Unfortunately, President Trump's special pleading to Pelosi that she has the responsibility to enlist the minimalist of 10 democratic votes in the Senate to support his border wall.   And from accepting the reality that Senate's Democratic Senators, failing to support his border wall, just means that Pelosi must accept her responsibility and duty for having failed President Trump and his "trump-base."
Consequently, this next two-year argumentation will be played loudly and eventually the success or failure will be determined and consummated in the next presidential election cycle of 2020. is completed. 

In closing the 'fireworks' of a deepening politics will become inherent in our short term future.
Jaango--posted on December 11, 2018




The Institutional Bullshit That Was Personified Differently By the Diversity Officer...And Her Self-RetirementThat Followed
It's just too damn depressing that the political rafters at the VA took their politics and which hovered around the Five Percenters for their desire to privatize the VA and yet, their politics could not be uplifted to the  level of 50% or 60%, given that the younger-reprobates in management and administration for their politics felt required to challenge the nation's common sense, and which was accomplished out of a fear of President Trump failing to achieve his proscribed self-adulation.
To wit, Laura Clawson, an excellent DailyKos writer,  had this to say and her article is titled,
"After Charlotteville, Trump appointee blocked VA diversity officer from condemning Nazis" and dated December 8, 2018. 
 As such, the following:
After neo-Nazis rioted in Charlottesville in 2017, the head of diversity at the Department of Veterans Affairs wanted to strongly condemn it. She was blocked by a top Trump appointee in the department, as Trump himself was both-sidesing white supremacist violence.
Georgia Coffey, the deputy assistant secretary for diversity and inclusion at the time, drafted remarks saying that Charlottesville was “a tragic reminder that our work in civil rights and inclusion is not finished,” and highlighting federal anti-discrimination policies. She was told that John Ullyot, the assistant secretary for public and intergovernmental affairs, “does not want to post the message.” Coffey pressed the issue, and Ullyot tried to get her to water down her message. She pushed back again. In the end:
 === "Coffey’s staff worried that she would get in trouble if she disregarded Ullyot’s guidance, according to other emails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by the Project on Government Oversight, a watchdog group that first publicized the episode last year. The staff suggested that she should tone down her remarks, but Coffey declined. She posted the full remarks under her name in the monthly newsletter posted online by VA’s diversity office. Agency officials removed it and reprimanded her. She retired soon after."===
They reprimanded the diversity and inclusion officer for pressing for diversity and inclusion in the wake of white supremacist violence. That doesn’t say anything we didn’t know about the Trump administration, but it’s a good one-sentence summary of where they stand. 
And we offer our Kudos to Laura Clawson for her comprehensive 'due diligence' and to include the Good Judgement by the Diversity Officer.
Jaango--posted on December 8, 2018




Another Commendable Tributary of a River Flow for Our Nation's Ship of Fools

Now that the Democrats will have 'control' of the House of Representatives come this January, the primal issue that is Compehensive Immigration Reform and which thoroughly defines our nation's Character, the Democratic Leadership Team will revert to what transpired many years ago.  Take for example, while seeking out a vein of humor, I aggravated, agitated and advocated that "dumping"  all the used refrigerators should be placed or seen for being at the bottom of our Deep Hole, and for our lesser citizens consumed with their addressing their victimization and for the pending attack on priviilege, should be focused appropriately, starting with our Grand Canyon, otherwise, China will asking for the repayability of their portion of our national debt, thusly, the political comprise is that China will be rewarded with  the  ownership of Grand Canyon, and utimately, China will craft their embedded Nuclear Arsenal, accordingly.

Therefore, the historical migration patterns in this Indigenous Hemisphere continues to lack any 'credability' when our latest Icon, The Tariff Man, a man of self-adulation, confronts his brief history and where Mexico will pay for the Wall between Mexico and the United States.

And to wit, I argue that filling the Grand Canyon  with our used refrigerations would seem to be quite appropriate.  And once the Grand Canyon is in receipt of the used refrgierators and where, once filled to the brim, this  'dumping ground' should be extended within the Colorado River and when completed, to the Sea of Cortez. Trump's "Wall" will have been achieved and virtually at no cost to the paypayer and thereby, requiring no 'action' to be taken in either the House or Senate chambers.  Consequently, funding 'security' at the border at a minimalist level of $1.5 billion as per the pending appropriation bill and the "demand" from the Tariff Man at $5.0 billion, becomes inconsequential, at a minimum. 

However, I am not remiss in discounting the History of the Chicano Movement from years ago.  And back in 1985, when the Chicano Movement issued its Agenda of Unmet Needs, one of the  10 elements included the establishment and implementation of the TransNational Technology Centers (TNCs).  Thus, these TNC's would be added to our embassies and consulates and made readily available to foreign nationals.  And the appropriate Three Doors would consist of 1) Applying  for Citizenship, 2)  Applying for Asylum, and 3) Seeking Employment in the USA.  

And to  this date, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can effectively demonstrate their 'concern' for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and therefore, the continuation of the historical migration patterns will continue for time memorialized, given the level for vote-pandering when their attention is focused on how best to recruit and utilize non-European American voters on Election Day.

Consequently, our Sense of Humor by describing today's Ship of Fools and the apt description being self-applied to and by the Tariff Man, demonstrates that Mexico will pay for his Wall when Mexico's water-rights to the Colorado River is no longer available to Mexico and are no  longer available to the Great States of  Nevada, Utah, California and Arizona.  

And with his latest rewind on the National Debt, President Trump personifies the European American Stereotype, and that being "I don't care...I'll be dead...So, what's your point?"

Jaango--posted on December 7, 2018





Will Pelosi's Tenure as House Speaker Become Fruitful  for Today's Public Policy Incrementalism?

As staunch Democrats we wish her Good Luck and when measured by the political Yard Stick of these past 40 years, commencing with the Reagan administration, we are reminded by Kate Aronoff, a contributing  writer for the Intercept and where she covers both climate change and politics.  And her latest article, titled, "A Mandate for Left Leadership" has been published at the website of the Nation Dot Com and dated  December 5, 2018, delivers cogently her Political Philosophy and Thought. 
As such, she reminds us of our nation's history and with the following three paragraphs:

"The small pack of advocates who pioneered the neoliberal revolution after the oil crisis and the inflation of the 1970s weren’t selling lower corporate tax rates or rollbacks of labor protections on their own merits; they were selling freedom and small, responsible government, realized through markets and the sage guidance of American business leaders. Their ideology placed profits before people and markets before democracy, though in the United States at least, they never put it that way to the public. So to get the word out, they built institutions like the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI); cultivated promising talent for higher office, including Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan; wrote and published books; and founded magazines and radio shows, like National Review and The Manion Forum, aimed at spreading the doctrine of the free market. 

"In addition to a small army of wealthy backers (something that today’s left still lacks—largely by design), what allowed the right to become dominant in the second half of the 20th century was its ability to tell a compelling story about how the economy should work and who it should work for—and then repeat and tweak that story ad nauseam for anyone who would listen over the better part of half a century. As William Baroody Sr., the conservative activist who built AEI into a force to be reckoned with, noted: “This is no overnight miracle-passing operation… It will take time, financial resources, and the exercise of good brain power.” 

"It also took decades—but the hard work paid off. As Reagan settled into the Oval Office in 1980, he handed every member of his prospective cabinet a copy of a 1,100-page Heritage Foundation document that detailed some 2,000 conservative policy priorities. The document, which would later be published as the Mandate for Leadership series, served as the cornerstone of right-wing leadership; in his first year alone, Reagan would take up nearly two-thirds of its proposals."

And from therein, has been our "challenge" and where our future has been delivered for these past 40 years.  However, being infernal Optimists, Reagan's conservative mantra or meme is being trashed by today's conservatives and where their neglect of Latino voters are becoming a risible majority of votes in their carefully crafted schematic, is front and center via today's 'caravans,'  Subsequently, this neglect adds much to the quicker demise of the GOP, as evidenced in this past election cycle and attendant to the results in both Florida and Texas while moving into our future and the contemplated results despite today's toxic politics, As such, Latino millennials are voting  for Democrats writ large.  More so when one takes a gander at the demographics, and where these Latino millennials are voting with their feet.  And when appropriately measured, these 800,000 Latino millennial voters are undercutting the Republican candidates, that were supported by the older generation of Latinos, i.e., the older generation of Cuban Americans in Florida, for example.  The same can be said of the older generation of Latinos in Texas. 
Consequently, with the death of former President George H.W. Bush, he served for 8 years as the Vice President and with four years in the Oval Office.  As to his presumptive second term, he lost to Clinton because the Third Candidate, Ross Perot, captured 19 percent of the vote, Bush's achieved less than stellar numbers and of course,  while Clinton received 43% and which was tantamount to Clinton's victory.  Of course, Perot was probably far more 'conservative' than was Bush. And had he been successful, Perot would have easily"adapted" to the Heritage Memo.

Thus, Kate Aronoff uses her wide-ranging skill set for addressing our pending future, but from a somewhat and differing view from we, the Chicanos and Native Americans here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert.  

Therefore, grab a Cold One and Enjoy since her article is both lengthy and quite informative.  

And here's the internet link:  

Jaango--posted on December 6, 2018





Progressives & The Old "Fly-on-the wall" Intelligence-Gathering Service That Will Animate the Pending Blue Tide 

For these past many years, Congress has defined our 'intelligence-gathering" vehicle as a cadre of 17 agencies and to include their dearth of sub-contractors  and where collectively, they are mandated to gather information about our fellow citizens as well as of the foreign nations that may or not have a disparaging impact on our national security and defense.

First and foremost is the the failure among the 9 current senators on the "most wanted" list for the presumptive presidential candidates at the next presidential cycle, continues unabated.  Thus, these relevant candiates cannot bring themselves to establish a Progressive Caucus and followed by a Progressive Caucus Foundation with the responsiblity to accomplish the requisite fundraising as well as the crafting of a nationwide Progressive Agenda. 
And for those of us here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert, the 'names' under consideration, is the prime examplar that identifies the self-applied camouflage paint that 'panders' to Latinos and Native Americans since the majority of Democrats--that being the Status Quo mechanism that dearly loves to insert itself into our progressive-oriented politics for both national security and national defense and to include the much wider pander that is easily attributed by and from our Elected and Appointed Officials, writ large, continues to co-exist.

Now, utilizing the Patriot Act as well as the designation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation into a primary mandate for 'intelligence-gathering' is indicative that our national spending which is now for over $1.5 trillion annually, is indicative of where we have gone wrong when it comes to 'informing' the general public and where our Elected and Appointed Officials have 'sequestered' themselves from us and as to the much larger spectrum of the angst and anger of the voters among progressively-oriented voters.
Consequently, when I read or hear of today's pundits, sages and gurus advising me that the politics of the Progressive Movement is commencing, I quietly shake my head in response to this unkempt Belief and Behavior that continues to conveniently ignore the Chicano and Native American communities . 

And this European American behavior is comparable to one of the Three Stereotypes of these many years past, and as it pertains to  to the this self-limiting European American Stereotype and which is appropriately practiced as "I don't care...I'll be dead... So, what's your point?"  And from therein, is our high hurdle that must be constantly overcome, and even through the use of this vehicle, the internet or the imflammability that resides with the 'free' and published material.

And of course, I use the word sequester somewhat advisedly and for two reasons and how this applies directly to this Indigenous Hemisphere  
Take for example the  following absence of the applicable knowledge as this pertains to the readily availble information at our local and taxpayer subsidized libraries, is quite obvious too.  As such, the appropriate, or seems to be appropriate to me, the absence or lack of the following books being readily available:

1.  Canada and the United States:  National Security and Defense

2.  Mexico and the United States:  National Security and Defense

And therefore, the Nation-States of Guatamala, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Equador, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Uruguay, Belize, Panama,  and Guyana, must be effectively addressed and in an identical manner.

And as per the usual, none of the educational institutes and think tanks, will spend the appropriate monies to hire the cadre of investigative journalists necessary and leading to the compilation of both the data and underlying premises that move the respective decision-making within these nation states when it comes to the particularized self-interest of these affected Elected and Appointed Officials.  Subsequently, the "insiders" operate within this acknowledged "vacuum" that adds and expands the rigorous interaction for today's "denial, diversion and deflection" while keeping the likes of the general public from having their national 'common sense' being effectively addressed via the general population, and in particular, the consequential decision-making that takes place at the ballot box.

And why is this important?

Back in the day when the NAFTA was created and pending before Congress and for its formalized decision-making approval, Mexico had reached a tentative 'back-up' agreement on their quietly and pending Free Trade Agreement with Ukraine, the then and former bread basket of the imploded Soviet Union.  And that's yesterday's history, and tomorrow's history will be crafted over the next twenty years, and which will become known as the Indigenous Free Trade Agreement for this hemisphere. 

And one of the side notes, will be Great Britain's Brexit effort--successful or otherwise, since this Indigenous Trade Agreement will become married to the European Union, and when accomplished, this economic behavior will prove beneficial to all these sovereign nations in this hemisphere with the sole exception to this is that of the inconsequential Brexit having taken place, and where the investment wealth of the Persion Gulf and China, will take precedence in this Indigenous Hemisphere, as well.

Of course, I am not attempting to "pile-on" on to today's "status-quo" Democrats, thusly, I am not speaking of the pending demographics that is in the future of the Latinos, but I am cognizant of the obvious exemplar of what occurred in this past mid term cycle, especially in Florida, a perceived blue state that is awaiting just around th corner in both date and time.  Thus, a look-back at the voting patterns of Latinos, is both indicative and educational.  Thus, Senator Nelson was never in the forefront for addressing immigration reform, and Gilliam got a flawed and late start in courting Latinos given his lack to any substantive access to the deep pockets of Democratic donors. As such, Mayor Gillum considered himself a progressive and yet, there was no Senate Caucus Foundation that could have stepped-up and effectively provided a much greater response from progressive-oriented Latinos that would carried him successfully across the finish line even with a somewhat depressed voting pattern in this election cycle.

And needless to say but I will, both a success in Florida and Texas, among Democrats, albeit the Status Quo or Progressives, demonstrates that not a blue wave will occurr but what will occur, is 'that' of a Blue Tide.  And of course, the current and nascent Military Vets Movement will prove fortuitous, as well.

Jaango--posted on December 5,2018




Migration Patterns:  Where My "community" Challenges My "DNA"

When I see the dearth of television ads seeking my potential invested pocket monies to determine  my history as allocated by the DNA 'experts,' I come away seldom impressed since this 'history' is predicated on electrical-oriented algorithms of somewhat disrepute, And more so, when a sense of humor has to incur in my opinion-making, otherwise, daily life becomes boring as hell.

Take for example, my history is inclusive of Yaqui, Apache and Chicano from here in my wonderful Sonoran Desert and thusly, these electrical algorithms will coalesce into the vantage point that is stereotypical 'confusion' and that's just from the obvious scientific standpoint.  Consequently, another 'long haul' that resides in the re-interpretation of my history and where various archeologists and anthro-apologists have designated my "community" for being either 19,000 years-old or 9,000 years-old.  And needless to say but I will, and being somewhat contrary on my part, I much prefer that my "natural" democracy commenced with the relevation that is "La Cueva de Manos" and which further, signifies that the Community of Life defined this wealth of "left hands" of palm prints, solely from women and which crafted our "history" and that being the history that is our Big Mama, and IS the Universal Matriach of Truth-Telling. And today's "nana-ship" moves my history forward onto our succeeding generations that elevates these migration patterns. Thus "caravans" are another "historical" iota predicated on fear.

Of course, I am not alone in my opinion-making and as defined into today's latest effort being provided to us by Aliva Chomsky, and whom is a Professor of History and Coordinator of Latin American Studies and where she resides at Salem State University of Massachussets.

Here is her latest article is titled, "How DNA Tests Make Native Americans Strangers In Their Own Land” and originally published at TomDispatch, and dated November 30, 2018.

And for your reading enjoyment, here is the internet link:
Jaango--posted on December 1, 2018




Odds & Ends

With his latest news conference of Thursday, President Trump addressed the White House press corps and prior to his expected trip to Argentina to attend the G-20 Summit, and not much was addressed when it comes to news media 'value.'

However, the 'stories' that are adding value, via advertising, continues to make a headway toward profit-taking.  And therefore, consider the following as attention grabbers.
1.  The Blue Tide did arrive.  The Democrats picked-up 40 seats in the House chamber.  
2.  Trump attorney Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying to congress, and President Trump labels Cohen a 'weak  person.'
3.  Ouch!  Deuctsche Bank is now being investigated for millions of Euros via money laundering, and yet, this investigation has been ongoing many years. What's new now is that the revelation of the Panama Papers is speaking to hundreds of millions in Euros were transferred to 'safe havens' and complicit with hundreds of investors.
4.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell became embarrassed for having  to pull the nomination of a soon-to-approved judge after the Judiciary Committee could not reach a majority for a final vote on the Senate floor.  Enter Arizona's Senator Jeff Flake with his opposition now concretized, or until the Senate votes to approve his co-sponsored legislation that protects the Muellar Investigation from political cronyism.
5.  In Texas, the Tarrant County GOP's Executive Committe members are expected to take a vote on dismissing its Vice Chair due to his being a Muslim.  Further, a GOP precinct member, married to a Muslim, is being considered for having his title stripped from, as well. As such, four cases are being considered for action from these Executive Committee Members.  As such, this decision-making is expected to place on January 10th of next year.
6.  Former Attorney General Sessions jokes that his "pink slip was more public than most."  And that about says it all.
7.  Muslim, Christian, Jewish and secular groups announced their demand that Acting Attorney General Matthew Whttaker resign and due to his preference for Christian judges.
8.  Editorial Opinion. The New York Times is touting their 'latest' and for describing the voting caucus among the Democrats was not a pleasant experience for Nancy Pelosi, but it was a pleasant experience for the former Speaker Paul Ryan when he sought his votes amongst  the Republican caucus. Thus, the NYT's sheer propaganda can be mind-boggling, and at the appropriate time.
9.  The Sinclair news media outlets are defending the use of tea gas against migrants and their small children attempting their transit into the United States.  Of course, each outlet must show this corporate-generated propaganda to their viewers. 
10.  South Carolina's Republican Senator Tim Scott voted to reject the nomination of Thomas Farr and consequently, denied Farr his appointment to the federal judiciary.  Scott joined his fellow Republican colleague Senator Flake, in denying Farr and the Democrats voted unanimously in their opposition to Farr.
Jaango--posted on November 30, 2018



The Death of a Good Friend...

Early yesterday morning, the family announced that former Arizona Congressman Ed Pastor had died early morning of a heart attack after being transferred to a local hospital for further medical care.  And his death is representative of a long political career that spanned over thirty-five years, from his start as "rabble rouser",  a County Supervisor and to his election to the United States House of Representatives, and where he served for 25 years on the House Appropriations Committee. 
 As such, he retired four years ago in 2014 and due primarily for having to commute from Arizona to our nation's capitol, and which we recognized and attributed to his "long haul."

In the coming days, much will be acknowledged and written about his consummate 'history' for this civic engagement.  His behavior will be directed at the expansion of the airport and the civic railway, but these two items will be discounted since his 'engagement' with the local voters was indeed consequential, as well as his large impact on our community, writ large.  
And not lost in all this 'history', his grandkids, will come to recognize that he 'changed' politics relative to Si Se Puede and for the much better, given that the large number of his Mentorship students will define our future for the many years to come.

And we extend our condolences to the Pastor family.

Jaango--posted on November 29, 2018






More Good News...

Here in Maricopa County located in Phoenix, Arizona, is now facing a Republican challenge and being espoused by the Republican-led majority  of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.  Long story short, in this past mid term cycle, the Democrats won largely and which led to the elevation of Democrats to statewide office, including the Senate, the State's Public's Chief Instructor for Public Schools and the Secretary of State.  And it's from this result that the Republican operatives are angry and expressing themselves and loudly.  Consequently, these Republicans are seeking to utilize their myriad avenues for greater political consolidate in their attempt to "revoke" the legal authority of the director of County Recorder's Office, or in this instance, Adrian Fontes, and whom was elected two years ago.

And with the political dynamic shifting among Chicano and Native American voters in Arizona's largest county,  the new Elections Director, a Democrat got himself elected to this office and thereby  having replaced the 25 year plus established Republican.  As such, the new director, is now on record for having said the following:

"I am a veteran of the Marine Corps;  I wont' shy away from a fight. But it's got to be an appropriate fight and it's got to be a worthwhile fight.  My fight is against disinformation, it's against voter suppression."

And our Kudos to Adrian Fontes for his well-defined hard work.
Jaango--posted on November 29, 2018




One of the Joys for Being a Political Writer Here at Our CVO...

For all these many years, I have yet to express myself, and I do so now,  despite my somewhat related meme of "forgetfullness" Moments.  And in this vein of thought, there have been times that the Cactus Juice Commentaries, is a simplified reminder to me that that there have been times where a "shot of tequila" before hitting the computer keyboard would have been quite helpful.  However, I much prefer the obvious and readily available Cold One.

And with this in mind, the toxicity of today's politics can be somewhat confusing, especially when Common Sense and Ambition can coalesce under the same roof and where the results can be inexplicable.  And by definition, this 'roof' pertains mostly to the Democrats and their interactions for advocating  the 'better' public policies, that at times, are indeed lacking and due to the consensus building that is required for success.  Hence, my focus on the "progressive-oriented" Elected and Appointed Officials.  More so, if I were to focus exclusively on  or more on just our over 7,000 Latino Elected Officials, I would be remiss.  And yet, our voting behavior has led us forward from our voting behavior, to the concretized  successes of these Officials, is neither distracting nor ignored since we too follow their political careers on a regular basis and regardless of the geographical locations.

Further, the "progressive" vote, a la "minorities" and the welcomed demographics had a distinct impact on this, the Democratic Alliance and where, long time strategist and voting analyst, Mark Gersh of the National Committee for an Effective Congress, had described his vision and where 38 Democrats would be elected to the House of Representatives. 
As such, he is indeed perceptive, and he speaks  of the following results.  Even if his targeted number of "38" achieves "39" or "40" for this past election cycle.

"In districts where the voting-age population that is more than one quarter non-white, Democrats won 15 Republican held seats, or almost 40 percent of their 39-seat gain, nationally.  Of the 100 largest non-white districts, Republicans now hold only seven.  Of the top 200, Democrats hold 154."


Gersh says, "As the United States turns more diverse, the current version of the Trump-Republican Party coalition is headed for extinction, or at the very least an unsuperable disadvantage."

And need I say more about the 'competition' between the "status quo" Democrats and the "progressive-oriented" Democrats?

Jaango--posted  on November 27, 2018




Robert Kuttner & With the Obviously Failed Descriptor...

The obviously gifted political writer of these past many years and one of my 'favorites' when it comes to today's political lexicon, but in this instance, he has encountered his "failure."  

And by way of background, Professor Kuttner is the co-editor of The American Prospect and a professor at Brandeis University’s Heller School. His new book is "Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism?"

In his latest article and titled, "With Glut Of 2020 Candidates, Progressive Democrats Need To Get Their Act Together," and dated, November 26, and publlished at the web site of Huffinton Post Dot Com.

And here's the internet link:

Of course, Professor Kuttner touts the presumptive presidential candidates as he sees them,  that being "progressive."  Of course, Kuttner ignores the Chicano view and where a "progressive" must stand tall for being a self-avowed progressive amongst his acolytes.  As such, none of these candidates being given his 'view' are not, even quaintly, progressive, in the slightest since his tout of his rhetorical flourish, does neither justify nor factually addresses this behavior.

However, our Chicano history amply demonstrates that the long streak of Democratic candidacies, from Bill Clinton and John Edwards, were thoroughly indoctrinated by the Wall Street Crowd, and which is today's recognition for the obvious and unrepentant behavior of the Status Quo.  
To wit, no Latinos would invite to a Chicano Conference the likes of former  President Bill Clinton.  For in doing so,  the quiet chuckle for having to keep the door open and the windows raised at half mast, just means the 'stink' would have to be permitted to waft out and into the daylight.

As such, the pending political onslaught of Democratic presidential candidacies, will be further addressed and in greater detail during these oncoming weeks and months.  And no, there are no Progressives seeking this self-perceived 'open nomination.'

Jaango--posted on November 27, 2018





Who Is Today's Presumptive Democratic "powerhouse"?

With the political cognoscenti firmly convinced that progressive-oriented Democrats don't have much, if any, sway or leverage amongst the Status Quo Democracts, and which brings to attention, the latest tout by the national columnist, Juan Williams, via his effort and titled, "My picks as 2018's top politicians" and published at the conservative-oriented web site, and of the highly regarded, The Hill.

Of course, his two choices are Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for the Republicans, and as for the Democrats, his choice is Democratic Senator Kamala Harris of California.  

As per my usual, I disagree, and with my obvious exception, not to Senator McConnell but when Williams describes Senator Harris as his favorite.  Thusly, my 'favorite' is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.  

Now, and  for those of us and who diligently follow our discourse on national politics, there is much to be addressed and less on what's not adddressed given the level of the news media's effort to deny, destract and divert the subject matters that enable the voter's decision-making process on any Election Day.

Of course, the Internet-enabling web sites that pointificate the reams of opinion-making, holds considerable sway or leverage that is the daily target of our Elected Officials in Congress.

Therefore, addressing the 'needs' of the Progressive Coalition, the usual "by the numbers" tells an interesting story when addressing public policy.  For example, Latinos and Native Americans are the largest cohort and followed by European Americans, African Americans and Asian Americans. Consequently, the Latino/Native American cohort is the presumptive "leadership cabal" and yet, in today's environment, Latinos/Native Americans are not recognized for their leadership skill set.  And this lack of acknowledgement is evidenced in two forms: 

On the internet media outlets, the top 50 websites, are neither "managed or operated" by this, our Latino Leadership Cohort.

And the second element of a lack of leadership, can easily be found within the Democratic leaderhip in the Senate.  Today, there is no Progressive Caucus, even though the likes of Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Kamala Harris of California, Elizabeth Warren of Massachussets, Kristen Gillibrand of New York, Bernie Sanders and whom is not a Democrat, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota,  and Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, and taken together, these Senators have evidenced their respective distaste for establishing a Progressive Caucus in the Senate.  Obviously, their 'gusto' is predicated on our unwillingness to recognize their overt and covert effort at our "leveraged" votes.

To wit, these nine Senators are in their obvious or midst of an intent to "pander" to the Latino and Native American communities writ large.
Moreover, these Senators announce their 'progressive' inclination at an approximate ratio of one out of forty issues that they face with respect to the viable issues that confront them, and thusly, and approximately, their well-recognized 'pander' and as to our being on their receiving end, is today's reality and for which we have to continue to contend with. 

In closing, the Democratic 'powerhouse' from any individual currently serving in the Senate, does not exist.  Therefore, the support for the Bernie Sanders candidacy in 2016, was borne out of a sizable effort and easily measured in the anxiety of our frustration.    And needless to say, the alternative was in voting for Hillary Clinton, and when she served in the Senate, she too could not bring herself to establish a Progressive Caucus in the Senate.  And which leaves us at our Commencement Status, relative to  the End of World War Two, at our "long game" and for being played out during the next twenty years and with our ever-increasing demographics. and where over 7,000 Latino Elected and Appointed Officials will continue to expand and to be accomplished exponentially.

Jaango--posted on November 26, 2018





When Low-Riding Grifters Wallow in the Political Gutter...

When it comes to such acolytes as myself and in my advocacy for Mandatory Voting, the news media outlets, and in this instance, NBC's lack of thoroughness in addressing the national political norm, I become somewhat disappointed that the Journalistic Biz, continues to embarrass itself.

Thus, over at the websit of the Talking Points Memo, Dr. Josh Marshall posts his obvious frustration, as well, but the majority of this frustration is located behind his pay wall, that being the Prime integration.  However, here is first page of his editorial with his dissatisfaction with NBC News.

"Any discussion of voting rights, voter ID laws, voter suppression efforts and related matters requires journalists who have some understanding of the issue. So it was disappointing to see NBC News publish this piece by a reporter who seems to have not even the most passing familiarity with the issues involved. This isn’t just journalism criticism. These pieces, uninformed and tendentious, have real consequences in building political support to take away people’s ability to vote. The NBC story is tied to a scam in which a group of people allegedly went to Los Angeles’ ‘skid row’ district and paid homeless people either money or cigarettes to sign bogus voter registration forms and petitions to place referendums on the California ballot. This part of the story is real, as we can see from this report from a real news organization, The Los Angeles Times."

In a parallel track of national politics and how this convenient aberration, is further defined, is accomplished by our our Good Friend and Indigenous Brother for Truth-Telling, Meteor Blades, an iconic writier, does recognize that today's Journalism Fest can be and is conveniently ignored.  As such, he writes of the following:

"Day after day after day after day, Donald Trump fabricates, falsifies, deceives, invents, concocts, manufactures, misrepresents, equivocates, and prevaricates. In short, along with all the other destructiveness he’s brought to the office of the presidency, he has normalized lying. Not that other presidents haven’t also told lies, sometimes very big ones. But Trump is clearly shooting for a record, to be a tremendous liar, the best liar ever to lead the nation. At the rate he is going, by the time he leaves office, even if that should occur next year, No. 45 will have lied more times since taking the oath of office than all 44 previous presidents combined. "

Obviously, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can bring themselves to take the "higher road" to citizenship and yet, much prefer to ignore Mandatory Voting and where the negative attributes to voting and which can be easily addressed and quite effectively.  And with the Democratic-control of the House chamber over the next two years, will House Speaker Nancy Pelosi deign to address the political machinations that deminish our "property rights" and which starts with "voting rights" first and foremost?

Jaango--posted on November 24, 2018





Muellar's "open book" Test for Trump...
Our good friend for these past many years,  Emptywheel and over at her web site, refutes Trump's attorney and which is Rudy Guiliani, and where Guiliani 'cooperated' with Muellar's Russian Investigation.  And not so,when history is invoked and from the standpoint that President George W. Bush 'cooperated' with a formal investigation that went to the heart of his presidency.
As such, the following:
If a President makes an expansive new claim to Executive Privilege and the press reports the opposite, did it really happen?
That’s a question presented by the coverage of yesterday’s news that after a year of resistance, President Trump finally provided the answers to his open book test to Mueller. That’s because a slew of journalists repeated Rudy Giuliani’s claim, made in his official statement, that Trump has provided “unprecedented cooperation” with Mueller’s team, without noting that the claim is objectively false.
I showed back in February — when the press first started parroting this claim credulously, which was first made by John Dowd — that it was not true.
A simple comparison of the Bush White House’s cooperation the CIA leak case, which investigated events that occurred in a more narrow period two month period of time, showed Dowd’s claim about cooperation on discovery and witnesses was overblown.
More importantly, a key detail distinguished George W Bush’s cooperation from Trump’s: Bush sat for an interview with Patrick Fitzgerald and answered questions about the orders he gave, while President, to at least one of his Assistants and the Vice President about an exclusive executive authority, declassification.
Bush sat for an interview in June 2004, and Cheney — who himself made some grossly false statements in his tenure — sat for one in May 2004 and a little-known follow-up that August. According to Cheney’s autobiography, “[T]he second session was conducted under oath so that [his] testimony could be submitted to the grand jury.”
[Randall] Samborn, the Fitzgerald spokesperson who was famously reticent during the whole CIA leak investigation, offered an expansive rebuttal to Dowd’s claim that this White House has offered unprecedented cooperation. “Trump’s team can claim all the cooperation it wants, and whether justifiably so or not, it seems to me that it all gets negated, if at the end, he personally refuses to be questioned when so much substance depends on what he knew and did, as well as his state of mind.”

Any refusal to sit for an interview, Samborn said, was central evaluating the level of cooperation.
“That’s sort of the ultimate in noncooperation,” he explained, “especially after saying he looks forward to being interviewed and under oath.”

By limiting his cooperation to an open book test, Trump has stopped far short of the cooperation Bush offered.
And yet, because Rudy included the claim in the statement he released to the press, many news outlets are repeating that false claim, uncontested. The outlets that subscribe to the AP feed are propagating false claim today, because Eric Tucker repeated that line from Rudy’s statement with no correction to it.  Unsurprisingly, Fox News parroted Rudy. But so did some more credible outlets, like NBC, ABC, CNN, and Reuters. Even the WaPo’s otherwise superb report from Carol Leonnig and Robert Costa repeated the claim in the last line of their story.

NYT’s Maggie and Mike, incidentally, avoided repeating Rudy’s claim, choosing to include the part of his statement that provided quasi-factual numbers, but leaving out the superlative claim.

It’s bad enough that most of the press has repeated Rudy and Dowd’s claim uncritically since January. But for yesterday’s stories, it is all the more important to get it right. That’s because Trump is not just refusing to answer questions on Mueller’s obstruction investigation, he’s also refusing to answer questions about the transition period, before any claim of Executive Privilege should kick in. While that’s consistent with what Trump did with Hope Hicks’ and Corey Lewandowski’s testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, it nevertheless represents an expansion of accepted claims to executive power.
The emphasis, here, should be on Trump’s claim to be above the law even before he took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.
Instead, a bunch of copy and paste journalism has made it the opposite.
Jaango--November 24, 2018




Can Sentient Beings Maintain Their Reasonableness?  Or is this the Table Manners Expected for the Thanksgiving Day Dinner...

When the Republican-oriented Commentariat reviews the aftermath of the results from this mid term  election, the 'voices' introduce their 'history' and that will surely conflict with the 'history' that will be codified into public law.  And forthwith, will this Commentariet align itself the the anticipated failures in House governance when defending itself for the many failures that was intentional, given that the Republican s had tight control of both the House and the Senate chambers.
So, when I read of what I call the Great Tout, I am not surprised at this latest review of what the Democrats "are" today.  Take, for example, and from the American Spectator and as represented by Steven Baldwin and in his article titled, "The GOP Agenda for the Next Two Years," and dated November 20, 2018.  As such, consider the the following:

"Indeed, there are no more moderate Democrats in any key party positions whatsoever and those who today set the party’s agenda have a socialist orientation, despise capitalism, and support identity and group politics over merit and individual accountability. They have rejected the traditional norms that undergird the Christian-based value system America was founded upon. They defer to globalist institutions over U.S. constitutional law and don’t even support basic governing principles such as sovereignty and the concept of citizenship."

And further, 

"The best thing the GOP can do for the next two years is to embrace gridlock and ignore the “compromise” rhetoric being spouted by both the Democrats and establishment Republicans. The real agenda of the Democrats is to use the next two years to create phony narratives that will feed right into their 2020 presidential campaign themes. The Democrats have made it quite clear that they care far more about accumulating political power than pursuing good policy, so everything they will do in the next two years will be about setting the stage to recapture the White House. Every act by the Democrats will be about creating and promoting a narrative that Trump is evil, corrupt, controlled by the Russians, etc., etc. The incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Congressman Adam Schiff, will grossly exaggerate the Russian collusion narrative and is already spreading the conspiracy theory that “the Russians may have laundered money through the Trump organization, and if that’s the case, then we need to be able to look into it.”"

Thus, our national "character" should be a characterization  personified appropriately when the House leadership tossed the Gang of Eight legislation into the political dumpster, and this "nothing" continues to remain as "nothing."

However, more unstantiated 'reasonableness" is on the horizon, and as defined as now permissible:

"On the immigration issue, the Senate should send to the house a border security bill that authorizes the construction of a few hundred miles of border wall in heavily populated areas and funds more border patrol officers and immigration judges. With thousands of people heading toward the border in what now appears to be an endless number of “caravans,” border security will be a hot issue for the next few years. It would be very short-sighted not to force the House Democrats to vote on such border security issues. Ditto for bills addressing our broken asylum system, our visa process, chain migration, and anchor babies."

And to further your reading pleasure, here's the internet link:
And don't forget the Cold One for tomorrow's enjoyment.

Jaango--posted on November 21, 2018




Are Progressives Challenging the Status Quo Democrats?

As the House Democrats are utilizing any perceived "leverage" to achieve their overall ambition, the Progressives are vying for more acceptability despite having to circumvent the Gate Keepers and the Compartmentalization Analysts, into one of  four most ostensible Committee assignments, and that being Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, Financial Services and Education and the Work Force.  However, the Progressives are waging an uphill battle.  Thus, accessing Donor Dollars is the 'starting gate' and which is viewed as the 'connect' to Wall Street's deep pockets or the readily acknowledged purveyors of the Status Quo.  

Despite the gusto that is being attributed to today's House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, she's garnering an approximate 84% of the Caucus vote and yet, at the end of the political day, she will achieve the gavel for the Majority Leader title, given that she raised well over $130 million via her Democratic Conference fundraising vehicle.  And that type of funding and further distribution to Democratic candidates accrues a considerable amount of gusto in support for her well-intended success.  As such, she will 'earn' her leadership  gavel.

At the end of the political day, a sizable portion of Progressives will achieve their seats on either of the four major committee assignments.  Complementary to this membership assignments, none are permitted to serve on a second committee.  Therefore, the anticipated and wide-ranging public agenda of the salient issues, are somewhat self-restricting.

Jaango--posted on November 20, 2018




 Nancy Pelosi — a proven leader for America’s veterans

NOTE:  By Joe Violante, Steve Robertson and Dennis Cullinan, Opinion Contributors — 11/20/18 11:45 AM EST ,The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of The Hill.


As veterans, we have each spent over two decades of our lives advocating for America’s Veterans on a bipartisan basis. In all those years, no Speaker of the House fought harder or accomplished more for Veterans than Nancy Pelosi. That is a fact. While other members of Congress supported veterans with their words, Pelosi supported veterans with her deeds, with her strong leadership. We know because we saw it first-hand.

When veterans’ health care and mental health care were shamefully underfunded over a decade ago, it was Nancy Pelosi who successfully passed a VA budget that for the first time ever matched the request of the Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) coalition, the Independent Budget, co-authored by Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Paralyzed Veterans of America and AMVETS. It was a new day for veterans after years of broken promises from Congress.
When Veterans were facing reduced college education benefits, Pelosi, as Speaker, championed the passage of the Post 9/11 GI Bill in 2008, an historic achievement that was the largest investment ever in higher education. Since its passage, over 2 million Veterans have been able to pursue their dream of a college education. American Legion National Commander Marty Conatser said in 2010, “We applaud Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi…Thanks in large part to her committed leadership, this momentous piece of legislation will resonate as a landmark in American history.”

When the VA faced budget uncertainties and potential government shutdowns, Speaker Pelosi passed the first-ever two-year advanced appropriations bill for the Department of Veterans Affairs, unlike any other federal department. Deserving Veterans, their dependents, survivors and caregivers have since benefited greatly from this innovative budget reform. Speaker Pelosi was also responsible for securing the largest increase in Veterans funding in history—including historic increases to mental health, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. In addition, she led legislative efforts to improve access to gender-specific health care for women veterans, create new tax credits for businesses that hire veterans, and quadruple the travel reimbursement for veterans traveling to receive care.

When American servicemen and women gave their lives in duty to country in Iraq and Afghanistan, Speaker Pelosi personally pushed the Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Act into law in 2009. This law provides a full college scholarship and GI education benefits for every child who has lost a mother or father in service to country since Sept. 11, 2001. Pelosi understood that our nation could never repay our debt of gratitude to families who have sacrificed so much, but thanks to her leadership, these families of the fallen can know that all their children will have an opportunity to attend college. And, the Fry Act now extends college benefits to surviving spouses.
 In passing the Fry Act, Speaker Pelosi didn’t just prove her effectiveness, she showed us her heart for those who have served and sacrificed for our nation.

Unlike any Speaker before or since, Speaker Pelosi met multiple times a year with dozens of VSOs. For hours at a time, she would listen to our concerns and priorities, and discuss solutions. She didn’t just listen, she then took historic action. Even in the minority, she has continued those roundtables and her work across the aisle to pass bipartisan legislation, including expanding caregiver benefits to all war eras, better aligning VA health care with care in the community, modernizing the appeals process for disability claims, updating the Post 9/11 GI bill, and holding VA accountable.

It is not our place to tell newly elected or current members of Congress who they should support to be the new Speaker of the House—this is their right and responsibility. But, with so many newly elected members of Congress, including veterans, we felt it was our responsibility to share the incredible legacy of Nancy Pelosi’s leadership in behalf of our nation’s veterans and their families. If she becomes the next Speaker, we are confident as veterans, community leaders, and Americans that Nancy Pelosi will ensure that Congress honors our Veterans not just with words and speeches, but with actions and deeds.

Joe Violante was the National Legislative Director for the Disabled American Veterans from 1997 to 2015. Steve Robertson was the National Legislative Director for the American Legion from 1993 to 2010. Dennis Cullinan was the National Legislative Director for the Veterans of Foreign Wars from 1997 to 2009. 


Jaango--posted on November 20, 2018




Lacking in the "best of both worlds"...

Is Armstrong Williams another of the widely discredited members of the Commentariat residing on the political right and located at the news outlets easily viewed on the internet?  
As such, you should be your own judge, and not 'listen' to what I have to say.

However, Williams has espoused the following on Immigration:

"While Europe is reckoning with the impact of mass migration, in the United States the Trump administration has taken another, arguably much wiser, approach. A strong insistence on immigration enforcement and reform was a pillar of President Trump’s 2016 campaign and continues to be a central component of his vision to enact sensible policies that protect our citizens and our right to sovereignty.

"His is a practical, commonsense approach — a prime example of how the president is unwilling to simply go along with the status quo in Washington. However, based on exit polls and the results of the 2018 midterm elections, some might argue that had the president focused more on his messages about health care reform and the booming economy, Republicans might not have lost control of the House to Democrats."

Of course, Williams is overly concerned that the "caravan" will jeopardize our nation's 'weak' immigration policies, and yet, he expresses very little in our understanding of a historical significance toward the Latino's advocacy for TransNational Technology Centers and which if implemented, would reduce the in-flow of migration into the United States. 
Consequently, this double-edged sword by Williams in the form of Fear and National Security and Defense, should be seen as furthering a political and culminating stunt, and as in sending over 5,000 soldiers to our southern border with Mexico. And now advocated by the White House as a "training metric."

As such, having access to a computer application located at any geographic region in any sequestered (for privacy purposes) office at our consulate or embassy, would permit a potential Undocumented Immigrant and to include the children to apply for Asylum due to domestic violence or potential loss of life from organized crime salivators, should be made readily available.

And from therein, taking any view toward migration flows into the United States, requires that we readily discount the commentariat from the likes of the pundits, sages and gurus, especially with those having little if any familiarity or thoughtful response to the likes of TransNational Technology Centers. 
Of course, a Dumb-Ass does not need to be a Dumb-Ass.
Need more be said?

Jaango--posted on November 19, 2018



Mandatory Voting:  Part One Is For Historical Relevance

Our good buddy, Joshua Alvarez, writing for the Washington Monthly Magazine provides us with a gentle reminder of where the today's politics, did not commence with Donald Trump but did with the late President Nixon's Southern Strategy.

And by way of a normalized skill set, his background consists of the following:

Joshua Alvarez is a contributor to the Washington Monthly's Political Animal. He edits syndicated opinion columns at the Washington Post, and can be reached at

And his article is titled, "How Trump Adopted Nixon's Southern Strategy" and dated November 17, 2018

And here's the Internet Link:


It’s been a recurring motif lately among conservative columnists. Both Never Trumpers and Trump apologists have argued that the country will survive Trump because it survived Nixon. It isn’t obvious to me that the country has yet emerged from the 37th president’s shadow.

For right-wing pundits, Nixon’s presidency is a mere relic, safely dead and buried. So, too, is his Southern Strategy. Most fair-minded conservatives admit that one of Donald Trump’s regular gambits is to demagogue about racial and cultural issues. But, they tell themselves, Trump’s ploys are nothing compared to Nixon, who created a whole campaign in 1968 based on rallying Southern whites who were reliable Democratic voters until the Democratic Party supported Civil Rights legislation for African Americans.

These whites had voted for politicians like Strom Thurmond, a Democrat who vociferously opposed the Civil Rights Act and desegregation policies. As the Democrats made these initiatives a priority, Thurmond became a Republican, and his supporters followed. The good people of South Carolina elected him to the Senate from 1954 to 1996. They probably would’ve continued voting for him had he not retired in 2002. He died in 2003.

Nixon recognized that a huge chunk of Americans was incurably infected with racism. They were overflowing with gnawing resentment toward the coalition of college students, urban liberals, intellectuals, and black activists who dared to fight white supremacy. Understanding this reality, Nixon saw a clear path to the White House. He coined slogans that the Republican Party has routinely used since: law and order; the silent majority; states’ rights.

Here’s the uncomfortable truth: Nixon was absolutely right. His two successful elections are evidence of that. Appealing to the prejudices and resentments of the Confederacy’s grandchildren works as an electoral strategy. And no Republican presidential candidate has ever forgotten that.

That’s why Ronald Reagan spoke of a mythological “welfare queen” in 1976 and kicked off his 1980 campaign just outside the site of the Mississippi Burning murders–not to honor the three civil rights workers who were murdered by the Ku Klux Klan, with the cooperation of local police, but to declare his belief in “states’ rights.” That’s why George H.W. Bush, in the final weeks of the 1988 campaign, found one last turnout boost by airing the Willie Horton campaign ad. 
That’s why Bill Clinton, as the governor of Arkansas, ordered the execution of a lobotomized black man during the 1992 election. And that’s why, as George W. Bush was trailing John McCain in the 2004 primary, he tapped right-wing Christian fundamentalists to start a rumor that the Arizona lawmaker had fathered a black child.

Is it really any surprise that another Republican presidential candidate won in part because of his explicit attacks against today’s African American civil rights activists? Or that his trotting out Nixon’s exact slogans was greeted with unreserved enthusiasm from the GOP base?

Perhaps you noticed how pundits—including liberal ones—often talk about “Trump’s base” as if it were something wholly new and distinct from the traditional Republican base. Either historical illiteracy has broken out across editorial rooms or, more likely, the concern for a “return to civility” has superseded looking at where Donald Trump’s rise really came from.  


Jaango--posted on November 19, 2018





Our New Series:  Mandatory Voting
Over the next 30 to 60 days, we are going to exercise our fetish for Mandatory Voting, and thusly, there are well over 100 differing tangents and relative to public policy where Mandatory Voting would detail the decision-making of our fellow citizens and where this insightful decision-making would add to our anticipated Better Future during the next twenty years.  And of course, "anything" that addresses public policy beyond this time frame of 20 years, borders on nonsense, and yet, our attention to the pending demographics, challenges us too via the lack of "new" Ideas.
And given that the 1985 issuance of the Chicano Movement's Agenda of Unmet Needs remains in our constant attention, and further, the historical 'vision' as per the Voting Rights Act, is our starting point for addressing this belief  in Mandatory Voting.  Consequently, our  Series has a starting point, and the ending point remains to be crafted, therefore, the constant question posed for us, "Is Mandatory Voting the political assist necessary or are we left with the "statnus quo" continuing to define and dismiss our Unmet Needs?"
As such, we will be addressing Mandatory Voting in a seriers of articles and where our advocacy for such, will be given the appropriate attention.
Jaango--posted on November 19, 2018





Is It 'over-weaning' Ambition?

From the Democratic side of the political aisle, the 'big' names are quietly talking to political donors, and subsequently, the perceived Presidential Candidats willing to challenge President Trump in 2020, is getting much larger.  And here are a few 'names' that are attempting to raise a pile of cash in order to advance their Ambition.

1.  Vice President Biden
2.  Senator Bernie Sanders
3.  Senator Kamala Harris
4.  Senator Sherrod Brown
5.  Congressman Julian Castro
6.  Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard
7.  Congressman Joe  Kennedy
8.  Congressman Beto O'Rourke
9.  Governor Andrew Cuomo
10. Former Governor Deval Patrick
11  Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg
12, Cory Booker
13. Former Attorney General Eric Holder
14. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
15.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
16.  Senator Tim Kaine
17.  Senator Amy  Klobuchar
18.  Senator Jeff Merkley
19.  Senator Mark Warner
20.  Senator Elizabeth Warren
21.  Congressman John Delaney
22.  Congressman Seth Moulton
23.  Congressman Tim Ryan
24.  Congressman Eric Swalwell
25.  Governor Steve Bullock
26.  Fomer Mayor John Hickenlooper
27.  Governor Jay Inslee
28.  Former Governor Terry MacAuliffe
29.  Former Governor Terry O'Malley
30.  Former Mayor Eric Garcetti
31.  Former Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu

Of course, the above list of names is just the first tranche of much larger list that is expected to arrive into our public discourse and relative to our civic engagement.

Jaango--posted on November 17, 2018





Odds and Ends

With the Democrats achieving their Congressional victory and where 37 seats are now in the 'blue' column, Democrats have an abundant opportunity to demonstrate their leadership in moving our nation forward and in the direction that is much preferred by voters and where the displeasure of voters revolved around an anti-Trump Movement, means that we don't have to hold our breath for a pending better future.

In the mean time here are a few tidbits of the 'crazy.'

1.  Lou Dobbs continues to maintain that Undocument Immigrants voted in large measure.  And taking Dobbs serious, is indeed a waste of time.

2.  President Trump suggests that 'buying cereal' can be accomplished with Voter I.D..

3.  Another 'bad' Joke.  Senator Hyde-Smith of Mississippi espoused that suppressing the 'liberal' vote is a good thing.  And an upheaval of anger from the general public, she's now stipulating it was a joke.  And her other joke is that she would be sitting in a front row seat at a public hanging.  Unfortunately, her 'jokes' aren't anywhere humorous but she likes to espouse her 'crazy'.

4.  In a speech before the Federalist Society, Senator Lee of Utah, espoused his belief that the "left" will bring forth a second civil war unless our nation eliminates the taxpayer-supported freeways, as well as 'workforce regulation' and the 'glut of federally-owned lands.'  Of course, he's one of the extremists in the Senate and whom panders to the 'property rights' cabal.  As such, he masks himself as a 'libertarian' while being a conservative-oriented Republican. 

5.  The television show, "The View" mocks "President Grumpy Man-Baby" after a federal judge--appointed by President Trump--rules in favor of CNN and where the White House must lift the ban on CNN's White House Reporter, Jim Acosta.
And the above is a shorter version of this "odds and ends" and due to our attention to on "Mandatory Voting" and which challenges "voter suppression" as is being practiced, particularly in the Lesser State of Georgia.

Jaango--posted on November 17, 2018





The Stark Contrast of a Political Challenge:  A Top Down Versus a Bottoms-Up Approach and As Applied to the Voters' Decision-Making Schematic 
When the annualized budget spending occurs, members of Congress 'hear' only the latest version of what's been deemed important by the cadres of lobbyists, and with very little attention focused on military veterans.  And to date, military vets (18 million multiplied by 4), their spouses, friends and neighbors, 'valued' at a collective 72 million votes, have no justifiable rationale for expressing themselves, given that the acknowledged Third Stereotype is conveniently adddressed.  This Stereotype, as applied by the majority of our fellow citizens, the European Americans, is equivalent to "I don't care...I'll be dead...So, what's your point?:  And it's at this point in our continued toxic politics, we cannot equivocate in our 'demand' that Common Sense must be achieved. otherwise, intransigence wins over inclusiveness and cultural assimilation and further, leading to a continued advocacy of an ever-expansive Identity Politics Movement, i.e., the Military Vet Movement following in the footsteps of today's Women's Movement and where reduced federal funding for the likes of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid must be significantly reduced, otherwise, our National Security and Defense is seriously eroded and our lives are placed at risk.  Not so, of course, but today's Crappola or Propaganda is unabated and is neither challenged via Common Sense by the 'insiders' nor by the more enlightened pundits, sages and gurus.
And today's latest iteration is being defined and as stipulated per the National Defense Strategy Commission.  To wit, consider the following:
"The United States and its NATO allies must rebuild military force capacity and capability in Europe…. U.S. military posture in the Middle East should not become dramatically smaller…. The Army will need more armor, long-range fires, engineering and air-defensive units, as well as additional air-defense and logistical forces…. The Navy must expand its submarine fleet and dramatically recapitalize and expand its military sealift forces…. The Air Force will need more stealthy long-range fighters and bombers, tankers, lift capacity, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance platforms…. The United States must maintain the Marine Corps at no less than its current size…. It is urgently necessary to modernize the U.S. nuclear triad and much of the supporting infrastructure…. DOD should invest in a robust R&D program to anticipate future threats, operate effectively from space, and enhance resiliency…. DOD must ensure a substantial, sustainable, and rapidly scalable supply of preferred weapons such as Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile-Extended Range (JASSM-ER), Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM), and a longer-range High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM)…. DOD must invest in a more resilient and secure logistics and transportation infrastructure…. Congress should eliminate the final two years of caps under the BCA."
And my 'translation' from Yaqui to Apache and further, from Spanish to English, just means that a reduced spending of ourSocial Security, Medicare and Medicaid and moreso, the social safety net as understood and where the continued application of new tax increases must be replete, will alleviate our Ideology of Fear.
And today, consider the following elements as well:
1.  11 carrier strike groups compared to 1 each for China and Russia
2.  12,000 aircraft compared to about 4,000 each for China and Russia.
3.  14 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines compared to 13 for Russia and 4 for China.
4.  51 nuclear-powered attack submarines compared to 22 for Russia and 5 for China
5.  Several hundred fifth-generation stealth fighters compared to approximately none for Russia and China
6.  84 Aegis guided missile destroyers and cruisers compared to about a dozen for Russia and 30 for China
7.  About 6,000 nuclear missiles compared to 6,000 for Russia and 300 for China.
Now, Welcome to our World, the World of Rant-by-Rote, and consequently, consider the following and from our differing perspective.
Oh Hell!  And Where Do I Start?
Back in 1985, the Chicano Movement issued its Agenda of Unmet Needs, and one of the 10 elements addressed was the  formulation and implementation of the Academic-Military Draft.  To  wit,  a high school graduate or a high school dropout could enlist for a 3-year term, and while engaged, 50% of time would be spent on "soldiering" and the remaining amount of time would be spent in a classroom where college-level general studies were conducted.
After three years and at separation, each person would hold in one hand, the Honorable Discharge and in the other hand, each person would hold a two-year college degree and equivalent to an Associate Arts Degree in General Studies. 
Consequently, Self-Discipline, Hard Work, and Ambition, would become the starting point for our nation's "equality at the finish line."
And if one harkens back to the Bush/Cheney administration, the implementation of this Academic-Military Draft, today, we would have a young population of over 30 million millennials under the age of 35 years of age, with each being a military veteran and for having accrued a four-year college degree.  As such, Common Sense would dictate that colleges and universities would be standing in line to recruit these former enlistees and where Affirmative Action would not be today's Roster of Characteristics for Enrollment.  
In short, the decision-makers would adjust the requisite use of scholarships and other related tangibles/ intangibles for insuring that these military vets-students, would become outstanding successes.
Now, white America knows about the Academic-Military Draft and has since 1985, and which begs the question of "unmet need"--still borne--of an unacknowledged Systemic Continuation for more Criminal Stupidity, albeit, a Quiet Segregation.
Jaango--posted on November 16, 2018





Pelosi For President...
Despite the widespread displeasure organized by the FiveGrouping that is the announced opposition to Nancy Pelosi becoming the House Majority Leader among the Democrats, to date, no one has announced his or her opposition to any public-recognized  opposition to Pelos.  And this non-existent and un-announced opposition, is just another game of political "leverage" and which won't go very far within the Democratic Caucus.
Thus, the news of this "fizzle" shall arrive as an embarrassment, especially to new and incoming members for this mid term cycle as just another 'pander' vehicle.
And for my being an infernal Optimist, it would be quite nice to "hear" that Nancy Pelosi will announce her presidential candidate status some where in May of June of next year.  And if she should, the leadership team could easily pick up and further the  poltical agenda for the Democrats.  Thus, transfering her Majority Speakership Status onto the Democratic Caucus, would solve today's dilemma among the perturbed members of her formally constituted Caucus, and therefore, she would bring forth another national perspective into the consolidated politics of 'reform' for the ever-expanding Center-Left.
Moreover, given the perceived level of wealth of information on the numerous candidates, Pelosi would quickly see that virtually all candidates would quickly go silent in their challenge of a Pelosi candidacy.  Thus, today's Big Names would quietly withdraw their somewhat subtle behavior, given the Pelosi history for having delivered Obamacare, and that's just for starters.  And the Biggest Name, that being former Vice President Biden would no longer seek to challenge Pelosi.
In closing, a Pelosi candidacy for challenging President Trump, would solve two issues of concern, first, transitioning the House Majority Leadership title, and second, bringing together the Progressive Coalition, as well furthering the "influence" among white women in particular, and for crafting the subtle and nuanced Military Vet Movement, that is  yet to be fully addressed effectively on a national basis given that Arizona's Senator-Elect Krysten Sinema, did quite successfully, albeit, somehat quietly and which led to her success.  To wit, military vets disowned Sineima's Republican competition.
Jaango--posted on November 15, 2018





Did the Blue Tide Overcome the Blue Wave?
Where the politico Cognoscenti goes, should we follow and it's from answering this question, we shall and will arrive quickly in recognizing that this past mid term election, did not elevate a "blue wave"  but did elevate a "blue tide." 
As such, a blue tide is incorrigible in that it remains constant and a blue wave enters and leaves at it own discretion.  And like climate change, the blue tide will remain with us for many years to come.  And no, I will not bring the pending demographics into this analogy.
And in closing, will the Blue Tide incorporate the Military Vets Movement that will soon be arriving and which will become comfortable in challenging the Trumpistas for their refusal to acknowledge that the Arts and Sciences of People Trending, will be become relevant to our daily decision-making?  And now that I have left you somewhat confused, I too am attempting to respond to this Blue Tide that is taking over our America or even here in our wonderful Sonoran Desert, as well.  And further, we are not scrambling the eggs and bacon, as it's not necessary to disguise the Progressive Coalition with its now deemed abundance of success at the ballot box.
Jaango--posted on November 14, 2018



The "out to lunch" Historians...
When it comes to the "potency" of the Pundits, Sages and Gurus, my poking fun of these political junkies can be quite fun, but, then too, I am poking fun of myself as well.
Therefore, when I can't find any 'commentary' regarding Amazon and where Amazon announced that it was opening two offices, Virginia and New York, I did have a 'quiet' chuckle.  A chuckle that continues to be a reminder that to this date, and for these past fifty years or so, no Fortune 500 company has considered opening either an "office" or an "operations center" on any one of the over 500 federally designated Native American Rez.  
And finally, our National Academy of Historians have failed to address this repellent behavior and which signifies that economics far out weighes voter choices, and Amazon continues to stand in the 'short line' and in the obvious forefront for receiving taxpayer subsidies from our Elected Officials and with considerable support from our Appoiinted Officials, as well.
Jaango--posted on November 13,  2018



For An Easy Win in the House...

For the Democrats in the House, the first piece of legislation should be Comprehensive Immigration Reform as passed by the Gang of Eight in the Senate.  Thus, taking the legislation out of the House's Republican trash can, the Democrats would come forth in the form of solving several elements for a comprehensive and inclusive agenda.  

However, the Democratic leadership is now in a position that "ethics and election reform" will encourage the Democrats, writ large, and thus, a larger approach to 'reform' will animate the Democrats for the oncoming presidential election of 2020.

And here's the latest on "ethics and election reform" and well-described by Fred Wertheimer of Democracy 21:
"We have a system of campaign finance that takes us back to the Gilded Age and the robber baron era, a voting system that takes us back to the poll tax and voter suppression era and a redistricting system that allows representatives to choose their voters rather than voters choosing their representatives…The very health of our democracy is at stake in this fight to repair our political system for all Americans."

And here are the particulars:

"The proposed voting rights reforms include reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act, with constitutional language to restore federal preclearance (stripped by the Supreme Court’s Shelby v. Holder decision) for changes to voting laws in some jurisdictions. The bill would also institute automatic voter registration across the country and provide funding and expanded oversight power to the Election Assistance Commission. And the measure would require that nonpartisan commissions redraw congressional district maps.

"Ethics reforms in the proposed bill would cover the executive and legislative branches. The measure would include extending the cooling-off period before a government official may become a lobbyist, expanding conflict-of-interest laws to cover the president and vice president, give more compliance and oversight power to the executive branch’s Office of Government Ethics and bar lawmakers from sitting on corporate boards.

"The planned legislation would create a public financing system for congressional elections and provide matching funds for small-dollar donations raised by participating candidates…Additional reforms would include increasing disclosure for dark money and digital advertising, strengthening laws prohibiting coordination between candidates and super PACs and barring lobbyists from bundling campaign contributions."

And yet, today's political reality is that the Republican-controlled Senate would not pass such legislation, and even if passed by the Senate, President Trump would not sign and possibly even veto such legislation.  To wit, until the Democrats regain control of the Senate, there would be no "leverage" that could challenge the Oval Office.for a 'sign-off' in the affirmative.

And since all politics is "personal," I cannot envision that the House leadership  would pander to my elemental inclination, and if so, I already have to contend with Republicans doing so and  for my having experienced this behavior for these past several years.  

Therefore, I revert to Comprehensive Immigration Refom legislation as being the"first" for an Agenda of Impending Successes.  

Jaango--posted on November 13, 2018




Chicanos Are Doing "The Crazy" In Texas

When it comes to Latino voting in Texas, 10 years ago, the winners always had safe Port in the Storm of over 1.2 million Republican-oriented votes squirreled away.  This past election cycle Congressman Beto O'Rourke's loss was attributed to Senator Ted Cruz's victory that was compiled with a much diminished 200,000 surplus of Republican votes.  And "times are a-changing."

And when history is included, and looking to the future of this election cycle in Texas, Latino votes went a long way toward changing Texas from a conservative-oriented state to today's evolution and well into a 'purple' political environment. 
 And further, with the 2020 election cycle, Texas voters may turn their state into a "blue" state, if today's prognosticators are to be proven correct.  Consequently, both voter registration and GOTV efforts will  mean that these sizable efforts for this past election cycle, will repeat itself in the 2020 presidential cycle.  
However, with California and New York in the Democratic column, adding Florida and Texas into this 'new' Democratic column, the Electoral College will provide a differing result in which a Republican candidate seeking to change the "republican-death-spiral" will require a mindset that "must" take into consideration of the votes of college-educated white women as well as the ever-increasing 'racial and ethnic' voters.  And will Republicans toss into their trash can of Hate, the Nixonian Southern Strategy?  And if not, this 'death-spiral' will continue unabated.
However, the journalists--Obed Manuel and Dianne Solis, writing for Dallas News Dot Com, and titled, "Latinos could turn Texas blue in 2020 if enthusiasm holds, some say."
So, grab a cold one and enjoy this article, despite its lengthiness.  And our Kudos to these two journalists for their concentrated effort and hard work.
And here's the internet link:  
Jaango--posted on November 13, 2018



Her Arizona Concession Speech
Here in Arizona, the Republican candidate for the Senate, Congresswoman Martha McSally delivered her concession speech to the Democratic candidate for the Senate, Congresswoman Sinema and accomplished via a telephone call.  As such, the 150,000 ballots still uncounted would have required that McSally achieve 100,000 votes to make up the difference in total numbers since Sinema was leading by over 30,000 votes as announced yesterday evening.  As such, the majority of votes being tallied were from Maricopa and Pima counties, considered a 'newer' bastion for Democratic votes.
Jaango--posted on November 12, 2018






Shifting the "conversation..."

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, has espoused that any "oversight" conducted by the Democrats or the House majority, is now "presidential harassment, and further, he goes on to admit that during the Clinton era,  his version of executive branch oversight was practiced as "presidential harassment."  Long story short, the Republican-led House oversight was their lack of responsibility  and duty since executive oversight is the constitutional duty of Congress and a critical behavior for our nation's checks and balances.

Jettisoning "old" history while creating a new future...

The milestone story of this election cycle is now fortuitous for Native communities throughout our nation.  And this has come about with the election of two Native Americans to Congress.  As such, civil rights attorney Sharice Davids of Kansas has been elected in the Third Congressional District of Kansas.  And simutaneously, Debra Haaland won her Conressional seat in New Mexico's 1st Congressional District.

Further, Davids is correct when she opines "It's just disbelief, like, really?  We have a lot of educated Native women who are active in politics...It feels like it's about time."

Furthermore, Shira Tarlo from Salon Dot Com, reminds us that 'more' has arrived. 
"In a night of historic firsts, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar won their races in Detroit and Minneapolis to become the first Muslim-American women in the House of Representatives — a stunning response to the wave of anti-Muslim rhetoric that helped thrust President Donald Trump into the Oval Office in 2016 and has only festered since then."

Today's ongoing 'feudal' systemic...

In the House, Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California will be taking over the gavel of the House Financial Services Committee, and her and Trump's feud will be further expanded, in particular, and within her capacity to exercise her subpoena power.  

"Waters said she’s prioritizing efforts to expand affordable housing, undo the Trump administration’s weakening of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, snuff out predatory financial products and bolster federal shelter support for struggling Americans.

"But she is also expected to launch probes into Trump’s personal finances to look for possible connections with Russian nationals. As chairman, she’d be legally authorized to subpoena documents from the Treasury Department and Deutsche Bank that could illuminate those ties."

And more to come, time permitting.

Jaango--posted on November 8, 2018





The Election "wrap-up" and which is ongoing...

Now that this election is being completed, less the vote counting in a variety of geographical locations, the "results" of this election cycle will  be written from a variety of perspectives, and of course, having a perspective that is much more insightful and as provided by Mark Summer, speaks well for itself.  Thus Dailykos has an excellent wrap up from Summer's and titled, "Winning the House is not a consolation prize.  It's the prize."  As such, grab a cold one and enjoy Summer's somewhat lengthy article.


There was a lot about Tuesday night worth smiling over. A lot. Kris Kobach lost big in Kansas as Democrats took over not just the governor mansion, but a House seat. Scott Walker went down in Wisconsin to a school teacher who ran on a platform of improving education and expanding health care. Bruce Rauner’s reign in Illinois ended so definitely that networks made the call the moment the polls officially closed. These guys were Republican stars, ambitious guys who definitely felt that Donald Trump is just keeping that chair warm for them. And they’re out.

And it wasn’t just Kobach and Walker, Kansas and Wisconsin have been the go-to examples for Republicans, the test beds of their efforts to destroy labor, trash environmental rules, reward the wealthy, and surrender government services in the name of jobs, jobs, jobs. Both of those efforts are now in abject retreat. If America’s states are the laboratories of democracy, Kansas and Wisconsin have demonstrated that all the conservative mix produces is an explosion. Boom. In fact, Republicans blew up Kansas so well that the blowback from that effort is likely to still be echoing for several elections to come.  

There were big state legislative wins in Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Minnesota, Colorado and elsewhere that, together with the gubernatorial flips, mean that Democrats will likely have a chance to address some of the structural issues that have meant that a 5 percent vote advantage from Democrats wasn’t even enough to draw even.

But … there’s no getting around it, the Midterm elections brought record turnout that was—not enough. Or rather, it brought numbers from Democrats that in red states were met by an equal enthusiasm from Republicans. If enthusiasm is the word. It’s impossible to have a real “wave” election unless the other side is caught napping, and Fox News, Donald Trump, and a host of right-wing radio hosts have been screaming in red ears every minute since November 2016, making sure that didn’t happen.

Still, Democrats took the House. They took the House. That’s not a consolation prize. That’s an enormous brake on Republican plans to race America down the failed Kansas path. That’s an end to Republican schemes to destroy Social Security for profit, or the nine hundred and ninety-ninth effort to repeal the besieged ACA. No one has to be a hero in the Senate to stop the next vote. Because Democrats have the House.

And that’s just the start.
Democratic control of the House means that Devin Nunes moves to an impotent tooth-gnashing position while Adam Schiff gains the power to subpoena the documents that Democrats wanted to see during the first aborted “investigation” that Republicans terminated so they could hand Donald Trump a free “no collusion” report. It means they can call the over thirty witnesses who were on their list who Republicans refused to call. It means that the era of writing heartfelt, but essentially useless letters demanding access information are over. They’ll just … demand access.

Sure, Trump is already threatening to use the Senate to investigate the House. But, though the even more Trump dependent Republican Senate may be ready to engage in a little Capitol Hill Civil War reenactment, that effort is unlikely to be effective. Instead, Republicans in the Senate are likely to find that they have to devote their time to another less-than-glamorous battlefront: Investigating Hillary Clinton.

Republicans in the House started no less than three investigations into Clinton-related incidents last year. It’s safe to say that those waste of times are over. No matter how the survivors of the House fire for Republicans fume, the Uranium One club and the Hillary’s Emails Are the Worst consortium have had their last meeting. 
Hopefully, forever. If Trump wants to continue the pointless support for his Lock ‘er Up chant—which, really, don’t require any anchor in reality—Republicans in the Senate will have to take up that charge. It’s likely the Senate will do just that, stepping in to play back up to failed Nunes/Gowdy/Meadows efforts in the House.
 That’s a service that up and coming Reeks like Josh Hawley will be happy to provide for Trump. But Republican senators who are facing elections in blue or purple states in 2020 are going to be much less happy about how they spent the last two years asking people “now, about that server...”
On the House side, it’s not just that Adam Schiff can execute a stack of subpoenas that have surely been drafted for weeks. It’s that Oversight can now return to the job of Oversight, rather than greasing the rails for corruption. It’s not just Don Jr. who can expect to spend more time appearing before Congress, Ryan Zinke and Kirstjen Nielsen and Andrew Wheeler can all expect to appear behind name tags to regularly explain WTF they’ve been up to to people who won’t take “doing thy master’s bidding” as an answer.

Would it be better to have it all? Of course it would. Does the failure to capture the big offices in Florida and the loss of Senate seats represent a harsh reminder that the structure of our government means that even a demonstrable madman is a threat to our democracy, so long as that madman can keep his lever-pulling hoard enraged. Republicans are going to turn the Senate into a processing system for conservative judicial appointees so efficient they may need to hire some robots from Jeff Bezos just to move nominees among bins. That is not good. But ...
Everything else on Tuesday night was icing. The House was the cake. Take a slice. It’s still good.

Also, Kris Kobach lost. Sorry, I just wanted to write that again.

Jaango--posted on November7, 2018



Odds and Ends

If you've already voted, feel free to pat yourself on the back for 'taking back Democracy."

Nonetheless, the 'crazy' continues apace.

1.  President Trump challenges his Reporting Contingent by suggesting that the questions being asked of him, perpetuates "violence" in the public realm..Thus, both a distraction and a distortion as per the daily usual from President Trump.

2.  An avowed Theocrat and an Elected Official in the Great State of Washington, published an outline on how to kill non-belivers, and subsequently, establishing a seminal Theocracy.  And the FBI is investigating.

3. The sufferance of grifters.  In Georgia, a federal judge rendered her decision that Brian Kemp, overseeing the voting process, has to include voters who have been precluded from voting due to the state's continuing effort at voter suppression.  In the meantime, over 53,000 voters are awaiting notice of their voting viability.

4.  "Running out the clock."  With a population of 12,000 residents in Dodge City, Kansas, and where the overwhelming number of citizens are Latino, a federal judge refused to 'instruct' the City to re-establish the original location for voting, and yet, the City established the only voting location at one mile outside the city limits.  And our thanks goes out to the ACLU of Kansas for this legal challenge to another manifestation of voter suppression.

5.   Is Green, Green?  Arizona's GOP has went all-in, and are thereby encouraging Democrats to vote for the candidates representing the Green Party.  And yet, the Green  Party candidate for the U.S. Senate, announced last week that she was supporting Congresswoman Krysten Sinema, the candidate representing the Democratic Party.  And not to be out  done, the Democratic Party in Indiana, is spending its monies on Facebook ads encouraging Republican voters to vote for the Libertarian Party's candidate.

6.  From Bill Maher:  "A guy sent pipe bombs in an attempt to decimate the upper ranks of one of America's major political parties, and it turned out he is exactly what you thought: an angry asshole in a red hat. … He's a typical Trump loser: blames everybody else because his life sucks. That's who he is. That's the profile. Trump's biggest supporters are always some middle-age guy whose package doesn’t work."

7.  Our Kudos to DailyKos contributors, Monique Teal, Jen Hayden, and Neeta Lind, who traveled to North Dakota to report on the actions of Four Directions and North Dakota Native Votes in fighting GOP voter suppression against Native Americans.

8.  In four years, the Democrats have increased their level of women voters and which is now measured at 58 percent while Republican women is now measured at 32 percent.   And this trend will continue apace and well into the next presidential cycle of 2020.

Jaango--posted on November 3, 2018



Can The Democrats' Non-Financial Advice To The GOP, Be "actualized" Via Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

Now that the Republican Party has converted itself to the Trump-Oriented Republican Party, this political outfit has taken to utilizing the worst of any political orientation and has moved Hate, and thusly, Racism to the top of their agenda for this mid-term election.

Despite their lack of Common Sense, the mainstream news media has been on rampage that the Latino segment of voters, will not out number the European American segment, and consequently, the Trump Party will retain control of the Senate Chamber.  However, given the careful scrutiny of this institutional news media's "opinion" much has been determined well in advance of next week's election cycle, and where the Democrats should regain control of the House chamber.

If so, the 'new' House Speaker will be Nancy Pelosi, and if she's determined to become quite insightful, she will bring onto the House floor and for a vote on the now discarded legislation passed by the Senate from a couple of years ago.  And again, and if so, the Democrats would pass this now stale Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation, and she will have, and waiting in the wings, is a stellar number of votes in affirmation. 

In closing, and as an inveterate Optimist,  I can envision that a large number of Trump-oriented Republicans would join the Democrats in passing such legislation, much to their well-recognized political credit.  And perhaps, this "meeting of the minds" would go a long way toward reducing today's existing toxic partisanship, sans the Freedom Caucus.  As such, a first "large" step to recharging our national Character.

Jaango--posted on November 2, 2018



Is There a Circular Firing Squad on the Left?

In raising this question as per Kathy Pollitt has at the Nation Magazine, I find that Senator Elizabeth Warren's DNA is not a circumstantial element in her or today's perceived presidential campaign for 2020, is 'over the top' among the Democrats and well "under the top" from my perspective here in my wonderful Sonoran Desert.

Therefore, the  label of "pocohontas" is uniformly mild when I consider my political yardstick and relative to her long career in politics and now that she has acquired considerable national fame and particularly among Democrats.

As and  aligned Democrats, I continue to revert to  my progressive view of politics and  where the presumptive Senators and whom, on perfected instances, will call themselves "progressive" at the best of their opportune times.

Therefore, my attention is focused on the failure of all these Democratic Senators and who still refuse to acknowledge that they are "formal" progressives in their poltical lives.  And this behavior is "measured" in each one's failure to establish a Senate Progressive Caucus, despite their respective ample opportunity to do so.  Add in to the mindset and in such furtherance, a Senate Progressive Caucus Foundation and which would set the table for  a much more robust Agenda, and leading to a collectived or infantile "the Left."

And of these past two years and which led up to Donald Trump's successful effort at presidential politics, our understanding that a  registered "independent" in the name of Bernie Sanders did not establish a Senate Progessive Caucus, either.  
And as such, our good friend at the Mother Jones Magazine and as an inveterate and artful pundit, sage and guru of our national politics, Kevin Drum, he defines today's politics, in his latest effort and titled, "Make Democrats Again--Without  Pandering to Trump's Angry Base" and which can be found in Mojo's November/December issue.

As such, here are his three salient paragraphs:

"(With) Spock ears in place, then, there are three main lessons. First, although the 2016 outcome was unquestionably a dismal and depressing affair, especially for women and people of color, the data suggests the election was always likely to be close based on the fundamentals. Second, there was a pair of black-swan events: Russian interference during the final three months of the campaign, and then-FBI Director James Comey’s letter 11 days before Election Day. Third, Hillary Clinton was an unusually unpopular candidate, and the contentious primary with Bernie Sanders made her flaws even more conspicuous. But this perfect storm—certainly this specific perfect storm—won’t happen again. So forget it. At this point, the only thing that matters is figuring out what kinds of big-picture trends are dominant and what that means for the crucial elections to come in 2018 and 2020.

"By far the trendiest of the trend explanations for the 2016 outcome—like the soccer moms of 1996 or the NASCAR dads of 2004—is that economic anxiety among the white working class was responsible for Donald Trump winning Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, thus handing him the presidency. According to this hypothesis, Democrats need to win back these whites to stand a chance in 2018 and 2020. Trump has kept the white working class loudly in the center of the political conversation ever since his election, but a closer look at what really happened in 2016 suggests this conventional wisdom is critically wrong.

"First things first: The white working class didn’t lose its identification with the Democratic Party in 2016. From 1992 to 2008, as the party nominated candidates as different as Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama, party identification bumped up and down but essentially held fairly steady. It was only a few years after Obama was first elected that white working-class identification with the party plummeted by 12 points. By 2016 all the damage had been done, and none of it had anything to do with Trump or Hillary Clinton. It happened before either one ever participated in a primary debate."

Furthermore, as the Democrats commence and express the aspirations for  a presidential run that will culminate in November of 2020, thusly, the Democratic-oriented candidates will never establish a Senate Progressive Caucus in the Senate chamber, and for those of us that are likeminded in our progressive politics, we first, must acknowledge that none of candidates are "progessive" even in the least iota, and second, reaching out to Latinos, will come to naught when their respective 'status  quo" politics of a centrist and current alignment with Wall Street, is either touted or espoused  and with the best of our intentions for their self-fulling success should not be denied, even when pandering is included. Of course, being a Team Player, less said on this score, is prudent in our politics.

Now, need more be said?

Jaango--posted on October 30, 2018




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